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Samaire Armstrong - Stuff Magazine

Samaire Armstrong - Stuff Magazine

There are a few things you need to know about Samaire Armstrong, who stars in the upcoming film Just My Luck (along with Lindsay Lohan) and is your favorite scene-stealer from Entourage and The O.C. First of all, her name is pronounced sah-MEE-rah, with a rolled r. Try to remember that. Secondly, she has needs, and they must be met. If you don’t bring her flowers when flowers are expected, you’re as good as gone. Third, her father and her brother are Marines, so Samaire is tough. When we spoke to her, she’d had her wisdom teeth removed and she wasn’t even whining about it. And finally, she’s newly single. So if you think you can handle her, keep on reading.

We feel like ******** for making you talk to us right after having your wisdom teeth out.  I’m still swollen! I’m very puffy. I’ve been putting it off since I was 20, and I’m 25 now. I thought maybe I could get away with it, but they were damaging the roots of my other ones, so I really needed to get them out.

You’re not just a pretty, swollen face, though. Don’t you have your own clothing line? It’s called Naru. It means "becoming" in Japanese—like, it looks becoming on you, but also like you’re becoming something, changing. It’s everything from vintage to modern. My whole thing is being sexy without showing too much, because that’s my comfort level. (continued after the jump, more pictures in the gallery)

So how do you like to be sexy? I like to show shoulders and neck. My parents always say I have really good legs. I’ve worked really hard for them. They always insist that I show my legs.

What kind of style does your ideal guy have? I think that men’s clothing should be functional. If there’s a rip in his jeans, it should be because he was out working, not because he ripped them so they looked cool. It’s even better if they’re ripped because he got in a fight.

So you’re into the tough, barroom-brawler type? Well, my family is heavily involved in the Marines and close-combat training, and I was raised doing Japanese sword training, so I’ve always been of the mentality that you have to be able to defend yourself. It’s not that I like guys who get in fights, I just like guys who can handle themselves.

Does having a father in the Marines make it hard to bring guys home?
In high school it was pretty embarrassing to bring my boyfriends home because they never met my dad’s standards. But lately he’s been looking for a few good Marines for me. He and my brother have both kept an eye out in the Corps.

You have some really tough men looking out for you. They’re not even allowed to have my pictures from Stuff in the barracks. Seriously. The colonel won’t let them. But maybe they’ll make an exception. After the shoot, I told my father that I don’t know how he’ll feel, but I told my mother it’s very J.Lo-esque; it’s all about the booty.

Do you have a boyfriend right now? No. We just broke up. He didn’t come take care of me! This is so bad, but I feel like if I’m sick, I need flowers. I’m very open about saying what I need from a partner, and he needs to meet those demands. So I got my wisdom teeth pulled, and I guess maybe I expected a little bit more support…

Wait, you broke up with him because of the wisdom teeth?! That was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. If you’re not going to be there for my wisdom teeth, you’re not going to be there.

How long until you’re back on the market again? Well, maybe after my swelling goes down!

What are your needs? Let’s teach everyone how to make you happy. I like someone who thinks about me when we’re not together, like picking up knickknacks or a card, and someone who’s strong and protective and not insecure. He should also be someone who’s handsome, funny and smart, who likes to learn and who my dad likes.

Do you like guys in the industry, or do you go for the average type? I don’t think anyone I’ll be dating is average! I like people who create-someone who’s always making progress in whatever business they’re in.

Is there anything else you want to tell our readers?
Just how thankful I am for all the support Stuff readers have given me. It’s funny how much impact everyone who reads your magazine has had on my career.

How can a Stuff guy win you over? Be positive! I really believe in serendipity. If you’re following what your heart’s meant to be doing, then you will meet the right people—even if it’s on the other side of the world.

Is there any chance he could skip all that and just seduce you?
Well, I’m really into mysticism, so I can always be seduced! I’m pretty susceptible to that sort of thing. Maybe too much.

– Samaire Armstrong, Stuff Magazine June 2006

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  • lolo

    she looks like a mix between nicole richie, and brittany murphy in these pics.

  • lala

    I like her better in short hair.

  • E.L.

    She DEFINITELY looks WAAAAY better w/ the hair she had in the Daniel Powter music video.

  • Jude

    She’s really cute–I keep wanting to hate her character on The O.C., and not being able to.

  • Jane

    She looks so much like Nicole Richie it scares me. I prefer her with short, bleach blonde hair.

  • Sarine

    When I first saw these pictures I thought it was Nicole Richie but then today I looked again and realized it was Samaire.. how freaky! lol When she was on The OC last week, it looked like she had hair extensions because now her hair is super short.

  • Sarine

    When I first saw these pictures I thought it was Nicole Richie but then today I looked again and realized it was Samaire.. how freaky! lol When she was on The OC last week, it looked like she had hair extensions because now her hair is super short.

  • sugar

    she has a really hot body, nothing like nicole’s in my opinion but her face is just not pretty. i never liked her anyway but i think shes better with long hair. short hair looks good on very few people imo

  • Miras

    Samaire Armstrong Best actress in world )))

  • ricardo gomes silva de moura

    love you…

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