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Mother's Day Giveaway

Mother's Day Giveaway

Love your mom? Show her you care! In honor of Mother’s Day (that’s next Sunday), Just Jared is holding a very special contest with some very fabulous prizes.

PRIZES :: The grand prize winner will receive any single bouquet from (I already ordered two for my own mother. Shhh! Don’t tell her.) plus a single item from (The chocolate covered strawberries are to die for.)  And honorable mention will get a choice of either. 

HOW TO WIN :: Write a haiku about any celebrity mom (Katie, Britney, Gwyneth, Reese) or celebrity mom-to-be (Angelina, Gwen, Maggie).  For those not familiar with it, a haiku is a Japanese poetic form, comprising three lines and 17 syllables in the precise 5-7-5 pattern (example below).  And it doesn’t have to rime.

RULES :: Here’s all the nitty-gritty you need to know…
1) Leave your celebrity mom haiku as a comment in this entry.
2) Be sure to include a valid email address (not published) in your comment entry so I can contact the winner.
3) You may enter once everyday until the deadline: Wednesday, May 10 @ 7PM EST  (that’s up to six times). The best two haikus will be chosen and notified.  Good luck!

Behold the wisdom of Just Jared ::

To :: Angelina Jolie

You Giggle Like Mad
We Can All Blame It On Brad
Give Birth Already

From :: Just Jared

:: Both winners wrote about our dear Brit Brit, bless her heart. Congratulations, Lyndo!  Here’s her grand prize winning entry –

Sperm overflowing.
Oops, K-Fed did it again.
Popozao, b******.

And congratulations, David!  Here’s his honorable mention entry –

Brit knocked up again
girl with all [of] that money
buy clue or condom

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  • Lola

    To :: Angelina Jolie You Giggle Like Mad We Can All Blame It On Brad Give Birth Already From :: Just JaredROTFLMAO

  • jjoy

    JJ…you’re the best!! Happy Mother’s Day to all mommies and mommies-to-be!!Bamz+1 rocks and rules

  • noni

    nice thread. Happy Mother’s Day =)

  • Be sane

    jared,Haiku usually needs some kind of a word that implies the season, LOL. Thanks for this, you are GREAT!

  • Medulla

    HEY HOT MAMA ANGIE LA BELLE,Happy MOTHER’s day to you.I love the way you cuddle MADDIE & LITTLE Z.Have a very happy MOTHER’S DAY and a very healthy and speedy delivery of the blessed new baby #3. AND Papa BRAD good job man, good job! God bless your family BAMZ+1.

  • Medulla

    TO: ANGELINABlessed is the Mother who loves the child.ANGIE you are a shinning example.let your love flow throught out.Happy MOTHER’S DAY ANGIE.

  • Jonathan

    The young one can’t driveWill he make it to age 5Britney, keep Sean alive!

  • Jonathan

    Halfway ’round the worldThey say you’re having a girlAngie’s lost her mind

  • Jason Markus

    Brit knocked up againHope K-Fed is not daddyCan’t take more than one

  • Andrea

    ^ oh my… AntiBamz … if you don’t like it don’t post, angie is not the only one in the picture.. and a lot of people happen to love bamz in this site so chill, move on, leave, shut up whatever you want. And i think it’s really nice what jared is doing (the giveaway i mean) and it’s a fun contest

  • Be sane

    # 9 | AntiBamz |Do not insult an innocent child. You are flagged.

  • David

    Accept this missionKate, make Tom Cruise appear straightSuri, didn’t work

  • alero

    Angelina’s giftBorn in the dark continentA child will arrive


    Definitely a very slow news day……….WAITING IMPATIENTLY FOR PLUS ONE!KEEP ON ROCKIN BAMZ!!

  • Medulla

    DEAR ANGELINABehold my dear your most anticipated child will be born under the stars.Look away at those who are full of hatred, they will not hurt you, they are full of envy, they are wishing that it was them who were carrying and giving birth to the most anticipated baby in the world since BABY JESUS so you see my dear, it was writting in the stars that you and adorable,proud Papa Brad are going to create a beautiful human being who will be sought after, envy by some but mostly loved by many around the world.Happy Mother day my DEAR.BY the way #9 you have been reported!

  • QQQQ

    # 7 | Jonathan | That’s cold…. but really funny

  • Kristine

    Katie equals momShe had a baby with TomWill her marriage bomb?

  • Hannah

    Anna Nicole SmithDrunk and pill-poppin’ everydayDrug baby on the way?

  • Medulla

    GOOD EVENING BESANE.Welcome to the thread.Your posts on the last thread were hillarioussee I told you that you crack me up , girl you are so funny keep it up it is good for the mind.Keep up the drawing thing with your daugther, I am with on that road believe me girl I know, good luck with your family.



  • Hehe

    To Angie:Your smile makes you glowand makes everyone forget your foebut waiting for this baby to pop really blows.

  • Grateful BAMZ Fan

    Thanks Jared for that lovely haiku to a very lovely mom. You are the best.

  • Be sane

    # 19 | MedullaHi there, and thanks so much for your support! :)Agh, finally everyone is in bed now… today while I was working on something my daughter painted moustache on her face with black paint and and body in red, saying she is a "Captain" something, as well as her door with the same color. it’s called "pretend play" which is supposed to be a good thing. But no bath, no amount of soap helped taking them off. As for the door, as usual, "Soft Scrub with Bleach" is my friend….

  • Lohan Roberto

    They should give away a free baby for mothers day!

  • Flora

    To Angelina Jolie.The world will light up, the stars will shinewhen the offspring that will make history arrivesto celebrate the love they shared…

  • Lucinda

    To: Angelina JolieSunny warm embraceStunning face and glowing smileTakes our breath awayFrom: another mom..


    To Angelina Jolie: The special day’s near Brad and Ange, their dream fulfilled And the world rejoice!

  • april

    Suri, about thatBut Katie your baby’s name does fall rather flat

  • bluepaintred

    some really good entrys! love this idea jared!im gonna *try*BAMZ+1 : The Belly So RipeThe World Holds Its Breath~ We Waitperfection is BAMZ

  • Ja

    To AngelinaSunny beach at seaBlending of hearts into onePretty flowers bloom forever!

  • Lyndo

    Sperm overflowing.Oops, K-Fed did it again.Popozao, bitches.

  • anonimo

    "To :: Angelina JolieYou Giggle Like MadWe Can All Blame It On BradGive Birth AlreadyFrom :: Just Jared"oh JJ you are the best. How you love angelina is wonderfull. Make a contest only to show your love for her. The other mother are smoke in the eyes, i know that you don’t care about them. For you there is angelina only. She’s the best mother of the world and her unborn child the beautifull baby of the world ever. The other mother and the other children are ugly and no good mother. Only angelna is a good mother. She ‘s a saint.

  • konnitiwa

    to AngelinaAngelina is not a saint.But full of love for people in painInspiring us with inner beauty

  • Kim

    This is such a great idea. I’d write one about my own Mom, who I think is a star, even though nobody else knew it! So… Instead how can I not give this a stab for someone who touched so many with a loving embrace :) Happy Mother’s Day to all!To: AUDREY HEPBURNAngel Now AboveMother to World’s ChildrenEmbracing with love

  • karen

    TO: Angelina JolieThe world is betterFor you care much for the livesof complete strangersFrom: Karen

  • anonimo

    # 33 | konnitiwa Angelina is not a saint.But full of love for people in painSure angelina care of the people in pain for this is a saint. She’s only that care of this people. The other don’t care. They are selfish, and selfcentered. Angelina is only that adopted the children, cares of their education, makes conference, she’s the only ambassador for UN. She’s a saint because JJ said it, lainey said it, People said it and i believe them. The other mother are ugly how their children.

  • think positive!

    I wish to all the new and the waiting mamas: God bless your babies girls!To Brangelina:I wish your baby be born upon the clouds and the stars.And his/hers life to be Full of joy and happiness.My best wishes to your family.GOD BLESS BAMZ+1!!

  • math whiz

    to Gwen:You sang "Hey Baby"Now you’ve got one on the wayYou’re happy No Doubt

  • Be sane

    Jared,There is a troll on older "Jolie today’s show" thread, writing death wishes on the baby. I just flagged it….


    all are very cute and sweet….Great….bye from ItalyIsabella

  • Jason

    Brangelina’s kidMost anticipated childMost beautiful babe?

  • Mona

    I love all the BAMZ fans. What a sweet idea.I really wish that Angelina reads this site.She and Brad should know that they are loved.Have a healthy baby!

  • meemerella

    To britney:How could you let himHit you baby one more time?I hope you’re just fat.From:meemerella

  • Medulla

    HELLO BESANE,GOOD MORNING, thanks for your response, sorry I missed it, I went to put my gang to bed instead I fell asleep before they did………LOLYou may just have a little Vangho or Picasso in your hands believe me just keep the bleach wipes handy no problem.Very slow day today eventhought we agreed about the privacy of BP & AJ being a priority, still we miss seing them in new pictures. I was just thinking since Reese’s peanut butter co. shipped a box to AJ maybe other companies will take notice and do the same since AJ & little Z both like cherrios maybe General Mills will ship them a giant box, and I hope PAMPERS and HUGGIES, Johnson & Johson baby product will all follow, it will be good PR for them, free advertisement around the world don’t you thinkBESANE?BAMZ+1 still rocks the world!

  • Jonathan M.

    To Kat Holmes:ScientologyBrainwashed you to have Tom’s kidNow you look crazy

  • Kelly

    To Kay Young, mother of American Idol 5 contestant Ace Young:Left AI too soon.What a face! Thank you Kay YoungFor your hot son Ace.

  • Medulla

    HEY STEF MY FRIEND GOOD MORNING.Let’s wish AJ happy mother’s dayAn early happy father’s day for BPBecause the special ocasion is nearGOD BLESS BAMZ+1 FAMILY

  • Shannon

    Grier now arrived Brooke my dear keep your chin upTom Cruise is watching

  • Shannon

    Grier and SuriSame day, odd coincidenceFuture ‘Simple Life’?

  • JackieJ

    Brooke and Toms babiesIronic and IconicJust grow up and play