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Jude Law's Nipples

Jude Law's Nipples

Malibu, California :: Lucky you, Jude-Siennna double whammy posts today! Actor Jude Law, 33, and his main squeeze Sienna Miller, 24, dined together at Nobu this past Saturday. Jude wore his rainbow beanie again and a tied up silk scarf that tucked into his super see-through long-sleeved shirt. I don’t really "get" the outfit.  UK/USA culture gap?  And from what I can see, Sienna wore a red top of sorts (see below). Jude and Sienna tried their best not to be photographed together by entering and exiting the restaurant at different times. Sienna travelled with her head ducked down the whole time in the the backseat of Jude‘s car.  More pictures in the gallery!

Sienna assumes the ducking position in Jude‘s backseat.
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  • k

    *gasp*How can he NOT be gay??!!??

  • dolorescraeg

    jude gay???????are you nuts? three children, a very satisfied nanny ten years with sadie frost….sienna etc., etc.. etc., he dances and dresses to his own drummer. this guy takes the roles he wants, puts up with the paps so he can take care of his three kids….the only time jude law is gay is when he’s acting and making out with a woman. the reason people think he might be is because he is sex on legs but thank god it’s reserved for the ladies.

  • nicki

    OMG he is so gay, like the above poster says. No straight man would wear that horrible outfit. There are lots of men that were married, had affairs with women, and children who were or are secretly gay, so that doesn’t mean anything. I have always thought he was gay but that doesn’t change the fact that he put in some good acting in films like "Closer" and "Cold Mountain". He’s with Sienna because a lot of gay men who are trying to fit in as straight find an "attractive" woman to date. Not that Sienna is attractive. WTF? She’s 24, she looks older than him, lol. Well sorry got offtrack but she is one of the fugliest "actresses" out now. Jude should come here to San Francisco and visit the Castro, they’d love that outfit.

  • amy

    What in the HELL is with those STUPID scarves that in insists on wearing? Can someone please tell me!!!

  • J!NX

    That’s not even okay for Jack on Will and Grace to wear.

  • Sandy

    Meanwhile he gets $10mil/per picture and if you gay guys would read your own websitees you will see that he is xonsidered very STRAIGHT sostop the nonsense already. You know very well that scarves do not make a man gay. women’s bodies get worshipped and dissected by men all the time so turnabout it fair play. This is a bodyworthy of the adulation. He is still the sexiest guyalive and women know it!

  • Jennifer

    I don’t think Jude is gay. I’m sure he knows that people think he is gay (i.e. his SNL monologue) but he just doesn’t care. I think he could do better than Sienna, but unfortunately it seems like she has a hold over him. Boo! I don’t like her! Anyway, I agree with Nicki, Jude should come to San Francisco, not to go to the Castro, but to see me! Lol.

  • Sue

    Oh man the guy is sex-on-legs! Gay? Haha I think lots of gay guys wish it were so. (I think most Americans can’t take a guy with style. Americans are waayyy too uptight in the way they dress. They could take a few hints from Jude.)

  • LeeDC

    Hmmm… an Englishman driving a Tahoe. I woulda thunk he was a Range Rover kind of guy…

  • Charles

    Jude Law is taking the metrosexual look way too far. The see through shirt, the black scarf, and the color beenie is way over the top. Is Jude going to an S&M club or what? Sure, the man is pretty most of the time but this wardrobe has got to go.

  • chopchop

    why go to nobu if you don’t want to be seen?

  • KD

    "Haha I think lots of gay guys wish it were so. (I think most Americans can’t take a guy with style."# 8 | Sue | May 8, 2006 09:41 PM | Report Abuse Look I don’t know if he’s gay or not but I’m telling you that NIPPLES in a see-through shirt with a dainty little scarf knotted at the neck is not style, it is GAY. Planned and poorly executed, but gay never-the-less.

  • eimoeimo

    heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh he dresses like gay person but his personality is not gay. simple as that.

  • Daphne

    Whoosh! The stick-in-the-muds here might want to take a good look in their OWN closet (in more ways than one hehe). It’s time you guys throw out your Gap clothes and take some tips from Jude Law. This guy’s not afraid to be daring. He’s got the nanny waxing on about his prowess and Sienna M coming back for more. If that’s gay, keep him coming my way! I wish all my guys were like that.On the other hand, you guys mightn’t want to try to dress like that unless you’re Jude Law. It takes a certain panache to pull it off!

  • Huxley

    On another point – why go to a popualr, paped restaurant if you do not want anyone to know you are secretly dating again/ And put on such a show. FYI – no1 cares anymore, you are old news, move on. Cannot stand Sienna, and that girl will do anything to be in the papers and pretend that she is being ‘hounded’. Er, all of your movies ahve tanked, so the only thing keeping you famous is the fact that you shagged/are still shagging Jude Law and whoever else will keep you famous. If you want a quiet dinner, have a nice quiet, pap-free one at home. But you wont, will you, cos you LOVE the attention!



  • Rachel

    yucks. that was a big mistake and certainly very blinding.

  • Jude

    Um…okay…I adore this man, but here he looks like a man-whore.

  • rudy

    right on, huxley! the place, the outfit, the girl…it’s all about publicity all the while pretending it aint so. jude, man, she’s so using you dude (and she’s got you wearing that ugly-ass outfit to boot)! like my mama used to say, 1st time, shame on you, 2nd time, shame on me! when will you ever learn, jude?

  • Deborah

    Gay or not, that outfit has got to go. The beanie is a fashion risk, but coupled with that scarf and that see through shirt it spells disaster! He’s really big on the silk scarves, but sticking it inside the see through shirt? He may have it going on, but he has no fashion sense. And by far, the worst accessory of all is Sienna Miller.

  • Sara

    if all men were like Jude…

    Love Jude ♥

  • dildos

    Jude is amazingly sexy. I has fallen in love with him since I watched “CLOSER” and “My blueberry nights”. It’s a pity he’s not single;)

  • rogerio zola santiago

    I have never seen anything worse than this tasteless outfit – it surely has got to go – either to hell or back into some closet. He is definitely trying to shock, but sorry – it is really a sadenning look faded to horrify everyone, and it also requires deep orientation. Or a psychiatrist. For crying out loud! Transparency is only acceptable for gorgeous women. And on special ocasions. Rogerio

  • Spirit

    Am I the only one who thinks that his clothes are funny? XD