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Katie Holmes' Nursing Bra

Katie Holmes' Nursing Bra

Los Angeles, CA :: OOOOOPPSSSSS!!!!!!!!! Tom Cruise, 43, took fiancée Katie Holmes, 27, out for a walk this past Friday but Katie let loose a little more than she intended.  Katie accidentally (I hope) revealed her nursing bra and left the flap down — at least we know that baby Suri has easy access to the breast.  But how thoroughly embrassing!!  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • snoopy

    oops! how embarrasing! funny that her smile isn’t the same usual smile in that pic either. wonder if she felt it come undone! tell ya what if she wasn’t pregnany they sure are going the extra mile thats for sure. she looks awful these days, and downright depressed. how ironic for tom, and she needs meds. FREE KATIE!!!!!!!!

  • velvett1

    Heaven forbid she gets the baby blues. She is own her own . Maybe a 1 a Day will cure all!

  • Gaby

    God, you guys are so mean, the girl had a baby two weeks ago….do you had a baby???is not easy let me tell you that….she cant look a glamours hollywood superstar 24/7!!!!!and she dont have to smile all the time, actually she looks very good, for someone who just gave birth….God, leave them alone…….!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Xenu’s daughter

    She’s being coy…that was deliberate hahahah and either she’s way too short or he’s got lifts on. too f$%king funny!

  • Enigma

    Why do the dumbest, smallest, most mundane and insignificant things have to become some embarassing thing? OMG, like, another reason to make fun of TomKat. Really original

  • windy

    Katie just DOES NOT look happy. At the premiere of MI, her smile looked so forced…like she was on the verge of tears. No matter how good an actress anybody is, you can’t fake happy. She also looks exhausted. I’m the mother of 2 so I know what life is like with a newborn, but surely she has all the help she needs. What has this girl gotten herself into? I HATE that her MOM wasn’t with her at the birth of Suri….certainly Tom’s doing. It would kill me as a grandmother to be left out of such a wonderful time in the life of a family. I’ll bet the Holmes HATE Tom. Will she ever be able to get out of this WITH Suri? I bet if they ever separate, Tom would never let Suri go with her mother. (I never see photos of Nicole with Connor and Isabelle anymore) He appears to be such a control freak! I PRAY she doesn’t marry Tom. I’m curious…many people say Tom is gay. It wouldn’t surprise me…but what do you base this on? Does he have a male lover? KATIE…WAKE UP! COME OUT OF THIS TRANCE AND LEAVE WHILE YOU CAN. WAIT TILL HE GETS IN THE AIRPLANE, OR ON THE MOTORCYCLE AND GRAB THAT DIAPER BAG AND RUN! FAST AS YOU CAN. THIS CAN ONLY GET WORSE. WE CARE ABOUT YOU KATIE!! (NOT KATE)

  • lookwhaticando

    I feel so sorry for that poor girl, her life is Over

  • opo

    at least she doesn’t seem to starve herself back into hollyweird anrexic mode, like so many other "celeb-moms".i think she looks good and that "nursing-bra "accident" actually makes her more human and "normal" than anything she/ they have done in past year.

  • so over them!!

    What a joke this couple is. No matter what is real or not… to many doubt them!! Something is up because no one doubts Gwen S…Angelina..Brooke or even Britney when they are or were pregnant. The deal is… we ALL KNOW TOM CRUISE IS GAY!!! I find it funny what actress signs on to play his "Girlfriend". Looks like he is going down the ladder. Start with NK..A lister, than Penelope…B lister… now he is onto the C lister. Keep going TC maybe one day you can actually come out of the closet. I doubt they had SEX to have the baby. Let me also say.. having breastfed TWO REAL children, never had my bra unsnap or show seperate like that. But than again… I never had to prove I was breast feeding or whatever TC pays her to do. Poor girl has no MIND!! If she did she would be long gone. I guess this is what it looks like when you sign a deal with the devil. GO AWAY TC you are a LOSER!!!!!!!!! And for all those who call me a hater. What is wrong with you? How can you buy this SH&*??? Just becasue I speak my mind about a fake PR stunt… don’t take me down the grow up road. You should too believing such BS!!!

  • Lena

    I wonder why her nursing bra isn’t clipped closed on the left hand side.. seems odd.

  • Lena

    I wonder why her nursing bra isn’t clipped closed on the left hand side.. seems odd.

  • angelina mmm

    thay look like brother and sisterweird

  • msguidedmama

    those top clipping ones do come undone easily for sure. and Lena, some women do not clip them back up right away, many reasons, but I won’t bore the male posters :)

  • KayJay

    I’m very sorry but what NURSING BRA is?I’m sorry.

  • Gabriela

    well, I’m not going to discuss with anyone here, but just to you know Katie’s mom is in LA with her…and she If she hates Tom so much, I guess she wouldnt go out and about with him, and his mom, and his childs…and smilling….Katie’s mom is not a actress….just to let you know…You can see pictures in Katie’s messageboard in http://www.katieholmespictures.comBut who knows right, maybe she is in tears..and she is pretending that she is happy, for one year!And yeah, when I saw Katie’s in M:I premiere…she was almost in tears…I almost cried with her…GIVE ME A BREAK!

  • #15 huh?

    #15 what is your point? You are all over the place.. Agree or disagree? BTW.. WTF do you think KH Mom is going to do? Not see her daughter and first grandkid? This is alittle bit more preplanned than that #15. TC has all his ducks in a row. This guy will do ANYTHING to hide his GAYNESS!!!! Please…. 15 million will make any mother happy if her daughter and grandchild are taken care of. WAKE UP!!!!! KH looks like a ZOOMBIE!!! Go look at any picture of her and Chris Klein and see her REAL SMILE!!! TC can’t pay a C actress to be that convincing… to bad all the A lister ran the F away!! SMART COOKIE that Scarlette J is!!!!

  • msguidedmama

    #14 a nursing bra is what a mom wears so that she can wear a bra and at the same time pull the flap down to nurse (breastfeed) the baby.

  • Nika

    She looks drugged.

  • Gabriela

    I was trying to be ironic…hahahaReal smile…….with Chris Klein???In the 2003/2004 Katie was not even smiling in the pics…I cant understand, why you hate Tom so much!Really, what is your point!!!!the man is just living his life…and by the way, do you know him? did you ever talked with him, did he dated you or any of you male friends? and IF he was gay(I dont think he is, because he is not my fav actor or anything, but its a fact that he doenst need any publicity cause he is the most powerful actor in hollywood) that fact would made him a worst person?It’s just my opinion, I dont think he needs to pay Katie, or Katie’s mom and family to pretend they are happy…And if Tom was/is, this psycho, mean guy, that people say, Nicole wouldnt say nice things about him until this day…what I’m trying to say is, he has the right to live, Katie has this right too…believe or not, they are a couple, and more than that, they are a family…they dont have to look GORGEOUS AND STUNNING all the time, they dont have to look happy all the time, to me they look fine, for paparazzi pics…Man, they are human beings….Just imagine for a second, people talking about your life like they really know you…this must awful!**Sorry, if I said something that you didnt like it…it really was not my intention…I’m just trying to give my opinion… :)

  • Xenu’s daughter

    If a person puts themself in the line of fire like TC and KH do, sooner or later they will get shot down. (ie: with words)

  • d.c.
  • mickey

    First, when she was "pregnant" Katie had to prove her "pregnancy" by getting snapped in that awful unitard thing. Now, to prove that she is "nursing" she has to get snapped with her nursing bra exposed in a way that it is unmistakable that it’s a nursing bra. PATHETIC! What’s next? A press conference where the couple actually does the deed on live televison?

  • snoopy

    If you truly were happy, and didn’t care what the public though, and were GENUINE about everything going on in your life, then you wouldn’t HAVE to prove anything. I just don’t think she is happy, and it shows. true, she may be exhausted, but yes I agree with whoever said she has plenty of help. Her smile is not the same and im sure she felt it come undone and was embarrased is what i meant! The reason I don’t like Tom is because, it’s no secret that he IS GAY, and he just has the money to cover it up is all. If he would just admit it, I would gain back all respect for him. many people don’t know that two men have come forward in the past and tom cruise sued the tabloids which they sold their stories, and made them retract and settled with the men on $. also, tom is sterile, although when a tabloid printed that guess what, another lawsuit and retraction. if he wasn’t sterile, then how could he be with nic for 10 yrs and yet have to adopt, and then boom be with katie for one month and she is pregnant? whatever. everyone knows scientology revolves around money, greed, and getting it any way you can. go to and read it! also nic was pregnant when tom filed for divorce and she lost the kid as a result. diagnosis+= kid wasn’t tom’s and he ended the marriage before anyone could figure it out. unfortunately for nic, SHE suffered the consequences as Kate is doing now. she is totally brainwashed. that is my opinion and im sticking to it. i am not downing anyone here, but we all have our right.

  • Doll

    OK, even I, who had never doubted that she pregnent, have to admit that this is too much. The nursing bra-showing-thing is so on purpose, I really don’t know why they feel the need to show the whole world that she was indeed pregnent. Anyway, I’m happy for them, maybe t they are really in love. I’m so happy to see TC whithout his fat, fake, huge smile. Let’s hope that Mickey #22 is mistaken and we won’t have to see the birth video on national TV, because it seems to be a logical step.

  • Lena

    msguidedmama, you certainly would be sure to clip the nursing bra up, particularly if you knew you were going out in public and were in all likelihood going to to photogrphed. I don’t buy it.

  • unitard fear

    #22 Mickey – THANK YOU for bringing the unitard up! Can someone please explain to me what pregnant woman they know who has ever worn a unitard while pregnant? When I was pregnant I don’t recall ever seeing unitards in any maternity store I went to, and come to think of it, I can’t even imagine how uncomfortable it would have been to have worn one. Where did she find that thing? I have to say I really started thinking the whole thing was overly strange at that point.

  • Kenzie

    I dont understand why you people are bashing Katie and Tom Cruise so much. Yes, I agree that Tom Cruise has been VERY VERY annoying lately and Im not overly fond of him myself, but he does seem like he loves Katie with all his heart. I think they make a good couple,

  • maria

    I love Tom Cruise. He saved the life of a little girl back in 2004, at Dairy Queen. He gave lots of cash for her operationThat’s all I need to know.He is a loving father.That’s all I need.He is damn hot.That’s all I needHe don’t hit people like J Depp or R Crowe.He is lovely and a great pro; his coworkers love and praise him.If Katie is sad, it is because Tom is sad and having a hard time because of some fucker like ‘report abuse ‘ here. Report abuse, who it appear, doesn’t know there are wars going on in the world right now. Children dies every second in Africa, Irak, Philipines, Tchetcheny.Report abuse is a hater, stupid, nothing interesting enough to talk about.let her die here, on an internet’s talkback, alone.Tom, Katie: Congratulations for Suri, this is a gift of God.Life is beautiful, enjoy it how you can and how you want.

  • Wow!!

    #28 if you are going to attack someone get a clue. You are not so bright huh? First of all, all comments come with a report abuse tag. DUHHHH. Yes there are wars happening all over the world. WHERE IS TC about it? Oh right proving he is not gay and making his beard show her nursing bra. Look at Brad and AJ… that is a couple who care… Jesus, even Jessica Simpson has a cause. TC cause is to promote a fake book as a religion while stealing peoples money. SO NOBLE!!! Than going on National TV talking about something very dangerous, while having the nerve to call someone GLIB!!! WTF.. TC where is your degree… right he barley made it through HS. Oh wait he can do ultra sound because he read the manual. I think all Dr’s should STAND UP and confront TC and his KNOWLEDGE of anything. Yeah I take his outburst personal because I WENT TO SCHOOL and degreed in the field of medicine. Whatever my side, TC has as much right talking about medicine as I would to the piolet of Air France. GROW UP # 28. people don’t like when someone is so pompas… on top of the fact that he is hiding something!! Yeah, have family in the business…. he should have shut his mouth and just acted. Now TC has started something he will not like the outcome of. PUBLIC OPINION!!!!!

  • KellyMichele

    I’m 8 weeks post partum and know that u can tell she did just have a baby. She looks great. Being tired while caring 4 a newborn is inevitable! My 2 month old daughter is just now sleeping through the night. Leave them alone! p.s. I would have loved the unitard! U know how hard it is to keep your shirt from creeping up when you’re 9 months pregnant? VERY!

  • Okokok

    First of all #30 KellyMichele. How many times have you been out, AT NIGHT, with your husband alone???? Didn’t think so. I just had a baby about 3 months ago and I AM TIRED. NO NANNY.. husband works and TRAVELS… PLEASSSEEE… join the club of women who have kids Katie…. but we actually take care of the baby 24/7. We have the means to have a nanny, but why have a baby than? She made her bed by having a baby with a man she hardly knew. Please tell me you can really know someone and have a kid in the time frame they have? SOMETHING IS UP!!!! I think TC is a phony and the whole world sees him for it. Oh well, all this bad press is TC fault!!!! Maybe if he owned up to his doings things would be easier for him, and everyone around him. I guess he really does not care about anyone but himself! He is like a spoiled three year old. Whatever TC wants.. TC gets. See money can by just about everything. Not everything though… he can’t buy the publics opinion, that is PRICELESS!!!!!!

  • Duude

    WINDY, maybe you care about KatieHo but we certainly don’t. She chose her bed, she can go down and lie in it.Everyone still portays Katie as a lil innocent girl, she’s the one who openly practises the alien religion and raves about how brilliant Tom is. Dude, she’s a child bearing woman They can both catch a spaceship to whatever planet Hubbard worships.

  • #32 right on

    Blah blah blah… when it is all said and done Americans CAN’T STAND TC!!!! Go catch the next spaceship freak boy!!!!

  • pitjajurran’s sis

    Well I can’t get over the statement that we have to call Katie – "Kate" now that she has has a child, what is this man on… she looks really out of it, and yes like all of you bored mums out there I have had a baby too so I understand you feel really bizzare just after giving birth but come on there is no way in the world that I would have wanted to go anywhere 2wks after having a baby, he is pulling her along to all this stuff for his own ego… I really like Katie Holmes but I HATE Tom Cruise he shoots himself in the foot everytime he opens his mouth, he should just shut up…

  • Huxley

    Firstly, I am no fan of Tom Kat or their antics, but I think she relaly did have a baby as she is looking pretty bloated and postpartum in all the pics i have seen of her; secondly, it doesnt matter how much help you have when you have had a baby, that doesnt reflect on your body – that recovers at its own pace, regardless of how rich or how much help you have. She does look tired to me – no surprise!

  • Rachel

    she seems to have aged a lot.

  • Shibmaster75

    The real issue here is not the whole nursing bra thing…stuff happens. The issue is how pathetic do you have to be to make your tired and sore new mother wife wear slipons for a walk on a sidewalk, while you wear at least 4 inch lifts in your boots…look there the same height..pathetic

  • whattheF

    TC is a short little man. YUCK!! Anyone who says he is hot is full of SH%^!! Brad Pitt is a HOT man with a look… Josh Duhemal.. Hot, TC is a short little thin guy who wears his jeans WAY TO TIGHT!!! Always has to dominate EVERYTHING.. he is SO SAD!!!! I hope they come across these blogs, or someone who can get these to him.. TC go away we are ALL SICK of your antics!!! Why don’t you use your CELEB for anything other than self promoting? I could careless what you do in your private life.. you crossed the line when you came out with your crazy comments. You opened the flood gates and now everything YOU will take a beating. GO AWAY YOU GROSS LITTLE PATHETIC>SHORT MAN!!!!

  • Dea

    Katie Holmes was never pregnant! I mean, come on, did any of us see her visiting her OB/GYN? You’ve seen EVERY other pregnant star going to and from regularly throughout their entire pregnancy! That’s why they had to come up with the fake ultrasound machine story. Did any LA hospitals officially verify that she was in their hospital giving birth? No, we only have wacko Tom’s ‘reports’ and his mother being photographed in an SUV driving to his home. Katie’s parents weren’t there because she never gave birth at all. As close as they are, even Tom wouldn’t be able to keep them away during the birth of their grandchild! They wanted no part in this farce. She gained about forty pounds of fat, making her look bloated but not pregnant in appearance, strapped on a fake, constantly deflating belly and walked around with her fake smile for eleven months! No one’s belly blows up from concave to five months complete with bulging belly button in two weeks, unless they’re having quintuplets! And no one carries a baby for nearly a year! They’re waiting for the woman whose baby they will adopt to give birth. Maybe they have her chained in the Scientology cleansing room in the basement!

  • Amanda Schuessler

    just seeing if this works! but how embarassing!

  • Elizabeth

    Oh-the poor lamb. Seriously, folks!! Cut the woman a break! She just gave birth, looks absolutely EXHAUSTED and her babies father is DRAGGING her for a walk (probably to stave off PPD). The woman needs some assistance – she is obviously a tired new mommy! I wish her the best in everything she does. She is a fabulous actor and I’m sure she’ll be a lovely mommy. God Bless (and for the LOVE of God, get some rest)

  • nanny

    people who think she was actually pregnant need to get a clue. Tommy boy is gay for heaven’s sake. Everything that Tommy boy does is staged. He needs to come out of the closet and admit he is gay. I use to like him in the 80′s before the whole scientology thing, but he’s gone wacked. Do you know how dangerous he is when he tears into someone like Brooke Shields who had PPD? He’s lucky women don’t listen to him or their babies would be dead, because of him. Please get a clue, the guy is a media whore. Angelina spends more time with her causes and children then Tommy boy spends as a media whore. He’s so wrapped up in himself, he doesn’t care what’s happening anywhere else. For the last time. KATIE HOLMES WAS NEVER PREGNANT. I agree they had to wait for the baby so they could adopt it. Tommy boy is a loser. I think I’m gonna stick with Christian Bale, at least he’s down to earth and isn’t a media whore.

  • oh not really

    why oh why does she ONLY wear jeans?can they really be comfortable, whenver i feel bloated, jeans are the last think i want to wear….

  • sophie

    katie looks odd….there were hollywood moms who still look fabulous after giving birth…she cant be just as fab but it doesnt hurt to make an effort to look fresh. I used to be a fan of "dawsons creek" and I sort of missed the youthfull glow and innocence that katie used to have…..get back down to earth gurl!!!!

  • Beth

    Are there really so many nutty people out there? Not Tom and Katie – but some of the people who post on this website! My GOD could you be so ignorant as to really think the pregnancy was fake – OR WORSE – to actually THINK these photos with the nursing bra are for real. The pictures are DOCTORED PEOPLE!!!! Look at them closely! The bra strap is in an impossible place – and the shoulder area isn’t right.

  • Beth

    Are there really so many nutty people out there? Not Tom and Katie – but some of the people who post on this website! My GOD could you be so ignorant as to really think the pregnancy was fake – OR WORSE – to actually THINK these photos with the nursing bra are for real. The pictures are DOCTORED PEOPLE!!!! Look at them closely! The bra strap is in an impossible place – and the shoulder area isn’t right.

  • Dea

    #45-46 BethThe only nut on this message board is you if you believe Tom Cruise COULD/WOULD father a child! He is such a fraud! And he’s so gay that the thought of sex with a woman would send him racing back to his home planet! FRREEEEEE KKKAAATTIEE!

  • KayJay

    # 17 thanx SO much! i appreciate))

  • Beth

    #47… you apparently didn’t read what I said… I talked about the BRA and the preganancy….NOT whom or who DID or DID not get her pregnant…I’m not so ignorant as to think I have a CLUE how or by whom she or anyone else got pregnant from – I don’t sit here in home thinking that I KNOW some celebrity in person and intimately – apparently you either are close to the couple and know them intimately – or you are just another one of those sad sacks that THINKS they something about these people simply by looking at a few pictures or watching them on scree… YOU are the nut!

  • whatever

    As a woman who has breast fed all her kids my observations are as follows. I have always found it curious that her breast really did not get very big compared to the rest of her. Usually womenwho nurse get even much bigger when their milk let’s down. Also most women insert a pad to take care of leakage which is very common with new moms specially when away from their baby. Kate does not seem to be wearing one. Also I doubt she would be able to nurse without having to take that shirt off as it is not an item of clothing that facilitiates easy access. I do think it is a staged for our viewing… I do not feel sorry for Kate. She sold her soul gladly for profit.