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Sean Preston Federline

Sean Preston Federline

Somebody call child protective services! After the news that Britney Spears and Kevin Federline‘s first baby had been dropped on his head — and reports that Brit is preggers again — K-Fed raps in his latest single: "Waitress, could I have another drink please? … I live life like a king, I was extra-stoned. Kevin Federline, I come tight with every rhyme. I built a kingdom down the street from Pepperdine. This marijuana got me heavily sedated. I’m Kevin Federline, America’s most hated." Come quick!

Los Angeles, California : 24-year-old singer Britney Spears took son 8-months-old son Sean Preston Federline, for a walk with a friend sans husband Kevin Federline, 28.  More pictures in the gallery!

Britney Spears promoted her "Fantasy" fragrance by Elizabeth Arden
 with the kids from Broadway Dance Center (BDC) earlier on today.
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  • Laurene

    aww Sean P is so cute, she looks very pretty.

  • Tony

    What a day for Britney fans!!! Glamour Magazine Cover, Fragance NY Appearance, New Track of new album!! And all of those were just great!!! LOVE IT, Britney please come back i love you lotz, BRITNEY ROCKS!@

  • pitjajurran’s sis

    well I can’t help but love Brits, you have to remember she is just a kid I like how she dresses, except I can’t help but think she is downgrading herself for her stupid husband… we know who got the good deal in this relationship.

  • WTF

    Stupid PIG mom and Ugly Stupid baby :PWe all know.

  • lylelyle

    People, people…people!!! It is just senseless and futile to pick on a defenseless little monkey of a baby…The baby is fucking adorable…the momma is a little trashy but so rich she’s actually wealthy…the daddy, however, is a spam sucking syncophant who needs to be murdered…perhaps as a series finale to "Britney & Kevin-Chaotic"!!!

  • Charles

    Sean Preston is the cutest little thing ever!!!!

  • Trash

    That poor Baybs Mother is Trash.And his FAFA?lolTrash Mama and fafalol

  • WandaWoodward

    Any hope of Brit ever getting out of the white trash hole she’s dug for her self has now go out the window. Come on strolling your child around in only a diper!!! You know she didn’t slap sunscreen on the poor little guy either before she left the house. ONSIES Brit look into getting a few, better cover for a little one then a diper on a hot day. Hey any chance that might be soda in his bottle as well?

  • Laura

    oh my god put some clothes on your baby! Ghetto!

  • TBN

    I hate to say this, but Sean P. is sooo cute.

  • Huxley

    She’s nothing but a stupid B@*$H! What happened to the young girl who wanted to remain a virgin til she got married and be a good, wholesome mom? She’s nothing more than a gymslip mom,far too young and immature to have a baby – they are for life Brit, not just because you fancied it for a second. She may be rich, but I wouldnt swop my life for the world – she is a very unhappy,lonely perosn trapped in a crappy marriage and with a baby who she cant look after.

  • Alex

    all you mother fuckers thet say thet SPF isn’t cute you are stupid .Every baby is cute …

  • Jonh

    She looks very cute, and her baby is so adorable.He is such a cutie.

  • Betsy

    someone save tater tot–stat!

  • YUCK!!

    Britney is a white trash SKANK!!! What a slut getting pregnant like 2 months after the first kid she can’t even handle. DYFUS will take those kids away… any women who gets with a man that has a pregnant girlfriend should be on Jerry Springer. Give me a break people. See past the Britney CELEB CRAP!! She is a MAURY POVICH guest!!! I pray for that little boy and god lets hope she is not pregnant. WHAT A LOSER!!! Yeah, air brushing makes you think twice about these CELBS HUH? BS has more zits than a 13 year old boy!! GROSS!!!!!!!

  • OH NO!!!

    Oh NO!!! People just confirmed that Kevin is now going to bethe father of 4!! GOD HELP US!! Britney is having another baby!!! WHITE TRASH CENTRAL!!!

  • Anonymous

    I cant wait till she gets a divorce with kevin … SPF is sooo adorable

  • miley

    i hate all the negative comments about you britney…you are very talented..things happen for a reason…nobody wants a messy relationship but in your case i really understand you…its all kevin’s fault,he’s a big time user..he just used you for money and fame….right now just think about your kids..move on..i can’t wait for your people what you got…show them that they are wrong for judging you……