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Sienna Miller At Urth Cafe

Sienna Miller At Urth Cafe

Hey Jude, don’t bring me down. Sienna Miller is in desperate need of a bit of cheering up as she sits on a beach with a miserable-looking Jude Law. Sienna, 24, and Jude were supposed to be enjoying a romantic lunch by the sea in Malibu, California. But by the expressions of their faces something has definitely left a nasty taste in their mouths. It was revealed last week that Sienna had jetted out for a heart-to-heart with Jude, 33, in an attempt to patch up their on-off relationship. A friend of Sienna’s said: "They’ve been on and off more often than Calum Best’s trousers and it literally changes day by day."

24-year-old actress Sienna Miller got her java fix late last week as she went for a coffee run at Urth Caffé.  She wore her classic ebony Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses and sailor-striped purse again in addition to a sleeveless-vest-bustier-thingermajigger and gold Grecian sandals over her skinny jeans.  Her on-again-off-again boyfriend Jude Law, 33, waited in the car.  More pictures in the gallery!

Jude Law left the car motor running while
waiting for his lady lover, Sienna Miller.
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  • Ann

    I don’t want her to get back with Jude, damn it. I like her too much for that.

  • #6

    i like both of them but neither one of them have learned form their mistakes so they deserve each other..hopefully it will work out

  • k

    Uck, she looks like SHIT! She’s a bad actress and TOTALLY OVER-EXPOSED!Go back to the slums of london.

  • blundht

    I don’t see who on earth WOULDN’T be morose if they were trying to have a "romantic lunch" (as reported above) and they were being chased around by a horde of angry paparazzi..Terrible! And before anyone goes on a "they chose to be celebrities" tantrum, think of how any of us would feel about being followed around 24-7. The job requires them to act, not be followed around..

  • blundht is wrong

    blundht – this site is all about pap pics! It wouldn’t be here without them, so we love the paps!Anyway, can Sienna really act? She’s just famous for being Law’s girlfriend, not for her ‘talent.’ haha

  • maria

    If they are back together, are their business.I don’t know why this interest of the press. Jude never talk with the press except when he’ s promote a film. Left him alone.I’ am sorry my bad english.

  • dangilobrian

    UGH! ENOUGH SIENNA MILLER! The best thing that ever happened to her was when Jude slept with the nanny-we finally knew who she was…i’ve seen her a few time out and about in NYC and I’m not impressed and she needs to grow a NECK…her head practically on top of her sholders…

  • Charles

    Sienna rocks! She’s so pretty. Jude Law needs to stop thinking about his dick for one second and reassess his relationship with Sienna. He’ll be really dumb if he cheat on her again.

  • Sue

    You are so right Dangilobrian. The nanny affair gave Sienna whatever career she has. This chick just loves the tabloid attention. I wish Jude’d come to his senses and ditch her. He’s a talented actor who doesn’t need the people talking about his private life.

  • Searlus

    As long as she LAYS OFF Hayden C., I might have think about not to get too nasty on her even though she truly deserves it LOL!!!

  • dolores craeg

    jared,i have to thank you for bringing us all the wonderful photos of jude law on such a regular basis. you do the jude law fans a tremendous service.

  • TBN

    Ew, Sienna’s so fug.

  • Huxley

    Ok, it is just their job to act – but these two publicity hounds chose to be CELEBRITIES – there are many other actors who are not followed around as much as these two, whoare famous as well but manage to have a private life without this type of exposure. You have got to ask, whose fault is it that they became so famous? Answer: it is their own fault because they allowed it. They cart themselves off to famous restaurants, parties, premieres (although to be fair, more her than him) and then expect to be left alone when they no longer feel like being media whores. Celebs have to learn, you cant have it both ways. She loves being the centre of attention, otherwise she wouldnt dress in ways that would get her noticed. I wouldnt be surprised if she tipped off the paps so that she would get her photo published of her and moody judey back together.I am never going to feel sorry for either of these two because they have made loads of money out of being famous and photographed and if they dont want to be followed around and hounded, get another job. It is easy, but they won’t do that because they are greedy for fame, but only on their own terms, and for the huge amount of money it brings.

  • JackBauer24

    They both deserve each other, she’s such a skank and he’s such a closet fairy!

  • rudy

    Sienna is one hard looking be-yotch. Day-umn, she looks old!!! Can’t imagine her at 40??? Jude! Run, Man, ruuuuuuuuun!!!

  • rudy

    Sienna is one hard looking be-yotch. Day-umn, she looks old!!! Can you imagine her at 40??? Jude! Run, Man, ruuuuuuuuun!!!

  • GinaBobina

    What is the obsession with Sienna? She is the absolute worst!

  • gemma

    Maria: You means that you met Sienna? My question is for Maria or whoever that met sienna in person : HOW IS SHE???

  • gemma

    Maria: You means that you met Sienna? My question is for Maria or whoever that met sienna in person : HOW IS SHE???

  • gemma

    Maria: You means that you met Sienna? My question is for Maria or whoever that met sienna in person : HOW IS SHE???

  • gemma

    Maria: You means that you met Sienna? My question is for Maria or whoever that met sienna in person : HOW IS SHE???