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Jude and Sienna Hit The Beach

Jude and Sienna Hit The Beach

Actor Jude Law, 33, and his leading lady Sienna Miller, 24, enjoyed each other’s company at a Malibu beach this past Saturday. Being the gentleman Jude is, he of course gave Sienna his jacket when the weather got chillly.  Other pictures include Jude dropping off Sienna at Los Angeles International Airport so she could catch a flight to London to film her upcoming movie Stardust.   More pictures in the gallery!

Sienna and Jude were later driven to Los Angeles airport together.
Sienna got out and travelled British Airways to London by herself.
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  • sugar

    sienna looks really good in these pics even tho she’s not wearing much make up. but she SERIOSLY has to end things with jude-for good. i really love sienna but this thing is getting ridilicilous. he’s not even that good looking and he goes running back to sadie every time so why waste time with him? she’s much more promising and talented then he is anyway. i really dont understand her obsession with him. hayden is a much better choice. he’s at least hot. *sigh*

  • sugar

    oops, sorry for the spelling mistakes.and btw, first!

  • Sandy

    There is no accounting for strange tastes, Sugar.I found Sienna not to be of interest at all but Judeis exactly to my taste and looks yummy at the wheel of the car. And to him also I say there is noaccounting for strange tastes so we have to assume it’s love and wish them the best.

  • k


  • Sphh18

    Sugar sorry but Jude is amazing, Sienna is beatifull but that it!

  • bits37

    Does anyone know who that old guy with them is??

  • JackBauer24

    These 2 deserve each other, she’s a skanky ho and he’s a closet fairy!

  • gossiplvr

    Love her! Can’t get enough. Thanks for all the lovely pics!

  • rudy

    bits37, the old guy is a producer friend of Judes. I’ve seen him in old pics of members of Natural Nylon. Can’t remember his name at the moment, but he’s known Jude for years.

  • Jazz

    Are you kidding me? I saw the two of them in New York and my first thought was "What the heck is he doing with her?" She looked just like any average blonde and he looked fantastic. My goodness, if he could pull Nicole Kidman, then he could do better than Sienna.

  • carolina

    The older man is her step-father.Is it me but do Jude and Sienna look bored?They need to move on!! They’ve be better off with others…

  • dolorescraeg

    jude is probably one of nature’s most beautiful creations. we’re just lucky to have him.

  • Charles

    Thanks Jared for all the Sienna’s pictures. You’re awesome.

  • Daphne

    Thanks to Jared for the Jude pics. Jude Law is blindingly gorgeous and talented. Just watch his movies — no doubt in my mind. Personally I think he is the most talented and definitely the most intriguing actor around. Sienna M? She’s pretty but ordinary. There are thousands like her. If she has talent there’s no evidence of it on screen. I hope he’s not serious with her ’cause I wish he’d find somebody more worthy of him IMO.

  • KeeponLivin

    Sienna’s gorgeous, even fresh-faced ala no make-up like in these pictures, what a beaut. Damn tired of all these other young actresses that have copied her style and want to take credit for their ‘bohemien stylish’ look *cough* L. Lohan *COUGH. Sienna’s got a natural coolness.

  • Charles

    Sienna Miller is definitely gorgeous without make-up. She’s a natural beauty. The fashion icon and "IT" girl of the moment has been known to sport some interesting looks and she photographed really well in pictures. Some of the trends Sienna started are leggings, skinny jeans, capes, the Alexander McQueen skull print scarf, the Boho looks, and the 60s mod inspired look. Sienna is one of the most beautiful woman in the world.

  • Sue

    Without makeup Sienna looks like my secretary, except my secretary has better style and better hair. Leggings and skinny jeans… ugh! Sienna is a fashion icon only in her own mind. She seems to buy into her own publicity.

  • KeeponLivin

    icon in her mind? Puh-lease. Tell that to the majority of Hollywood starlets running around wearing leggings, skinny jeans, striped shirts, flats, skull scarfs and peasant skirts..all of which Sienna started wearing years ago. Fashion Icon Indeed! Sienna rocks.

  • Sue

    No I don’t think so. Lindsay Lohan said she likes to copy Kate Moss’ style. IMO Sienna Miller is also copying Moss’ style. No wonder you think Sienna started fashion trends! Haha Lohan and Miller are both Moss copycats. Now I am not a fan of Kate Moss. IMO she is a nasty piece of work, but at least her style is her own.