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Prison Break Caps

Prison Break Caps

Prison Break episode "Go" recap via geniass with 125+ screencaps in the gallery!! Previously on Prison Break, Michael goes into the walls. Haywire gives Michael the missing part of the blueprint and warns him that if he screws him over again, he’ll kill him. Michael converses with the Psych Ward Orderly Sklar who tells him that 40 CCs of a sedative will knock a Crazy out. Tweener tells Bellick that the gang is escaping. Westmoreland and Bellick fight, knocking Westmoreland over and breaking a coffee pot in the process. He’s seen slowly removing the broken piece. Sara is at her NA meeting telling everyone how she’s been clean for 18 months. Michael tells Sara that they’re escaping and he needs her to leave the door unlocked. Michael tells Sucre to work on bleaching their PI coveralls so they resemble Whack Shack uniforms. Creepy Verizon guy warns Nick about calling in his favor. And Nick holds Veronica at gunpoint.  Abruzzi tells Maggio that not everyone has a ticket. The VP gets threatened by The Company. And Michael pulls a shank on the Pope

“You son of a *****,” the Pope swears as Michael advances toward him with the shank. He warns him that he’s getting another ten years on his ticket. C.O. Mack radios in at that moment to tell the Pope that they found Bellick’s truck. He only needs two things from the Pope: 1) tell C.O. Mack that Bellick took a personal day off and 2) have Lincoln transferred to the infirmary overnight. The Pope does what he’s told and tells him that he can’t get away with this. Michael snaps, “I don’t think you want to see how badly I want to get my brother out of here.” Michael has him tied up to his chair while he asks how long he’s been planning this. Michael answers that it’s a conversation for another day. He also tells him where Bellick is. As he moves him into his large closet, he tells him, “One day you’ll understand why I did this.” He takes the walkie-talkie, and with tears in his eyes, “I’m sorry Henry,” and knocks him out with it. Michael picks up the receiver, dials a number and leaves the phone off the hook. As he leaves the Pope’s office, he tells Becky that he received a call from the D.O.C. and is not to be disturbed. Becky notices the light on her phone. Michael is about to head back to his cell when Becky stops him to tell him how despite his demeanor, she hopes he knows that the Pope thinks very highly of him and that he couldn’t have got the Taj finished without him. Michael looks sad. Whatever happened to the Taj?  (continued after the jump)

(continued before the jump) Bellick is still in the hole working on gnawing his way through the ropes. 

Sucre looks nervous as he sits on Michael’s bunk and fidgets. Michael returns back to his cell with five minutes until Tier Time. They have one hour to escape, and to get as far away from the prison as possible. 

Westmoreland uses his glasses case to clamp down as he changes his dressings with a clean sock and winces in pain. T-Bag and Abruzzi have a stare down from their cells. Tweener still has some blue in his uniform and rigorously works to get it out. Out with that damn spot! C-Note makes eye contact with Trumpets who gestures to him that he’s a dead man. 

Back in the escape cell, Michael remembers and asks Sucre if he’s unscrewed the toilet yet. Sucre forgot. Michael looks agitated as they don’t have the five minutes to spare. Sucre runs over to the toilet to throw up. Michael softens and asks if he’s ok. They can’t get caught, Sucre whines, I can’t do ten more years. The cells open, it’s Tier Time! Michael tells him, “There’s no going back now.”

With all the gates opened, all the boys have come out to play as they slowly congregate over to Michael and Sucre’s cell while handing over their new, white coveralls. T-Bag sneers to Manche, “if you get stuck in one of them pipes, boy…” Abruzzi tells T-Bag that he’s said a silent prayer for him…and for the entire team. C-Note notices Trumpets looking at him. Michael asks if Westmoreland is ok; he says yes. When Tweener hands over his suit, there’s still some blue left. Michael looks agitated as he still has to unscrew the toilet. He tells the others to block the gates. Trumpets is telling his minions that he’s wants C-Note dead as one of them passes him a weapon. 

In the hole, Bellick has broke free from the ropes and stands up as he’s using part of the broken floor to try to ungag himself. C.O. Mack and Patterson are in the break room on their coffee break. He tries to make muffled noises to get their attention. 

C-Note anxiously asks Michael how many more screws are left while Trumpets and his entourage make their way up the stairs and to Michael and Sucre’s cell. He’s looking for C-Note but Abruzzi attempts to block his way, telling him that he hasn’t seen him. Trumpets isn’t taking no for an answer so Abruzzi relents and he enters the cell to see Michael sitting on his bunk, “Something you need?” C-Note seems to have disappeared! Is he pulling a David Copperfield? Or not. We see C-Note sitting on the other side of the toilet in the wall. 

Veronica and Nick are sitting on the coach. She wants to know if he’s been lying all along. Nick says no and that he’s always been helping Lincoln. He tells her that they approached him after he took on the case. He explains that his father was never exonerated. Abruzzi happened to already have a guy in there serving for life and had him take the rap for the crime that his father didn’t commit. Nick just needs Veronica to tell Michael to give Abruzzi what he needs. Veronica, with tears rolling down her face, asks Nick is he thinks they’ll let her live. Nick looks at her, and solemnly answers, “I got to believe that.” They have to go and Nick grabs her by the arm and drags her up. 

One by one they are going through the wall. T-Bag and Abruzzi look at each other to see who goes next. “Age before beauty,” T-Bag offers so Abruzzi goes first. Then Manche, who looks apprehensive of his size and the size of the hole decides to go for it. And just to be sure, T-Bag gives him a kick for good measure, “Get your fat ass in there!” Michael tells Sucre to drop the sheet. I bet I know what the other inmates were thinking, “Wild orgy in 40!” Sucre asks if Michael got the key to the infirmary. Michael throws some foot powder in his pocket. Michael moves the toilet back in place. 

Sara is still taking her stroll along Lake Michigan. She looks up, feels the cold and pulls her jacket tighter. She looks like she’s made a decision. 

Michael is the last one through the hole. They’re already ten minutes behind. Manche alone must have set them back by five. The gang quickly starts moving. 

Bellick has managed to tear tug the tape from his mouth. And he starts to yell for help. The gang is stopped in their tracks. C.O. Mack and Patterson are already outside when they hear yelling. They stop and decide to head back to double check. Bellick is about to holler when T-Bag covers his mouth and holds a shiv to Bellick’s neck. He warns him not to make a move. Michael tells him that he needs Bellick’s hat and jacket so T-bag pins him down to do so. The gang starts moving past Bellick one by one as he IDs all of them. He deduces that Michael must have been the brains behind the operations. He tries to sway the others that Michael is only leading them off a cliff. But they don’t care! All the inmates leave their parting words, “Shut your mouth,” says C-Note. “Pendejo,” sneers Sucre. “Ciao, bello,” Abruzzi offers. Bellick’s eyes are emblazoned when he sees Tweener as part of the pack. He’s about to rat him out when Tweener punches him in the mouth and re-gags him. T-Bag just gives him a sinister grin. Bellick looks embarrassed to be in his predicament. 

In the backseat of the car, Veronica pleads with Nick, “Don’t do this.” He tells her again to have Michael do what’s expected. She whimpers that they’ll kill her. He puts the pillowcase over her head. 

In the pipes, Michael in Bellick’s jacket and cap tells them he’ll be back in a minute and for the rest of them to put their coveralls on. The cons seemed irked that Michael has left them in the dark once again. Michael reaches into his pocket and takes the foot powder out and blows it against the access pad on the wall. Take a page out of Alias? Four numbers have been pressed including the enter button, too many possible combinations depending on whether the numbers repeat. How fast can your fingers move, Michael?

Westmoreland is slowing down as he doubles over in pain. C-Note notices this and encourages him to keep going. 

Two company members discuss the VP as she is seen drinking scotch yonder. They realize that they need to change who they are supporting. But will the VP go quietly? They consult Brinker for her expertise. She tells them no, that she won’t. She wants to be President the most. If they take that away from her, she has nothing to lose. If she goes down, she’ll take everyone down with her. The Company decides that they need to make a move on her. 

Sara is seated in her car when she finally gets out and it’s revealed that she’s back at the prison. She awkwardly walks through the doors and sees Lincoln being walked to the infirmary. Seeing him there seems to confirm why she’s doing this. She unlocks the door and steps inside. She’s looking at the dark room, when her eyes fall on the bottles of morphine neatly lined up which seem to be yelling, “Inject me!” The strange religious music played in her flashback conveniently makes it into this scene as well. 

Manche is annoying the crap out of Sucre as they wait for Michael’s return. 

Becky is still sitting outside of Pope’s office and sees that the he’s still on the line. If it’s his anniversary tonight, wouldn’t the Pope’s wife have called wondering where he was? 

Suddenly an alarm sounds. The boys panic and we get a long shot of them staring up at the hole. T-Bag thinks they’re screwed and C-Note thinks they need to go back. And they’re better off doing that, how? Michael tells them that they’re going forward. He set off the fire alarm in the Psych Ward. Above ground, all the psychiatric patients are tottering around. Michael looks up from the grate below. Ah! Michael, your plan wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. You do have a way for the team to get across the yard without getting shot! 

At the Goose Air Strip, the plane lands and Maggio and another lackey exit. The lackey is worried that their plane will get spotted. 

The alarm is rendered false and everyone starts heading back into the Whack Shack. Someone is watching from the outside and breathing quite heavily as the gang makes their way across the yard as Captain Scofield leads the stragglers in. They’re almost home free when Psych Ward Orderly Sklar notices Tweener, who is adorably biting his sleeve, that his uniform isn’t standard issued. Does he not recognize that Michael was dressed as a C.O. last time and as a Captain this time? Maybe he’s crazy too? He also notices Abruzzi in the pact. Michael gestures him over and asks if he still has to 40 CCs that he had mentioned last time to knock a crazy out. He gleefully takes it out, hands it over to Michael, who stabs it into the side of his neck. Desperate times call for desperate measures, as the gang stares in shock.

Nick is driving when he still hears Veronica sobbing in the back. He pulls over and gets out of his car. Any bets that he’s driving a Toyota Yaris? He opens the Veronica’s door and pulls the pillowcase off her head. Either he couldn’t part with the pillowcase or he couldn’t deal with Veronica’s whimpering. It doesn’t matter—she has to go. He cuts the telephone cords that are tying her wrists together free. He ushers her out of the car and tells her, she’s going to Montana. There’s still a chance she can get to the bottom of this. He apologizes to a shook up Veronica and tells the cab driver to drive her to the airport. Nick calls his father and tells him to wait for him at the apartment. 

As the rest of the gang start heading toward the infirmary, Michael stops Tweener. He tells him he knows that he squealed like a girl to Bellick but because he owed him, he’s repaying his debt by letting him in on the escape. But once they’re out of here, he’s on his own. And better for the dogs to sniff you out. 

Sara is exiting the infirmary, clearly leaving it unlocked when Katie jumps out from nowhere, clearly startling the good doctor. She tells her that the alarm that went off was false. Sara quickly walks past a bewildered Katie while brushing her off. 

The VP is frustrated as she throws her empty glass into the fireplace. She’s upset that she’s suddenly been uninvited, last minute to a charity dinner. She’s certain that means that they don’t want to back her for the Presidency any more. Kellerman tries to calm her down and reassures her that she needs to stay strong. 

A C.O. is reading his car magazine as Lincoln waits patiently in the infirmary for his baby brother. Before you know it, the room is surrounded. Michael demands that that the C.O. uncuff his brother who obliges since he’s not a hero for $14/hr. T-Bag isn’t going to just let him walk and knocks him out. As he gets up, he notices Lincoln’s abandoned handcuffs lying on the floor. 

Nick heads back to his apartment asking his father if he’s ready to go. Oh! Too late! Creepy Verizon guy is holding his father at gunpoint. 

Becky is getting suspicious that the Pope is still on the phone. After some hesitation, she picks up on the Pope’s call and is bewildered to hear the Joke Line spouting them out for $2.99. I guess we know who Michael called before he came to prison. A lot. 

Creepy Verizon guy wants to know where Veronica is. Nick tries to stall and fails as his father is shot straight in the head right in front of his eyes. Nick isn’t giving up Veronica’s location and he gets shot in the heart. Verizon guy gives him one more chance, “where’s the lawyer?” Seeing that he had nothing left to lose or to gain, Nick laughs and tells him that she’s billions of miles away and for him to “Suck it!” Bang! It was nice knowing you, Nick. 

They make the deafening walk over to the infirmary just as Sara hightails it out of there with Katie at her heels. It’s the moment of truth. Sucre warns, “better be open, bro.” Michael puts his hand over the knob, turns and yes, it’s open. Michael looks relieved as Sara came through for him. “We’re in.”

Sara is in her car sobbing and breaking down over the events of the day. Can we say relapse for a party of one? 

Westmoreland is feeling faint. He’s not looking so good. His blood is seeping through the white coverall. The gang starts unrolling the fire hose out and dragging it to the infirmary. They also start piling the beds and pillows on the floor. 

Becky knocks on the Pope’s door, enters but sees no one.

One end of the hose is going into the elevator. Michael tries to get the elevator to close, but it keeps opening. Now they only have fifteen minutes left, T-Bag points out. Tweener gets into the elevator, presses a button and the door remains closed as it goes descends. The gang wait to see if there’s enough strength to yank the bars off the infirmary window. And it works! Tweener has redeemed himself! 

C.O. Stolte follows Becky into the office as they confirm that no one saw the Pope leave. 

They’re ready to go and take off their coveralls as Haywire crashes the party. It’s too funny that the gang look like deer caught in headlights with Michael’s hand out protecting them from Haywire. He has a radio in his hand and threatens to squeal if he can’t join in on the fun. At this point, Lincoln doesn’t care and tells him “He’s in,” to Abruzzi’s protests. They have to go. Now!

Another C.O. hasn’t seen the Pope either. Has anyone tried his cell phone?

Lincoln is the first to go and he carries the Whack Shack uniforms on his stomach as he shimmies across. He slowly makes it through, puts the uniforms over the barb on the wall and gestures for everyone to start coming across. Abruzzi thinks they need to go alphabetically. When that doesn’t go over well, he points out that he’s the one with the plane. Abruzzi goes over but the wire is already looking weak. Sucre goes next. Westmoreland drops to the floor while C-Note and Michael rush over to see how he’s doing. He’s looking terrible and he knows he isn’t going to make it another step. He wasn’t doing it for him anyway. He has Michael promise him that he will visit his daughter. He reveals that he is indeed D.B. Cooper and that the money is buried under a silo by a Double K Ranch in Tooele, Utah. Because the media was embarrassed by his heist they only reported that $1 million was stolen, when it was in fact five times that amount. Too bad everyone else left in the room heard this to: Manche, T-Bag, and Tweener. 

Becky is now joined by the only other C.O.s Stolte, Mack, and Patterson. I wonder if she knows about Patterson’s wife? They hear the ringing and finally figure out that it’s coming from the closet. They tear the closet open and see the Pope gagged. As he comes to, he tells them to sound the alarm. T-Bag and C-Note have made it over through the wire; two more to go. Manche looks nervous. I guess he realizes that he needed to work out more. Westmoreland tells Michael to “Go and don’t look back.” Michael puts a pillow behind his back and reluctantly leaves his side. Manche lets Michael goes first. As he starts shimmying, the alarm blares in the distance as Lincoln is urging Michael to hurry over. What a way to rush a guy! The wire is already getting weak. Manche sees this as his last chance and he attempts to get on the wire before Michael is through. I’m warning you Bessie, uh Manche, move over! Of course he doesn’t listen and his added weight breaks the wire completely and he falls to the ground. Michael is hanging on the wire, clinging for life as Lincoln desperately tries to grab his hand. The guards are running for Manche and as he tries to climb the wire again. Seriously? You really think you’re going to make it? They pin him to the ground and as the C.O. looks up for the other assailant, the wire hangs empty as the gang has gone over the wall and onto Fitz street. Go team go! Run!

Next week, on Prison Break, Bellick vows that the escapees have signed over their death warrant. Brinker warns the VP to walk away quietly. The Company inserts a poison into her water bottle. “This is treason,” a VO says. She’s seen drinking the water bottle; the bottle lies on its side. The gang is on the run. Bellick, the Pope, and everyone at Fox River is on the pursuit. “There’s only 500 yard until the Airstrip,” Michael yells. The Pope says that the prisoners are blocked in. The gang is stuck at a cliff. Dun dun dun! Stay tuned next week for the season finale of Prison Break.

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  • ErinMarie79

    Fantastic recap and pics Jared!! I like Michael in the uniform, but he should lose the hat. Poor Westmoreland. Poor Nick. Poor Sara. haha Bellick.

  • ilovewent

    wentworth is the hottest man whose ever lived!!!

  • Kelly

    Can some refresh my memory to why Michael owes Tweener?

  • geniass

    Kelly, Michael owes Tweener for the bump-and-swipe for the gold watch earlier this season.

  • meh

    Prison Break isn’t THAT good you know…………

  • cexsas

    one of the best PB episode !

  • ErinMarie79

    #5, Meh. . .Yes it is. There are very few shows on tv right now that hold my attention. Prison Break is one of the few that I would hate to miss. There is far too much crap on tv, what with all the reality show nonsense.

  • ashlee

    Jake Gyllenhaal is totally HOT!! Prison break is the best show ever but the last episode was the best. This is the one show on TV i can’t miss