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Jennifer Aniston in Harper's Bazaar

Jennifer Aniston in Harper's Bazaar

Actress Jennifer Aniston, 37, is the cover girl for the May 2006 issue of Harper’s Bazaar.  Aniston does not talk about her relationship with Brad Pitt in the magazine, but she does reveal her devotion to tanning and shares stories about her true ‘Friends.’

Jennifer Aniston shares about who her real ‘Friends‘ are in the
latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar hitting newsstands May 23.
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464 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston in Harper's Bazaar”

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  1. 26
    alero Says:

    #23If you would look at candid pics of Ja, you would find that she isn’t looking all that carefree and fun.**I agree. If you look at the pic of her and C Cox on the other thread she looks so uncomfortable. She still looks afraid of her own shadow. Which she should not look in a room full of friends. Don’t know if it is still because of BP or some other reason but I don’t see her as carefree yet. I want JA is be really happy for many reason and on being because I think it will make BP and AJ like easier.

  2. 27
    oh come on! Says:

    She has that anvil-shaped head. Sorry it’s the truth.

  3. 28
    Doll Says:

    #11, 12 & 13. Thanks for the laughs. I’m still giggling.OK, I have to admit that I’m a BAMZ + 1 fan and I have never bashed Jen and please, I’m not bashing at her right now. But, come on, she’s on the cover of a magazine like Bazaar and she’s talking about her devotion to tanning? She must have better things to talk about, at least I hope. I used to be a huge Brad Pitt fan, but I honestly don’t see why he was with her for 7 YEARS. At least, he’s redeaming himself with all his work with the poor.Gosh, the girl is EMPTY. She’s talking about Tanning? TANNING??? TANNING and her true friends. I’m not stupid, but we all know that by true friends she meant the ones that had supported her during her divorce to Brad. Even Britney Spears has more interesting things to say, at least she can talk about her son. I don’t want to make that comparison, but tanning is something I expect Paris Hilton to talk about on the cover of a teen magazine. Come on, Jennifer Aniston must have better substance than Paris Hilton. Her devotion to TANNING. Please, Jen fan, I’m not bashing but, please, tell me why you love that girl. Please, I’ll read all your comments, but I just want to know.PS: I don’t want to hear anything about Angelina Jolie, there is no way you can like someone just because you dislike someone else. So, forget AJ and tell me WHY you like that girl!

  4. 29
    88 Says:

    It’s true what everyone has been saying all along Aniston has no substance at all. Her biggest regret is cutting her hair? WTF? Her devotion to tanning? Does she do anything at all? It’s no wonder Brad Pitt was bored out of his brain when he was with her…

  5. 30
    chinny chin chin Says:

    Doll–Yes, I would like to know too why people like her. Here’s my guess–she played a likeable character and people think she’s her character. Also, some women like the fact that a not-beautiful girl was able to land a good-looking guy–it gives them hope. Seriously! Thus all the bitterness towards AJ because the beautiful woman got the good-looking man after all and the not-beautiful one got dumped. None of this, of course, is logical.

  6. 31
    Get some meds. Says:

    # 29 | GET A LIFE !!!!!! |Take a deep breath and go take your meds. Now turn on the t.v. and go stare at your beloved idol, her show is always on some channel or the other and repeat after me.JEN IS THE BEST! NE NE NE NE!JEN IS THE BEST! NE NE NE NE!JEN IS THE BEST! NE NE NE NE!there, now don’t you feel the way, your need for attention by typing in all caps just proves how much you are like your idol. Like you, she also just screams for attention.

  7. 32
    ew Says:

    Get a Life—Don’t count on her movie "kicking ass". Her movies have left a trail of unkicked asses. Where are all her millions of fans? Don’t they go to her movies? Or could it be that she, in fact, doesn’t HAVE millions of fans?

  8. 33
    Juno Says:

    This is will the one and only time I will post on a jen blog. Ever. Yep, I am surprise she is still making into covers. Maybe this is her last attempt to sell herself prior to JP baby being born. Then again, I could be totally wrong.I really have no interest in her whatsoever, she have no substance, no real depth of character. Just another plastic hollywood actress of mediocre talent. My opinion, and we are all intitled to one. And this is it. Ain’t coming back to support her shallow ‘me’ cause. That tanning bit? By the time she is 50 and that is not far in the future, she’ll have the skin of a leather sofa.

  9. 34
    anon Says:

    So Jared can’t get anthing new on BAMZ so he puts stuff out about JA so the fanatics will have something to do with their time while they anxiously await some news on BAMZ. And who the hell are you people to say she can’t talk about Brad she lived with him for seven years you people haven’t even met him you’re just a bunch of crazy ass fanatic stalkers. And you all know the minute she went public with any charity you all would be saying she’s just trying to be like AJ. Just like she’s not suppose to ever wear a black outfit now because that belongs to AJ. You people are a bunch of fruit loops who BAMZ would find pathetic because this is what you do with your time. Why don’t you go volunteer at a childrens hospital or something. Come on do it for BAMZ it would make them happy.

  10. 35
    Medulla Says:

    HELLO BAMZ+1 FANSHer devotion to tanning?????I heard that people who tan frequently in th likes of Paris Hilton and Jen Chin Chin have became addicted to tanning seriously for Jen it is an addiction like her pack a day cigarettes smoking.

  11. 36

    Never really cared for her:That was BEFORE Brad.WITH Brad.AFTER Brad.

  12. 37
    Lola Says:

    # 35 | anonDon’t blame these pictures on Jared. These pictures were sent to him by someone at anistoncenter. I know this because my dear sweet misguided co-worker is a member there and while using the extra computer in my office was trolling the site. She is a JA fan but can’t explain why. No surprise. Under my guidance she is gradually seeing the light and the goodness that is Brangelina.Oh and volunteering is a good idea. I already do. Too bad your idol Jennifer does not.

  13. 38
    to anon Says:

    # 35 | anon |"Why don’t you go volunteer at a childrens hospital or something. Come on do it for BAMZ it would make them happy."Why don’t you go get yourself a great tan and go get drunk and scream at the ocean because of the pity you feel for her. Come on do it for JA it would make her happy, oh no wait… it would make her skin crawl. And by the way, we will never have the opportunity to say she was trying to be like AJ if she did charity, cause it’s just "not her thing."

  14. 39
    so brave!!!!!! Says:

    we love this actress because she’s sweet gorgeous funny honest serious and brave !! after all she has gone throught in her life hurt cheated by her husband ! with no reason she STILL HERE !! and we admire her courage! no other women can be so strong after all she had!she got all my respect!!and more you hate her more we love her !!!

  15. 40
    chinny chin chin Says:

    Yeah, JA fans are like JA, blaming everyone else for everything. It’s JJ’s fault he posts her pictures and they happen to be unflattering. It’s JJ’s fault he quotes her "devotion to tanning". It’s BAMZ fans fault JA doesn’t publicize her non-existent charity work. BAMZ fans are supposed to do volunteer work as some sort of PENANCE for telling the truth about JA? GMAFB. JA won’t take any resonsibility for anything and neither do her fans.

  16. 41
    88 Says:

    Does JA do anything beyond tanning, smoking, fixing her hair and shopping?

  17. 42
    Alicia Says:

    Dude, isn’t this the article where she reveals her biggest regret is getting hair extentions??? Thats, some pretty deep stuff right there….looootttttts to say

  18. 43
    ??? Says:

    You know i would really like to ask the JA fans something. you all say she is funny, but i never saw that. Her show was funny, yes, and she has comedic timing, but outside of that, i have never really heard her be funny in any of her interviews, unless the joke about brad’s blonde hair was supposed to be hilarious. Alot of people have comic timing, even brad and angie showed it in Mr. and Mrs. Smith and brad also showed it in ocean’s 11. So i am wondering, how do you conclude that she is so funny and smart, from her scripted show, or her interviews?

  19. 44
    anon53 Says:

    # 35 | anon why so offended if others post negative comments against her?? *** for tat…aren’t we?? at least nobody wish her to get AIDS or all those nasty comments like death like you guys do whenever there is a bamz+1 thread here at jjs…nobody call her nasty names except fugly which is the truth…if you like her that’s fine…depend her in a nice way with substance and not name calling and hatred….or the only way you can depend your idol is by nasty name calling?? This kind of attitude is so immature and it reflects on your idol. She’s a pathetic immature girl like her fans and not a woman of substance!! It hurts but it is the truth…go and look at the mirror…maybe you will see who you really are beyond your reflection!!

  20. 45
    SO IRONIC........ Says:


  21. 46
    mimi Says:

    Who cares? Can’t they find someone who actually matters to grace their cover? She’s more interested in getting a tan than in helping another human being. Let’s quite giving her credence.

  22. 47
    Lisa Says:

    PUKEThat says it all.

  23. 48
    mathwhiz Says:

    WHY WON’T THIS HIDEOUS CRETIN GO AWAY?! your 15 minutes are long up liar! step out of the spotlight! the crickets are chirping!

  24. 49
    ???? Says:

    # 45 | SO IRONIC…….. |Damn. calm down. I was just asking. No need to be hostile. I didn’t come out and say i hate ja, cause i don’t. i said i was a fan of her show and thought she was funny in it, but outside of that, I never found her to be funny in her interviews, that’s all. So I was wondering why fans found her funny outside of the show. And also, we can all get our points across without using CAPS and exclaimation points, why don’t you try it sometimes. Or should i write: WHY DON’T YOU TRY IT SOMETIMES, YOU HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAAAAAAAAAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!There maybe you can understand me now.

  25. 50
    annon53 Says:

    # 45 | SO IRONICNo, she doesn’t fascinate me coz i don’t spend money to make her rich. This is free and i am BORED! You should be thankful that we came her to make comments. At least we are slightly interested but as i said — free expression — freedom of speech which you always say when you make your nasty/opposing views!!And again, this is not her fansite — get it — like you always complain against the bamz+1 fans!!*** for tat my dear and you know what’s that mean!!Maniston is a pathetic immature girl (37 years old??) like her fans not a woman of substance!! Loves looking at the mirror, tanning, smoking, drinking, and just plain FUGLY & BORING!!

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