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Jennifer Aniston in Harper's Bazaar

Jennifer Aniston in Harper's Bazaar

Actress Jennifer Aniston, 37, is the cover girl for the May 2006 issue of Harper’s Bazaar.  Aniston does not talk about her relationship with Brad Pitt in the magazine, but she does reveal her devotion to tanning and shares stories about her true ‘Friends.’

Jennifer Aniston shares about who her real ‘Friends‘ are in the
latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar hitting newsstands May 23.
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  • ScaryS*t

    #98you shocked me with that picture. can’t get too realistic with a face of JA in that manner. Need to see her through the help of photoshop and airbrushing . This is hell scary.

  • chin the troll

    you people must be blind. she is the ugliest thing to walk the planet. not one of those pictures is flattering. she needs brad by her side to make her look good. but wait–he decided to play in his own league. good for him!

  • anon48

    75 | Sammy GREAT POST !!!!!!!!WELL SAID !!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    #99 Mattie,Grow up.Rumors is all you have.Every person who was interviewed who worked on that movie saw no cheating or inappropritate behavior.Please stop with the tabloid stories.

  • anon

    #82 yes, I so agree! What gossip happened to Brad and Jolie was their OWN DOING. Let them take credit for their actions like ADULTS. Considering they had just finished making a movie together and all the flirting they said Jolie was doing, all the trailer hopping they did, people hear these rumors and then make up their own minds, regardless what Jen said or didn’t say. # 99 | Mattie —————————Rumours, rumours are not facts. wake up baby!

  • anon

    I can’t believe JA is so unbelieveble shallow and self centered, her biggest regret is cutting her hair and she is devoted to tanning? She makes Paris Hilton look good.

  • so ironic

    #92ohh c’moon are you serious or it’s just for fun ??"A PROOF"what kind of proof you need more than now!!! honey the actress who work with him is now pregnant by him and it was before the divorce was finishedtheir were a stolen pix on their movie taken hands…smiling…charming him….turning around him….and all the people who work on that set confirm that there was somethink…. there were like no we are just friends …a week after the divorce we saw theme on that beach in kenya and they still insist no we are just friends…..they don’t answer the questions asked by the media if there were honest and clean about it why they don’t answer to the questions if they were so sure ?until now they don’t confirm that they are a couple…….you know what i think you’re right there is no proof about it they PLAYED LIKE SISTER AND BROTHER ON THAT MOVIE SPECIALY ON THE SEX SCENE’S AND THEY STILL JUST FRIEND UNTILL NOW AND SHE’S PREGNANT FROM COLIN FARELL………..

  • not Coca cola

    yes, i’ve heard the rumors about jens coke use. In the last pics jj posted I got the feeling that she was high on something. Or maybe just had a bad hangover.

  • so ironic

    brad and angelina began the first he cheated her the first jen didn’t know vince at this time he was turning mr and mrs smith with theme and after she knew that her husband cheated her she take her revange too and im glad that she to choose vince he’s down to earth and honest…

  • ladeet

    god damn this pic of her(white sweater) is ugly. Devotion to tanning??? doesnt she know that its bad for her skin??? next thing on the magazine we’ll see her suffer from skin cancer. Dude if she wants some good PR do something with her life.

  • so so ironic

    JEN ANISTON CHEATED ON VINCE DURING THE SEPARTION THUS SHE FILED FOR DIVORCE SO SHE CAN CONTINUE TO BE WITH VINCE . BRAD KNEW THAT JEN CHEATED ON HIM DURING THOSE YEARS . Brad already shut off from his marriage since and went along when Jen decided on the separate and divorce. It’s disheartening to know that JA so shallow would cheat on Brad after him being so loyal to to her for the past 7 years. What is happening to JA now is definitely her KARMA.

  • Indie

    Jennifer worked with VV and is now dating him, so does that also make her a whore since her divorce was not final, or the vile names are for Angie and Brad only. Grow up people,learn how to exercise your mind instead of swallowing every thing fed to you by the tabloids.

  • chin the troll

    jennifer aniston is not rachel green although there are similarities:they’re both uglythey’re both stupidthey’re both fornicating promiscuous whoresthey’re both has-beens

  • Anonymous

    #107 so ironic,I’m not a mean person so I will try to say this as nice as possible.Honey your arguement is full of holes,not facts just rumors and a picture of them holding hands.They were in a movie playing a married couple so holding hands is normal.Yes they fell in love while filming, but they didn’t hookup untill Jen filed for divorce.You are falling for what the tabloids want you to believe.

  • Goo goo gaa gaa babies

    You people will NOT stop. Now you’ve got Jen a coke ADDICT???????????????Lets see #108 I have the feeling maybe YOU are ON COKE right this moment which is probably more likely. You all are so jealous of her it’s pathetic and extremely childish. Do you think any of your nasty, snarky remarks will turn us away from her and make us see her differently? No, no, no children. I know some of you are grown women probably old enough to be my mother, and I KNOW there are a couple Brangelina fans who are not emotionally balanced in here also. Take it somewhere else. This site is becoming second only to Perez Hilton’s with the nastiness and childish behavior, and you Brangelina fans are turning it into just that.

  • excuse me

    #118,I think you need to go back and read some of the other threads on this site.JA fans are the ones who use profanity.Brangelina fans are not turning this site into Perez Hilton JA fan’s are.

  • 88

    Everyone knows Jen has a Coke problem, it’s why she’s so thin, and spaced out all the time

  • Amber

    What beautiful pictures of her! Don’t cha just love her? I see why Brad and Vince feel for her, what a doll! So, she tans, so do I, in fact, I need some sun before this weekend. Don’t tell me you girls on here don’t tan? Love her and wish her the very best.

  • oh come on!

    Aniston’s Legs Wide Open? No thanks. I’m still trying to recover from her manly mustache pictures with the Arquettes upthread.

  • 89

    Everyone knows Angie has a Coke problem, it’s why she’s so thin even though pregnant, and spaced out all the time, and is as dim as a 20 watt bulb.

  • anon

    118,I think you need to go back and read some of the other threads on this site.JA fans are the ones who use profanity.Brangelina fans are not turning this site into Perez Hilton JA fan’s are.Please read #118 which reads———jennifer aniston is not rachel green although there are similarities:they’re both uglythey’re both stupidthey’re both fornicating promiscuous whoresthey’re both has-beensThis is your typical Brangelina fan. I’m sure that’s why Pitt and Jolie are hiding in Africa to escape people like # 118

  • chin the troll

    # 124 | anon i’m not a brangelina fan you dumb cow. i couldn’t care less about them. but your idol the troll–if i had gasoline and matches…

  • 88

    Jen on coke is like old news, the tabloids just aren’t printing it out of politeness. Everyone knows Jen does a bit of coke every now and then to stay thin and supress her appertite, unlike Jolie, JenJen is not naturally thin.

  • Anonymous

    #124 anon,that is 1 post which I agree is tacky,but it doesn’t campare to the posts reguarding AJ by fan’s of JA.Go to the other JA thread and you will see what I mean.

  • chin the troll

    # 121 | anon and learn to read. i’m #116 chin the troll! remember it b***h!

  • To Anon # 124

    No, they are "hiding" in Namibia because of Psychotic JA fans whoWish AIDS on them and their childrenWish their plane would crashWish their baby will be stillbornWish the Lions eat themCall their children Fugly and other names I can’t even bring myself to write.Wish their baby will be born with brain damage and/or handicappedI could go on but I’m sure being that you are one of them, you’re probably going "So what? That’s not bad compared to what they say about Jen. How can they say she Tans too much, that’s like the worst thing, like ever, I mean like, she soo does not like tan alot , like _____________ (Insert more superficial Bullshit here).Shallow Idiots.

  • 128

    Angie on coke is like old news, the tabloids just aren’t printing it out of politeness. Everyone knows Angie does a bit of coke every now and then to stay thin and supress her appertite, unlike Aniston, Angie is not naturally thin.

  • Ami

    #126 Look moron, I’ve heard you and the Brangelina fans wish those very same things or WORSE on anyone who disagrees with you all, or says a word against your precious Brangelina. You Brangelina fans are the most despicable hypocrites ever! Youre nasty, cliqueish, rude, childish, redneck republicans!

  • here we go again

    **to JA from JA**I’m in the limelightNo time for sun rayWe are the happeningThis day is our dayI’m in the limelight ah ahBig on my block now ah ahI’m in the limelight ah ahI’m in the limelightI’m in lovewith myselfPlease don’t break the spellOr give to someone elseI am a successAt least for a short whileI make decisionsInfluence people

  • Maniston

    Aniston looks like she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. With all the money she has you’d think she’d get MORE work done on that fugly mug of hers.

  • kidi

    I’m a BAMZ fan and I take offense at the suggestion that I’m a Republican! Never!

  • chin the troll

    # 128 | Amiredneck republicans don’t care much for openly bi-sexual, liberal-minded actresses, their pretty boy lovers or their third world orphans. your nasty chin is more their speed. redneck america’s sweetheart.

  • Maniston

    Ami- Vince Vaughn is a redneck Republican. LOL

  • pity the Angie fans

    All the Brangelina fans must be pasty white ugly fat girls with insecurity problems who cut themselves to see if they can feel something and can’t get a date to save their life that’s why they spend 24 hours a day on just jareds. Oh and by the way, Jen is a Democrat. seeing how your such fans of Brad you’d think you’d know she and Brad devoted many, many hours working on Kerry’s champaign but of course you’re all too busy cutting your selfs to care about politics or the state of the world or anyone but your poor pitiful selves.

  • To Ami

    And you JA fans are stupid, Ignorant, Shallow, Racist, Dimwitted, superficial Asses. And yes, I am aware that I used three words that decribe your lack of intelligence and it’s because that point needs to be stressed.You sound out of it, maybe you should go get your daily dose of Tan and while you’re at it buy yourself a brain.

  • Doll

    Gosh Roja # 13, it’s been hours now and I’m still giggling from your post.So, in post #28 I asked Jen fan to tell me WHY they love her, without mentioning Angie, and, after reading ALL the posts (I don’t think I missed one), I only got A SINGLE answer.So, in post 39, so brave!!!! wrote “we love this actress because she’s sweet gorgeous funny honest serious and brave !! after all she has gone throught in her life hurt cheated by her husband ! with no reason she STILL HERE !! and we admire her courage! no other women can be so strong after all she had!she got all my respect!!and more you hate her more we love her !!!”So, #39, even though I disagree with almost everything you said, thanks for you post. I don’t want you to change your mind about the whole situation but, at least, you said that she’s honest and I would like you to believe her when she said that Brad DIDN’T cheat on her with Angie. I just can’t believe, after 132 posts, you are the only coherent Jen fan here.

  • to 135 the Moron

    Wrong again Vince is a Dem . Shows how much you know which is very, very, little. That point needs to be stressed. Now, I must go and actually DO something with my time. You stay here though and talk to yourself and waste your time, you’re good at it!

  • chin the troll

    # 134 | pity the Angie fans please she only donated time for the campaign to make it look like she gave a damn about her country. pretty boy probably dragged her along to do it. she doesn’t care about anything but her failing career, her hair extensions and the shade of her leathery skin.and it sounds to me like you’re describing yourself "pasty white ugly fat girls with insecurity problems who cut themselves to see if they can feel something." go grab a doughnut. or have you eaten the whole box?

  • To Ami

    You really are a moron aren’t you? They only thing you disagree with isn’t even from my post, well at least you admit the rest of it is true.Hey, I hear they’re having a sale on cow brains, why don’t you go yourself one.

  • Maniston

    #137 You’re a Moron and an IdiotVince Frankenstein Vaughn is a Republican.However, that attitude didn’t quite cut it when he and Wilson tried to get into a private soiree at the Four Seasons, where they stayed while filming in Washington, D.C. "It was for Young Republicans from Texas or something," Wilson says. "Vince actually is a Republican and they didn’t believe him. They saw me and said, ‘Come on in.’ But to Vince, they said, ‘We know YOU’RE not a Republican.’ "

  • 88

    You Chin fans must have double digit IQs just like your idol, JA can’t comprehen anything apart from, Tanning, hair dos, shopping and making shitty movies.

  • Maniston

    Chin fans if you want to stump Brangelina fans then you’re gonna have to come with your A game. It amazes me how little y’all know about your idol Jennifer and her beard Vince V. I say Vince is a Republican. #137 the Village Idiot calls me a liar. I provide proof that Vince is a Republican and the village idiot runs away. You’re not true fans. You know nothing about what you speak.

  • mi

    jen, beautiful as ever!! Go girl!!



  • mi

    Love you JEN… you’re really a good person.. Go Bless You Always!!

  • THOM

    Yup….Jen is one UGLY HAG! The first time I saw her on Friends I dont’ like her right then & there. There is something about this woman that is so superficial. She always has to depend on her friends to move on.


    Never like her. She’s plain Jen. On her acting craft it so mediocre. In fact I just know realize she was at Bruce Almighty & Office Space. Not very memorable. She only built the fan base beacuse of Friends but even the other Friends cast members are not doing good in their star status. So no wonder she only got more attention because of Brad. Admit it or not, a lot of people will agree unless you are a friggin Aniston die-hard devoted fans! LOL

  • Yeah I said IT!

    Jen and her friends were proven liars because almost everything they said about Brad turned out to be false…Brad did want kids immediately and Jen probably caused her OWN marriage to fail being a self-absorbed Witch. Just because Brad fell in love with Angelina and dumped Chinnifer doesn’t Angelina flirted and was trailer hopping. I think Angelina was doing her job of playing MRS.Smith when Brad quietly fall in love. Easy to blame Angelina that Chin and Brad marriage ended. Chinnifer should stop blaming EVEYONE for her failing marriage and her failed movies. What happened to Brad and Angelina is they are HAPPY and expecting another baby in their family. LOOK what happened to Chinnifer, a flopping movie career, getting dumped…and a slingblade looking rebound boyfriend. Maybe if Chinnifer stop complaining. Also one cover of Chinnifer is 10 covers, she looks the same…very BLAH!

  • JenFan always

    WOW Jen looks terrific on this Harper’s Bazaar cover! Good on you Jen, keep sticking to the redneck, republican, Brangelina fanatics!

  • JenFan always

    WOW Jen looks terrific on this Harper’s Bazaar cover! Good on you Jen, keep sticking it to the redneck, republican, Brangelina fanatics! They can’t stand it when you hold your head up and look beautiful. Jealous cows!