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Jennifer Aniston Sunglasses

Jennifer Aniston Sunglasses

Beverly Hills, California :: The American Film Institute (AFI) honored The Arquette Family with the Sixth Annual "Platinum Circle Award" at a luncheon yesterday afternoon at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel. This award is given annually to honor a family whose creative contributions have significantly enhanced the entertainment community — Clifford, Lewis Rosanna, Richmond, Patricia, Alexis, and David Arquette along with family members Courtney Cox Arquette and Thomas Jane. Actress Jennifer Aniston, 37, stayed classic in black and wore her signature shades (a pair of high-end Oliver Peoples "Commander" sunglasses) to the Arquettes‘ special day. More pictures in the gallery!

Jennifer Aniston and Friends friend Courtney Cox Arquette.

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    am I first?

  • j4r3d



    Thanks…I finally made to fisrt even if I do not like the subject matter. LOL

  • Wtf

    what’s the big deal about being first?

  • 88

    Hey skin is looking bad lately

  • Me

    Wearing all black with gold bracelets. Interesting..

  • Me

    #5Must be from tanning and smoking.

  • riordan

    She looks terrible!!

  • marla

    love her sa her man on oprah today v.v. he seems so happy and together I think they make a great match I wish them the best

  • 88

    OMG she’s starting to be a clone of Angelina, whom always wears black with gold bangles

  • anon

    Isn’t she known for her gorgeous hair? Why is she so untidy looking … what happened to her hairstylist?

  • Whoa!

    Wow! someone looks rough. i wonder how much airbrushing they had to do for "the break up". Judging by these pics, ALOT!

  • sultrydame

    These tells me that Jen definitely had her nose done.


    Is she Aniston or Alexis Arquette? Can’t tell the difference.

  • aileen

    My sister said that Jennifer’s movies are not making $$ because people knew her in comedy shows. Surely, this photo proved she a great COMEDIANNE. SHE DOES NOT NEED TO ACT TO SHOW HER COMIDIC PROWESS JUST STARE AT HER IS ENOUGH. LOL

  • 88

    How can you tell her nose is done..

  • me

    Here are two pictures of Jennifer and Courtney at the Arquette Event. Courtney looks pretty.



  • ewwww

    # 17 | me | Ja looks bad. but ur right, courtney does look pretty. i always found her to be the most beautiful on the show.

  • Charles

    Jennifer Aniston looks horrible in these pictures. Jennifer is always so pretty and clean looking, what the hell happened here? Did she just woke up or what?

  • jjoy

    this is my first time to comment on this thread that is about her…but man…they criticized braddy for morphing with his partner…and here she is….wearing the same color as angie and the same jewelry style….wtf she is doing??? is she morphing with my chickie babe…man…she’s wasting her money….she doesn’t have any identity at all…just being rachel in friends and the x of braddy and now morphing angie….she’s a funny lost girl not a mature woman at all!!

  • J

    Jen looks awful in these pictures. While AJ is looking prettier and prettier, Jen seems to be going down the hill. Actually, sans make-up she is not pretty at all. :(

  • guest

    Courtney is aging prettier than JA. I think too much smoking, tanning and dieting have make its toll on JA. look at those skin. so dry and leathery. lastly, no sign of pregnancy from those skinny body.

  • neenee


  • Wtf

    I don’t like her sunglasses. they’re not cute at all. Courtney looks pretty compared to Jennifer.Patricia and Alexis are my favorite Arquette’s. lol

  • anon48

    Hmmmm. those mag cover with Aniston face must have done a lot of work and computer magic. it really fool us.

  • Visitor

    FUG! Courtney looks pretty, though.

  • congrats


  • 88

    I don’t see why the producers aren’t giving courtney the roles that aniston gets instead.

  • Delia

    Sweet to see these two are still such close pals after all these years..for Hollyweird, thats really something.

  • 88

    Courtney is better

  • neenee

    #30– Who is talking about Jolie???? Only you…. Look at your girl’s pictures. Wake up!!!

  • neenee

    By the way, love the Arquettes!!!

  • luv&hateJA

    Wowwwww, a copycat!!!! Wearing all black. Just look at her,mmmmmmmmmmm, I don’t have to comment at all……

  • guest

    # 30 | Jessica Did I mention Jolie ? I’m just giving my heartfelt opinion and advice.

  • poorcourtney

    # 29 | 88 |I don’t see why the producers aren’t giving courtney the roles that aniston gets instead. Becuz Aniston was married to Brad Pitt, Courtney married who ?

  • Aaliyah

    does anyone have a link to Vince Vaughn on David Letterman??

  • plasticsurg.

    # 13 | sultrydame Nose done ? Does that mean it’s much more terrible before ? if she want to have a rhinoplasty, at least choose Nichole Kidman or her Ex husband’s prettier.

  • ladida

    OMG! She’s copying Jolie by wearing black. Have none of you hicks ever been to New York City? Everyone wears black, all the time.

  • anon

    # 30 | JessicaHey, I heard Friends With Money did not do well in the box office. How do you think Jennifer can recover career wise.? I am not being sarcastic, I am trying to be realistic … I wish you would respond in a reasoned manner. Tnx.

  • Aaliyah

    Does anyone know where i can watch vince vaughn’s interview on David Letterman or Oprah???? Please Please……..

  • Carrie

    I dont care if people wear black in NEW YORK or not. But she wasnt wearing black before and now she does. Who is she coping from? I guess even SURI knows and those gold bracelets. Do I need to say more. I only feel sorry for OLD Jeniffer, she is doomed

  • anon

    # 42 | Aaliyah Use google and search for VV fansites. They would probably know.

  • sara

    Jen looks awful in these pictures. While AJ is looking prettier /// well i love angie i love brad i lovee bamz but sorry angelina is younger than jenn, 7 years.

  • err

    Oh My God! She looks like Sadako from "The Ring

  • The Battling Bard

    God, i love Alexis, he was so funny when I met him last year. He’s my favorite along with Rosanna (she’s good in the L Word). As for Jen i suppose there are better pictures of her. I just feel sad for her, she seems to be unhappy. But of course now, i don’t know that for a fact, but she seems to be lost without Brad.

  • CorXy

    I SOOO LOVE ALEXIS!! She’s great and sooo hilarious! Met her once and she’s just wicked!!! :) And Rosanna is just amazing!! WOohoo!!!

  • anon

    # 47 | The Battling BardWhere are her girlfriends? Did they abandon her? Wasn’t she influenced too much by her girlfriends when she was still married to Brad? I hope they are still there, standing by her now that Brad is gone and her career not doing great at the moment. Anyway, Vinve is there, I suppose.

  • Pitchajarun

    I’m a HUGE BAMZ fan but i’m kinda gettin’ sick of baggin’ jen.. i think i might stop – its getting stale… i think i might start wishing her well, not that i’ll ever like her movies or love her as a celebrity, coz i never did – only when she hooked up with brad and even then it took me a little while to like her…. after they split, I felt protective of Brad & wished she would self combust without him… But now, i feel like i’m over it – its time…. Now i can go back to feeling how i felt toward her before she married him… which was NUTHIN’ much at all… RIP from popularity Jen.

  • anon

    Where did it all go wrong Jen? A year ago, it seemed that many sympathized with you … or was this just imagined sympathy? You were the cover girl in almost if not all magazines. You were in demand in the talk shows. However, such exposure did a little to help your films in the box office.It seems that you may have won some BATTLES , but in the end you lost the WAR. Where did it all go wrong Jen?I wish you well and hope you find happiness with Vince or whoever.