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Kelly Clarkson Flying Airplane

Kelly Clarkson Flying Airplane

Fort Worth, Texas :: American Idol :: Season One winner Kelly Clarkson, 24, flew with the Blue Angels, the U.S. Navy’s flight demonstration team, yesterday morning at the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base. The Blue Angels are the featured attraction at the Texas Thunder 2006 Air Show which will be held May 13-14 in Fort Worth. Kelly Clarkson recently had this to say about her upcoming album, ""It’s more rock, more soulful, there’s a lot that has a bit more of a singer/songwriter kind of vibe. It’s an eclectic bunch of songs that are me… The funny thing is nobody really knows that side of me.  Patty Griffin is my favorite person on the planet and she’s a total singer/songwriter like Bob Dylan. She’s amazing and people don’t get to hear a lot of that on the radio, and it’s such a sad thing. Everything doesn’t have to sound like bubblegum ear candy. I mean, I love bubblegum ear candy, but it’s great to have a break from that. … [Griffin and LaMontagne] have got voices where they can break somebody’s heart — but in a good way. And that’s what I want to capture on the next album… So this record is going to be different, it’s not really how a pop star would make an album, it’s more like how a band would make an album.  We’re trying something new because I seem to work better that way. I’m so excited about the album, you have no idea. I already have the video concepts!"  Below, you can download an MP3 of Kelly Clarkson‘s new song "Go", a snippet from Ford advertising campaigns. More pictures in the galley!

Singer Kelly Clarkson freaks out and flails her arms before take-off!

DOWNLOAD :: Kelly Clarkson – Go [mp3]

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  • Jordan

    She’s so fuckin fugly it’s not even funny.

  • kk

    is she getting fat???

  • GnarKill

    I think she look really cute in those pictures!She’s not a biatch à la Paris or Lindsay!She’s a 100% REAL!Kelly kicks ass!

  • geniass

    Whoa..Bessie! I mean Kelly! Looking a little chunkie ba funkie?

  • ninjasgirl

    Why are people such "haters" of this young woman? The "obsession" we Americans have with weight is down right scary and unhealthy. She is "blessed" to have such a wonderful talent and the opportunity to be seen and heard by millions. There are many who are as gifted as she ,but never have had the opportunity shes had ,basically because of American Idol. She probably doesn’t even wear more then a size 6-8 yet is called "fat"?? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. To me she just looks average, so does that make her ugly?? I think some us may be guilty of having "way" too much time on our hands and need to look for another "healthy" outlet ie> charity helpers for the less fortunate etc. to have a more "balanced" sense of whats really important in life which is not what size a person is or whether they have the features of a greek Goddess etc.

  • GnarKill

    Yeah well said ninjasgirl! In the USA girls are either too fat or too thin. And Kelly is really perfekt, I mean, you know!

  • genius

    Anyone else think she looks like John Belushi?

  • Kim

    Kelly Clarkson is at perfectly normal weight. She’s said herself she let herself slack off with her dieting and working out after her tour, but now she has another tour, so who knows? The best I saw her was at the VMAs

  • genius

    Actually, I think she looks more like Joe Don Baker.

  • Ryan

    You people are insane. She’s beautiful.

  • jalexyo

    Really Kelly Clarkson’s appearance is what we take away from this, instead of focusing on the fact she is a wonderful women who presents a positive role model for other young women.Check out the organization created by Geena Davis, they highlight the lack of roles let along positive roles for young women in programming…see the link above. I say kudos for being real and bringing yourself to the day, everyday. She may look goofy but it is the same kind of goofy you get with rachel ray etc. You know that they are showing who they are…no matter what that is attractive.Overall Kelly is a positive person and she, like Janet Jackson, took a break after touring and likely enjoyed life and the comforts offered…and who hasn’t put more food and alcohol in their lives at times.I can only imagine the personal training she will be doing before the tour starts just to lose some of the her extra what…20lbs? Maybe!Girl looks good…period. Lets face it these girls have to move on stage. Kelly is going in wide open…she knows she will need to be prepared to peform on the tour and I think has looked beautiful in the past…and remember she is a singer not a model.We should all be so blessed with the voice, talent and beauty Kelly possess.

  • Huxley

    Why bother posting if you are only going to say negative things about her? Jealousy i think. Not everyone has to look like a barbie doll to be pretty – talent is just as attractive, if not more. I’d rather be like KC then Chestica Simpson any day….

  • gossipgirl.

    don’t you think the helmet pushing her face together has something to do with her looking chubby? you sumsh your cheeks together and see what happens. way to go kelly, i think you’re FAB

  • puhaha

    im just saying, she looks a little down sydrome with that helmet… that’s kinda hot.

  • Incredible

    She is so amazing it’s not even funny!!!!! You’re still my Idol Kelly! Rock On!!!

  • Jeff

    She’s a chubby. It’s okay her fans are chubbies too and she’s got some old men who are chubby chasers. My buddy told me that Clarkson’s label paid big scratch to get her played on the radio.She’s amazing alright if you’re talking chubby.

  • GnarKill

    … you are…. sooooooo smart… Well I bet you like Paris or Nichole and all the other biaaaaaaaatches.She doesn’t need her label to pay for her. I mean that record just sold itself, you can’t pay all the people to her hear… you know what I mean.

  • Mateo de Acosta!

    Shes a fat fighter pilot. Geez, does she have no shame?

  • Elizabeth

    Chubby? She is not. Even Nichole Richey would look 20 pounds heavier in a flight suit. Jeez.

  • Damon

    Kelly Clarkson, will you marry me?

  • Jeff

    Hey I think kelly is the best ever person. she’s the hottest and cutest and the most sexy and she’s so nice and sweet. No other celeb comes close to being the role model that kelly is and she is not stick thin.. that’s a good thing… so keep loving kelly always like I do and I think he blue angels flight was cool… maybe it was a bit too much promotion of the US military because war is not a good thing… but other then that Kelly is always the best. always has been always will be my #1 cutiefrom jeff (KGB!)

  • Jeff

    hey I just noticed Elizabeths comment. How come most of my friends who are girls also want to marry kelly like me? I find it kinda strange but they are really serious about marrying her. I am not sure what the sexual attraction is from female to female in terms of Kelly but I know the attraction I have. What’s with so many Kezbos? I love them all but it’s really a huge phenomenon.If a girl wants to marry me and kelly and then we can all marry each other in harmony… sounds good to me but I really really love kelly so I hope she gets back to me on my marrage proposal I am sure you have heard on the net. ( Vancouver audio)anyhow please be nice to kelly she is the perfect size for mefrom Jeff