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Wentworth Miller Candids

Wentworth Miller Candids

Pictured is Wentworth Miller out and about in LA this past Monday. Wentworth Miller in a bucket hat, anyone?  Do people wear bucket hats in LA? General Prison Break season finale spoilers after the jump and promotional stills in the gallery including Bellick (Wade Williams) on the trail of the missing convicts and finding evidence of the escapees on a wall. Prison Break season finale episode "Flight" airs Monday, May 15 @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX.   How many buckets of Went should I order?

UPDATE :: Added a clip from the Prison Break season finale below.  Watch as the guards release the dogs on the escapees!

The inmates reach a cliff in PB season finale episode "Flight".
(Rockmond Dunbar, Amaury Nolasco, Robert Knepper,
 Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell and Peter Stormare.)

Prison Break Season
Finale Spoilers

By: Pop Culture Freak

- Scenes were filmed at a mansion with a horse trailer behind it. It was filmed in Shorewood, IL (west of Joliet). In one scene, someone hides in the trailer behind a horse. There is also a scene where Veronica walks into a room with a fire in it. (It seems now that these are scenes where Veronica is in Montana at the Steadman’s ranch.)
- Scenes for this ep were filmed at the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago. (Chicago Tribune)
- Scenes were also filmed at Galt Airport. It’s a “crisis situation” in the scene, according to the director of the scene. Fake police lights and a Citation I jet are involved. There were shots of inmates crouching down in a wooded area. And it seems they also go into a barn because the crew added stairs to the existing barn before shooting began. (Chicago Sun Times)
- The escape team standing on a cliff with no where to go. Michael and Linc looking up at a chopper in the sky. Definitely 5 escapees in the scene and possibly 2 more. (Promo)
- The scene involves a chase and a plane taking off late at night. (Chicago Tribune)
- C-Note and Michael have a “beautiful scene” together where we learn more about C-Note. (Interview with Rockmond)
- “The last twist with **** it will blow your f-cking mind.” (Kristin at E!) – [Could be Hale, based on the unconfirmed FOX board spoilers, or Sara.]
- With the escape plan in progress, Michael, Lincoln and their fellow inmates must run for their lives to avoid capture, as they attempt to gain their freedom with Bellick hot on their trail. Meanwhile, Veronica races to Montana to find a very much alive Terrance Steadman, and the Vice President finds herself no longer part of The Company’s plans. (Spoilerfix)
- Westmoreland, Nick and the President die. Abruzzi cuts off T-Bag’s hands with an ax. Then he is left on his own. Tweener and Haywire are ditched as soon as they get outside the walls. Haywire is left to get picked up by the police and Tweener is told he’s on his own. Sara is found unconscious on the couch of her apartment from an apparent overdose. The final 5 who are together are Michael, Linc, Sucre, Abruzzi and C-Note. ( – unconfirmed)
- The escape gets under way on Prison Break. Will they all make it out alive? Don’t count on it — looks like five won’t make it out of Fox River alive. Veronica will discover that Terrance Steadman is alive and well and living in Montana. The Company will dissolve their relationship with the Vice President. (FOX)
- Detailed spoilers here. Originally from the FOX boards. (unconfirmed)
- THE ESCAPEES TAKE FLIGHT; WARDEN POPE SENDS OUT THE DOGS; THE V.P. WORRIES SHE’LL LOSE HER COMMAND AND HER LIFE; AND VERONICA COMES FACE TO FACE WITH A GHOST ON THE SEASON FINALE OF "PRISON BREAK" With the escape in motion, Michael, Lincoln and the inmates take flight outside the prison walls, risking life and limb to evade capture. Warden Pope and Captain Bellick embark on a relentless pursuit to capture the escapees; the Vice President fears she will lose her command as well as her life; and Veronica tracks down the most significant piece of evidence to prove Lincoln’s innocence. (Futon Critic)
- In the first season finale, all the escapees but two make it over the wall, but that doesn’t mean they’re home free. Meanwhile, Pope finds out that Sara "had a thing" for Michael; Brinker tells the vice president that the Company is cutting her off; and Veronica finds Terrence Steadman’s Montana hideout. (TV Guide)

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  • geniass

    Oh jeez! You’ve posted that horrid picture! The hat needs to die!!

  • robin

    eek! Went, you can wear the brown belt whenever you want. Just take off the hat!

  • reetz

    the hat is cool, he could wear a paper bag and still look gorgeous!!!

  • Danicka


  • prisonluv

    I was scanning pics and thought "is that Wentworth?" I like the hat! cute

  • jc

    the hat is cute! what’s wrong with it?

  • Katie

    Omg I’m so glad that *hopefully* those five are safe. Nice one Abruzzi! I hate T-bag but he’s a good character. "PRETTY?"

  • K

    Hey Jared, THANKS man for posting this! I have been dying to know what happens! You’re a lifeline, hee hee!! Cheers!!

  • angelina mmm

    cute huggable

  • cowardanne

    AWW I think he looks cute..thanks jared you are brill.Think he doesn’t want to be noticed..sorry Went are still sexy under that hat

  • halliday

    Whatever you think of the hat, it is by no means as bad as the ear muffs! I kinda like it. He looks good in a hat. Thanks for the spoilers Jared.

  • Mink

    Hey, Went baby, you and that hat DO NOT belong together! You’re hot as hell, but this is just taking that too much for granted. That said, you can ‘Leave The Hat On’ as long as you take everything else off! LMAO.

  • Betsy

    Now Jared you know Wenty could be in a damn potato sack and still be fine. Just make sure you order enough buckets to go around whatever you do!

  • Betsy

    Oh and I forgot–they can’t get rid of Teddy! Although I did see in the clip Abruzzi waving that ax and thought it could spell the end for T-bag…

  • kmillz

    you all need to get a life…. groupies!!!

  • Mink

    Nope! No need for a life when ya have Went pics! LMAO

  • Momo

    ah… he’s good looking no matter what he wears on the head, what face he makes just as long he takes the rest off! :3~~~ *drools*

  • ErinMarie79

    Thanks for the candid pic Jared! I don’t know, I dig the hat. He could lose the sweater wrapped around his waist though. Yup, he could wear a potato sack and still look fine.

  • Hello

    Everytime I see one of those hats I can’t help but think of Henry Fonda in "On Golden Pond." Wentworth really needs a stylist. Maybe he wants to go incognito, but if he wants a Tom Cruise sized career he has work it!

  • lark

    Wentworh Miller and and Dominc Purcell are the cute guys on Prison Break.

  • Nicole

    I think he looks adorabe, esp with his 1/2 puckering of the lips. He needs to remove the sweater around the waist though. lol I wonder what is with the hat, he is in L.A. – it aint cold. lol

  • b/w miller

    It’s amazing how u find him. More pics. we love him. thanks jared

  • louveciennes

    Hee! Y’know, it’s very easy to get a scalp burn when your hair is that short, and Los Angeles is so sunny in the summer. I don’t mind that hat; I’m more amused by that face he’s making. Poor Went, are the paparazzi hounding you?

  • Betsy

    Kmillz–didn’t you know Jared runs the Wentworth Miller Groupies support group?

  • PrimulaBlue

    ADORKABLE. Good luck with that whole incognito thing, Went.

  • Lily

    Is there something wrong with his left eye?

  • Buf

    Our left, his right? It looks like there might be.

  • AC

    It’s not the clothes that make the person; it’s the person who makes the clothes. Wentworth looks fine in that hat.


    Late@night when all the world is sleeping, I stay up and think of you…cause I’m dreaming of you tonight, til tomorrow I’ll be holding you tight, and there’s nowhere in the world I’d rather be, than here in my room dreaming about you & me…..

  • K

    OMG, that’s SO sad selina! You think life is good in your room alone dreaming of WM?! ha ha ha. get a GRIP

  • Nikko

    Wentworth looks like a fine-ass Gilligan. Put me on a island with him!


    #30 K… SUYA KA LANG…Actually you can dream of WM too…Don’t be jealous coz I’m not keeping him for myself.

  • Nikki

    I’m a recovering Wentworth addict, it’s strange because I haven’t been this obsessed with any other male celebrity before, but then again there are very few that are as gorgeus as Wentworth, lol. I don’t like anything about this outfit, but yes he can wear a potato sack and still be hot. Personally I don’t think Dominic Purcell is in the least bit cute and if he and Went were brothers Went would get all the attention


    #30 K…Forgot to thank you for caring. THANK YOU!!!

  • marti

    Ya’ll r trippin. Wentworth looks F-I-N-E in that hat.

  • Hannah

    wentworth is so damn fine its crazy

  • Hannah

    i love wentworth miller i wish i was his wife

  • Veronica

    I agree that Went could look hot in anything, and I think he looks cute in the hat.

  • Katja

    Hi you guys, dont you have anything to do,,,,,,,,,,,, I`m deing for Went and you all making funny about his outfit,,–n saying that you still like him, if you like someone than it wouldn`t matter , how they lookes or what they wears, coz you have to support and be there, Im not lucky as you are, living in US………..Im fare away from him scandanevia… I cant see anything wrong with his style,,,I also dreame about him and I had the reall world at the morning, Honsty my life is meaningless without him………. please come went we belonge together—-I love you wentworth…………do you know is cellphon.,,,??????????…. His is hot hot hot and only hot no matter what he wears he is still rocking,,… sexy sexy and nothing but sexy… keep the harde work sweathy………….

  • Shanna Peters

    I love Wentworth Miller.

  • marilin

    wats wrong with the hat?wentworth still looks great!!!nothing is wrong with the aht!!!yeah!!:)

  • marilin

    wats wrong with the hat?wentworth still looks great!!!nothing is wrong with the hat!!!yeah!!:)

  • marilin

    wats wrong with the hat?wentworth still looks great!!!nothing is wrong with the hat!!!yeah!!:)

  • ~macoi

    he looks mighty fine to me

  • Daly Dong

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  • Susan

    Went still looks fine even in that hat. I’m more amused by that half confused, pouty, angry, cute kissy kissy look on his face.

  • sharon

    hey wentworth miller is soooooo fine in tat pic
    his a brillant actor .
    he is so cute and stop fuking bad monthing him ri