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Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor

A "Brand X" hat wearing Ewan McGregor airport sighting this past week! Just last month, actor Ewan McGregor, 34, and his production designer wife Eve Mavraki, 39, adopted a 4-year-old girl from Mongolia. They already have two biological daughters — Clara, 10, and Esther, 4. The couple has been married since 1995. Ewan plays super spy uncle Ian Rider to teenage spy kid Alex Rider (Alex Pettyfer) in his next film, Stormbreaker, opening in theaters nationwide on September 1st. More pictures in the gallery!

Last weekend, Ewan McGregor, Sandra Bullock, Peter Fonda,
and Peter Coyote were at the first-ever concours d’élegance
– a kind of exhibition of fancy machinery, usually cars –
for motorcycles at the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay.
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  • go

    i like him.

  • yes

    I like him too.

  • ceeusbeeus

    Who’s the woman standing next to him? That is NOT Sandra Bullock!Anyway, I really like Ewan and look forward to his films.

  • Gina

    Ewan’s looking good! but it’s such a shame he’s smoking again. :(oh! the woman next to him is Steve McQueen’s last wife, Barbara Minty McQueen.

  • Wendy B

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! Don’t smoke, Ewan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad!!!!!!!!!I have a purely selfish interest in this – smoking ages you rapidly and I want Ewan to be gorgeous for many, many, many more years. I saw him in person a year ago in London and he is more gorgeous in person than on screen.

  • Rachel

    oh no! he smokes! that’s so sad. everyone is smoking months and months of their life off.

  • Cheryl

    Looking good! But, yes, what a shame to see him smoking again… ;-(

  • Stella

    I love you Ewan….but please don’t smoke!

  • Heather

    Ewan once again, looks so handsome. The eyes and the smile, melts my heart away. I love you Mr. McGregor, please stop smoking. :o)

  • mandy

    I love him. He’s nice, beautiful… He’s so hot. And I like all his movies. but it’s so bad… don’t smoke Ewan, please.

  • Sydney

    I like heim. lol
    He’s awesome.

  • Bitch

    You look so fucking beautiful in the Velvet Goldmine on the Roof

  • Li


  • Limp Bizzie

    From the scene in the studio in Velvet Goldmine with Brian Slade and Curt Wild where they’re recording their tracks, the dilemma is both Curt and Brian’s. As Curt is under pressure to not change the song and under perform in his eyes to his full vocal capabilities.

    Curt is a Story Teller and quickly becomes angered by the attempts to make him repeat his takes in an effort to record a ‘song’. Maybe he is the ‘proud’ American in this tale which in glimpses of his ability we can empathise with but I see the pressures of the ‘big star’ of England.

    Jerry & Mandy & Co prompt Brian (Slade) to condition Curt’s actions
    and come away from free form style. Portrayal is performance within the constraints of the …… to be contd.!

  • Limp Bizzie II

    ……………English teams will to what appears to be production to the point of manufacturing and no the “home is where the heart is” feel of Curt’s music. Slade my have been to him a rubbish producer by example as Jerry was meant to be the producer suggesting the ‘fake’ or ‘fakes’ in it either way. They (co. etc) just didn’t know the song properly and that shows when Jack Fairy turns up as a closer more previous friend. They didn’t know him like that. A live recording might have done also and maybe Curt was against the principle of recording studios, a thing that could be seen as a notoriously ‘American thing’ to do. Although the concept of Slade is a British one as he ‘is’ British. A ‘big ‘British’ star’ is what Jerry should have said and that would have put Curt more at ease and then maybe he wouldn’t have left and felt that he was really there to build the crossover that was gonna make them (Wild & Slade) known both sides of the Atlantic possible.

    Instead Curt breaks the relationship working and personally which is not the point at hand. Without seeing the people aswell for he rejects them both with ‘him’.

    Just seeing stars is actually dull. Thats why he’s happy to see Arthur in the stars or just below them as it appears to Curt. But the companionship between Curt and Jack Fairy is much more moving on screen symbolised by Jack’s car! In that way!

    So it’s a classic man vs machine debate. Not a useless nationality contest. What Curt does is find the man in the machine seeing the greater mechanism and vehicles, equipment and lights in the dark city which is his following scenes encounter. This disposition makes him an angel finding real depths in his relationship by playing the ‘robot’. The Tin Man even, entering styles which require oil at times. The natural touch. A true metal stylist as the rust is in his body motion sometimes seeming unjust and in the other (who is present, involved etc.) persons hands to nurture and aid him and provide gear.

  • Bow Woah Tie

    He has a beautiful and lovely voice. XXXXXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Velvet Goldmine Lover

    Curt in the studio :

    Won’t you come with me, to place that’s real
    Come and take my hand and we’ll find a thrill
    Can’t you see I want to tear it down
    Come with me I wanna kick it all around

    Tell me what you need
    I wanna be your glea…..
    Give me anything
    I’ll be your dream
    Yeah your only dream
    And I’ll set….. …. …. “what what, is there a problem”

    ‘Danger, Danger’ at Death of Glitter Show :

    Oh gimme danger and I’ll feel you bleed Uh gimme danger little stranger and I’ll heal your disease. There’s nothing in my means but some ugly memories. Kiss me like an Ocean breeze
    Well if you won’t be my lover I will shield there into
    Well if you won’t be my master then I will deal/do anything

    Theres nothing left to lie but some ooooh glassy eyes
    Where’s my feeling one more time
    Come on little danger
    Die a little stranger
    Swear you gotta feel my hand
    Come on little stranger
    Die a little later Swear you gotta feel my hand
    Stranger gimme danger Can you feel her Can you feel her.

    * I just love these words performed by Curt Wild (E.McGregor) from Velvet Goldmine. It’s a really great movie!