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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

New York, NY :: Actress / Goodwill Ambassador Nicole Kidman, 38, hosted UNIFEM’s 30th Anniversary Celebration last night in the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton.  Nicole was accompanied by country singer boyfriend Keith Urban (both 38) for the special occasion (they’ve been together for about a year). UNIFEM is the women’s fund at the United Nations. It provides financial and technical assistance to innovative programmes and strategies to foster women’s empowerment and gender equality. Also pictured with Nicole Kidman in the gallery after the jump are designer Karl Lagerfeld (also pictured above), Chairman, President and CEO of Federated Department Stores, Inc. Terry J. Lundgren, Minister for Gender Development in the Republic of Liberia the Honorable Vabah Gayflor, and Executive Director of UNIFEM Noeleen Heyzer.

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  • Ladyluck

    Note the gray roots. As seen before, Nicole’s hair has turned gray. One reason she isn’t a redhead any longer.

  • k

    I love her dress.

  • Desert

    Nic’s looking a bit thin but I love how much poise and elegance she has. And yeah so she’s getting a bit gray, so what? Even stars get old. Some just don’t care so much about hiding it.

  • anon

    I don’t think she’s going gray – it’s just the lighting. But must say her face looks kinda stretched!

  • +greenpeace+

    at first I’m thinking "who is that old lady" before I went to the part "Also pictured with Nicole Kidman in the gallery after the jump are designer Karl Lagerfeld (also pictured above)"…Man, I really need to check my eyesight…LOL

  • at

    Nicole gone so thin! She looks sick, I’ve always admired her, she’s so talented and I love her accent. She looks so, unhappy, but still not. She’s older then before, it can tell. But she’s still elegent.

  • learner

    #4 anonI read an article about her having plastic surgery but I forgot where it was.

  • velvett1

    I wish she would go back to the red hair. This color washes her out!She looks ghostly.

  • iron velvet

    I wish she’d go back to her red hair too. This blonde shade is not flattering. Also, I would like to see her back with some bangs, it would hide that overly botoxed forehead.

  • kate

    my mom and her sisters always talk about how they all went gray before thirty, and my cousin who is thirty-five is in the process of rapidly losing her hair color. i agree that nicole’s roots do look a little gray, but i don’t really think it’s unusual for someone her age. speaking of her age, the fact that she’s 38 probably explains why she doesn’t look 25 anymore. her elegance still makes her a joy to look at. and her and keith look really happy, which is good. she deserves it, and i’m glad to see her getting it with someone so un-tom.

  • Sarah

    Ok seriously you guys need to get your vision checked because i dont see any gray!God you Americans are obssesed with age!I am not insulting you i have a lot of americans friend i told them too you are tallking seeing imaging ageing!Anyway Nicole Kidman looks as beautiful as always with or without Botoy-who cares!She is by far the best actress out there!I cant wait for her new movie fur!

  • LookMaNoHands!!

    She’s a great person!Such a strong rolemodel for women.

  • cb

    She’s a great actress, but she looks much older than 38, which I don’t understand – it’s not like 38 is old. Perhaps it is because she is too thin now, but she was looking a bit drawn in "Bewitched", too. Gain weight Nicole – please.

  • codyjo

    They sure make a pretty couple. I think her hair looks better than I’ve seen in previous pics. Looks like she’s added some red to the blonde. I love her dress. It’s nice to see that Keith is drinking what he claims to be drinking these days (water) instead of what the tabloids report he is drinking these days.

  • for CB from STEF

    hey cb how are ya? havent heard from you in ages!!! hows things? good i hope.anyway just wanted to say hi.stef

  • walker

    in the pictures where she and keith are holding hands, where she’s speaking at the podium, and where she and karl are talking, she could easily pass for thirty, and a gorgeous, healthy thirty, too. in the full length one of just her, she not only looks like a dead corpse, but like a dead alien corpse. her forehead is just astounding in that one. i guess the angle is everything with her.

  • Sam

    She looks amazing!!

  • juan

    Amazing. I always say shes the only woman in Hollywood that has star quality, like the old ones: hepburn, taylor, or dietrich. what a stunning and classy lady!

  • movie fan

    What is the gray you are imagining seeing?? There are pictures where the front of her hair is lighter because a LIGHT is shining on her!! Notice the other pictures, with no light, and she doesn’t have a single gray hair. Jeez, the poster who said people were obsessed with aging is right.Also, on the one hand people say she looks old, on another they say she’s had too much Botox. Make up your minds! She looks fabulous for 38 — how many 38-year-olds in your life look that good? I used to think she NEEDED Botox because of her nose always crinkling whenever she would smile. She looks great now.

  • Nikki

    She looks more around the age of 48. Diane Lane looks younger than Nicole Kidman any day of the week and is more natural. Nicole Kidman scares me when she wears black because she is so pale. I would cast her in almost every female horror movie role I’ve seen.

  • Botoxfreezeface

    She’s pretty but please lay off the botox, lady. Her face is so stiff she looks like it hurts to least Diane lane looks natural and she probably doesn’t have a hard time smiling.

  • Mire

    Keith needs to take a long hard look and turn tail and run. Nic needs to kick the crap out of whoever gave her that Botox job- her face looks like the drum she’s holding. RUN RUN RUN Keith !!!!

  • Mire

    Keith needs to take a long hard look and turn tail and run. Nic needs to kick the crap out of whoever gave her that Botox job- her face looks like the drum she’s holding. RUN RUN RUN Keith !!!!

  • Mire

    Sorry not for what i said but how many times. LOL – But her hairdresser needs to give her some bangs on that fivehead!!!!

  • onceanddone

    obviously there was a time when nicole went way over the top with botox. i remember it well and with horror. however, for the last like…year and a half there has been no sign of botox on her face. it seems that many are still holding it against her when the evidence is right there. she doesnt look the same as she did when the botox was bad. her smile is natural. for forehead- yes it’s enormous- but it doesnt look stretched out or anything. she doesn’t look as good as she did about five years ago when she was at her most attractive, but she’s still beautiful and definately does not look 48.

  • Any

    By God, I don’t understand people who said she looks older than 38? I mean, HOW? She doesn’t look younger than 38-ish, and she definitely doesn’t look older than 38-ish. How old are you guys anyway? And though yes, I agree she’s thin…. she looks a LOT healthier and HAPPIER than she has in a few years. And the Botox ones —- I don’t even think I want to comment on that — except that there are those who don’t like to see others happy (not just Kidman in particular) — and for those of you, I’m sad!!

  • enough

    you guys are all about negativity/superficial…she’s old…she’s thin…she’s graying…all these and that…but the truth is you can never be like her…she’s tall, elegant and beautiful woman and of course, she’s rich…enough said!!

  • jess

    A lot of you Nicole fanatics should go back to your Nicole worship site. You sound so silly here gushing about her. This is a site where people say snarky things about celebrities, not a fan site of one person.

  • glam!

    I think she looks great. Seeing her looking happy is more important to me than shallow observations about her hair, her skin, or the fact that she has aged…

  • Adrian

    Grey ???? Thin ???? Botox ????You guys are seriously fucked up the head commenting like this on one of the most beautiful women alive.The best thing is that I (and every snae person who reads this) know you are a bunch of pathetic wankers who have never been with a woman (except ones with air valves) posting from your parent’s basement.Keep your intelligent comments coming.

  • The Orginial Jess

    I love her, how can one not? She’s graceful, beautiful, and talented. Love her in every movie she’s ever done, well worth it.

  • anon

    # 28 | jess Um no this is not where you say snarky things, I think you got it confused with that hilton site or that listed site.

  • jessie

    Eww. It’s not that I don’t like her as an actress but she’s not all that beautiful anymore. She looks like a giraffe and he looks drunk as a skunk. She might look happy but he looks like he’s looking for an escape route. This is the oddest coupling I’ve ever seen. She looks like she’d spread her legs stiff like a Barbie doll and he looks like he wish he could quit those sheep.

  • jessie

    Whoever said he was drinking water, there’s a half empty glass of red wine in front of him. Unless that’s Welch’s Grape Juice. His eyes say ‘where’s the bottle and the door and my comfy pants’.

  • tara weed

    I get queasy thinking about them – they seem so wrong together.

  • Chana

    I think Nicole is one of the most beautiful and amazing women in the world, but this older, more matronly look has to go! Whatever is she thinking! she changes her looks like the wind – somtimes she’s young and beautiful, sometimes, daring, sometimes older and matronly – and this look I do not like for her – it does not suit her and is aging her before her time. What is she thinking with such a hot boyfriend like Keith! she could blow all competition out of the water if she looked natural and young and stopped with the surgury, botox or whatever. I’m hoping once she’s married she can relax and stop with the "looks complex"she has going. She’s too beautiful to ruin herself with whatever she is doing!

  • Miller

    Whoa whats Keith doing with that old broad! Heehee that one was for the poster who called us wankers. Oh and the botox is so overdone. She can’t make an expression to save her life. Must be why her movies suck. Poor directors trying to get some emotion out of her. Don’t waste your money trying to see one of her movies. Unless you need a good nap. What’s up with her lips too? did you see her on Ladies Home Journal? Scary!!

  • sarah f

    I honestly think you are some jealous people. She’s out there in our world helping people and your judging her! She is obviously getting older, but she is always going to be beautiful no matter what. It dosnt matter how she looks its the heart that counts!!

  • Mire

    This is a site you give OPINIONS this is not Nic’s fan site!!!!!!! You may like her that’s fine. I think she’s over rated over botoxed over the hill – Is Keith on drugs again???? Or blind??????

  • Mire

    I will give cedit where credit is due- She’s smart enough to know nobody is going to marry her- and he’s starstruck and she gave Keith a Bentley so he’s not going anywhere!!!!! GOOD MOVE NIC BABY!!!!!!

  • nomorenickers

    I’ll be so glad when the contract is up. Keith can get back to his old self. He won’t have too be following her around like a stray dog. I never thought keith Urban would let someone rule his life like she has. RUN KEITH RUN!

  • JoAnn

    Nicole looks absolutely GORGEOUS! To all those who commented that she looks older than 38…. let’s see if you can look that good when you are/were 38! To those who commented on her attire … please note that this was a UN event and she was the host of a very important program. It’s not a Hollywood event. She dressed very appropriately and elegantly!

  • idiots

    would you please take a look at the picture where she is talking to lagerfeld. she is gorgeous.

  • lostinnyca

    My friend who worked on STEPPFORD WIVES said that she’s a big lesbola and Tom C kicked her out because she got pregnant with Jude Law. I don’t believe any of it.

  • bk

    This is how I see it, really see it. I don’t think Nicole looks anywhere near 38! Yes she could stand to eat something and not have her skin so tight but there’s no denying she is an elegant woman and very lady like(not too many of those anymore). As far as her and Keith, I just don’t see it working. I think they both have way too many unresolved issues that they brought into this relationship. I haven’t seen a picture yet where they look all that happy together, my gosh they’re supposed to be so in love and I just don’t see it. I think he needs someone more low key who doesn’t mind sitting back and letting him shine(instead of following nicole around like a lost puppy dog) and she needs someone willing to listen to all the "woesme" stories she seems to like to tell. I also think that on a professional level they are too talented to come together and on a personal level, too messed up to come together. Does anyone agree? Either way I wish them the best of luck and sincerely hope that they can find happiness because obviously money hasn’t been able to buy that.

  • learner

    #45 bkI agree with your comments. They both are nice people but they have to work hard for their realtiohship if Keith has problems wtih drug and alcoholic according to some magazines’reports. Of course if they really find true love from each other eventually they can overcome obstacles like Johnny & June Cash. Only time can tell. Best wishes for both.

  • Mire

    Poor Keith he’s just a PR game – Nic is trying to beat Tom/Kate . Good luck to her she’s old and alittle used at the point- Hey Nic get bangs you will look 5yrs. younger!!

  • Admirer of both

    They are two people commited to helping others. Keith is very low key about his charity work, but believe me he is actively involved in many. One, St. Judes, the Katrina relief effort. I watched in New Orleans and with no hype he pitched right in. Nicole also is very involved with humanatarian causes. I think that will a important part of making them a happy couple. You have to admit Keith is a hunk, very funny and can hold his own with anyone. Nicole and Keith deserve a happy life. I for one am rooting for them. Just because they don’t make a public spectacle of them selve dosn’t mean they are not hot in private. I think that is a lot more intriguing.

  • Millie

    Nicole is involved in Charity work for the PR and PR only that’s why she’s useing Keith just like that poor boy with cancer she got that pic in every mag she could. She’s old and had to take a pay cut because she su**s and everyone knows it!!!!! Nic is just trying too get more press then Tom!!!!!!! Poor Keith Poor Poor Poor Keith!!!

  • Knows better

    Here’s the scoop: They will not get married, TC & KH will not get married and NK and TC will reunite….why? Because Tom needs a beard and KH won’t do. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it. And as much as I love her, she does look older than me and I’m mid 40′s. It’s just the look, I miss her red hair, too.