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Britney Spears Driving With Curlers

Britney Spears Driving With Curlers
And Yes, Britney‘s Got a Baby In The Backseat!

How smart are Just Jared‘s readers?  Take this IQ test and find out!  Maybe we have some geniuses up in here.  Hehehe!!!!

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Doesn’t the man carrying Sean Preston Federline look like a Howie lookalike from Big Brother 6?  Tell me I’m not the only one who sees it!

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  • ABC gives Invasion the axe.  Sniff, Sniff.  It was one of my favorite shows this season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Pick it up, CW!!
  • Britney Spears abandons Madonna and gives up Kabbalah.
  • Uma Thurman is the cover girl for the June 2006 issue of VogueThurman told the magazine in an interview before she reunited with hotelier boyfriend Andre Balazs  "nobody dumped anyone or insulted anybody in any way."
  • Tom Cruise has optioned and may star in "The Fall of the Warrior King " based on a New York Times story about a disgraced Army commander in Iraq.
Emmy Rossum sings and dances to Christina Aguilera‘s
"Dirrty" on The Late Show with Jay Leno.
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  • Courtney

    OMG how embarassing! Shes such a dork lol

  • Jessica

    Babies are very limber and can fold over even if strapped in correctly in carseats. If the baby is over 20 lbs it can face forward. The straps may need to be tightened a bit but, I see nothing wrong with this picture.

  • msguidedmama

    oh geeeez! Turn that baby around, put him in an INFANT seat and slap some sunscreen on the poor baby Babies need to be rear facing until 12 months AND 20#! What an idiot .

  • msguidedmama

    Jessica, to be clear, I was not calling you an idiot :)That was for ms spears yall.But to be clear, the National Highway Safety Program says this"Babies from the age of birth up to one year should travel in vehicles fitted with either an infant seat that is designed to be rear facing or a convertible seat that is used in a rear facing fashion. Under no circumstances should babies ride in cars with front facing car seats. .. Some standards state that babies who weigh more than 20 pounds can be moved to a convertible or front facing car seat. This is actually very … It is only safe to move the baby to a front facing car seat after they have turned one year old. "

  • geniass

    Emmy’s so cute! I suddenly like her!

  • Lmao

    Omg I probably shouldn’t be laughing, but I am. where the hell is she going with curlers still in her hair? look at poor baby Sean in the back passed the hell out not buckled right.

  • B

    He needs to be rear-facing and I agree with the sunscreen comment. She needs parenting classes. Stat.

  • whatheF

    Britney Spears is an IDIOT!! In less than 7 months she has done more wrong than most in 10 years. WTF is wrong with her? Does she not know how to read? I SWEAR she is going to lose her kids. She is such WHITE TRASH. She is a singing Anna Nicole Smith!!!!!!

  • Omg

    Omg, when i saw first saw the picture, i was shocked and horrified, but then again it IS Britney. Poor SPF. #6| Lmao |i know it’s bad, but for some reason i’m laughing too. What’s wrong with me? But seriously, someone really needs to intervene here, the woman can barely take care of one child, and a second baby is already on the way. Please. Someone help her.

  • Breanne

    Sean P probably got a sore back. she should sit him right!! i agree with parenting class comment. i hope she doesnt hurt the next kid she has!!

  • krungkrung

    i just wanna say that SPF is the cutest ever, he’s like a cuddly little chubby bear, 3 words cute cute cute baby….

  • Nancy

    oh god. that was embarasing even for me.

  • Original jpf

    I’m thinking of the sun, the wind, the car seat facing the wrong way, the fact that yeah, baby’s will slump, but I’ve always tried to make the slumping more comfortable by putting a pillow on each side. She’s a new mother rich or not, and someone needs to help her be a better one because I know she loves her child.jpf

  • k

    Well, at least SPF is IN a car seat. you’ve gotta admit: it’s an improvement.

  • k

    OMG, I saw the episode of leno and I was so embarrassed for Emmy! I don’t think Jay really thought she would do it, and she jumps up and starts lifting her skirt and belting out the lyrics. She totally thinks she’s hot shit!! LOL

  • Katie

    omg invasion got cut!! OMG WHAT AM I GOING TO DO NOW.. i am so into that show..they cant cut it..what the fuck is wrong with abc??? are they crazy.. cut desperate housewives..not invasion

  • Rachel

    i deeply fear for sean preston’s future. my gosh, i hope he lives to an old ripe age.i think emmy was so funny in that vid. she seems very down-to-earth and very genuine & warm.

  • emily

    How do you know that he isn’t wearing sunscreen?

  • Smiley

    sweet kisses to the kid