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New MI3 Pictures

New MI3 Pictures

Chinese media have speculated that flashes of underwear and other "inappropriate" images in the China scenes of Mission Impossible 3 (MI3) might jeopardise the mainland release of Tom Cruise‘s latest Hollywood blockbuster. Despite hitting American screens over a week ago, China’s State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT), is yet to approve MI3‘s mainland distribution, the Beijing News newspaper said on Monday. Underwear hanging out to dry and other images "harmful to China" might be responsible, local papers have suggested. "In the Shanghai scenes, all the roofs and alleys have raggedy clothes hanging from bamboo sticks everywhere," said the Beijing Times.

Oh no!!!!!!!!!  Underwear hanging from bamboo sticks everywhere!!!!!!  Everbody run for your lives!!!!!!!!!!   Mission Impossible 3 stayed atop the box office this weekend with an estimated $24.5 million in weekend ticket sales. Poseidon managed a disappointing $20.3 million. Enjoy this new set of Mission Impossible 3 stills. Above are MI3 co-stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Maggie Q. More pictures in the gallery including Keri Russell, Laurence Fishburne and Ving Rhames.

How do you like Tom Cruise dancing atop Shanghai rooftops?
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  • Elsa

    Wooowwoo.. There is a lot of pictures of JRM "en ce moment" on your site Jared, that’s so nice and cool. Thank you. What a pleasure to see him. Quel bel homme :) !

  • geniass

    Poseidon isn’t mentioned. Am I missing something?

  • Lohan Roberto

    This is just too funny

  • j4r3d

    Haha, geniass. I mentioned a lil something something about Poseidon. Hehe. Thanks!

  • whattheF

    Tom Cruise is a LOSER and I am so happy MI3 is not doing so well. Give me a break people that are going to slam me… 24 million on it’s second week out… that SUCKS!!!! Tom cruise ruined the movie by being in it!!!!!

  • …….

    you really dont have what to say honey…hahahahhahahahahhahahahahahah

  • ladybug

    Neither my boyfriend or I are "Action" movie people, but we loved MI III. Haven’t seen the other two, but this was really fun. Like riding a roller coaster. Tom Cruise is wacky, but he is a hard worker and I think it has paid off in this movie.

  • Ann

    Say whatever you will about Tom Cruise as a person, he still deserves credit for what he does as an actor. I hated the first MI movies, but the third one was the business, man……and it didn’t hurt that JRM took his shirt off for no real reason. THANKS FOR THE PICS.

  • not bad

    MI 3 might not have done phenomal, but worldwide, it has raked in more than $ 118 million. Not bad. Yeah the guy is nuts, but this movie is good. I think people forget that Tom is an INTERNATIONAL star, and action movies tend to make alot of money from overseas markets. And with the DVD sales and rentals, i think the movie will recover it’s money nicely.With that said, he still needs to stop promoting his religion and his beliefs, and just go away from the publicity and cameras for a while.

  • mira

    I agree with number 5. He is a freak and isn’t even a talented actor. He ruins everything he is in. I won’t see anything with him in it. Just because you think he is a talented actor (which he isn’t ) doesn’t excuse how he treats other people. He is a loser.

  • Fake Lou Ferrigno

    That movie sucked. I can’t believe I blew 7 bucks on that garbage (yeah, rocked the student ID). No plot – and an unbelievably bullshit resolution – what a waste of Phillip Seymour Hoffman – I hope they paid him well for associating himself with this crap. At least that Asian chick was blazing – and hell they even had a Lamborghini in it (which she was driving!! – bonus points )…but other than that – AVOID THIS SHIT LIKE THE PLAGUE peace

  • whattheF

    Hey #9 are you kidding?…. Michael Jackson does AWESOME over seas as well… are you going to let your son play at MJ’s house? Who cares what the international people think…. Half the people that want us, the USA, dead wear Nike and American clothing.. WHAT IS YOUR POINT??? Tom Cruise SUCKS and is a GAY LITTLE MAN!!! The cast is carrying him not the other way around. I am glad that new guy is getting some air time, he makes the movie,JM. I hope TC climbs.. or is boosted… back into his little hole. GO AWAY TC!!!!!

  • #9

    # 12 Hey i said the guy is nuts, i don’t support him, his beliefs or his religion, but the movie did make that much money. I’m just saying. God!His antics led to his plumit in popularity, but i think the international market will save the movie. I saw the movie, liked it, mostly for Phillip Seymour Hoffman and JRM, but i never said the guy is great.Like i said, he just needs to go away for a while, but juding by ur comments, he apparantely needs to go away forever. Whew! Calm Down.My point is action movies make alot of $$$ overseas, so this might not be the end of him.But if he keeps up with this crazy persona, that day won’t be far away.He was once so normal and private, what happened?

  • crybabyAniston

    To all the folks bashing Tom Cruise…I LOVED MI3 the most entertaining movie this year so far…my next movie I’ll see will be Nacho Libre with Jack Black but MI3 was just as #7 wrote..MI3 was like being on a rollar coaster…It was a blast. MI3 will do very good business because between MI3 or The Break-Up…i’ll see MI3, again.

  • sk

    i absolutely loved this movie. its really sad that it isnt doing too well at the box office. but it seroiusly is worth watching! i am not tom cruise’s number one fan but i still loved it. if you like Alias, you will LOVE this movie!!

  • raj malhotra

    vow the movie is amazing to say the least.tom cruise irrespective of what his image might be on the personal front his just simply rocking in mi3.there is everything u want to have in this have the loads of action from tom cruise,maggie quingley jas just simply steamed onto the movie and she looks amazingly sexy especially in her red coloured revealing attire.guys you are going to enjoy that stuff frm the hottie maggie.well i am personally not happy with the fact that the movie is not doing that well at the box office,it certainly deserves more dam is my one of the favorite movies of all times and to be yhonest it is easily one of the best movies of this year you can get to all the people who have not seen the movie u should watch is worth watching to say the least.

  • rebecca

    i absolutly loved the film i dont car what any one elses says. i absolutly love tom cruise to peices omg he is so nice.

  • rebecca

    i absolutly loved the film i dont care what any one elses says. i absolutly love tom cruise to peices omg he is so nice.

  • sadielady