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Ryan Phillippe as Marlon Brando

Ryan Phillippe as Marlon Brando

31-year-old actor Ryan Phillippe hit the gym for an intense workout late last week, a day before his visit to the drugstore.  His wife, 30-year-old actress Reese Witherspoon, who has a daughter and a son with Ryan, says children are "such a common denominator.  Once you have children in your life, you can no longer close your eyes to people who are in a similar situation.  And I feel really blessed to be able to be on this side of it, but I also recognize the huge responsibility that we have to these people. And I will never forget this experience."  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • ErinMarie79

    He’s hot. He always seems to have a scowl though. Lighten up Ryan!

  • Jackie

    He always looks good. I think he doesn’t much like the papparzzi though – explains the scowl. Where were these pix taken – UCLA again?

  • Fake Lou Ferrigno

    Jared: Are you fucking kidding me? All those "young-Hollywood" actors are a bunch of half-a-fag slack jawed pussies. He would get laughed at in a real gym. He would be totally shamed into putting on a full t-shirt until he put on at least 30 lbs. of muscle. That dude weighs 155lbs. soaking wet. What a fucking dweeb. Who is he trying to scare with that scowl? This isn’t the movies bitch – scowl like that at me and you’ll be tasting my elbow for a week. Ryan Phillipe is not "big", hell he’s 5lbs removed from "scrawny" and I highly doubt his workout was "intense" . Probably some machine based fag workout to pump up his 14.5 inch prepubescent boy arms. I mean, he has some balls baring those pasty white spaghetti arms trying to front like he has some real muscle. That’s what happens when everyone around you kisses your ass. You lose all sense of reality.

  • Misha

    Well Lou you were the Incredible Hulk on tv so who could possibly live up to your high standards?! Give poor Ryan a break – at least he’s trying to stay in shape – unlike the rest of us sitting on our asses, pretending to work and typing on blogs all day.

  • Fake Lou Ferrigno

    Misha: I’m not holding him up to my standards. I’m just injecting a reality check to those goofball magazines trying to ram the image of these scrawny pretty-boy pussies as "manly" actors. Very, very few if any "manly" actors in young Hollywood these days – what passes for ‘masculinity’ in the modern media is pretty pathetic indeed no wonder so many young guys are confused…..For reference: My definition of a manly actor – dudes like young Charles Bronson, Steve McQueen , young Connery, Lee Marvin, shit like that.

  • Kyotoyoshi

    I love the use of the words "fag" and "pussies" to make your point. Congratulations on being so articulate. Thanks for the pictures of Ryan, Jared.

  • Original jpf

    # 3 | Fake Lou Ferrigno Steroids?! Man, chill because you’re off the hook about something that isn’t anything to get off the hook about.jpf

  • Lohan Roberto

    So cute!

  • Fake Lou Ferrigno

    jpf: No. No steroids. Love the misconception by the way. And yes, you’re right – Ryan Phillipe is rather irrelevant. Just wanted to make a point about how skewed notions of masculinity have gotten when Jared posts that Ryan Phillipe was "big" (as in muscular) I do hope his sarcasm was lost on me.

  • Fake Lou Ferrigno

    Yoshi: Yes, I pride myself on being rather articulate – you know us athletes are usually monosyllabic goons right? Is that what you tell yourself to quell the sting of getting beat down by them and how you got constantly ignored by the hot girls that flocked to us jock goons? And yes, when you have a bunch of non-metrosexual men and you show then a picture of this guy – I can pretty guarantee that among the first 10 words that come out of a majority of their mouths will be "fag" and "pussy" Yoshi if you’re female – ugh – this is why guys are so confused these days. Yoshi if you’re a guy – take your testicles out of your girlfriends purse you fucking pussy.

  • Theodore Vankept

    do people like ‘fake lou fer..’ really come here? i’m picturing a mullet and those bodybuilder sweats with some pattern…and a very thick neck.Ryan is delicious, a real man!

  • Fake Lou Ferrigno

    Wow Theodore – still stuck in the 80′s are we? That was actually funny !! it’s funny where you end up when you’re bored surfing the web, isn’t it? As to your assessment of Mr. Phillipe – ‘ de gustipus non disputandum’ – peace

  • Kels

    I think what Jared was trying to say is that hes beefed up in the past year or so. Hes no Arnold, but when he first appeared in films he was thinner with little much muscle tone.I also think that Ryan Phillippes muscle tone is not something to have an arguement over.He looks good, despite his ‘I hate the paparazzi’ scowl. Thank you for the pictures Jared.

  • kate

    Jared – thanks for the pix. I really like Ryan as an actor and he looks really good in these pictures. Don’t let the haters get to you. Bullys really just hate themselves – thnx Dr. Phil!

  • florence

    thank you so much for those pics!! I always love to see pics of Ryan :D he a very beautiful man and seems to be a wonderful person too.thanks jared!

  • pagebetty

    QQQQQQQQ WOW!HE looks so good! I loved him in Cruel Intentions! HE is SO SEXY!

  • lexy

    Sexy. Sorry for confusing all the men out there but this is what I would order if I could buy a guy from Ebay. If I was ever with a guy (past the age of 13) who referred to another man as a fag or a pussy I would run in the opposite direction. Real men don’t do that.

  • Dawn

    I just want comment on the statement that someone had said about Ryan. I would like to tell for one that there life and love for each other are really. Also that if you don’t like somone or something about a person you should not watch or think about the person. Also I know for a fact that he is not a pussy and also he has one many champhions in Karate. So on any giving sunday he can kick your ass and mine to.

  • Jeannie

    Yep… at least those muscles are real…. I don’t like those Hulk types, they’re just too much and I don’t mean that in a positive way… :(( Ryan is not very tall, but hey… at least his lips are reachable… ;0) I know for a fact that he’s a real man…. men who claim him to be a ‘pussy’, are so wrong… remember, most women do have ‘gaydars’ and Ryan does NOT belong to that "club", believe me… he is so NOT ‘pussy’. This is a real man and I know, I’m a real woman… :0))

  • sasa majik

    HAHAHAH. . fake lou is a fake fa_g . . “it’s funny where you end up when you’re bored surfing the web, isn’t it?” – its funny how u have no life and ur replying religiously to every single comment . . .no body cares about what you have to say