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Jennifer Aniston Not Sexy?

Jennifer Aniston Not Sexy?

Actress Jennifer Aniston, 37, barely made the Maxim 100 Sexiest Women 2006Aniston sank to rank #99! A penny for your thoughts? Enjoy these new stills of on-screen and off-screen couple Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston from their upcoming film, The Break-Up opening in theaters nationwide on June 2nd.

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jennifer aniston vince vaughn01
jennifer aniston vince vaughn02
jennifer aniston vince vaughn03
jennifer aniston vince vaughn04
jennifer aniston vince vaughn05
jennifer aniston vince vaughn06
jennifer aniston vince vaughn07
jennifer aniston vince vaughn08
jennifer aniston vince vaughn09
jennifer aniston vince vaughn10
jennifer aniston vince vaughn11
jennifer aniston vince vaughn12
jennifer aniston vince vaughn13
jennifer aniston vince vaughn14
jennifer aniston vince vaughn15
jennifer aniston vince vaughn16
jennifer aniston vince vaughn17
jennifer aniston vince vaughn18
jennifer aniston vince vaughn19
jennifer aniston vince vaughn20
jennifer aniston vince vaughn21
jennifer aniston vince vaughn22
jennifer aniston vince vaughn23
jennifer aniston vince vaughn24
jennifer aniston vince vaughn25
jennifer aniston vince vaughn26
jennifer aniston vince vaughn27

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  • oh no!

    oh no, i can already see this thread turning into one of those recent threads about JA.I have to say though, makeup and digital touch-ups do make quite a difference from what i saw of ms. ja’s face in the sunglasses thread.Sorry, i couldn’t help but comment.

  • go

    people like her becaus of girl next door not because of sexy. she isnt attractive to me but many people like her if sexy or not.

  • Aunica

    She looks GORGEOUS! Yay…can’t wait to see the movie!

  • the tempest

    Aww, sweet! Looking forward to this movie.

  • bellebee

    I’ll go see this movie–I like Jen and Vince both.

  • Karl

    She is NOT GORGEOUS. NEVER WAS! Make up can make wonderful. She is cute nothing more. Sorry.

  • bellebee

    I’ll go see this movie–I like Jen and Vince both.

  • Serena

    My favourite scene from the trailer is the one with Brookes brother ,who they think is gay, sings and dances in Vinces face, then ‘beats him up’ Aside from that the trailer seemed like an average Rom-Com, Jen looked good, but you could easily think you were watching Rachel Green in her second marriage. She is either Rachel, or depressed Rachel. In the good girl I thought she was good, the character was a bit self serving, but it was still weirdly funny that she gets away with everythingAnyway, having convinced all my friends to sit through Rumour has it (awful), Along Came Polly(she seemed oddly unsuited to the role, it was cringeable), Bruce Almighty( Rachel again), and Derailed ,(Just not realistic or enjoyable as a thriller) – they’ve refused to go with me to this oneMaybe I won’t go either, save my $10, and catch it on DVD, to annoy my husband – he can’t stand her!

  • Aunica

    Interesting thing is, we all have a right to our opinion, mine happens to be that she’s gorgeous, your isn’t. That’s why it’s called an opinion. Interesting concept I know. BEAUTIFUL!

  • Katie

    I cannot wait to see this movie! I love Jen and Vince both….I love how the title is Jennifer Aniston not sexy, when she still made the top 100 out of everyone…so that qualifies as not sexy now? Wow…I guess Jared wants all of us to feel horrible about ourselves and our appearances. It’s obvious that that’s all women are worth to him.

  • Lisa

    I’m sure we’d all arrange that list differently then maxim and each other. Can’t wait to see the movie! Love Jen and Vince. Not sure why Jared seems to dislike JA so much…I think she’s great and definitely beautiful!

  • linann

    My husband loves her–and he’s always up for a movie with Vince Vaughn. We’re going. And BTW – I think she looks great here.

  • kiki

    She is not sexy, but the main problem is that she has three face expressions. And all of them are boring because people could see her range on TV for ten years. Something is wrong with her when you see her on the big screen. I just don’t wants too see her in a movie, because somehow she doesn’t channel a movie star feeling. I guess you are either born with it or not. She is the latter one. No charisma. No presence. Just boring.

  • Erica

    Funny… I see at least 6 facial expressions in the above pictures alone. I think she’s incredibly charismatic and so much fun to watch.

  • Original jpf

    Jennifer Aniston kinda looks like singer Amy Grant to me. AG is prettier IMO, but there’s a definite resemblance IMO.jpf

  • Original jpf

    Hey! The guy from LAW & ORDER whose name I can’t think of…De Onfrio? is in the movie too. He looks old! It’s the big guy in the suit & tie, salt & pepper hair, and gotee.jpf

  • ??

    is it me or does it seem she always seems to breathing through her nose like she puffing. Like when someone gets angry and they go hmmmph! and blow out their nose. she looks that all the time. lol. i know it’s wierd, but it really does look like that in alot of her pics, even in candid pics.Just wondering?

  • jessie

    Great pic. can’t wait for the movie to come out.I like Jen and Vince this movie should be a hoot!!!!

  • stargazer

    To # 16 | Original jpf – D’onfrio (from CSI) and Vince Vaughn in a movie also with Jen Aniston? We love all three. My husband calls that guy the "sideways guy" and almost never misses his show. Terrific. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • fair is fair

    I’m sure we’d all arrange that list differently then maxim and each other. Can’t wait to see the movie! Love Jen and Vince. Not sure why Jared seems to dislike JA so much…I think she’s great and definitely beautiful! # 11 | Lisa ———–Agree with you Lisa but until Jared relents a bit towards Jen Aniston, I’m making it a point to NEVER read or click on any of his ads. LOL(I’m still coming here to defend Aniston though)

  • jeannified

    Hey # 16, that is not Vincent DeNofrio, it’s Jon Favreau, a very good actor friend of Vince Vaugn’s, who stared in "Rudy" with Vince, when they were much younger. Vincent DeNofrio DOES look alot like Jon Favreau though, as I have gotten them both confused before too. I’m looking forward to seeing this movie too, but because Vince, Jon and Jason Bateman are in the movie.

  • lol

    not really, i only see 3 expressions in the pics above.

  • irina

    # 20 | fair is fair very well said

  • to fair is fair

    Oh by the way, jared also gets credit every time you post not just when you click on his ads. You’re still addding $$ to his bank account. So keep defending. Maniston is fug.

  • funny stuff

    # 23 irina You just added to jared’s bank account too. LOL.

  • floppies

    I cant wait to see this movie. I dont care what people here say, I think JA is beautiful. Although I have to admit the make up does help..but then again…there arent that many people who look good with out it. Anyway, love Jen and Vince, looks like it will be funny.

  • bonnie

    This looks like fun and Aniston looks great. I already have a hard time resisting Vince Vaughan! I’ve seen all his movies and all of hers except Rumor has It. Friends with Money was great!

  • bonnie

    This looks like fun and Aniston looks great. I already have a hard time resisting Vince Vaughan! I’ve seen all his movies and all of hers except Rumor has It. Friends with Money was great!

  • Be sane

    Original jpfI think Vincent D’Onofrio is the Law&Order Criminal Intent guy and is very tall (he was the "bug" in Men in Black") Paul Giamatti is the Sideways guy with goatee and he is chubby and rather short…

  • seriously

    it’s amazing what the wonders of photoshop can do for a face. too bad they somehow can’t fix up the acting.

  • booboobear

    No. 1 I have to say though, makeup and digital touch-ups do make quite a differenceIf you don’t think all the mag picks and movies of AJ aren’t touched up or ANY actor or actress yoe’re not thinking clearly.

  • Pluto

    Okay, WHAT IS UP with Vaughn’s three sizes too big head? Vaughn has really let himself go. Too much food, too much weed and too much drinking. He’s only 35/36 years old and he looks like he’s well into middle age and all settled. I can’t take my eyes off of the cereal box head he’s sport’n. Big puffy eyes with deep circles underneath. I don’t think one way or another about Jennifer Aniston but let’s get real here, she is NO way what anyone would call gorgeous. You can’t stop focusing on her big schnozola and leather skin of hers. Ugh. Have you seen the trailers? Snooze fest. Rachel Green meets David Addison.

  • ok

    If you find Barbara Streisand sexy I guess you’ll feel the same for Aniston.

  • Vince & Jen

    to # 21 | jeannified – you’re right, that’s Jon F. I’ve been looking forward to the release of this movie and will see it the week-end it comes out.

  • Jen didn’t sink

    Who cares about Maxim? Just another "contest’ by editors based on criteria that doesn’t impress me much. Aniston’s rank hasn’t sank with me.

  • justsaying

    last night the daily 10 compared streisand and maniston. they pointed out that they have the same chin and wrote chinny chin on the pictures. lmao

  • lol

    wow she’s sinking faster than titanic.

  • the difference

    # 31 | booboobear | i’ve seen candid pics of AJ and JA, BIG OLE DIFFERENCE and it doesn’t have that much to do with age as it does with JA’s smoking and tanning habits. Bad combo.

  • bigger diff

    Aniston’s character is FAR ess flawed though. So what if Jolie is slightly better looking?

  • this is fun

    i love getting people all riled up. keep it up. it’s entertaining.

  • design_officer

    ok, i don’t know what previews you people have been seeing, but that movie looks awful. i wouldn’t expect anything more or less from maniston.

  • knowwhentofoldem

    Hmm. I dunno, maybe Jen should think about becoming LA’s next hot yoga instructor.If anything, she needs to take a risk. All of her movies lately show her in beautiful clothes (far out of reach for most movie goers), beautiful surroundings, and totally, perfectly stylized. She needs to play a role where she totally comes unglued and looks a mess, or somehow pulls off a heart-wrenching performance. Let it all go!

  • no way!

    I’m soo not going to watch this film. The trailer isn’t funny at all. And I can’t stand Jennifer & Vince, these two can have anything but chemistry!

  • preview

    i saw a preview of the movie and if the jokes are about a brother being gay or not and being tough or not, then it doesn’t seem all that funny. Isn’t gay humor old now with almost every t.v. show having atleast one gay character. Unless some of u still find that funny?

  • BABY

    we will have to wait and see won’t we !wishing them they very best and all the smiles in the world . I pray when the road gets tough they keep going on . Beauty is in the eye of the beholder even if the film flops the got the greatest amount and much more by finding each other , no matter what yu guys think of jen that girl has worked very hard to get to were she is and i hope she archieves alot more at the end of the day she got to were she is today with virtually no support from anyone within her family and that to me alone shows courage determination and strength Although most of her films have flopped noone can criticise HER for not trying i admire here alot for that at least people can learn from her never to give up on their dreams . WISHING HER , VINCE, BRAD AND ANGIE ALL THE BEST THEY ALL DESERVE IT

  • sandy

    She looks great. I think she is beautiful!! Also, she has so many longterm childhood friends that she must be beautiful on the inside too.

  • to bigger diff

    Aniston’s character is FAR less flawed though. So what if Jolie is slightly better looking? # 39 | bigger diff ————-Agree with you. And she smiles far more often than X so she has more personality and to make that makes her prettier than X . LOL

  • this is good!

    check this out

  • ladybug

    Well, I thought JA was cute on many episodes of friends, but I think she has to be more careful than some of the other "hot" women about maintenance. She should not ever smoke. I think she would look better with some weight on her also cuz her arms look like ‘guns.’ Umm either way, it’s all propoganda, cuz Eva Longoria??? And Lindsay Lohan at 4th? whatevs

  • uh_oh

    Jen looks fabulous….she and VV seem to have great chemistry together…can’t wait to see the movie –