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Jennifer Aniston Not Sexy?

Jennifer Aniston Not Sexy?

Actress Jennifer Aniston, 37, barely made the Maxim 100 Sexiest Women 2006Aniston sank to rank #99! A penny for your thoughts? Enjoy these new stills of on-screen and off-screen couple Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston from their upcoming film, The Break-Up opening in theaters nationwide on June 2nd.

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jennifer aniston vince vaughn01
jennifer aniston vince vaughn02
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jennifer aniston vince vaughn04
jennifer aniston vince vaughn05
jennifer aniston vince vaughn06
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jennifer aniston vince vaughn08
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jennifer aniston vince vaughn10
jennifer aniston vince vaughn11
jennifer aniston vince vaughn12
jennifer aniston vince vaughn13
jennifer aniston vince vaughn14
jennifer aniston vince vaughn15
jennifer aniston vince vaughn16
jennifer aniston vince vaughn17
jennifer aniston vince vaughn18
jennifer aniston vince vaughn19
jennifer aniston vince vaughn20
jennifer aniston vince vaughn21
jennifer aniston vince vaughn22
jennifer aniston vince vaughn23
jennifer aniston vince vaughn24
jennifer aniston vince vaughn25
jennifer aniston vince vaughn26
jennifer aniston vince vaughn27

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251 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Not Sexy?”

  1. 1
    oh no! Says:

    oh no, i can already see this thread turning into one of those recent threads about JA.I have to say though, makeup and digital touch-ups do make quite a difference from what i saw of ms. ja’s face in the sunglasses thread.Sorry, i couldn’t help but comment.

  2. 2
    go Says:

    people like her becaus of girl next door not because of sexy. she isnt attractive to me but many people like her if sexy or not.

  3. 3
    Aunica Says:

    She looks GORGEOUS! Yay…can’t wait to see the movie!

  4. 4
    the tempest Says:

    Aww, sweet! Looking forward to this movie.

  5. 5
    bellebee Says:

    I’ll go see this movie–I like Jen and Vince both.

  6. 6
    Karl Says:

    She is NOT GORGEOUS. NEVER WAS! Make up can make wonderful. She is cute nothing more. Sorry.

  7. 7
    bellebee Says:

    I’ll go see this movie–I like Jen and Vince both.

  8. 8
    Serena Says:

    My favourite scene from the trailer is the one with Brookes brother ,who they think is gay, sings and dances in Vinces face, then ‘beats him up’ Aside from that the trailer seemed like an average Rom-Com, Jen looked good, but you could easily think you were watching Rachel Green in her second marriage. She is either Rachel, or depressed Rachel. In the good girl I thought she was good, the character was a bit self serving, but it was still weirdly funny that she gets away with everythingAnyway, having convinced all my friends to sit through Rumour has it (awful), Along Came Polly(she seemed oddly unsuited to the role, it was cringeable), Bruce Almighty( Rachel again), and Derailed ,(Just not realistic or enjoyable as a thriller) – they’ve refused to go with me to this oneMaybe I won’t go either, save my $10, and catch it on DVD, to annoy my husband – he can’t stand her!

  9. 9
    Aunica Says:

    Interesting thing is, we all have a right to our opinion, mine happens to be that she’s gorgeous, your isn’t. That’s why it’s called an opinion. Interesting concept I know. BEAUTIFUL!

  10. 10
    Katie Says:

    I cannot wait to see this movie! I love Jen and Vince both….I love how the title is Jennifer Aniston not sexy, when she still made the top 100 out of everyone…so that qualifies as not sexy now? Wow…I guess Jared wants all of us to feel horrible about ourselves and our appearances. It’s obvious that that’s all women are worth to him.

  11. 11
    Lisa Says:

    I’m sure we’d all arrange that list differently then maxim and each other. Can’t wait to see the movie! Love Jen and Vince. Not sure why Jared seems to dislike JA so much…I think she’s great and definitely beautiful!

  12. 12
    linann Says:

    My husband loves her–and he’s always up for a movie with Vince Vaughn. We’re going. And BTW – I think she looks great here.

  13. 13
    kiki Says:

    She is not sexy, but the main problem is that she has three face expressions. And all of them are boring because people could see her range on TV for ten years. Something is wrong with her when you see her on the big screen. I just don’t wants too see her in a movie, because somehow she doesn’t channel a movie star feeling. I guess you are either born with it or not. She is the latter one. No charisma. No presence. Just boring.

  14. 14
    Erica Says:

    Funny… I see at least 6 facial expressions in the above pictures alone. I think she’s incredibly charismatic and so much fun to watch.

  15. 15
    Original jpf Says:

    Jennifer Aniston kinda looks like singer Amy Grant to me. AG is prettier IMO, but there’s a definite resemblance IMO.jpf

  16. 16
    Original jpf Says:

    Hey! The guy from LAW & ORDER whose name I can’t think of…De Onfrio? is in the movie too. He looks old! It’s the big guy in the suit & tie, salt & pepper hair, and gotee.jpf

  17. 17
    ?? Says:

    is it me or does it seem she always seems to breathing through her nose like she puffing. Like when someone gets angry and they go hmmmph! and blow out their nose. she looks that all the time. lol. i know it’s wierd, but it really does look like that in alot of her pics, even in candid pics.Just wondering?

  18. 18
    jessie Says:

    Great pic. can’t wait for the movie to come out.I like Jen and Vince this movie should be a hoot!!!!

  19. 19
    stargazer Says:

    To # 16 | Original jpf – D’onfrio (from CSI) and Vince Vaughn in a movie also with Jen Aniston? We love all three. My husband calls that guy the "sideways guy" and almost never misses his show. Terrific. Thanks for pointing that out.

  20. 20
    fair is fair Says:

    I’m sure we’d all arrange that list differently then maxim and each other. Can’t wait to see the movie! Love Jen and Vince. Not sure why Jared seems to dislike JA so much…I think she’s great and definitely beautiful! # 11 | Lisa ———–Agree with you Lisa but until Jared relents a bit towards Jen Aniston, I’m making it a point to NEVER read or click on any of his ads. LOL(I’m still coming here to defend Aniston though)

  21. 21
    jeannified Says:

    Hey # 16, that is not Vincent DeNofrio, it’s Jon Favreau, a very good actor friend of Vince Vaugn’s, who stared in "Rudy" with Vince, when they were much younger. Vincent DeNofrio DOES look alot like Jon Favreau though, as I have gotten them both confused before too. I’m looking forward to seeing this movie too, but because Vince, Jon and Jason Bateman are in the movie.

  22. 22
    lol Says:

    not really, i only see 3 expressions in the pics above.

  23. 23
    irina Says:

    # 20 | fair is fair very well said

  24. 24
    to fair is fair Says:

    Oh by the way, jared also gets credit every time you post not just when you click on his ads. You’re still addding $$ to his bank account. So keep defending. Maniston is fug.

  25. 25
    funny stuff Says:

    # 23 irina You just added to jared’s bank account too. LOL.

  26. 26
    floppies Says:

    I cant wait to see this movie. I dont care what people here say, I think JA is beautiful. Although I have to admit the make up does help..but then again…there arent that many people who look good with out it. Anyway, love Jen and Vince, looks like it will be funny.

  27. 27
    bonnie Says:

    This looks like fun and Aniston looks great. I already have a hard time resisting Vince Vaughan! I’ve seen all his movies and all of hers except Rumor has It. Friends with Money was great!

  28. 28
    bonnie Says:

    This looks like fun and Aniston looks great. I already have a hard time resisting Vince Vaughan! I’ve seen all his movies and all of hers except Rumor has It. Friends with Money was great!

  29. 29
    Be sane Says:

    Original jpfI think Vincent D’Onofrio is the Law&Order Criminal Intent guy and is very tall (he was the "bug" in Men in Black") Paul Giamatti is the Sideways guy with goatee and he is chubby and rather short…

  30. 30
    seriously Says:

    it’s amazing what the wonders of photoshop can do for a face. too bad they somehow can’t fix up the acting.

  31. 31
    booboobear Says:

    No. 1 I have to say though, makeup and digital touch-ups do make quite a differenceIf you don’t think all the mag picks and movies of AJ aren’t touched up or ANY actor or actress yoe’re not thinking clearly.

  32. 32
    Pluto Says:

    Okay, WHAT IS UP with Vaughn’s three sizes too big head? Vaughn has really let himself go. Too much food, too much weed and too much drinking. He’s only 35/36 years old and he looks like he’s well into middle age and all settled. I can’t take my eyes off of the cereal box head he’s sport’n. Big puffy eyes with deep circles underneath. I don’t think one way or another about Jennifer Aniston but let’s get real here, she is NO way what anyone would call gorgeous. You can’t stop focusing on her big schnozola and leather skin of hers. Ugh. Have you seen the trailers? Snooze fest. Rachel Green meets David Addison.

  33. 33
    ok Says:

    If you find Barbara Streisand sexy I guess you’ll feel the same for Aniston.

  34. 34
    Vince & Jen Says:

    to # 21 | jeannified – you’re right, that’s Jon F. I’ve been looking forward to the release of this movie and will see it the week-end it comes out.

  35. 35
    Jen didn't sink Says:

    Who cares about Maxim? Just another "contest’ by editors based on criteria that doesn’t impress me much. Aniston’s rank hasn’t sank with me.

  36. 36
    justsaying Says:

    last night the daily 10 compared streisand and maniston. they pointed out that they have the same chin and wrote chinny chin on the pictures. lmao

  37. 37
    lol Says:

    wow she’s sinking faster than titanic.

  38. 38
    the difference Says:

    # 31 | booboobear | i’ve seen candid pics of AJ and JA, BIG OLE DIFFERENCE and it doesn’t have that much to do with age as it does with JA’s smoking and tanning habits. Bad combo.

  39. 39
    bigger diff Says:

    Aniston’s character is FAR ess flawed though. So what if Jolie is slightly better looking?

  40. 40
    this is fun Says:

    i love getting people all riled up. keep it up. it’s entertaining.

  41. 41
    design_officer Says:

    ok, i don’t know what previews you people have been seeing, but that movie looks awful. i wouldn’t expect anything more or less from maniston.

  42. 42
    knowwhentofoldem Says:

    Hmm. I dunno, maybe Jen should think about becoming LA’s next hot yoga instructor.If anything, she needs to take a risk. All of her movies lately show her in beautiful clothes (far out of reach for most movie goers), beautiful surroundings, and totally, perfectly stylized. She needs to play a role where she totally comes unglued and looks a mess, or somehow pulls off a heart-wrenching performance. Let it all go!

  43. 43
    no way! Says:

    I’m soo not going to watch this film. The trailer isn’t funny at all. And I can’t stand Jennifer & Vince, these two can have anything but chemistry!

  44. 44
    preview Says:

    i saw a preview of the movie and if the jokes are about a brother being gay or not and being tough or not, then it doesn’t seem all that funny. Isn’t gay humor old now with almost every t.v. show having atleast one gay character. Unless some of u still find that funny?

  45. 45
    BABY Says:

    we will have to wait and see won’t we !wishing them they very best and all the smiles in the world . I pray when the road gets tough they keep going on . Beauty is in the eye of the beholder even if the film flops the got the greatest amount and much more by finding each other , no matter what yu guys think of jen that girl has worked very hard to get to were she is and i hope she archieves alot more at the end of the day she got to were she is today with virtually no support from anyone within her family and that to me alone shows courage determination and strength Although most of her films have flopped noone can criticise HER for not trying i admire here alot for that at least people can learn from her never to give up on their dreams . WISHING HER , VINCE, BRAD AND ANGIE ALL THE BEST THEY ALL DESERVE IT

  46. 46
    sandy Says:

    She looks great. I think she is beautiful!! Also, she has so many longterm childhood friends that she must be beautiful on the inside too.

  47. 47
    to bigger diff Says:

    Aniston’s character is FAR less flawed though. So what if Jolie is slightly better looking? # 39 | bigger diff ————-Agree with you. And she smiles far more often than X so she has more personality and to make that makes her prettier than X . LOL

  48. 48
    this is good! Says:

    check this out

  49. 49
    ladybug Says:

    Well, I thought JA was cute on many episodes of friends, but I think she has to be more careful than some of the other "hot" women about maintenance. She should not ever smoke. I think she would look better with some weight on her also cuz her arms look like ‘guns.’ Umm either way, it’s all propoganda, cuz Eva Longoria??? And Lindsay Lohan at 4th? whatevs

  50. 50
    uh_oh Says:

    Jen looks fabulous….she and VV seem to have great chemistry together…can’t wait to see the movie –

  51. 51
    Original jpf Says:

    # 19 | stargazer I like him and his jerky detective quarkiness, but I really favor the team with Chris Noth & Annabella Scorria (name is seriously spelled wrong). jpf

  52. 52
    Original jpf Says:

    # 21 | jeannified Both Vincent DeNofrio & Jon Favreau are in the movie, and both are in pic’s above. VD has a suit & tie, and JF has a green tee on. Plus, you can go to and put in THE BREAKUP and it’ll give you the cast list which lists both actors.jpf

  53. 53
    chinny chin chin Says:

    # 99?! How did she even make the list?

  54. 54
    Original jpf Says:

    Credited cast: THE BREAK-UPJoey Lauren Adams …. Addie Tiffany L. Addison …. Waitress Jennifer Aniston …. Brooke Ann-Margret Nicole Auman …. Concert Attendee Shelby Bakken …. Taylor Jason Bateman …. Riggleman Ken Bethea …. Himself/Old 97′s Alex Bickle …. Nightclub Extra Peter Billingsley …. Andrew Richard C. Bozek …. Cubs Fan/Tourist on Double Decker Bus Matthew Campobasso …. Club Scene Extra April Chancy …. Pedestrian, Shopper Bryan Cohen …. Party Goer Lauren Cokeley …. Concert Goer Ryan Cowhey …. Addie & Andrew’s Son Matthew Burton Coyle …. Art Fair Patron Justin Dabney …. Bowler/Dancer Judy Davis Brandon DeShazer Vincent D’Onofrio …. Dennis Matt Dworzanczyk …. Art Fair Attendant Jon Favreau …. Johnny O Andrea Frisby …. Art Festival Shopper George Glynn …. Casey Mary-Pat Green …. Mischa John R. Haley …. Man in ballroom Murry Hammond …. Himself/Old 97′s Cole Hauser …. Lupus John Michael Higgins …. Richard Julie Hilgendorf …. Pedestrian Anna Ingenthron …. Extra Theophilus Jamal …. Art fair patron Ian Kalanges …. Concert Scene Extra Mehru Khan …. Nightclub Dancer James Kim …. Morgan Evan Klinger …. Wedding Guest/Halloween Ping Pong Player Sharon Kluge …. Tourist on Double Decker Bus Robert Kramer …. Pedestrian Joseph Lazicki …. Pedestrian Justin Long …. Christopher Alexandra LoRusso …. Concert Go-er, On-Looker Mercedes Masöhn …. Goblet Girl Jasmine McDonald …. Art Fair On-Looker Rhett Miller …. Himself/Old 97′s Brad Nelson …. Greg Kelly Nienaltowski …. Girl in Bowling Alley/Art Fair Patron Keir O’Donnell …. Paul Jamie Parker …. Notre Dame fan, art fair patron Philip Peeples …. Himself/Old 97′s Jonathan Samuels …. Nightclub Patron Luke Schneider …. Art Fair Patron Rebecca Spence …. Jen Michael Stailey …. Lonely guy at the bar Chuck Stubbings …. Tommy Tuck in Geoff Stults …. Mike Marko Tomic …. Concert Goer Donier Tyler …. Bowler/Concert Girl Ron Valdez …. Art Fair Patron Vince Vaughn …. Gary Loreen Washington …. Concert goer/Art fair patron jpf

  55. 55
    What Chemistry? Says:

    # 50 | uh_oh – What great chemistry together you haven’t even seen the movie yet? People talking about great chemistry oh please

  56. 56
    Seem = keyword Says:

    They said they "seem" to have great chemistry. Maybe they checked out some of the previews on and the official site.

  57. 57
    brentwood Says:

    News Flash! She barely made it cause she’s not HOT! Cute, but not Hot!

  58. 58
    April Says:

    I have seen the previews in the theatre, and the trailer is not funny. There aren’t even chuckles from the audience. Don’t they usually show the better parts of the movie in the previews?

  59. 59
    88 Says:

    Waiting for Aniston to drop another BOMB on us…

  60. 60
    88 Says:

    Two of the most ugly people trying to make a Romantic Comedy, how much more can someone take?!

  61. 61
    Me Says:

    Remember the best scenes are usually from the trailer. And there wasn’t much.Also is it true that she had a acting coach on set during the filming of ‘The Good Girl’?

  62. 62
    Jude Says:

    I predict that next year, she’ll be #32465.

  63. 63
    Javvy Says:

    I looooove Vince and I started liking Jen when they started going out. Vince looks like he’s happy and that’s what matters. This movie is gonna be interesting, Vince does comedy well and Jen did well in friends.Please does anyone know where I can find pictures of Vince and Jen, I want to make a montage and I don’t have enough pictures.

  64. 64
    Tealeaf Says:

    There are Millions of woman who look better then Aniston, because she looks similar to a man. If you find a boxer nose, beady eyes, masculine jawline, barely there lips and dumbo eyes "beautiful", so be it.

  65. 65
    Doll Says:

    Fair is fair #21 wrote "but until Jared relents a bit towards Jen Aniston, I’m making it a point to NEVER read or click on any of his ads. LOL(I’m still coming here to defend Aniston though)"Thank you very much for the hint my dear, now I’ll make it a mission to always click on JJ adds everytime I’m here to help him maintain this blog. When you people are going to learn that everyone is entitled to its own freaking opinion. That’s something we called freedom of speech, you looser!!!

  66. 66
    iamabitch Says:

    I saw the trailer of this movie and I would watch it because of the supporting cast and Vince Vaughn, who could all act. Jennifer Maniston should change her name to Rachel Green, since she has the same act/acting in all the shows/movies and even in real life! Poor girl…

  67. 67
    ew Says:

    The trailer looked horrible–a lot of screaming and fighting. Who wants to watch that? Two hours of a couple at each other’s throats? No thanks. And JA does NOT come across as loveable in her movies, sorry.

  68. 68
    Ivy Says:

    #54 Originional JPF- Joey Lauren Adams is in this movie? Isn’t she Vince’s former girlfriend? Wonder how strange that must have been for all three of them.

  69. 69
    Ivy Says:

    I really CAN spell original.. Honest.

  70. 70
    freidaflo Says:

    Imagine all the actors giving her a helping hand in most of her movies, still they flopped.Rumor-costner, s. maclaine, m.rufalo etc.,Friends /Money=cusack,keener, mcdormand etc.Break up-VV,j.bateman, j. favreau,a. margret,etcHer movies remind me of the american pie movies. JUst for highschoolers. No need for talent.Just like her old sitcom. Sorry clive owen. He was ok in DERAILED, but could not carry it . One of my favorite actor.

  71. 71
    lotto Says:

    We should call this "The People with No Taste" board. Cuz some of these dorky messages are retarded beyond belief. Gag!! Oh, and I love VV, but Maniston totally kills my image and appreciation of him (stupid Maniston!!). So neh! Won’t be going.

  72. 72
    Klipsch Says:

    #61 – yes she did have a "Rachel coach" on the set of The Good Girl. She admitted to it, saying it was to make her quit slipping back into Rachel Green. But since she can only act one way without a coach, that is why we keep getting these new movies with the same old Rachel.Oh, and I don’t see her as being beautiful on the outside or on the inside….she can’t even get along with one of her two parents. And smoking and constant tanning do NOT mix.

  73. 73
    Mary Says:

    That was beautiful beyond belief!!

  74. 74
    pagebetty Says:

    xoxoxoxoWHO CARES IF SHE IS #99. who is #100? Smart asses.

  75. 75
    almaliza Says:

    JA should try roles like the ones played but Charlize Theron, but who would offer her those kind of roles? she seems to be stuck in playing Rachel type roles.

  76. 76
    anon Says:

    I am shocked she made it to the top 100. She is not sexy nor pretty. She looks much older since Brad dumped her.

  77. 77
    vut Says:


  78. 78
    ewwww! Says:

    # 68 | Ivy |"#54 Originional JPF- Joey Lauren Adams is in this movie? Isn’t she Vince’s former girlfriend? Wonder how strange that must have been for all three of them. "ewww, they did date, so VV had his ex ond current girlfriend in the same movie. awkward.

  79. 79
    double ewwww Says:

    Three’s a crowd…so one must go…Aniston gotta go with all her airbushed glory! LOL. ugly ******

  80. 80
    Christy Says:

    She is such an adorable woman! My husband thinks she’s very sexy and has had a crush on her forever. We’ll definitely see the movie cause we like them both!

  81. 81
    Dovey Says:

    She’s gorgeous I agree! I always enjoy watching her in every movie cause she’s so enjoyable to watch, and always makes me feel up even when I’m down. She has that effect on people, that’s why they love her so much.

  82. 82
    kinner Says:

    Love her SMILE! She brightens everything up with that gorgeous smile of hers. She has a sunny dispostion, unlike x who is always sour and depressed looking.

  83. 83
    anonymous Says:

    The trailer looked horrible–a lot of screaming and fighting. Who wants to watch that? Two hours of a couple at each other’s throats? No thanks. And JA does NOT come across as loveable in her movies, sorry. # 67 | ew | May 16, 2006 09:35 PMAre you sure you aren’t talking about Mr. & Mrs. Smith??????????????????????? You’re too funny! What a terrible violent movie! Watching them BEAT each other up for two hours was an absolute drag! It was a terrible story line, Jolie cannot act anyway , you have to admit she stunk! I have friends who like her and they couldn’t believe how BAD she was in it. And Jolie NEVER comes across as lovable, not ever, she’s not even that good of an actress. Jolie will never carry a movie, she can’t. She won a supporting oscar and that was just a fluke, that will never happen again in her lifetime. Not unless Daddy pulls some more strings and she hates him. refuses to allow him to even see his own grand kids. She’s a spiteful witch.

  84. 84
    88 Says:

    JA should try roles like the ones played but Charlize Theron, but who would offer her those kind of roles? she seems to be stuck in playing Rachel type roles.# 75 | almaliza | May 16, 2006 11:50 PM | Report AbuseHAHa if Jen was offer Charlize Theron’s roles she would not need make up to be ugly.Jen gets the left overs of Nicole Kidman, Charlize, Angelina, Julia Roberts etc.

  85. 85
    88 Says:

    I hate hearing Jennifer Aniston name and seeing her face it’s so damn annoying, can’t she take her 100 Million she made from friends and disappear forever, she sucks.

  86. 86
    S.O.S. Says:

    to 80,81,82You better watch this movie 100 times cos if this bomb again as the 3 previous movie she had, then its all over for your idol.

  87. 87
    terence Says:

    OMG , Sooooo Rachel. I wouldn’t waste my money for a sequel of "friend" in the movie house.

  88. 88
    Pedro Says:

    Brad Pitt is upset his mother Jane is still in touch with his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston, according to his younger brother Doug. Doug, 39, tells British magazine Star that Jane speaks to the star on the phone once a week – nearly 18 months after the couple’s shock split in January 2005. Although Pitt has swiftly moved on to a new relationship with Angelina Jolie and is now a father to adopted children Maddox and Zahara Marley, Jane is yet to cut off her former daughter-in-law Aniston. Doug says, “Brad is not happy about Mom talking to Jennifer. He feels that Mom should move on now, and cut the link that was there. But she is in a difficult position – she has great affection for Jennifer – born out of the fact Brad once loved her and did marry her.” Pitt and Jolie are expecting their first biological child together this month.(SOURCE WENN)HOW F###ING DESPERATE OF ANISTON TO BE IN TOUCH WEEKLY WITH JANE PITT TO GET THE GOSS ON HER EXPATCH IT UP WITH YOUR OWN MOM, YOU HANGER – ON

  89. 89
    too desperate! Says:

    I CAN’T BELIEVE how far Maniston and her ***** trainers will go…sorry to sound so rude…but I went to watch MI3 and the trailer for her stupid movie was on TWICE…YES PEOPLE, TWICE!!! Once in the commercials and once on the previews, how desperate is that…It wasn’t that funny either and they are selling her naked…that’s what the trailer is all about Maniston naked….geeeez….the first time it showed people laughed…not that hard but they did laugh…the second time people didn’t…it was more like WHAT THE HECK, DIDN’T WE JUST SEE THIS…it wasn’t that funny the second time around…is a one time movie!!!Somebody save vince…!!! I’m sorry for him.. I will not be seeing this movie…I don’t want it shoved down my throat!!!!

  90. 90
    anon Says:

    Maybe you should look at it in another way – like if Brad’s own mother is still in touch with Jen even thought they have broken up…its probably a good indicator of Jen being a very nice/loveable person…?

  91. 91
    Alicia Says:

    I think people might enjoy her movies more if they could suspend their disbelief. I know when I see her on screen all I can think is, "thats Jennifer Aniston, she’s an actress, she’s channeling Rachel Green…" Even during "The Breakup" trailer, I could believe Vince as Gary (his character) in fact, I didn’t even question it once, it seemed so natural. But when I see Jen on screen for some reason I am acutely aware of who she is, and the fact that she is playing a role. Perhaps it is overexposure, because we hear so much about her in the media, or because we’re so used to seeing her as Rachel. But I can never believe her in her roles or get past the fact that she is Jennifer Aniston, and not the character on screen.

  92. 92
    belinda Says:

    I just wish the movie would come out already so that it can flop and she can crawl back under her rock.

  93. 93
    ew Says:

    No, Mr. and Mrs. Smith was a FANTASY with lots of sex appeal. The Breakup is supposed to be realistic and those two have no sex appeal. VV is gay and JA does drugs so she looks terrible.

  94. 94
    ab Says:

    I agree 99, JA looks terrible. VV is bi-sexual. JA whole life is a mess, because of all the lies she told BP before he dumped her.

  95. 95
    more ew Says:

    That’s really terrible ew. At any rate we are NOT watching the movie. People always said JA is good at comedy but even in comedy she needs to be with the main character’s shadow to carry the movie. And she cannot bring in big bucks at the box-office unless she’s with Jim Carrey or Ben Stiller who can draw people.

  96. 96
    JM Says:

    Maniston made the top 100, coming in as 99. How she did that I will never know. JA is the top ugliest woman in Hollywood.Angelina Jolie tops them all.

  97. 97
    poor vv Says:

    JA shouldn’t have made no list, she looks to much like a man. Every pic I see of her, she is aging by the day. This movie the Break-up will bomb like all the rest of her crap.

  98. 98
    ja is fugly Says:

    Jenn is looking old and worned in all these pics, too. The sun and drugs have ruined her skin.She has never been pretty, just homely.I agree Angelina Jolie, looks better than any of these ladies.

  99. 99
    lidsay fan Says:


  100. 100
    girl Says:

    don’t yu guys ever get tired of abusing and criticising yu know what guys . you all sit down there at your computers what really do you gain from all this or morrever what is the point ,look whetther this film makes it or not really at the end of the day how does it affect you i guess in noway and yu know what guys , jen that yu keep on abusing and criticising as enough money to last her a life time she is doing all this because she wants to prove her range and she will whether yu think she loooks like a man/ fugly or whther yu think she is a *****, and vince a bi-sexual how stupid really can your criticisms get i wish them the best and at the end of the day that is what will keep them going not your abuses not the lists that are made and certainly not how much their films make in the box-office , and i say this once again beauty is in the eye of the beholder and not in the eye of a magazine and certainly not in the eyes of the people whom hate you . Derailed and her other films have failed recently name one person in hollywood whom has never made more than three flops and i will name a good no whom have . jen has a lot to prove and she knows that is why she said i will wait as long as it takes and that to me is someone whom knows her failures and refuses to give up.yu go jen it is not how long it takes but how well it ends.

  101. 101
    LL Says:

    Lol, 99. Angelina Jolie won the most beautiful woman, again. Get your info right.Maniston shouldnt made any list, but the ugly list.

  102. 102
    just me Says:

    Jenny made the list? Her PR paid big bucks to pull that one off. Jenny is the most ugliest and untalented lady in the movies.This movie the Break-up will crash and burn-like all of her movies do.100-Angelina Jolie has never made a bad movie. Dream on.

  103. 103
    pp Says:

    Lmao. All that sun and drugs got JA bumped way down on the list. (shocked she even made the list)Aniston is getting uglier and crazier by the day.LL looks a lot better than Maniston ever did.

  104. 104
    100-is so wrong Says:

    100-Apparently you dont keep up with the stars. JA has never made a good movie or show in her life.Angelina Jolie-Pitt has never made a BAD movie in her life. You dont win Oscars for bad acting.Congrats to Angelina for winning the most beautiful woman in the world. Peoples Choice.

  105. 105
    cjniqo Says:

    thanks for yours comments, they are so smart and so true. They are precious for me, thanks everyone fot post this comments on this subject. Thanks jj for the pics and this blog.

  106. 106
    jessie Says:

    I think she is very attractive; the first thing you notice on her is how pretty her eyes are. The people that criticize other people on their looks defiantly need to take a look in the mirror because NOBODY IN THIS WORLD IS ALL THAT everybody has their own faults, including me.

  107. 107
    Too much media Says:

    #91 Alicia your right. The reason most people dont like her movies is because of over exposure. Im a huge fan of Aniston, therefore can see her as an actress, other people (like the people on this site) only see Maniston, BP’s ex-wife. You cant really say her movies suck when you are blinded by the media.,,, they all hate Aniston and offcourse that is going to effect those people who werent partial to her before the seperation/divorce. I think if it was a different actress in JA’s spot, people would be singing a different tune.

  108. 108
    baby Says:

    angelina has never made a bad movie alexander.taking lives enoughjsaid .she has won an oscar so has hilary swank oops sorry not one but two and was recently nominated for a third one and yes they are the same age jen has never made a good movie well you would have to and check a( good girl, bruce almighty ) and yes she has won a golden globe an emmy an actors guild award just to name a few go and tell the people whom gave her she was not worht it just get a lifre people whether you liked friends or not i guess really does notmatter it had an average viewing of 20 million and it is still being shown in in over fourty countries how many films get to archieve that. i love jen sorry guys nothing really can make me hate her no mtter how you abuse me or criticise her she is no saint well guess neither are you all .

  109. 109
    NO one can act Says:

    #104, I can name five bad movies Angie made- Alexander- Sky Captin and the world of tomorrow- Gia- Original Sin- Girl, InterruptedIf you want to compare acting, JA wins it but as for looks, I have to admit AJ is hot. JA should stick to Rachel Green and fashion & AJ should stick to saving starving children and magazine spreds.

  110. 110

    Your idol Jen chin chin acording to ET tonight was separated at birth with Ms. Barabara striensand they both have same ugly chin, eyes too close,same ugly jaw line and oh my… that ugly nose!

  111. 111
    Hmmmmm Says:

    #105 / cjniqoThank you for thanking us for our comments. It is so nice and kind. It means a lot to us. Thank you for thanking us for our posts on this subject. Thanks for thanking jj for the pix and the blog.#107 Before you blame JJ, Perezhilton, Dlisted, blame the weekly rags like Intouch, Life and Style, Star, Celebrity living. Blame Bazaar, VF and all the other mags that the woman posed. She’s everywhere and reruns of friends isn’t helping. She needs a break, she needs a vacation, she needs to disappear for while.

  112. 112
    Mattie Says:

    How can anyone say she’s not attractive? Have they not eyes to see? Those who are critizing her are JEALOUS Mangie lovers who get off running her down. Get over your ugly selves! Move on. She’s with Vince and they look happy to me. She’ll always be more decent, honest and upstanding than Mangy.

  113. 113
    uhmmmm Says:

    #111, then I also blame all media out there. The magazine covers were to promote movies which all stars do, but the blogs and weekly rags are over exposing her. Those are ones she can’t help being in. But I agree, she does need to take a break for awhile, but will that work. I was hoping since Angie left thecountry we would get a break from her and Brad, but, thier faces are still plastered all over the media.

  114. 114

    Maniston lover, don’t blame ANGELINA JOLIE & BRAD PITT the world’s sexiest family.Tell your idol to shut her mouth from VF, to Ophra, Jay Leno ,to Vogue, ET,Access Holywood, HP and not just to promote movies but to milk on her PITY PARTY to all the news outlets, to anyone who will listen including shouting at the ocean well , guest what she over exposed herself and the PITY PARTY is over!People are interested in A list Holywood actresses having babies! like REESE, ANGELINA,GWENET, KATE HUDSON, even KATIE HOLMES I can go on the list is endless , that what ‘s hip right now. so tell your idol to reinvent herself she is became a bore!

  115. 115
    Hmmmmm Says:

    #109You are hillarious. Thank you for showing us what crappy judge you are. Let’s see Jenjen in the role of Gia, it gonna go like this Jen – whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, everybody hates me! Urggggg! (Arms flailing, mouth twitched to the side, eyebrows furrowed, nostrils flared)Let’s see Jen in the role of the queen in AlexanderJenjen – Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Everybody hates me. Uggggggggg! (Arms flailing, mouth twitched to the side, eyebrows furrowed, nostrils flared)Jen in Girl InterruptedJenjen – Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Everybody hates me. Ughhhh. (Arm flailing, mouth twitched to the side, eyebrows furrowed, nostrils flared.)Jen in Original SinPress Release from Production CompanyBecause the leading lady has no sex appeal this movie has been scrapped. We apologize for any inconvinience this may have caused. Thank you.Jen in Sky Captain and the world of Tommorow.Alright, I give you this one. This was a terrible movie but remember she wasn’t the lead, Paltrow and Law were. For the heck of it, let see Jenjen in this roleJen – Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! He doesn’t like me. Ughhhhhhh! (Arms flailing, mouth twitiched to the side, eyebrow furrowed causing the eyepatch to keep falling off, movie director yells cut, wardrobe runs to fix it, Director yells action, eyebrows furrowed, patch falls, director cuts, wardrobe, director actios, furrowed, patch falls, cut, wardrobe, Action, furrowed, patch falls, cut, wardrobe, action, furrowed, director drops his mike, picks up sharp object and stabs himself in the heart. Production company looks for new director, all directors decline offer even for more money. Production company gives statementPress Release from Production CompanyDue to lack of acting skills from leading lady which cause the director to kill himself, this movie will not be made. We are very, very sorry for subjecting and living being to such terrible acting. We mean it, from the buttom of our hearts we are sorry. To prove this we are giving $10 to anyone who can prove they suffered from Jenjen’s acting. Everybody comes out of the woodwork, Production company give and gives and gives and finally files for bankruptcy.

  116. 116
    blamer Says:

    NO wonder die heart Aniston fan like Chin-chin,they all have the characteristic – BLAME EVERYONE EXCEPT HERSELF.

  117. 117
    piyutra Says:

    Jen looks pretty in those pics.Anyway, I’m not interested to see this movie even on DVD ! And I luvv Angie! he he :D

  118. 118
    Sheila Says:

    She’s adorable in these pictures! Love her and Vince. Can’t wait to see the movie.

  119. 119
    ashley Says:

    I am a huge Brad Pitt fan, and I can’t help but think that Brad would hate his fans being so hard on Jennifer, he loved her, he married her, and I’m sure he still has feelings for her. You can’t not after so long together.. She is pretty, and I’m sure a lovely person, it just didn’t work out.. Now Brad has Angelina and she is pregnant with his baby, I’m sure Jennifer has nightmares about what could have been.. Can’t we just give her a bit of a break? I know if I had Brad and lost him, life would be unbearable and now so much anyomosity towards her, just because she’s not Brad’s love? I don’t get.. Can’t we all just get along ! ….

  120. 120
    Cathy Says:

    I’m not going to see this movie. Not because Jennifer. Although I don’t like her any more, I used to like her. But I don’t think Vince as funny as people would give him the credits. He actually lost touch of me. I don’t even think the role he acted in Mr. & Mrs. Smith funny. I feel Adma was even funnier than him in that movie. Anyway, I’ll save my 10 bucks this time.

  121. 121
    correction Says:

    I am shocked she made it to the top 100. She is not sexy nor pretty. She looks much older since Brad dumped her. # 76 | anon —————————As I recall Jen dumped Brad, and perhaps it was because he’s not trustworthy,

  122. 122
    Vene Says:

    # 17 is it me or does it seem she always seems to breathing through her nose like she puffing. Like when someone gets angry and they go hmmmph! and blow out their nose. she looks that all the time. lol. i know it’s wierd, but it really does look like that in alot of her pics, even in candid pics.Just wondering?EXACTLY!I know that expression. It’s the sort used by people who think they are sexy and pretty and entitled but not getting as much adoration as they would like.

  123. 123
    goose/gander Says:

    don’t get you people–you call VV gay or bisexual like it’s a bad thing, but those of you who are also whorshipping at the feet of brangelina then act like Jolie’s behavior is totally acceptable to you. Say it with me now people: double standards.Plus there’s far less evidence that it’s true of Vince–and plenty of evidence including Jolie’s own statements that it’s true of her.What’s UP with that?

  124. 124
    goose/gander Says:

    don’t get you people–you call VV gay or bisexual like it’s a bad thing, but those of you who are also whorshipping at the feet of brangelina then act like Jolie’s behavior is totally acceptable to you. Say it with me now people: double standards.Plus there’s far less evidence that it’s true of Vince–and plenty of evidence including Jolie’s own statements that it’s true of her.What’s UP with that?

  125. 125
    goose/gander Says:

    don’t get you people–you call VV gay or bisexual like it’s a bad thing, but those of you who are also whorshipping at the feet of brangelina then act like Jolie’s behavior is totally acceptable to you. Say it with me now people: double standards.Plus there’s far less evidence that it’s true of Vince–and plenty of evidence including Jolie’s own statements that it’s true of her.What’s UP with that?

  126. 126
    Vene Says:

    # 17 is it me or does it seem she always seems to breathing through her nose like she puffing. Like when someone gets angry and they go hmmmph! and blow out their nose. she looks that all the time. lol. i know it’s wierd, but it really does look like that in alot of her pics, even in candid pics.Just wondering?EXACTLY!I know that expression. It’s the sort used by people who think they are sexy and pretty and entitled but not getting as much adoration as they would like.

  127. 127
    ashley Says:

    I’m a huge Jennifer Aniston fan, and I can’t help but think that Jennifer would hate her fans being so hard on Brad, she loved him, she married him, and I’m sure she still loves him to death. You can’t drag Brad’s name in mud to think that’ll be the only way to be kind to Jennifer. He is a good man, a good parent, and I’m sure a lovely person. It just didn’t work out. Now Brad has Angelina and she is pregnant with his baby, I’m sure although Jennifer has regretted and heart broken, but she must be glad to know that Brad is happy now. Can’t we just give our idol a bit of break to be a bit nice to her ex? I know I had Brad and lost him, life would be unbearable and now so much hatred to him from Jennifer’s fans, just because he’s not Jennifer’s current love? I don’t get it…. Can’t we all just get along?

  128. 128
    HUH to hmmmm.... Says:

    TO # 115 | Hmmmmm – oh no doubt about it–Jolie IS Gia and was perfect for her sociopatic role in Girl Interrupted. BUT…are you actually bragging about that? Truly I don’t think Jen or her fans would want her to be type-cast that way.

  129. 129
    fed up with St. J Says:

    I’m also a Brad fan, I don’t like the way she handle her divorce making Brad looking like a cad. Yes , they have been 7yrs together, Brad treated her well all this year, why didn’t she admit it , that the marraige just didn’t work. and stop blaming Brad. lovely person ? no I don’t think so. after finishing her 3-4 flop movies, she had around 3-4 project going on, 2 sign before her divorce and 2 from plan B project. Is this the woman who said she want to start a family ASAP obviously she is a big fraud.

  130. 130
    HUH to hmmmm.... Says:

    TO # 115 | Hmmmmm – oh no doubt about it–Jolie IS Gia and was perfect for her sociopatic role in Girl Interrupted. BUT…are you actually bragging about that? Truly I don’t think Jen or her fans would want her to be type-cast that way.

  131. 131
    It's 2006 Says:

    TO # 132 | fed up with St. J – plenty of women can balance both family and carerr and I think Jen Aniston would have done so if that had been what she wanted. Just because you think having Brad’s babies is the best thing that could ever happen to any woman, doesn’t mean every other woman in the world has to agree.I have never thought Brad was all of THAT. Hot body in Thelma and Louise maybe, but that’s been ages ago.

  132. 132
    claire Says:

    # 62 | Jude "I predict that next year, she’ll be #32465."Haha, that’s really funny!

  133. 133
    to HUH Says:

    131 | HUH to hmmmmAniston fans want her to stay as RACHEL forever.A true Actress should challenge every role comin it.

  134. 134
    Brad IS a CAD Says:

    to #132 – Brad is a cad. Enough said.

  135. 135
    Anonymous Says:

    T #137-Jen is a fraud,that womb will NEVER be used.

  136. 136
    Brad wearing thin Says:

    # 98 | ja is fugly – you want to see old and worn, take a look at a few photos of Brad that are not airbrushed. And HE was photographed coming out of a plastic surgeons office last year following a few "injections" He’s gonna need to keep that pretty boy look going on as long as he can. Jen Aniston is well rid of the likes of Brad the Cad.

  137. 137
    to 114 and 115 Says:

    #114, if you read my post clearly, I wasn’t blaming AJ and BP, I was saying that I was hoping to stop seeing their faces but the MEDIA keeps putting them in the mags. I don’t doubt that you can read but I do doubt your comprehension skills. Oh and seriously, KATIE HOLMES! I can see what kind of taste you have. #115, I didn’t fully read your post, its too boring like your idol AJ. Ofcourse JA wouldn’t do well in those movies. The characters have to have sex appeal, which clearly Angie does, but that’s where it stops, no acting skills just sex appeal.

  138. 138
    Jen's so Cute Says:

    NOT being on the Maxim list AT ALL would really not be such a dishonorable thing. Think about it. Really. Jen looks very cute in these pix.

  139. 139
    bellebee Says:

    # 136 | to HUH – both actresses are equally typecast .So if I were going to be percieved as either Rachel or Gia, I would pick Rachel hands down any day of the week. Period.

  140. 140
    oscara Says:

    who has an oscar…puhlease acting skills? the answer is pretty obvious here.

  141. 141
    Not sure Says:

    Didnt she win it for GIA, in 1998?

  142. 142
    gigi Says:

    Whether or not Maxim voted her sexy doesn’t matter to me — I love Vince’s movies usually but I’m hesitant to see this one b/c she’s in it. She just annoys me for some reason…

  143. 143
    Pandy Says:

    Vince is hilarious. Im gonna see it. opening day too.

  144. 144
    briseis Says:

    # 142 | Not sure | May 17, 2006 12:29 PMAngelina won her Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Girl Interrupted in the 2000 ceremonies.

  145. 145

    #137 I was not referring to you at all, I am not KATIE HOLMES’s fan, nope simply I mention that EVEN her gave birth. While Jen commited fraud by stringing along BP with the so called promise to have a family that never happened.Do not bother responding because I am out of here!

  146. 146
    Simple Math from Hmmmmm Says:

    Truly I don’t think Jen or her fans would want her to be type-cast that way. # 130 | HUH to hmmmm…. You’d rather have her typecasted as a whiny, brainless, self centered spoilt little rich girl. Nice going fans. Tell her that so she won’t torture us again with movies like DERAILED. You know why it failed?Stick to the fluffy roles JenJen, leave the meaty roles to real actresses.# 137 | to 114 and 115 Okay AJ = Sex Apeal, No ActingJA = No Sex Apeal, No Acting, No Personality, No Intelligence, No Articulation, No Self Esteem, I would pick Rachel hands down any day of the week. Period. # 139 | bellebee |And get BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORED Senseless.

  147. 147
    neenee Says:

    #115 that was funny!!!!!

  148. 148
    88 Says:

    JJ I’m sick of these JA posts stop posting about her even if they are negative ones. She is so BORING and yeah I want her to disappear..

  149. 149
    88 Says:

    How the hell is JenJen still getting movie parts. She sucks in every single role. She’s too damn ugly to be a silver screen movie star. Her facial features are very unforgiving on the big screen. Go away already… She can’t act, her facial expressions consist of furrowing brows, opening eyes in a surprised way, frowning with the lips, irregular facial twitching, neuroticness. I hope the break up flops so we never get to see JenJen in movies again.

  150. 150
    Hmmmmm Says:

    88Now, now don’t ask JJ to stop posting JA’s pictures. What will we do for fun and who will we mockBritney Ya’all are mah fans Spears. Way too easy.Jessica my boobs are bigger than my brain Simpson – pick on the dumdum.Katie I sold my soul to the devil and all I got was 40mill Holmes – One dimensional.But Jenjen, the sky is the limit.Can’t act but wants to actCan’t sing but wants to singIsn’t pretty but thinks she is37 yrs old but acts like 17 and thinks like 7Doesn’t take responsibilities for her shitBrings out the devil in her fansThrows the best and longest Pity party ever – 15 months and counting.I can go on but I’m sure you catch my driftGirls just wanna have fun.

  151. 151
    Bwahahahah Says:

    #150 YOU ARE SO effing FUNNY!!! I mean that in the right way.

  152. 152
    anonymous Says:

    one day your beloved angelina will hit the road very hard with her so high raised profile as philanthropist.i just cannot stand this one sided support of brangelina on this side.just jared gets boring

  153. 153
    Rica Says:

    If you want to compare acting, JA wins it but as for looks, I have to admit AJ is hot. JA should stick to Rachel Green and fashion & AJ should stick to saving starving children and magazine spreds.# 109 | NO one can act I must step in:What exactly do you consider a good movie? Popcorn fluff?Aniston has made a slew of BAD movies. Angelina has made a few bad movies but a LOT of good ones as well. Gia and Girl Interruptedbeing two of them! You see they were good movies and she was so good in them that she was given A Golden Globe for both and An Oscar for one. I don’t think Jen can say the same. As for Alexander Oliver Stone, one of Hollywood’s legendary director’s, thought enough of Angelina’s talents to cast her. I don’t see him hunting down Jennifer and let’s not forget the two Tomb Raiders that grossed well over the $300 million mark. Aniston will never see numbers like this. And while I believe "The Break Up" will probably be her biggest box office total to date, I doubt she and Vince will see the $500 million(not including DVD sales which brought its totals to $586 million) mark that Mr. and Mrs. Smith has made and is still adding to (Unrated will be released in June).So as far as whose the better actress goes, Angelina wins hands down, especially since she’s acquired 3 Golden Globes, an Oscar, 2 SAG awards, a Broadcast Film Critics Association Award, a Fantasy & Horror Films award, 2 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, National Board of Review award, Golden Satellite Award, and a ShoWest Award.And before you go there, we know Jennifer has won her share of awards, but the point is she hasn’t won an Oscar or received an Oscar nomination and in Hollywood those two ranks are what counts Oh and Angelina received all her awards by the age of 25 and as of 2005 you can add another award, one I doubt Aniston will ever strive to achieve for:Humanitarian of the Year.Now who’s the better actress?

  154. 154
    ????? Says:

    one day your beloved angelina will hit the road very hard with her so high raised profile as philanthropist.i just cannot stand this one sided support of brangelina on this side.just jared gets boring # 153 | anonymous THEN WHY ARE YOU HERE???If you can’t stand the one-sided support of Angelina on an Angelina site/ thread then LEAVE!! Go to another site where there are others who have as negative an opinion of her as you do.Then you’ll feel right at home. What’s your deal with Angelina’s humanitarian efforts? At least she helping or would you feel more justified if she just sat on her ass and did nothing? Then you could really *****!Please! Her efforts are helping those in need. Exactly what do you find so damn bad about that?

  155. 155
    lookwhaticando Says:

    152 – Your post was so retarted, that I know way of even responding.

  156. 156
    Iced Nips Says:

    Was this contest using already designated women and you had to rank or pick one. That would mean she was given a gift by being put on the list. She is defintely losing her status regardless of her lack of talent and looks.Her current Friends w/Money has estimates on Mojo instead of actuals, that usually denotes doing poorly. I can’t imagine this one doing poorly with this cast, but VV is playing the same old character too, ought to give the teeny bopper fangirls hours of Clueless watching.

  157. 157
    lookwhaticando Says:

    150 Hmmmmmmm – I agree, its fun poking fun at X, I mean, if she had not been such a diry liar, i would not have anything against her. but once she went after Brad and Ang, it was on.

  158. 158
    fan Says:

    couldn’t help but comment. I understand that some of you really hate but should get you facts straight.Movies: JolieOriginal Sin Budget: 35 milion Worldwide Total: 42 million (+7 mill more than budget)Beyond Borders Budget: 35 mil (with clive) Worldwide: 11 million (-14 million)Alexander Budget: 155 million Worldwide: 167,300 million (+12 million)Aniston:Derailed Budget: 22 million (with clive) Worldwide: 57 million (+15 million)Along Came Polly Budget: 42 million worldwide: 171 million (+121 Million)Friends with Money Budget: 6 million USA (not world yet) 11 millionIn terms of dollars aniston way ahead until Jolie and Pitt teamed up. I think it was all about pitt. Since Aniston can make money expect to see a lot more of her unless she decides not.

  159. 159
    oscara Says:

    Hmm so in other words, if pitt wasn’t with aniston then her past movies wouldve tanked too?

  160. 160
    Be sane Says:

    # 158 | fanNice biased list. Where is Lara Croft.

  161. 161
    Iced Nips Says:

    Yoo Hoo Fan, Stiller was the draw on along came Polly, just like Jim Carrey was for Almighty. Angelina has OSCARs, for cripes sakes grow-up and take off the rose colored glasses.

  162. 162
    lol Says:

    WTH aniston doesnt even act in along came polly and bruce almighty. It reached such success NOT BECAUSE OF HER. She only has about 5 % scene in those. If you wanna be fair why not compare the movies where these two woman are the leading lady.

  163. 163
    Hmmmm Says:

    # 158 / FanHe he he he, do you work for the Federal Govt? You do well with half truths and misdirection. Paging the Congress, you’ll do very well in that environment.

  164. 164
    BeLinDa Says:

    # 158 | fan You forgot Tomb Raider 1 & 2, Pushing Tin, Girl, Interrupted, and Gia you idiot! And mind you, Angelina HEADLINES. She’s on the friggin’ MARQUEE. Aniston is a SUPPORTING actress (if you can call her that). The films that did well, were because she was the sidekick, not the focus. IDIOT!

  165. 165
    D Says:

    # 158 | fan What a biased comparison! Aniston was never in the same league of Jolie’s, who was and is a HW A-List, while Aniston is only a TV star. She’s been trying to make fuss on Big screen. However, you know what she’s got so far? Derailed, Rumor Has it, … all bumped!

  166. 166
    aniston bored me Says:


  167. 167
    88 Says:

    I hate seeing Jennifer Aniston’s face and hearing Jennifer Aniston’s name she’s so annoying. He face is just too ugly for movies. She can’t act, and is very unlikable. Don’t studios realise that yet?

  168. 168
    oh come on! Says:

    JA plays the same character in every movie. Boring. She’s getting way too old for the coy Rachel stuff. She’ll never have a real movie career and had better start lining up tv parts. Better yet, she should count her money and retire!

  169. 169
    viva brangelina Says:

    MMS made about $476 mil world wide. Angie is 1000X better than the fugly maniston. that chin must go away from the silver screen. FAN is an idiot!!

  170. 170
    insignificant Says:

    laughing aloud. I didn’t realised that JA was in Bruce Almighty. I watched it because of Carrey. Too funny finding out she was in that movie ..she was so transparent … like a fly hoovering past . Anyway, most of her movies have very weak story line , either that or she is not impressionable. I can’t nail anything "outstanding" or significant about her roles in any of her movie.

  171. 171
    flychinchin Says:

    fly hoovering past indeed. she kept the same hair style in every movie, just by seeing the posters made me bored already.

  172. 172
    lullaby Says:

    # 158 | fan Sorry to burst your bubble, Derail, RHI, FWM was consider boxoffice failure from the HW critique. Film budget for FWM was only 6 million? but didn’t Jen earn 9 million per film ? and to inform you, Aniston does not had international market unlike her ex. her film in foreign market prove worse than the domestic one.

  173. 173
    toBeLinDa Says:

    # 164 | BeLinDa I want to add Bone collector with Danzel Washington and the one with Nicholas Cage.(I forget the movie title) those two movies were consider hit, make more than 100 million in domest market. and Angelina was good on both role from movie critique.

  174. 174
    Hmmmmm Says:


  175. 175
    Doll Says:

    Gosh, I really hope this movie will do well, because when I was looking at the faces that Jen was doing during the movie premiere of FWM, I remember saying to myself: "If this movie bombs, this woman is going to have a nervous "COMPLETLY" breakdown." I’m sorry, even if it is an indie movie, FWM is not doing good at all, because the producers were counting on Jen "starpower" to bring the audiance. Also, I think that the word "Friends" was a way to attract all the Friends fanatics to the theatre. So, the movie did bomb and Jen didn’t have a nervous breakdown.Even though I just adore BAMZ + 1, I have anything against a woman who is doing the impossible to be successful in her career. But, I just saw the trailer and, I don’t think this movie is funny at all. Nothing new and, actually, no one in the theatre really laugh during the preview. But, who knows, maybe it will be a huge hit, but I really doubt it. Right now, I’m sorry, but SHE REALLY NEEDS a huge hit.What’s even worst is that there are buzzes for Oscar noms for both Brad and Angie upcomming movies. If they do (BOTH) get nomminated, Jen will definitely have the nervous breakdown. But, recently, everytime I’ve been looking at her pics (not photoshoped pics), but like the ones in the previous thread (The Arquette thread), I started to think that, emotionally, Jen is not doing well at all. If you’re a true fan of her, you won’t deny it. She needs help and, the best way to get this help is go away and grieve. Maybe she’s actually having a nervous breakdown in front of us. Ithink, right now, she should just quit acting for a while and come back with a HIT. But, she kept doing those back to back movies, which is not good at all for a girl who is not YET considered as a good actress. Come on, RHI’ Derailed, FWM, and TBU in less than a year! That’s what we called overexposure and, the sad thing is, none of them were hit.

  176. 176
    look at the facts Says:

    I just couldn’t not respond. I realize that people have very stong feelings but look at the facts. Here are some figures about movies these two have made. The budget includes advertising as well as movie making costs. Off Box office mojo rounded off figures.Angelina: Alexander Budget: 195 million Worldwide: 167 millionSky captin Budget: 195 million Worldwide: 57 millionTaking lives Budget: 70 million Worldwide: 65 millionBeyond Borders Budget: 50 million Worldwide: 11With these movies gorss the figures are negative about 120 million. Every movie made less than it cost. JenniferFriends With Money Budget 6 million USA 11 milliionDerailed Budget $22 Worldwide: 57 millionAlong Came Polly Budget: 67 million Worldwide: 171 millionThe Good Girl Budget: 13 million Worldwide: 16 millionTotal movies positive 117 millionNotice that the movies that each did with Clive Owen Jennifer’s movie grossed 57 million worldwide (derailed) and Angie’s movie grossed 11 million worldwide (beyond borders).I know that Angie has won an oscar and good for her. But so far that has not translated into cold hard cash. Now with Brad on board things may go better for her. But be aware that it’s all about her status with Brad. Angie could not do this alone!Expect to see alot more of Jennifer as she makes money!

  177. 177
    Doll Says:

    To # 176 | look at the facts Wow, darling you are really good with the facts. With your Jen facts, I see almost all Jen’s films, but with Angie I fell to see MAMS, Shark Tales, The Lara Crofts, and so on! Sorry, but I just couldn’t not respond!!!!

  178. 178
    Doll Says:

    Gosh, I just hope that people will stop comparing these two ladies. Get over yourselves now! NOW!

  179. 179


  180. 180
    Steve Says:

    Who the hell cares what the so called "facts" are. I like her, she’s adorable and that’s one fact you can count on!

  181. 181
    Wendy Says:

    I notice that your "facts" don’t contain the amounts that Mangy did Nationwide, just worldwide. Most ppl here in the states can’t stand that woman, and know without any doubt MANGY CANNOT ACT! She’s so lousy I can’t stand to sit through one of her movies and if she’s not taking her clothes off and ******** someone no one wants to see it. Unless of course, someone like Pitt is also starring in it and carries it for her. Poor pitiful Mangy. Maybe she should get with her Dad who is a wonderful actor and get some tips, oh but, she won’t talk to the poor guy even though he BEGS her. She’s a cold heartless ******.

  182. 182
    black Says:

    Oh my god this is sooo funny!!Great chemistry?…….hahahaI mean of course! Why not…..just look at them!Jen is so good-looking…..a natural beauty……how can this go untoticed by anyone?And on the other hand you have Vince.He doesn´t really have a sixpack…..but he´s close to it.I really see it!They are the next BIG thing!!I mean compared to them Brad and Angelina are nothing!……..right?

  183. 183
    George W Bush Says:

    #176 Look at the facts"I just couldn’t not respond. I realize that people have very stong feelings but look at the facts. Here are some figures about movies these two have made. The budget includes advertising as well as movie making costs. Off Box office mojo rounded off figures.Angelina:"The Bone Collector: production cost 73m, Worldwide profits 151.5mGone in 60 Seconds: Prod cost 90m WW profits 237.2mLara Croft 1: Prod Cost 115m WW profits 274.5mLara Croft 2: Prod Cost 95m WW profits 156.5mShark Tale: Prod Cost 75m WW profits 363.5mMr and Mrs Smith: Prod Cost 110m WW profits 478.5mTaking lives: Prod Cost 45, WW profits 65.4mGirl Interrupted: Prod Cost 40 WW profits 48.3mAlexander: Prod cost 155m WW profits 167mIn just 8 films, Angelina made $1.942 BILLION from a total production cost of $798m.Oops, it looks like #176 Look at the facts and #158 fan seem to have left a few off Angelina’s list. If you are going to engage in this sort of stupid comparisons, you should at least be unbiased and not just select the facts which agree with your case. This sort of comparisons are stupid because frankly, both actresses have merit and talent. Both actresses have had their bombs and their successes. Some times one or the other of them have been unfairly blamed for a failure or credited with a success (for example in Sky Captain, Angelina’s role in that was quite small and she would not be the reason why the movie tanked. Similarly, IMO, Jennifer’s role in Friends with Money is as part of an ensemble, so she cannot be held accountable for that movie not doing well)When you start to select the facts and present those that suits you as the truth, you engage in a Orwellian type of dishonesty. At a smaller scale, you destroy reputations, cause misunderstandings and can hurt people.On a national scale, well, let me point to President George W Bush who did precisely that, engage in selective hearing and remembering. That’s why he said that there were definitely weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and WHY HE THOUGHT THE LEVIES WOULD NOT BE BREACHED IN NEW ORLEANS. That’s why this post is named after him.

  184. 184
    jessie Says:

    Sitcoms are the most popular type of programming on the most influential medium in history and have had a major impact on how we think and what we think about. Television is a cultural reference point for most of us, a type of shorthand that makes it easy to carry on a conversation. Columnist Ellen Goodman wrote that to those born since the baby boom of the late ‘40s, “All history begins with television.” We compare ourselves to those on TV, we change how we dress and cut our hair and talk based on the latest television trend. Viewers pick up catch phrases and turn them into sidesplitting party parodies that in turn become part of our culture. “Not,” as Jerry Seinfeld would say, “that there’s anything wrong with that!”TV’S 20 MOST INFLUENTIAL SITCOMS(Detailed explanations are included in the book)1. I LOVE LUCY 2. ALL IN THE FAMILY 3. MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW 4. M*A*S*H 5. THE COSBY SHOW 6.THE **** VAN **** SHOW 7. SEINFELD 8. CHEERS 9. THE SIMPSONS 10. THE HONEYMOONERS 11. THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW12. THE BRADY BUNCH 13. THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES 14. LEAVE IT TO BEAVER 15. FRIENDS 16. GILLIGAN’S ISLAND 17. ROSEANNE 18. FAMILY TIES 19. THE BOB NEWHART SHOW 20. TAXII believe this says it all. Awards really don’t mean that much, nobody really remebers who won what ^^^

  185. 185
    Debbie Says:

    jennifer is hot. pure and simple. the woman is gorgeous.-what i cant understand is why she is with the lump that is VV? …i know the guys is funny – but ew.

  186. 186
    piyutra Says:

    # 184 | jessie Don’t forget that "the most influential" you said, just happens in US ONLY !!! The above list, didn’t mean anything for the rest of the world.

  187. 187
    Hmmmmmm Says:

    # 184 | jessie Hey, that’s cool. TV is influential. Then tell your JenJen to stick to TV. Tell her to stop with the movies. Her fans want her on TV, we don’t want on the big screen. Workable Solution for everyone. Nope, You Jenjen believes she’s meant for the silver screen. JenJen for SITCOMJenjen For SITCOMJenjen for SITCOMNow that’s a Campaign I’m wholeheartedly behind. Come on, let’s join hands and turn this into a reality. Who’s with me? JessieJessJess?I notice that your "facts" don’t contain the amounts that Mangy did Nationwide, just worldwide. Most ppl here in the states can’t stand that woman# 181 | Wendy Now, Now Wendy, remember what we talked about the last time you came in for a session? The three people in your head do not represent the whole country. I know you think one is the president, the other is the vice-president and the last is the rest of the country but we talked about it. These are the people you made up to support your JenJen, they exist only for you and no one else, okay. AgainThree – Not the whole countryThree – Imaginery JenJen Supporters ClubGet it? Atta Girl!

  188. 188
    ShellR Says:

    Thank you for those pictures! Mwah!

  189. 189
    ShellR Says:

    Thank you for those pictures! Mwah! ~ Vince Vaughn Fansite!

  190. 190
    jessie Says:

    (187) Hmmmm, you are missing my “POINT” some people on this thread continue to compare AJ winning awards with Jen what my point is awards do not mean anything to anybody in the real world besides actors/actress. I don’t go to see a movie just because that actor/actress won an award I go to see a movie because either:1) Someone else saw the movie and thought it was good2) I like the actor/actress who is playing in the movie (whether they won an award or not I really don’t care)Hmmm sorry you TWISTED my meaning. It appears you are very good at that.

  191. 191
    fiona Says:

    I just hope the comparison stops, Angelina is way ahead of Jennifer, in which way you look at it. Beautywise, sexiness, (Jennifer has never been no 1 in any most beautiful and the sexiest polls, the public does not vote for her at all) Angie’s got the Brad now, Jennifer has the fatso ugly Vince, Angie is the most popular female movie star now, Jennifer is still a TV star struggling to be a movie star, Angie has an Oscar, SAG, Golden Globes, Jennifer has awards for Friends only. Angie is in Premiere Mag’s Hollywood Most powerful 2006 list, Jennifer is not. Angie is UN Ambassador and has a Humanitarian award, Jennifer is an ambassador of the Gay hairstylists (just kidding). Angie is only 30 years old whilst Jennifer is almost 40 years old and to top it all, Angie is going to have Brad’s baby very soon, and jennifer, well maybe next year she will have Vince’s baby. So, its very clear, Angie is a runaway winner, there is no comparison. Their only link is Brad and that’s it. Angie should be compared to the likes of Julia robert, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, in terms of accomplishments and beauty.

  192. 192
    Hmmmmm Says:

    # 190 / JessieJessieJessJess, I love this name. It goes very well with JenJen. Anyway quiet frankly, I’m missing your whole point. Why did you bring up the list of Influential TV, if it isn’t to give JenJen some merits? The way I see it, there are actors who are meant for TV and those who are meant for silver screen. Your JenJen is one of the former. Getting down to the basics, how many actors from your list have made it on the silver screen? It’s a very low percentage but they ARE wonderful actors/Actresses. They do well on TV. It’s also the same thing with Silver screen Actors/Actresses, How many of them have made it on small screen? Very little. Everyone finds their niche and sticks to it.JenJen – Wonderful TV actress? YES as long as it’s an ensemble. Trust me you don’t want her on a show where she’s the lead.JenJen – Wonderful Actress on the Silver Screen? People say it with me – NO. NO. NO. Not even with the best of the bests.185 / Debbie.Hey, take that back. Take it back right now. VV = Eww? Let me tell you something, DebbieDebDeb, VV is a good guy, he is friendly and kind and he’s not caught up in the Hollywood BS. I’ve also wondered what he’s doing with JenJen but I have never once referred to JenJen as Eww. I’d love to but I won’t refer to JenJen as Eww. So TAKE IT BACK.

  193. 193
    jessie Says:

    #192Hmmmm, I read your what you had to say and that is your opinion not everybody feels that way.You remember that old saying “opinion are like a@@holes everybody has one”. No punt intended.

  194. 194
    jessie Says:

    · STARRING:Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Aniston, Joey Lauren Adams, Ann-Margret, Jason Bateman · DIRECTOR(S):Peyton Reed · PRODUCER(S):Vince Vaughn · WRITER(S):Jay Lavender, Jeremy Garelick, Vince Vaughn I did not realize that Vince was the producer and writer. Things that make you go hmmm. I find that interesting. I wish them both good luck.

  195. 195
    Hmmmm Says:

    JessieYou are right, that is my opinion and you also have yours. I guess when it comes down to the core of it, you are no different. That’s cool with me.I knew Vince was the writer and producer of the movie. I love Vince and I think he’s funny, which is why I want everyone to know that if(when) this movie fails, it’s not VV’s fault but your JenJen. Her track record speaks for itself, even great actors couldn’t escape the JenJen effect. Why is that? Things that really make you Hmmm. I find that baffling. Vince, I wish you the best in all your other projects. Let’s face it, BU is a lost cause.

  196. 196
    here we go again Says:

    # 183 | George W Bush great post.# 176 | look at the facts jessie fan:Jennifer is good at what??? Acting in an ensemble cast. she has yet to really carry a film on her own and when given a single costar she tanks.Most of Angelina’s movies, with the exception of Shark Tales, Playing by Heart, Sky Captain (which she appeared in for 15 minutes..not her movie), Tomb Raider 1 & 2; Angelina has always had a single co-star. Jennifer on the other hand has had a majority of costar flops and ensemble blahs. Say what you want about the Clive/Angelina movie vs the Clive/ Jennifer movie, but one set gave a much more powerful performance than the other and it wasn’t the ‘Derailed’ option.All the facts given are great indeed on both sides however JESSIE people do remeber wo wins what in Hollywood. For the rest of her life Angelina will be known as "Academy award winner Angelina Jolie" This is the little introduction that keeps directors like Oliver stone knocking at her door. This keeps production companies offering her, her OWN movies.Jennifer who???? Oooohhh Brad Pitts exwife.see the difference

  197. 197
    Hmmmm Says:

    ^^^^^^JessieJessJess seems to think by ignoring the facts it will go away. Let’s take a look seeVoice over during Previews:Academy Award winner Tom Hanks in ___Academy Award Winner Julia Roberts in __Academy Award Winner Halle Berry in ___Academy Award Winner Denzel Washington in ____Academy Award Winner Gwyneth Paltrow in _____Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon in_____Hmmmm JessieJessJess no one remembers…oh did you mean TV award winners? Why didn’t you say so, of course no one remembers those.

  198. 198
    hmmm is dum Says:

    do you really think that jenjen and jessiejessjess **** is clever? you sound like an idiot.Rock on Jess. Couldn’t agree with you more. Jennifer Aniston came out ahead in the gallop polls for a reason and being on the Maxim Hot 100 list isn’t anything to really strive for now is it? At the end of the day, this is just a list with people like Lindsey Lohan on it, and not Meryl Streep on anything. Who really cares and who will ever remember who was #1 or #100 in a few short weeks.And nothing said or done on or by Just Jared can ever stop me from being a Jen Aniston fan, either.

  199. 199
    jessie Says:

    Hmmmm I have to say you are very funny.. All three of these people Brad, AJ, and Jen are good actor/actress I am not on this thread to compare them. I believe each one of them have talent. They all have their own personal way about them. I don’t feel that one is better then the other. When I think of Jen I don’t think of her as ohhh Brad’s ex I look at her as an individual. Just like if I ever get a divorce I know people wont be saying “oh there goes so and so ex wife. Hmmmm don’t you think that is just ridiculous?

  200. 200
    Hmmmmm Says:

    Jessie (see, not JessieJessJess, indicating I’m holding a white flag). What can I say, you got me with your post..not this one, the one on TB thread. it’s time for evryone to come to the realization that Fans of one person aren’t neccesarily haters of the others. To be honest with you, I liked Jen, I used to think she was cute and all, even after the divorce I felt sorry for her, don’t get me wrong, I love Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie together, but I empathized with her. Then her fans started going on as if her whole life had ended. Women go through divorce everyday and the come out of it, so why the sudden special treatment for Jen? To make matters worse, she seemed to be reveling in the pity, that just nasty. I believe the most sensible thing I’ve read this morning is I believe each one of them have talent. They all have their own personal way about them. I don’t feel that one is better than the other. When I think of Jen I don’t think of her as ooh Brad’s ex. I look at her as an individual.That sums it all up. Jen is her own person, some of her fans don’t see that. They feel now that she’s no longer with Brad, she’s got nothing. Is this because they have no confidence in her abilities? Think about Jessie, isn’t it ridiculous?Out of respect to fans like you (those who actually think) I’ll stop downing her, HOWEVER, I will respond to nasty comments or plain lies. Is that cool?Before I stop there are two things I’ve got to know: Are you Jess and If you are, what mellowed you down.#198Hey, MYOFB okay? Jessie and I have our thing going. So don’t even come in here trying to pull whatever. I swipe her she swipes me. By the way Jessie, nice one on the Opinions – *******. Lmao when I read that. Very insulting but not too overt. Nice, Nice. I’d like to think I was your muse for that.

  201. 201
    Jess Says:

    Hmmmm, no dear she’s not the orginial Jess, who I happen to be by the way. Don’t get all giddy cause you think I’ve mellowed…highly unlikely, especially where you’re concerned and I know who you are despite all the names you use.y

  202. 202
    jessie Says:

    # 200 Hmmmm, No I am not Jess I always called myself Jessie and it burned me up that someone used Jess, I was wondering why you called me JessieJessJess. I actually only go on this site to read up on all three of them. I am finding out a lot of information. One day it would be nice to go on these threads and disucuss the topic not argue over who is a better actor. To be frank the more I read up about AJ the more I admire her for what she is doing, as well as Brad. I have two children and when I read sick things that someone is writing about the baby it just really pisses me off. Personally I really do not understand how anyone or for that matter “ THING” can write something like that and be able to look at themselves in the mirror with respect. I agree with you on responding to nasty comments, just like I will too.

  203. 203
    Murphys law Says:

    # 201 So there is no confusion…OKAY, I will know rename my self. Hmmmm lets see what’s a good name?A name that nobody else is using nor will they ever. Hmm I know Murphys law. I find Murphys law very funny and true.

  204. 204
    Murphys law Says:

    Hmmm I had to laugh at why I picked Murphys law.. I am sitting at my desk and I have a calendar that contains the Murphy’s Law. For this month the Murphy’s Law is “Your previously shy child will find the most inopportune time to demonstrate hi new “vocabulary”! That is soooo true. I remember my daughter while we where in the store told me to spell the word CUP so I did and she got a good laugh as well as everybody else behind me in the line. “ISEEYOUPEE”. I told her that was not nice..

  205. 205
    Jess Says:

    #202 I’ve been coming here since probably Feb. using the name Jess and never have I seen any of your posts under the name Jessie until today, which makes you very suspect to me. Because, you sound like a Brangelina fan coming here to "pretend" to be Jen fan. That’s why "Murphy’s Law" asked if you were actually ME…….Jess. You see she believed you and I certainly don’t. Sorry if it burned you up, but that’s my name, I’ve used it for months, and I’m sticking to it. If anyone should be pissed its’ me, but far be it for me to get into a pissing contest with you. You use "jessie" and I’ll continue using JESS.

  206. 206
    Murphys law Says:

    Opps error she told me to spell the word I cup….

  207. 207
    Murphys law Says:

    ##205 please try to go back to other threads and you will see Jessie.. P.S. by the way I changed my name from Jessie to Murphy’s Law. So really what I am reading from your post is if you are a “TRUE “Jen Fan you cannot like AJ or BP? If you ask me that is ridiculous don’t you agree? Why would anyone pretend to be a Jen Fan anyway if they are not?

  208. 208
    Hmmmm Says:

    ISEEYOUPEEE,Now that is hilarious. Murphy’s Law….well doesn’t sound too optimistic now does it? Or could it a cautionary tactic- Be ready for anything? Hmmmm, gives us something to think about. Well, isn’t this nice, after all our disagreements, which to be quiet honest stems from my belief that you were Jess, we can a truce. In retrospective, I must have been on something to think you were Jess. Your writings were more articulate, less aggressive and with a big does of sanity in them. Good thing you’ve changed your name because I have to tell ya, when people see the name Jess, Psycho, Schizo and abnormal behavior with just a hint of delusions of Grandeur thrown into the mix, is what comes to mind. Remember when I wrote "out of repect to fans like you (who actually think)" did you wonder what I meant, well wonder no more, Jess here is the classic example of the sensless fans I was referring too. It seems like a waste to keep going on about Jess, when we could be talking about something more interesting.. Oh look, a fly just wizzed by, Now THAT is interesting. Anyway, about the name, are u gonna stick to that?

  209. 209
    Hmmmm Says:

    RotflmaoMurphy’s Law, Now do you forgive me for my nastiness? See what I mean. Jess, thanks for not disappointing, glad to know I can always count on your Psychotic behavior anyday.

  210. 210
    Murphys law Says:

    Yes, I am going to keep the name. I realize in these threads people will use your name just to make nasty comments, which I personally really don’t care.

  211. 211
    Murphys law Says:

    Yes, I am going to keep the name. I realize in these threads people will use your name just to make nasty comments, which I personally really don’t care.

  212. 212
    Amee Says:

    Jennifer Aniston should have been in the top 5 because not only does she have Beauty she has smarts , class . sence of humor and great style which is more than most of these women thats in front of her. I cant understand why Angelina Jolie would be in front of her cause it takes more than big lips and long legs. Jennifer Aniston has it all and i think she is better off with out Brad because any man that will leave someone like Jennifer is’nt ant kind of real man at all. So to me Jennifer is number 1 to me and always has and will be. America dos’ent know what real Beauty is.

  213. 213
    POV Says:

    The eye wants to see what it wants to see.

  214. 214
    DEF POV Says:

    Yes, the eyes wants to see what it wants to see. You wish she was # 1 but you know what they say about wishes, if it were horses……

  215. 215
    BeLiNdA Says:

    # 212 | AmeeCourtney Cox is that you? Or is Oprah trolling tonight? A truly beautiful woman would have recognized her husband’s strong desire to procreate. The so-called villain of your fantasy life, Ms. Jolie, despite having vowed not to have natural children because it would mean one less orphan she’d be able to help, was/is beautiful enough to give that man what he wanted and needed more than anything–a family. You can be Jennifer Aniston’s greatest fan in the world, you can defend her to the heavens, but you still have to accept her selfishness and her role in the demise of her marriage. As a fan of Angelina, I accept her flaws. Can you do the same for your precious Jen?

  216. 216
    Beth Says:

    I don’t think she is ugly. Angelina is sexier but Jen isn’t ugly. People are so critical. Jen is cute, pretty and querky. Angelina is sexy, beautiful and eccentric (sp?). Jen could never be Angelina and Angelina could never be Jen. That is just people though, doesn’t mean one is better than the other just means people are people.

  217. 217
    People r People Says:

    People are people but have you noticed that sometime the ugliest people begin to look really beautiful because of the beauty of their soul or when beautiful people look ugly because they are ugly inside. Now imagine when someone is beautiful inside and out, that extraordinary beauty is what Angelina Jolie.Jennifer Aniston is cute and quirky and all girl next door -ish but in all sincerity, she comes off as snooty. The girl in high school who made other girls miserable. They do these things because of their own insecurities. She’s the one those you’d like to be friends with but with one eye on your back because you just know they’re going to stab you in the back, it means one step up the social ladder. Just like a scorpion, it’s their nature. You can’t fault them for that. You learn to live with it and if you get stung it’s all your fault because you should know better

  218. 218
    Can't take her Says:

    To #217: People are Peolpe: I almost totally agree with your post except that, in high school, I don’t think Jen was one of the popular girl, because the popular girls were often mean, but also beautiful outside. After seing peicture of Jen in highschool, she wasn’t pretty at all, I mean AT ALL. Actually, people started to tell us,no, SHOUT at us that Jen was beautiful when she started dating Brad Pitt, because that used-to be tasteless man (his not tasteless anymore) date and marry that girl. Now, the biggest fraud in HW history is trying to find her way to startdom. What pisses me the most is that she will succeed, in fact, I just want her to win that freaking Oscar that was worthing loosing Brad for, so that she can just disappear. JUST DISAPPEAR.

  219. 219
    Can't take her Says:

    Actually, # 217: I’m wrong adn I totally agree with your post. Jen was probably one of the most popular Girl because the home coming queen always have a ugly looking bestfriend near her, just to show how beautiful she was. So, Jen was probably that girl. Even if she lacked, still lacks, beauty, in High School, that manipulative b****tch was probably as mean as she is right now because, luckily for her, she was in the poplular circle, as her a servant for the HomeCOming Queen.

  220. 220
    Beth Says:

    very true. When you have true beauty inside it shows even if you aren’t the most beautiful on the outside. I don’t know Jen or Ange. They can portray who they want to be but you never know them personally until you have spent time with these people. I’m not one to judge a book by its cover or even it’s review in a newspaper or magazine.

  221. 221
    freddie Says:

    she isn’t sexy at all i live in Brad’s home town and if you ask any-body who lives there and has seen Brad and her around they will tell you she isn’t pretty or sexy and her voice is very annoying i was sitting right next to them year’s ago she is not i repeat not pretty what you see in pictues and the movies is all fake i’d like to hear from some-one that has personally seen her and i’m not talking about her fan’s or friend’s even Rod Stewart’s daughter told the truth she’s very plain and phony

  222. 222
    harry Says:


  223. 223
    BOO. Says:


  224. 224
    maya Says:

    ouch… i would rather be 101 or one millionth than be 99 or 100… and to think she only beat out one lady

    i cant help but look away frm her chin in those pics :D

  225. 225
    aida Says:

    Jen doesn’t have that much range in acting, sad to say. Her movies that I’ve seen, yes I did went out to see her movies, are like almost like watching Steven Segall’s movie…all the same characters with different character names and different story lines. Although, I love her to death as Rachel. Sorry.

  226. 226
    Jamie Says:

    Slightly OT:

    You can see Richard Roeper’s and the guest critic’s review of A Mighty Heart here:

    Just click HOME at the top. It’s the middle one on the left under IN THEATERS

  227. 227
    PP Says:

    That’s because she’s not sexy. When she’s really made up she is at best pretty but she is so far from sexy.

  228. 228
    roxanne Says:

    i dnt care wat n e 1 says. jen is one of the hottest women on the plannent as is courteney cox. it is my dream to meet them both. and just becuz she was the 99th hottest that yr means s**T was just 4 dat year and in my eyes jen will be the hottest woman that eva walked the face of the earth as will courteney cox. they are both great actresses and i love F.R.I.E.N.D.S and i love scream (all of them) and i love all o fjens movies. i a dvd cover has one of their faces on it i have to get it lol. OH and courteney your new t series DIRT is da best lol, i love it and i love u both lots and lots. x x x x and coco. x x x x

  229. 229
    lauren Says:

    kiki u r a ***** all of u people on here who dis jen r all ****** ******* kiki she is born with it so just **** up so **** up ***** ur just jealous c ya wouldnt wanna b ya kiki email me at
    lol ur a ****** *** *****

  230. 230
    lauren Says:

    seriously **** up ***** mother ****** she better then UUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  231. 231
    lauren Says:

    roxanne ur right ur so right can u email me at

  232. 232
    lauren Says:

    jen rocks shes the hottest women in the world love u so much i love all her movies amd all u dicks who ****** dis her her r ********. oh by the way roxanne email me at im 11

  233. 233
    lauren Says:

    pp ur a ****** ***** ur the ***** of all ******* ur so wrong u ****** *****

  234. 234
    lauren Says:

    all of u who ****** dis jennfer r all *******. but anyway im willing 2 4give u can u all email me at and all u ones who dont dis jennifer i love u all can u email me 2 bye love jennifer xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  235. 235
    lauren Says:

    here we go again, ur such a f.u.c.k.i.n b.i.t.c.h u no that u r so wrong ur a mother f.u.c.k.e.r b.i.t.c.h wiping k.u.n.t who doesnt no s.h.i.t from the best ever in the whole intire world ( jolies s.h.i.t and jennifer the best ever in the whole intire world ) so f.u.c.k up get off this website and never get back on again and never talk bad about jen any more cause i have ways of finding people and u DONT want me to come and find u cause theres things i can do that u dont want to know about.
    TWISTING THE FACT, ur a f.u.c.k.i.n b.i.t.c.h mother f.u.c.k.e.r b.i.t.c.h liking a.s.s.h.o.l.e s.h.i.t f.u.c.k.e.r b.i.t.c.h c.r.a.p.e b.o.o.b. liking m.i.n.g.e sucking d.i.c.k f.e.e.l.i.n.g c.o.c.k sucker ur a f.u.c.k.i.n sooooooooooooooooooooooooo WRONG B.I.T.C.H.
    MAYA, ur also the same i cant look at u cause ur gonna b dead when i get my hands on u. that goes for u to TWISTING THE FACT and u can give jolie a nice big kiss on her overly by millons enormous lips (which she plucks)
    f.u.c.k u all who dis jen she better than u an u know u just have to dis her because thats the only way u can make youself feel happy about ur self
    badby b.i.t.c.h

  236. 236
    lauren Says:

    erica ur sooooooooo cool u could b my friend ur on the right side but dont leave it its death on the other side

  237. 237
    lauren Says:

    ur a big fat hairy boob

  238. 238
    lauren Says:

    fiona and wendy ur both ****** *******

  239. 239
    lauren Says:

    wendy who r u 6talking about

  240. 240
    lauren Says:

    amee u r so right i love but most importantly i love jennifer

  241. 241
    lauren Says:

    to seriously
    its a shame that you cant enjoy the movie like all the rest of us!!!!!!!
    and any way your just not cool because you like ‘ange’ not ***JEN***


  242. 242
    calypso childs Says:

    To karl
    you have no idear what your talking about jen is the most preatys personin the would and eny way your just jealous beacouse you wernt voated most sexy women outa 50 in the would may i say you are a **** how likes the ****
    and why dont you go and **** a ass
    p.s **** YOU MOTHER ******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  243. 243
    calypso childs Says:

    shut your fuckeen face uncle ******
    you a doubel **** uncle ******
    shut your fuckeen face uncle ******

  244. 244
    god Says:

    i love jen too mauch!
    so cool

  245. 245
    courtney Says:

    She got the name “Maniston” for a reason….she looks like a MAN…..but she HAS been secretly Tweeking her face….she really shouldn’t but she’s that vain. She does the FAKE act to get a guy so it looks like she’s not alone. She thinks she’s too good for anybody she’s a user in my opinon. All the sweet stuff is acting when she’s really a B-otch. But who cares….let her do her selfish phoney appearances.

  246. 246
    Nathalie ANiston Says:

    This got to be a joke!!!!

    A JOKE!!!

    Jen #99?
    HA HA HA!

    Never… She’s perfect and wonderfull…
    Something is wrong.

  247. 247
    JEN Says:


  248. 248
    BOO Says:

    Even blind people can’t say Jenifer Aniston is pretty. She ugly . Original ugly

  249. 249
    sharp Says:

    Jen is one of the best looking females aroud. You have to be dumb or gay not see that. With all the BS that goes on in the life of a cleb, she has her **** together and that make her even more pretty to me. I think Brad Pitt is an ass but thats what I think and does not matter.

  250. 250
    speak the truth Says:

    Thanks her plastic surgeons, look at the homely JA and after.

    AS you can see a army of plastic surgeons did a GREAT job on fixing her beak, and her cheek, so she looks hollywood worthy. She should send her plastic surgeons BIG FAT GREEK checks!!!

  251. 251
    snoring Says:

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