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Katie Holmes' Stretch Marks

Katie Holmes' Stretch Marks

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have a parents’ day out as they attend Cruise‘s son Connor‘s Little League game in Beverly Hills on Monday. Baby daughter Suri turns one month old on May 18.

Wow, has it been one month already?!  It was only yesterday that we all witnessed Katie Holmes‘ nursing bra blunder!  Now we all get to see Katie Holmes‘ stretch marks!  How fun!

Tommy went back to the baseball game after going wee-wee.
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katie holmes stretch marks01
katie holmes stretch marks04
katie holmes stretch marks08
katie holmes stretch marks09
katie holmes stretch marks10
katie holmes stretch marks12
katie holmes stretch marks13
katie holmes stretch marks15
katie holmes stretch marks21
katie holmes stretch marks24
katie holmes stretch marks33
katie holmes stretch marks35
katie holmes stretch marks36
katie holmes stretch marks42
katie holmes stretch marks45
katie holmes stretch marks47

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  • mirim

    That is really mean. You should take this down Jared. What a nasty thing to do to a person. It’s not amusing nor interesting, just plain mean.

  • mirim

    That is really mean. You should take this down Jared. What a nasty thing to do to a person. It’s not amusing nor interesting, just plain mean.

  • Hahaha

    WTF??? This is so boggus!!! First the nursing bra and now this??? She is starting to make me believethis whole thing is fake, and she is trying to convince us. TOM CRUISE IS A SHORT LITTLE GAY MAN. Can anyone explain the tight jeans? God he makes my skin crawl!!!!

  • Nikki

    it kinda juts looks like her pants left the marks when she was sitting.

  • Come On!!

    Oh Come on!!! This has gone too far. First the Onesies to prove she’s pregnantThe Nursing Bra to show she’s nursingNow this?

  • The real lou

    #1 Mirim,Jared is not the first person to put these pictures online they have been out for hours.

  • Puleeeeese

    They’re not just here they are on all the other sites…Rock On Jared

  • Sandbitch

    Stretch marks happen and worse. Welcome to the real world fellas, and Tom. Heidi Klum is just some sort of rubbery stretchy womanfreak. Let’s face it, only a freak would mix genes with that fat Fabricardo watshisname. Yep, that Klum sure has a strong stomach. I’d rather have Katie’s. Hang on, shite, I have got it…

  • mrs smith

    This is so gross! What new kinds of torture do we have to endure just so that TomKat can prove that she really was pregnant. Does anybody really care anymore? I am so sick and tired of this egomaniac. Can we please move on…..?

  • Lena

    I too have stretch maeks … that is SO mean.

  • msguidedmama

    I too would like to see that taken down. Women are already tortured by not wanting to gain weight and "run" their figures and having low birth weight babies :(

  • ginny

    The fake pregnancy that was "uncovered" by most people, so now they have to continue trying to convince people she was really pregnant. Don’t they have any dignity ?

  • Lauren

    While I am no TomKat fan, I think she looks AMAZING! The stretch marks will fade over time, but she’ll always be attached to that asswipe of a man! BTW — why is she always out without the baby? He said she was nursing. They were in Washington last week, now another outing w/out baby? It just seems very odd to be out so much without the infant in tow, but then again, so does everything about these two. Are they embarassed to show her off to the world? Odd, odd, odd……………………

  • anon

    Beside the stretch marks (fake or real) she looks like such a mess and all her smiles and facial expressions on those pics are so fake and weird and vacant. Tha bot is lost forever. So sad and pitiful freak show.

  • Anon

    This is the first I’ve heard of the fake pregnancy,,, where is this coming from?

  • anonymous

    The more they try to cinvince us she was pregnant, the less I believe it. When they annonce she was pregs, in september-october, I was not doubting. I just thought it was from a turkey bastard. Now, I’m not even sure anymore she was pregnant. Why are they trying so hard to convince us ! I do not think for a second those pics and the nursing bra’s pics were not planned.

  • Alexandria

    Of course she is going to have stretch marks because she was pregnant… but if you couldn’t tell those lines on her stomach are frm the top hem of her jeans. See how deep they are… and in random shapes? Stretch marks aren’t like that. Those are mos def just lines from sitting while wearing too tight of pants. Jeez Jared.

  • Jules

    Does she seriously want to be at a baseball game instead of with her little baby? Anyway, back on topic. She just needs to tighten up her stomache (exercise) and maybe get some laser stretch mark removal treatment. actually I remember seeing some pics of Katie before she was with tom. She was wearing a low cut dress and you could see the stretch marks on her boobs.

  • Doll

    Gosh, it just strikes me that this baby is almost one month old, and no pictures have been released yet and, NOBODY SEEMS TO CARE!!!By the way, these are not stretch marks, Aleandria #17 is right.

  • Jude

    I also agree with #17, those look like jeans marks. And even if they aren’t, still doesn’t prove the baby is his.

  • andy

    The press has been on such high alert and "baby watch" so how did Tom Cruise and his robot managed to "elude" the press and get to the hospital without being pictured or even seen ? From what I recall, there was media outside the gate 24/7. I simply cannot believe that not one photographer followed them or got a shot. Most of them, yes, but not ALL. And somehow tommy and rosemary managed to leave the Cruise compound, drive to the hospital, silently bring Suri forth, and return home. All within 12 hours and all without one single sighting. Have they really been to the hospital ? Has she really gave birth, and if yes, when and where ?And why do they want to convince people that she was pregs with all there arranged "accidental" pics of nursing bras and "stretch marks" ?This is all so fishy and she looks so dazed and drugged on all pics. She looks horrible. It’s scary.

  • Tealeaf

    Does this woman get any maternity leave or does she have to parade around with him to keep up, this love charade. I

  • Tiny Dancer

    Did she have a C-Section? Looks like it! I think the marks do like jean marks, but she seems to have a scar or something going straight up the belly???!!!

  • Jules

    # 21 | andy I agree with you Andy. It all seems so weird. # 17 | Alexandria #19 and #20now that i look closer those don’t look like stretch marks. her jeans are too tight. How the hell did she get those to button?

  • michelle

    jared, are you a misogynist? stretch marks are a natural part of the child-bearing process. actresses and models who appear not to have them have the benefit of make-up artists and airbrushing. give me a break. #17 has obviously never had a child, the stretch marks you get on your breasts from puberty are completely different from those you get from pregnancy. i am completely disgusted by the general immaturity on this board.

  • Yvana

    Tom Cruise is so disgusting. I do not believe him, and I will never believe him ever. Who knows what lies and make up tricks he is putting out to look like he fathered a real child and is therefore not gay ?he’s so GAY and tomkat is so FAKE and katie is so RETARDED.

  • nemesis

    If it was a fake baby, wouldn’t those too be fake stretch marks?

  • cb

    Where is the baby? I can’t imagine being away from a newborn as much as Katie has been lately – that’s what I find WEIRD. They need to release a picture so Katie, I mean KATE, can take that baby with her to the baseball game – cripes. That week of stupid silence is over already, they aren’t going to get any Xenu points for keeping silent for an extra month.

  • Anna

    Being away from her baby?? come on we’ve only seen her a few times a now when she finally get out this thing happen…how mean of the person who took the photo…btw she look great!!!

  • moon

    Hmmmmm….seems like she’s strategically wearing something to show some belly and those strategically placed stretch marks. Remember the un-hooked nursing bra…

  • fshhdgdg

    She has robotic, dazed facial expressions. Very sad to see that mess.

  • anonymous

    I think it’s a photo-op, just like the peek of the nursing bra. Tom knows that no one is buying his crap, so here come these ‘accidental’ shots. And Katie better take the money for her bearding service (very unconvincing job she’s done) when this charade will end because her career is over, as well as her reputation.

  • moon

    Anyways, even if they would finally convince us that she had a baby, there is no way they are going to convince us that it was conceived naturally by Tom.

  • 4AJ

    why are people so mean to Tom and Kat??? why can’t you haters believe that Tom fathered the baby? why are you calling him gay? you haters are just so mean!

  • Thaly

    She looks like a 40 years old woman trying to dress and act like a 25 years old girl. How ridicule and messed up is she !? And all her attitude and body language shows a submissive stepford wife. The ridicule sunglasses are to hide her glassy eyes.

  • CandyGirl

    Maybe those are the marks made by the alien baby clawing it’s way out?

  • Alicia

    I get that its a running joke that Katie wasn’t really pregnant, but come on, its getting old and cruel. People need to just leave them alone. I am in no way a TomKat fan, but I do enjoy Cruise’s work. I did see MI:3, and I have to say that I really enjoyed it; more so than the previous two. It was a very exciting and action-packed movie. I especially liked the little convo between the characters of Luther and Ethan, where Luther goes, "So you didn’t sleep with your little sister….?" That was pretty funny. By the way, I also watched Law & Order: SVU tonight, and it was a total jab at Cruise and his scientology speech. If anyone else saw it, you know what I mean; influential celebrity/media idol speaks out against psychiatry and prescription drugs. Coincidental? I think not.

  • Sue

    You are all so cruel and forgetting that these are two real people. Tom and Katie bashing has gotten so out of hand that I really feel sorry for them. Alien baby, fake baby, fake stretch marks and all that garbage.

  • Candy

    What is wrong with attending Connor’s baseball game? Tom should be admired for treating his adopted and natural children equally. And should they be in hiding just because paparazzi are everywhere? Why make something as simple and everyday as going to your son’s baseball game seem like publicity stunt??

  • Hail Xenu !

    That was really nasty to get a close-up of her belly like that, but I am still not convinced. Those stretch marks could be good make up job(latex, etc) and she would have then purposely expose them to the paps.

  • nikki
  • moon

    This is just like the nursing bra!! So calculating! I’ll believe she had the kid and it belongs to Cruise when I see the DNA.

  • TomKat=FREAKS

    It’s so obvious that she is purposely showing those scars, just like her nursing bra. These two are freaking me out more and more.

  • moon

    #39, they look nothing like normal to me. More a robot and a maniac.

  • nitelite

    # 24 | Jules | i agree they don’t look like stretch marks. More like her jeans are too tight and the marks are from sitting down in the tight jeans. She really needs to buy some looser fitting ones. Even during the last days of her pregnancy, she would wear these really tight, low rider jeans, are these the same one?

  • ninjasgirl

    OOOH SUCH "VENOM" FROM THE POSTERS >:o(trust me these people are "so" not caring about your or my"impressions" of "who" they are or "what" they think. They are both over 21 and are entitled to be with who ever they choose and "procreate" all they want! God knows they can "afford" it and give poor Katie a little "slack" HERE,haven’t any of you been swept off your feet by some one you later realized was "so" not your type(usually after 1-2 kids) LOL So just because Katie is wealthy shes not entitled to go through the same thing? THIS YOUNG WOMAN IS IN WHAT YOU’D CALL A "WIN WIN" SITUATION. SHE IS WORTH $$MILLIONS NO DOUBT ON HER OWN . IF SHE STAYS WITH TOM OR LATER DECIDES TO LEAVE HIS BUTT SHE WILL BE AN EVEN "WEALTHIER" INDIVIDUAL, CAPABLE OF LITERALLY "RETIRING, FINACIALLY SECURED (AND HER KID/KIDS) FOR LIFE!! HOW MANY OF US WERE CHARMED BY LOSERS WHO "NEVER" TOOK US TO ROME OR PARIS?? DON’T WASTE YOUR SYMPATHY ON KATIE CAUSE SHE’S GONNA DO JUST FINE! WORD OF "ADVICE" TO KATIE….REMEMBER THE "LOYALTY" AND "COMPASSION" HE SHOWED NICOLE AFTER 10 YEARS AND 2 KIDS….TO TOM I’D SAY…NEVER FORGET THAT WHAT "GOES AROUND" ALMOST ALWAYS "COMES AROUND"….

  • bubbles

    Does that baby actually exist? We have never seen her…..that’s weird!

  • Pacey

    She is so brainwashed she doesn’t even resemble herself anymore. The look on her face is fixed, rehearsed and empty. Pity what a waste of a human being.

  • cath

    Look what they have to do to convince the crazy conspiracy theorists that she actually had a baby. Leave her alone.

  • Alex[andra]

    I am the last person that would ever think about defending a celebrity (especially one that procreated with Tom Cruise), but this is an exception, because this isn’t about celebrity, but about unrealistic expectations.Katie is apparently prone to developing strech marks (on her breasts), but so are a great many young women — especially during and after pregnancy. Quite frankly, it’s ludicrous to expect a woman to go through pregnancy and not get stretch marks; pregnant women who don’t get them are in the minority. There is nothing gross about the strech marks she has on her stomach or on her breasts; she is natural and unashamed, and that makes any woman beautiful. The only repulsive thing are the negative comments people have left.