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Nicole Kidman Engaged!!!

Nicole Kidman Engaged!!!

In New York City on Saturday, Nicole Kidman hosted the 30th Anniversary gala for the organization UNIFEM. Her date? Keith Urban, who she admitted is not just her boyfriend. "He’s actually my fiancé," Kidman exclusively told People on Monday. "I wouldn’t be bringing my boyfriend." The confirmation of the engagement ends months of speculation about the couple, who were first spotted together in July 2005. In November, Kidman was photographed wearing a ring on her wedding finger while walking arm-in-arm with Urban in Boston. At the time, Urban‘s rep said about a possible engagement, "Right now it’s just a rumor."

We were right!  Nicole Kidman is engaged to Keith Urban!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole and Keith at UNIFEM Dinner
Nicole Kidman’s Engagement Ring
Nicole and Keith Drive Together
Nicole At Movies With Keith’s Mother
Nicole’s Christmas With The Urbans
Nicole and Keith At The Airport
Nicole Watches Keith In Concert
Nicole First Spotted Wearing Ring

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  • Erin

    I hope they’re happy together. They seem a million times more normal than Tommy and Kate.

  • whatheF

    Who really gives a crap?I can’t wait to hearthe scheme her and Tom tried to cover up!! I bet he paid her to be his beard to advance her career. She is a loser that would sell her soul to that NUTJOB!!! What is up with her kids? They part of her deal as well? What parent does 6 months/ 6 months? That is very unhealthy I think!!!!! I guess when you need kids to promote you it works out better with who ever has a movie coming out!!!TC and NK are LOSERS!!! I hear her new guy is a DRUNK!! Way to go NK.. you are CLASSY!!!!!

  • fishy…

    She looks like a granny with that get up…I have this feeling that she has been saying nice things about Tom just in case the taps from that private eye have her saying all sorts of insults….just a thought…after so many years she finally talks "nice" about the guy….something smells…

  • not recent

    These pictures are older and not Nicole at an event on Saturday night. The engagement may be true–but thise are older, not very flattering pictures.I think Nicole is a fine actress and I’ve enjoyed most of her movies.

  • Tiny Dancer

    Well, I’m happy for her. She has conducted herself with a lot of grace and dignity over the years. If you all read the Good Housekeeping article, she loves Tommy platonically BECAUSE he is the father of their kids. She has always said that her kids will not suffer because of the divorce and she will do what is necessary to maintain a relationship with Tom so that they don’t ever have to feel that they have to choose between parents or hear a lot of fighting. If more Hollywood couples behaved like Nicole, there would be no gossip blogs exploiting every little movement and making up stuff from nothing. JJ thanks so much for sharing and for your ethics!

  • SK

    I think Keith could do so much better than her. She hardly ever smiles and she just announced she is still in love w/ Tom????? Keith is just plain GEORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • louveciennes

    Jeebus, someone feed this woman. Her neck, shoulders, and jutting collarbone (I can see it even UNDER A BLOUSE) are going to give me nightmares.

  • onceanddone

    i wish more people had read the housekeeping article to see how completely out of context the media took her words. she has always only had nice things to say about tom, and they were merely a continuation of that. she smiles all the time, and probably smiles even more when she’s alone with keith without cameras on her. i hate when people reiterate stereotypes about people that are obviously not true. i know celebrities are asking for it when they put themselves out there, but it still bothers me. like with botox- anyone that actually watches an interview with nicole from the last year and a half will see that her forehead obviously moves. before that, there was a period of time where it didn’t. she used to use botox, she doesn’t any more. but i’ll admit, i don’t get why she’s never with her kids. whatever. congratulations to her. it seems like she hadn’t been really happy for a long time before she met keith.

  • lamb

    Gee – It must finally be time to talk about these things – I think someone’s using this as a PR op to cover the "I still love Tom" blunder she made. Must feel great to have your future better half finally admit she ‘s going to marry you. So when is the ever perfect Ms. Kidman going to actually do something for UNIFEM. Seems like she only shows up for press conferences and social events. Haven’t seen any pictures of her in the field yet. I seem to recall months ago she said she couldn’t wait to get started traveling on the UN’s behalf. Weren’t her kids supposed to go along?

  • Lauren

    wow. i guess i have to believe it now. i just hope that HE is happy. and if she makes him happy, then good for him. at least we can expect some good LOVE songs out of him now :) but i guess that means i cant marry him… dangit.

  • Andrew

    Not to be mean but I hope she ate the salad in front of her (too skinny)!

  • Eire

    She is a lovely woman, who picked herself right up right after her divorce and picked up a well earned Oscar. More power to her- she is a role model for women.

  • Natalie

    i dont like her! never have! she seems like such a bitch, and i dont know how tom put up with her that long! if I had to choose between Katie’s engagement ring, or Nicole’s, I’d pick Katie’s. NO QUESTION!

  • kat

    In that weird outfit she’s wearing in those pictures she reminds me of the granny in the Tweety Bird cartoons, Granny snagged herself a husband who likes grannies!

  • tom cooz

    My friend who worked on STEPPFORD WIVES said shes a big lezbo and Tom kicked her out because she got pregnant with Jude Law’s baby. I dont believe any of it.

  • gigi

    maybe now that she officially landed her man she can make plans to start eating again. after the wedding, of course. …. ugh.

  • pete

    Please help me understand what is the story with his hair? At least hes not gay or he would have better luck.

  • bunni

    He looks like a straight David Spade.


    So much for all of her beautyadvice (stay out of sun, don’t smoke etc) She looks more like 58 than 38 to me.

  • jen

    Yes, what is with her hair? Does anyone know if it has just faded to that color or does she want it that color? I wonder what length is her real hair. I have seen her hair in a small bun but then she will have these long curls. She must add hair extentions because that little bun like in the Starbucks pictures does not look like it is very much hair. This woman is so rich, you would think she could do something about the color.