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Prison Break Screencaps

Prison Break Screencaps

Prison Break season finale (episode "Flight") recap via geniass with 120+ screencaps in the gallery!! Previously on Prison Break, C-Note warns Michael about the heat between Abruzzi and T-Bag. Michael leads the gang through the pipes. Bellick warns the gang that Michael is leading them off a cliff as he’s getting tied up. T-Bag pockets some handcuffs after knocking out the C.O. Steadman muses to his sister the VP why they haven’t killed her yet. The Company wants to fire the VP. Nick sends Veronica to Blackfoot, Montana. Nick goes back to his apartment, to see his father murdered and to get shot himself. The gang is successful at breaking the window guards and Lincoln is the first to make the shimmy over the wire. Westmoreland goes down and C-Note and Michael tend to him. Pope is found in his closet as he tells his C.O.s to sound the alarm. Michael is the second to last to over the wire as the alarm sounds. Manche attempts to escape but falls miserably. Lincoln gives Michael his hand. Manche is caught by the authorities and when a C.O. looks up, the cons have made it over the wall!

Fox River’s lights are all lit, the guards are out and so are the dogs. It’s time to catch some cons! The C.O.s grab Manche and demand that he reveal who else was in on the escape. Manche attempts to tell them that it was all him, but no guard is going to believe that. After a C.O. threatens to snap his neck, he reveals his conspirators: “Scofield, Burrows, Sucre, that Vanilla Ice kid, Bagwell, C-Note, Abruzzi and that bug-eyed J-Cat.” After another nudge, he gives up Westmoreland

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Pope receives the count of eight cons over the wall as he walks into the infirmary and sees the hole where the window guards once were. What a slap in the face to the Pope! He looks down and sees Westmoreland, dead with eyes still open and glazed. At least he’s with Marilyn now. Back in gen pop, the inmates are all riled up. Pope enters Michael and Sucre’s cell and sees the toilet out of place and knows how they got out. C.O.s Patterson and Mack inform him that Bellick’s out. Segue to Bellick being pulled out of the hole and he is livid. He demands his shot gun as they’ve all “signed their death warrant” after what they did to him. 

Outside in the rain, Pope gives his C.O.s the instructions to hunt the cons down, that they have to ensure the safety of the general population. It doesn’t matter if they have to take them down. It’s been twelve minutes since they escaped. They only could have gone one mile on foot; ten if they had a vehicle. “So let’s get moving!” The C.O.s pack some ammo in their trunks and they’re off. 

Not even a few feet outside of Fox River, the escape team is hiding in the grass. C-Note thinks they need to move now, but Michael wants to let them get ahead. “Nobody move!” The gang gets fearful when they see the dogs heading their way. “They can’t smell us,” Michael reassures them. Cue dogs barking! “But they can see us,” Abruzzi finishes. The C.O.s, alerted by the dogs, shine their flashlights to where the gang is crouched, but they’ve already left. And they’re running for their lives in the woods. 

Veronica calls Nick from her cell phone as she’s driving to Steadman’s house. She tells him her whereabouts and thanks him for letting her go. Nick’s answering machine picks up and we see where the bullet killed Nick: right in the forehead, ouch! What normal human-being would call the person that tried to kidnap them? Only Veronica Donovan

The VP is upset that The Company wants to cut her funding for the campaign. Brinker tries to convince her that she’ll win on the issues even without it. And what presidential election are you referring to where that might have happened? The VP wants her to cut the crap since she backstabbed her. Brinker tries to downplay it by telling her that The Company is just expressing their gratitude for the work she’s done over the years and that it’s nothing personal. The VP begs to differ. Was it the energy bill? Brinker gives it to her straight. She can’t affect change in the Oval Office; they need someone who can get things done. The VP tries to stall “Well, maybe you don’t know me so well,” but Brinker suggests that she should walk away quietly before The Company disposes her.

As they’re running under the barbwire, Tweener ends up cutting his hand. Lincoln warns Haywire to lose his Whack Shack outfit since the color will just attract attention but he won’t since he’s only wearing his skivvies underneath. Lincoln mutters to Abruzzi that they need to do something about him. They have trouble locating the van and they’re starting to get testy on Abruzzi. “Have a little faith,” he asks, still in character. Finally they see it and they all getting in. Abruzzi tells Lincoln, “Behind the wheel, Cro Magnon.” What a mean way to make fun of the melon head! Lincoln gets in the driver seat while Michael starts smashing in the headlights. Tweener’s trying to catch his breath alongside the building and ends up leaving a bloody handprint. Inside the van, Lincoln asks Abruzzi where the keys are. He tells him that he hid them in the garbage can. They all look to Haywire, who’s sitting in the passenger seat to go. He gets out and starts digging through the trash. Abruzzi hands Lincoln the key and they drive off, leaving Haywire yelling, “NO! NO! NO!”

Back at Fox River, Pope has all the bases covered. Traffic is being monitored, O’Hare and Midway, the two airports are also being watched. Wiretaps have been placed on the families. The door is inspected and the investigator concludes that the lock was neither forced nor picked. “Basically they walked right in.” An orderly rebuts that it’s not possible; that it’s their priority to lock the infirmary before they leave…unless someone left it opened for them. 

T-Bag muses as to why Lincoln is driving and why Abruzzi is seating behind him. We can see him fidgeting with something underneath his thermal shirt. Abruzzi is grabbing something underneath his seat. Without warning, T-Bag snaps one side of the handcuffs on Michael who’s sitting diagonally behind him. “What the hell are you doing?” Michael yells as Abruzzi points the gun at T-Bag’s temple. Looks like our resident T-Bagger just ensured himself a place on the escape team since they won’t want Michael carrying around “170 pounds of dead Alabama flesh.” Everyone is pissed. Michael tries to get T-Bag to give up the key, as he struggles with the handcuffs, “You son of a bitch.” but he reveals it in his mouth. And then he swallows the key. How the heck does he do that?  

In a lab elsewhere, a chemist is explaining how a few drops of this liquid would put a person into massive cardiac arrest with no chance of survival. The toxicology test would reveal nothing; it would look like the person died of natural causes. “This is high treason,” the chemist warns. The VP is shown going over her speech. 

Bellick and his team have found the mill and Tweener’s bloody handprint. C.O. Mack confirms that it’s fresh and that the dogs got the scent. Bellick bends down and picks up pieces of the broken taillight that Michael smashed. C.O. Patterson finds someone who identified that the van was blue. Bellick snits as to why the citizen didn’t report this to the authorities. He scoffs, “a parked car?”

Back in the van, as everyone bickers, Abruzzi sneers to T-Bag, “If you think I won’t cut you myself to get that key, you’re in for a big surprise.” T-Bag encourages and reminds him to the last time he tried that. Michael yells at them, clearly frustrated and annoyed, “Shut up! Shut up, both of you!" They only have five more miles to left before they reach the airstrip. C-Note warns Abruzzi that his plane better be there. 

At the airstrip, the pilot is worried as he hears the chatter over the police band. Maggio doesn’t look too confident as well. 

Pope is questioning Nurse Katie as to who left the infirmary door open. She keeps insisting, “It wasn’t me.” We see her trying to protect Sara but when the Pope threatens that she’ll lose more than her job, she reluctantly relents. “Sara…had a thing for Scofield.” That’s something every prison warden wants to hear! The doctor had a thing for an inmate! Sweet!

In the van, Sucre talks out loud about how he all he wants is to be with Maricruz and the baby. Michael looks over and is visibly upset by the turn of events. They’re driving as they see police up ahead. “We got trouble,” Lincoln announces. And it turns out that this road is the only one to the airstrip. Should they go back? Make a run for it? The brothers decide that the only way is to go around. Michael fumes, “We’re gonna get that key from you. I don’t care if you got to crap it out." T-Bag responds, "You’re got a foul mouth sometimes, Pretty." Lincoln is not happy, and even less so when the van get stuck in some mud. The team is out and is trying to move the van but it’s hopeless. It looks like they will have to go on foot. Michael is not happy camper to be running the 3-legged race with T-Bag. “We’re teammates, Pretty. Teammates to the end!” T-Bag harps. 

In DC, a caterer delivers bottled water. Another official questions as to who he’s with. “Secret Service.” The Secret Service agent picks up a water bottle and puts it on a tray with two empty glasses.

As the gang makes a run for it, Michael (and T-Bag) tells Tweener that this is it. They’ve come this far together; Tweener’s on his own. He wants to go them and tries to reason. “You and I…we’re not bros,” and Michael threatens Tweener with spilling his secret to the gang. “Now walk.” “We got trouble, Pretty,” T-Bag says as a helicopter is seen overhead. 

Lincoln is leading the team (so much love for Lincoln in this episode!) through the woods. Too bad their bald heads are just beacons waiting to be spotted. They run and end up at a cliff. Looks like there’s no where to go but down as the helicopter looms ahead. What now?

The gang is hiding in the rocks and the helicopter continues to circle around. C-Note is about to lose his marbles and is getting on my nerves. “There’s no way we can make two miles like this, especially with that bird out there!” Sucre looks over and sees an abandoned car near a trailer and has an idea. 

A little girl is seen in a garage playing with her bike. Haywire peers through the window and sees her. 

An employee sees the jet and approaches Maggio (who’s concealing a gun behind his back) about it, telling him that it can’t be here. Maggio responds that they are having mechanical problems and dismisses any help. The guy is still suspicious and picks up his cell phone and informs someone about the unidentified jet. How can he call without worrying that Maggio will shoot him? 

Sucre attempts to hotwire the car. Apparently it’s one of his many talents. He thinks it’ll be easy as long it’s not “an Acura or one of those Chinese cars.” Not too far away by the water, C-Note tearfully asks Michael (and T-Bag) about what’s in Mexico. He’s only been in Iraq, Chi-town, and Fox River. Is there a life for him and his family? Michael tells him that there’s not much of a life for them. C-Note can’t be apart from them any longer and he’s not leaving them behind. Sucre is sure his hotwiring skills are still up to par, “I must have done this a thousand times.” When he fails, Lincoln and Abruzzi lift the hood and discover that he was trying to hotwire an engineless car. Classic. 

Haywire approaches the girl who looks scared out of her mind. What’s he going to do? He advances toward the girl and takes the bike! On his way out, he catches his reflection on a mirror and decides to take a helmet as well to flatten his big hair. He apologizes to the girl on his way out. 

Bellick and his team have found the abandoned van. He communicates to Pope that the engine is still warm and that since the escapees are on foot, they can’t be more than 5-10 minutes ahead. The Pope draws off the roads they have blocked and figures that the cons will be captured soon as they are boxed in. He’s also getting an update on Dr. Tancredi who he learns had no interaction with anyone, left work early in the afternoon, came back later in the evening for an hour and left; all very erratic. She doesn’t have a home line and her cell phone is turned off. Chicago PD found her car outside of her residence and is getting a warrant. The C.O. asks if they should contact the governor

C.O. Patterson informs Bellick that the dogs picked up two opposing trails of scent. Looks like the team might have split up, Bellick and company concludes. And all that masking your scent didn’t work, Michael!

Veronica slowly approaches the mansion. Where is the security? You spend five million dollars on property but skimp on the security? VP Reynolds, you have to do better for your brother! She sees Steadman making juice in the window pane. Why would you have you window panes when you’re trying to hide? As Steadman retreats with his dinner, Veronica slowly lets herself into the house. And the door is unlocked and she explores. Oh, just perfect. 

At the White House, the VP is talking to the press about her plans. Before she gets very far, the press has many questions. She picks up her bottle of water and uncaps it. She holds it in her hand while she answers all the questions. She finally takes a sip and she seems fine. Someone else has entered through the back and is whispering to a member of the press. What is going on? Another official reaches the VP at the podium and the bottle falls. 

The gang runs into an abandoned garage. “Where are they?” Lincoln asks. “It’s not going to work like this. We have to do something.” Michael and T-Bag hobble their way into the garage. Michael nudges T-Bag in the right direction and he giggles before Michael snarls, “Come on!” Safely inside, the gang closes the door and before you know it, Lincoln pins down T-Bag face front on the hood of a car, while Sucre takes some huge pliers to try to separate Michael from T-Bag. But they aren’t strong enough. T-Bag snickers, “I guess it was just meant to be, yeah fellas?” The mob boss steps up with an axe and careens toward T-Bag as we cut to my bloodcurdling scream, I mean his.  

has gotten his revenge! “He’s lucky I didn’t take his head.” A shank to the neck for an axe to limb, not exactly an eye for an eye. The team looks disgusted and shocked as they see T-Bag shriveling on the ground and his disconnected hand not too far away. There’s so much commotion that they caught the attention of another citizen standing outside with a shotgun. They quiet down long enough to ward off his suspicions. And they all leave T-Bag whimpering behind next to his limb. 

Bellick is still hot on the trail. Tweener is running through the woods and sees some police cars and a horse carriage on the road. He gets in the carriage and he and the horse ride off into the sunset on St. Louis 256. Eight convicted cons are out on the loose and the police don’t even bother to check the horse carriage? Tsk tsk. 

Pope is on the phone calling the governor. Before he can even ask what he’s about to ask, the governor snaps at him to turn on his TV and hangs up on him. Fox News shows that President Mills was killed by a massive cardiac arrest. In a kitchen elsewhere, VP Reynolds is being sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. As she attends to her new duties, Brinker comes in trying to make amends but gets brutally rebuffed. “And you said I couldn’t get things done,” sneers the new POTUS. Kellerman looks smug as well. Score 1 for Team Reynolds and Kellerman! Brinker looks miffed.

Outside of Sara’s apartment, the police knock before kicking her door down. We see her clean hallway and lead into her equally tidy living room. So much for have a “packrat” apartment. They find Sara lying on her arm, skin pale, eyes glazed, vomit on her lips and a half empty glass of scotch, a morphine bottle and a needle on her coffee table. The police radio in on the likely drug overdose. Say it isn’t so, Sara! Um Chicago PD…what about checking her pulse, administering CPR, how about checking to see if she really is dead?!?!

Haywire is happily riding the bike off to who knows where when suddenly he envisions the mother he killed and rides the bike with no hands, "Look Ma, no hands!” Are you trying to tell me that Vanilla Ice and a Crazy manage to elude the authorities without a plan at all? It’s no wonder they can’t catch Michael and his gang. 

The team is five hundred yards away from the airstrip which is on the other side. As the gang is another step towards freedom, Lincoln and Michael have a brotherly moment. “Michael, if this doesn’t work out, I want you to know…” “I know, I know.” And they’re off. Not even too far when the police have spotted them. “Freeze! Don’t move!” 

The pilot is getting nervous, “We gotta go!” “I’ll tell you when I got to go,” Maggio snaps. When they hear the police, Maggio orders, “Fire her up.” Some mobster he turned out to be.

Veronica has managed to get upstairs in the big mansion. She has flashbacks: Lincoln’s trial, Steadman’s exhumation, the coroner confirming the dental records, and her exchange with Hale (rest in peace, buddy). She approaches the chair that Steadman is sitting in and greets him, “Hello, Terrance.” Best.line.ever! And from Veronica, nonetheless!

The cons are running, well more like jogging, as they get near the airstrip. More jogging set to Prison Break’s closing theme. The plane door closes. More jogging. The jet is taxing on the runway. T-Bag is seen running, struggling, cradling his bloody hand. Guess he won’t be dealing any more poker rounds. The gang reaches the runway, a few feet right in front of the plane, and wave their arms and yell to catch its attention. It’s too late. The plane has taken off…right over their heads. They look flabbergasted! How could this have happened? Murphy’s Law bitches! “What do we do now?” Sucre asks. Michael catches his breath, looks to see the police getting closer, “We run!” And running they go. The authorities are gaining ground as they’re getting closer and closer. And end scene on five cons trying to escape. Damn you Prison Break and your cliffhanger!
Where will season 2 lead? Will they be in Utah looking for Westmoreland’s money? Or in Mexico opening a scuba shop? Will Sara live? Will Michael fulfill Westmoreland’s dying wish? What about LJ? What other things can’t you believe? Find out next season on Prison Break: Manhunt!

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    Great recaps Jared! Does anybody out there know when the show’s starting again in the fall? THANKS! Can’t wait to have Went + the gang back…

  • kmillz

    I thought the season finale sucked…….vanilla ice and haywire got away…that is so gay! lets see how far they get

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    I didn’t like how the season ended. I wanted to see them escape. The made it seem like they were going to get caught.

  • chris

    I was pretty dissapointed to. Im glad Im not the only one. Ud think that they would have left us hanging a little more or have given us more then they did. It was just idk weird I guess.

  • ErinMarie79

    Thanks for the recap and pics. I thought it was a pretty good finale. I wasn’t too keen on the ending myself though. I loved Haywire in this episode. I hope they expand his role next season. I also hope they start the show back up in August like they did for the premiere show last summer.

  • Betsy

    Nooooo, Teddy only has one hand! I was literally hypvertilating last night when Abruzzi grabbed that ax. Holy crap. I thought all in all it was a good finale. Nice that they didn’t give them the "easy" way out with the plane and now they really have to put their thinking caps on. ZM1–Last night all they said was "this fall"–I am dying to know when my fox river gang will return too!

  • LC

    I loved the finale. I was yelling at the tv like a mad woman. I loved the irony of Tweener and Haywire getting away rather easily while our gang has the cops right on their tail.

  • Duude

    Awesome! Great ep, not he best (House, Lost & VM are rocking atm) but great.Lincoln rocked this ep. Finally he gets something to do!Haywire was great too. He’s a darling.And Abruzzi, one scary dude. Don’t f*ck with the man!

  • Christina

    I loved the finale also. Thanks for the recaps.

  • MelanieJo

    thanks so much for the recap jared! im such a huge fan of "tweener" so im glad to see him escape! i thought it was funny how haywire and tweener escaped and the others are one the run! i thought that it was a good finale except for the fact that i missed t-bag getting his hand chopped off! LOL! but all in all it was a good ending! now i cant wait for it to return

  • misslucy

    I LOVE ur PB recaps. I was almost in tears seeing T-Bag get his hand chopped off – haha I have a major soft spot for him. I think the finale was fantastic. I was screaming as the plane took off over their heads. I loved how Tweener & Haywire got away…. or do they? I don’t know. Can’t wait til next season =)

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    "I loved the finale. I was yelling at the tv like a mad woman."You’re not alone there lol, I musta yelled "nooooo" 50 times within 2 hrs lol! I thought it was a great ending, I didnt think they’d get away cuz then that wld be it, done & dusted. I was ragin where they ended it tho, I was literally speechless lol, but well defo be tuning in for season 2 -cant wait!

  • Penta

    Pops gonna make a comeback to help em, i know it. just going in sooooo deep for two (i’d even say only one) episode(s)?? Oh yeah, and for teddy: "Goes around, comes around!" It’s karma! l0lzz

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    went worth miller is the hoooottttest living hunk.Keep it real luv u 4eva