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Prince Lorenzo Borghese is The Bachelor

Prince Lorenzo Borghese is The Bachelor

The newest Bachelor recently was revealed.  Here’s what he know –

Name: Prince Lorenzo Borghese
Age: 33
Occupation: Cosmetics entrepreneur (cosmetics for dogs, not people)
Company: Royal Treatment  (You’ll want to visit for a couple chuckles, at least.)

The Royal Treatment Pet Spa was dedicated in loving memory of Prince Lorenzo Borghese‘s black lab, Belle, who lost her battle with cancer last year.  The ninth edition of The Bachlor returns to ABC this fall and is set in Rome (he’s considered royalty in Italy)!  So what are your thoughts on Italian royalty?  Will the American floozies impress his Italitian mother? Is Prince Lorenzo Borghese dreamy enough?

Prince Lorenzo Borghese: King of Canine Cosmetics
Just Jared on Facebook
prince lorenzo borghese01
prince lorenzo borghese02
prince lorenzo borghese03
prince lorenzo borghese04

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  • lex

    The Italian Donald Trump.One Word – ick

  • Case

    Dog cosmetics? Have we really sunk that low?

  • Not

    Not Attractive

  • Jude

    I’m assuming he has something to do with the Borghese company that makes high-end cosmetics for people?He’s not bad. Kind of bland and I-play-polo-y, but not bad.

  • Frenchy

    *******Borghese********************For an Italian, he’s bottom of the barrel in the looks department IMO. But as far as $$$$$$$$$$ the Borghese name is almost as old as Italy and they have the money & property to prove it. That family is right up there.

  • cute eye

    he needs a nose job and then he’d look better

  • dumness

    Just picture him stepping out of a custom Lear jet and getting into a Ferrari.Suddenly he doesn’t seem quite as fugly.

  • dumness

    Oh ya,'s the site for his line of pet care products.

  • A

    is this a joke? when will the bachelor show just disappear? this guy is so lame and i can just imagine all the DB’s (dumb biatches) going crazy for him even though they know nothing about him.

  • gigi

    Uhm WHY would royalty do this show? Like he NEEDS to be set up?? Weird.

  • Santeezy

    Haven’t they learned the last 5 or 6 times. You won’t find love on the Bachelor.

  • chug a lug

    nice hair. . . feathering went out of style a long time ago.

  • Mim

    That dude looks like a royal loser.

  • Caidance

    This guy makes me want to be a lesbian.

  • yipers

    eww, what’s the with the comb over AND mullet? lose those and tidy up the eyebrows dude.

  • +greenpeace+

    Donald Trump look a like! With all the money he has, why don’t he get another hairstyle that looks his age? Or did I miss the donald-trump-look-suits-all-millionaire/billionaire/gazillionaire/whatever hairstyle?

  • nyc

    um…hello america? "princes" don’t exist in italy! counts and countesses, yes. prince and princesses, no. he looks more like the king of comb-overs to me…

  • perfect loser

    Hello he is totally Balki (from Perfect Strangers)

  • Leoanrd

    Not cute.

  • pj

    He’s not a real "prince". His mom is Princess Borghese…yes the famous italian "home-made" makeup line. Millionairs…maybe billionaires…I’d do him.

  • Steph

    His mom was absolutely beautiful. This guy, on the other hand, really got hit w/ the ugly stick. I can’t imagine how fugly his daddy’s genes must have been.


    I think he looks like a fudge packer. Ya know likes it in the dukey shoot…. HE TOTALLY GAY

  • Jess

    I am so disappointed! The show seems to have gone downhill….

  • Rachel

    the dog: cute.him: eew. it’s time for eyebrow plucking!

  • Wendy

    He is rich and wants a pretty girl. The pretty girls want 15 minutes of fame and a chance to have their name on a big checking account! Sounds like a match made in reality tv heaven.

  • sam

    I guess this guy has to count his lucky stars that none of you are one of the bachelorettes…not to mention, we have enough shallow women on reality TV as it is. Lighten up.

  • jessie

    I think he’s cute; he seems an interesting person too! I don’t get the reason why he’d do the show though…a real mystery.

  • Alex

    This show is so lame(i cant believe its still going on) and this guy looks cheesy. I can just picture ending … this lamo w/ some blond american chick fake tits and smiles non stop that she needs botox every 5 mins

  • Alex

    This show is so lame(i cant believe its still going on) and this guy looks cheesy. I can just picture ending … this lamo w/ some blond american chick fake tits and smiles non stop that she needs botox every 5 mins

  • Alex

    This show is so lame(i cant believe its still going on) and this guy looks cheesy. I can just picture ending … this lamo w/ some blond american chick fake tits and smiles non stop that she needs botox every 5 mins

  • claire

    The guy is gorgeous! He’s European and he’s stylish. You American dumbheads don’t know a gorgeous man when you see one.

  • lisa

    One word popped on my mind when I saw this guyRETARD!

  • Sanora

    No wonder he couldn’t find anyone in real life, so reality show is his only hope.

  • Wendy

    Just by reading the comments, I like to think that maturity as well as personality means much more than the nasty comments I am reading on t his board. I agree with the statement from Claire and Sam. It seems we are living a very youthful and glamorus society that at one time it used to be that personality, sensitivity as well as being attractive counts far more than drop dead looks alone. I can answer that question of why him as a bachelor is the fact that no matter how rich your resources are, it seems the lonelier a person can feel as it is difficult within that society to find truely wonderful friends one can count on the most besides family.

  • Prince D-BAG

    Hey Wendy, BLOW ME!!! This guy is a loser!!! He ends up coming out of the closet at the end of the show!!!

  • Mr. ManFrenJenSen

    I’m sorry PrinceD Bag, do you know the Bachelor to be? is there something you are not sharing? Did you get drunk proposition him a while back and then sober up and feel all guilty and not try and hide it with some good old fashioned hostility?Oh wait, or are you just talking out your ass? You ability to tell everything about a eprson from a picture is legeldary…you must make a killing at doing this right?

  • Prince D-BAG

    Hey Mr. ManFrenJenSen your ability to write and spell is incredible. I actually do know this tool and am not proud to say so. I am glad that you think I can tell people through pictures though because even if I didn’t know him I would be dead on with my thoughts of him by the looks of his pictures and that wonderful hair-do. He and The Donald get their hair cut and styled at the same place.

  • kdog

    clair- European? he’s from jersey. he’s not stylish he’s just a tool

  • John

    What do any of you know? I was in graduate school with this guy at Fordham U. and worked on projects with him. He’s a smart guy with a good personality. Get a life of your own.

  • Paulette

    This guy looks genuine and intelligent. Way too good for the shallow, infantile, self aborbed little ‘princesses’ who have posted such belittling comments about someone they have not met.The show is in the worst possible taste and the things that disappoints me about him is that he has allowed himself to be exploited by American tabloid television trash.

  • Fern

    Well I applied and I hope I win this thing….what girl DOESN’T want to marry a gay guy with a lot of money??? DREAM BOAT!!!!

  • Big Jim

    Yea Dream Boat my ass!!! Just wait until he leaves you for me!!!!

  • ck

    His grandmother was Princess Marcella Borghese the founder of Borghese Cosmetics.

  • betsy

    I met him, I thought he was gay!!!!

  • betsy

    in fact, he hit on my male boss at a trade show in Chicago.

  • Catlyn

    His grandmother was Princess Marcella Borghese, the founder of Borghese Cosmetics.His mother Princess Amanda Borghese and his brother Prince Scipione Borghese sell bath products on HSN.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if he’ll introduce her on HSN???

  • Trina

    I personaly think that you all are just a snuff in the air. You don’t or wouldn’t know a good man if you had seen one infront of you or let alone in the passing. Quit being very judgemental of him and take a real good look at yourselves in the mirror. I would love to meet him and plenty of others . To know eachother on a different level, not speaking about having any sexual contact or so as you all would happen to think. He is not at all Ugly in person. Not that I’d know, but give him a chance, you do every other person in life. I would eccept his love like any other.Ciao Trina from Ohio

  • Melissa

    I think that he seems be a nice guy, who loves animals. Who are we to judge him on how he looks?….Are any of us beauty queen title holders? I think that everyone deserves a fair chance & you don’t know someoneone, unless you take the time to get to know them. I think that all the NASTY comments above are from SHALLOW

  • Melissa

    SUPERFICIAL PEOPLE who only care about themselves & don’t have the time or intellect to get to know someone before they pass judgement on them!! Afterall BEAUTY is in the eye of the beholder & judging from the rude comments above they were made be some EXTREMELY UGLY PEOPLE!!!! which are probably missing out on knowing a nice guy! I wouldn’t mind having him for a friend or anything else if it developed. If you aren’t willing to take a chance to gain at the very least friendship how can you ever expect to find true happiness