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Britney Spears Parties At Tao

Britney Spears Parties At Tao

New York, NY :: Singer Britney Spears had a girls’ night out last night at Pan-Asian restaurant Tao located at 42 E 58th St (Btwn Park & Madison Ave).  Britney, 24, was dressed in a loose linen frock (you could spot that bright orange a block away) with black ribbon tie espadrilles.  Cute son Sean Preston Federline, 8 months, came along for the fun in his sideways-turned fire engine cap.  Everybody now… "Awwww!"  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • anonymous

    I am so disappointed to see Britney’s attempt at father/son dressing by putting that poor baby’s hat on sideways like his utterly immature "father."When is he ever with this child, or her, for that matter? She should try to distance herself as far from him as possible..same goes for the little guy. He will have to live his father down for the rest of his life.

  • Lidia

    sean gets cuter by the second..first comment!

  • Charles

    Sean P. is adorable!

  • KnitterGirl

    ummm… where are her pants? Seriously – most women would wear pants when eating out at a pretty nice place…But "Her TrailerTrashedNess" apparently gets to make her own rules – babyseats, no pants, curlers in public, shoeless in gas station bathrooms…GO BACK TO YOUR TRAILER WOMAN!

  • blah

    sean preston looks like he has fetal alcohol syndrome. no joke.

  • angelina mmm

    "sean preston looks like he has fetal alcohol syndrome. no joke."that’s what I was thinking

  • bleh

    by the way, how late was it when those pictures were taken?

  • Nadine

    Fetal alchohol syndrome? What the hell, he looks fine. He might have some brain damage from falling on his head and he might be a little small for his age (as a result of her smoking when she was pregnant with him), but I think that’s it.I really feel bad for Britney, I know she is trailer trash, but so are millions of other American women, who don’t even put their babies in car seats and do drugs, alcohol and cigarets(sp?) while pregnant. She has had a raw deal. She had an abnormal childhood and puberty. She is stuck in a marriage with a loser asshole and now she is pregnant again. She gets judged by everyone (if I’m not wrong that is Gods job) Just because she is famous and has money doesn’t mean the public owns her. She never has a peaceful minute outside her house, paparazzi hound her. She is one stressed little girl in a womans’ body. Don’t be mistaken, I know alot of this crap is her doing, but I think that everyone is way too judgemental and should take a step back and look at their imperfect lives before ripping everyone else apart.No, I am not a Britney fan, never have been, but dammit, cut the girl some slack.

  • Pants?

    Where are ur pants, britney? Sean is really cute, but then i think who his father is, and then i throw up a little.she seriously needs to dump K- Fag. it’s not like she is keeping him around to care of the kid (kids as soon the baby arrives). He is hardly ever seen with them. She could hire some good nannies to help out, it would money well spent instead of all the money that loser wastes.

  • Eire

    shouldn’t your kid be sleeping? It is past his bedtime. Cute shoes though.

  • Nikki

    Sean P. is too cute, but lately she is taking him everywhere. I’m not a parent, but maybe there are places a baby shouldn’t go. I think she feels lonely because K-Fed is never home so she compensates with Sean P. That kid will be living with her until age 60 at this rate. Well at least he’ll get a break when his lil sis comes along, but then Britney will be driving with 2 small kids in her lap. Please someone stop this woman from procreating before she has 10 kids.

  • ok

    A girls night out with a baby? that doesn’t sound like fun to me.

  • cb

    Even though she deserves me to "diss" her, big time, here. I won’t…the STUPID freaking *&^&^&%^&^%)&*)(*^)*&^)*(*She simply ain’t worth my time!!! She is a total "has been" now. I shall never again give her a "post count" by posting here or on any blog about her! aggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhI’d rather go smash me head against a wall and watch the paint peel! (Having raised my daughter, now aged 21…I am "allowed" to say a helluva lot more about you B, for I do feel I have PAID for that privaledge!!!) but I shan’t. Karma is a bitch and you shall realise that one day, hey Brit! Neither my daughter or I give a "crap/RATS ARSE" that you are totally pathetic, your career is over or that you’re married to a "gold-digging/retarded loser".ps. but, PLEASE, PLEASE, STOP USING your boy for photo op’s! Ya absolutely USELESS WHITE TRASH/ HO MOTHER!!!

  • kirsten

    Britney looks lovely! And Sean is very cute!

  • leo

    how much do you think she weighs?

  • Bravo

    I think one of the main reasons why Britney takes Sean P. everywhere is because she doesn’t want to leave him at home with her loser husband. I’d be scared to leave my baby home with him! She looks very preggers in these pics. I was holding out until I heard the word from People mag since that’s who Britney always goes to first whenever she has news. I have a hard time understanding why some celebs have nannies that carry their babies instead of them.

  • Michael

    Britney looks lovely with Sean P. I hope he doesn’t grow up to be like his loser of a father.

  • Yuck

    Brit is a train wreck!!!! Poor kid(s). She is also very googlie eyed no? She always looks so greasy and unkept. Where is all her money?

  • jillian

    I just don’t know what to say about Britney. Have some class. I know that we’re too judgemental and critical but that’s how humans are. So compose yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the entertainment industry or in business or in medicine. You have to conduct yourself in public in a proper manner, especially if you are always being watched. Britney knows she’s being followed by papz. Do you see Reese Witherspoon conducting herself in such a fashion, the way Britney is?? No. So, obviously our criticisms of Britney are not way off or going too far. We’re right. Britney is just, well, I think she needs some help. And, by the way, I don’t like her fake smile. Stop acting so weird.

  • Grow Up Already

    Britney is a grown woman with a baby and she still acts like a teenager. GROW UP, BRITNEY! I still, to this day, wonder why the hell she married K-Fed. Why? He’s not successful, he’s so ghetto, he will never become anything in his life. Britney, I think, is weird. I think, not only her, but alot of celebs make terrible decisions in finding their significant other. They’re only human. Blah, blah, blah. Whatever. They have enough money and enough agents telling them what NOT to do! Going about your life is one thing. Going about it stupidly in the public eye is another. When you get old, you want to look back on your life proudly. You want your kids and grandkids to have a record of the best grandparents or parents. Live your life knowing that you and your loved ones will look back on it in the future. Will your kids be proud of you when they grow up?

  • Gwen

    Maybe Christina Aguillera needs to have an interaction with Britney. Sit Britney down and talk to her, pop tart to pop tart. You would think it was Christina who would have ended up with Kevin Federline, in the past. Britney knows that Christina has one up on her. So, Britney needs to be more competitive in her persona. Imagine Britney as a different woman. She would be so successful. She’d be on top of the world. But she’s just bringing herself down. It’s sad, really. Maybe she needs an Image Consultant. Those consultants can help her change into a better woman, both physically and psychologically.

  • ohmygoodness

    I’m the first to diss Brits choice of "death do us part" but the kid is adorable, she is starting to look better b/c she probably doesn’t have morning sickness anymore. When you are sick with morning sickness it’s really hard to be motivated to do anything. And I will tell you what about the braless photos…when you are pregnant for some strange reason keeping your boobs strapped in a bra make them hurt even worse. AT least that was my experience. She must be doing something right or else the world wouldnt spend their time tearing her down.

  • ohmygoodness

    BTW…TAO is a nice restaruant but by no means does she need to dress up. I equate with going to your local PF Changs, with more asian food options. Loved the Sushi, unfortunately I got a bad bug when I ate there.

  • mumu

    sean preston’s face is really looks like k-fed. stupid guy’s DNA is sooooo strong.anyway, country girl loves stupid boy.ewwwwww!!!

  • Betsy

    Poor Tater Tot. He’s got a mother with no brains and a father that smokes and drinks for a living.#10–my thoughts exactly–shouldn’t SPF be on some sort of "schedule" instead of being dragged everywhere at all hours of the night and day. The poor kid.That orange frock looks like a hospital gown that got a bad dye job. *****************I must say I love that we can all bash britney but the minute someone says something that is not all love and roses about Brad and Angelina people seriously lose their minds LOLOLOLOLOL

  • April

    I am not a fan of Britney Spears, but the media and public need to get off her crotch. The only incident I will not give her slack for is driving with SPF on her lap. She is a young mother and wife. SPF seems to be growing fine, and he is loved at least by his Mother.

  • Sarine

    I think he’s by far the cutest baby of this year!!! I love him.

  • Trisha

    Sean Preston is SOOOOO cute. Cutest celebrity baby I’ve seen latley.


    Brit just doesn’t know what to wear. A kneelength skirt/dress would have been more appropriate. She thinks slapping on a bunch of make-up is going to make her look hot/beautiful. She is wrong. Red lipstick with a orange dress?? Horrible.

  • brashgirl

    #18…you asked where Britney’s money is?? It’s being spent on K-Fed, remember he has no job, doesn’t pay child support, supposedly thinks has a music career that needs to be paid for and of course all the alcohol and parties….who pays for that?? Britney, so no wonder she looks like crap…she’s stressed and probably doing nothing but watch her money go down the drain on her looser, pathetic husband. That girl needs to get a clue on both motherhood and knowing how to dump her ass of a husband!

  • juniper

    hey, i ate there!!!

  • carole

    All I want to know is…..IS THERE AN APPROPRIATE CARSEAT IN THE LIMO BRITNEY IS RIDING AROUND IN?????I saw some pictures of her getting out of a limo on another web site during this trip to NYC. From the way she was getting out with baby Sean in her arms, it did not create the impression that she had just taken him out of a carseat…rather, it looked like she was holding him on her lap while riding in the limo! Any somments?????


    SEAN P. ROCKS!!!! Jared, get more pictures of the cute baby please.

  • am

    Britney fascinates me. Just watching what she is doing with her life has made me pity her. Did I use to just think she was annoying? Sure. But she did have a good thing going on for her. It is such a shame. I hope she comes to her senses soon. Why doesn’t she get a stylist, re-vamp her image, work on a new album? She could so easily make a come back…but I am almost thinking it is about too late. She seems to do all the wrong things. Just think 20 yrs ahead…what will her kids be up to?

  • Xenia

    well//brit! u look like a pig! poor little baby wit mother like u!!!n she’s w8in 4 second baby!!!! she’s so stupid n wit no brains!!!!