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Danielle Evans Wins ANTM

Danielle Evans Wins ANTM

It’s been a long and often bumpy ride to the top for ANTM finalists Jade, Joanie, and Danielle.  There have been tears, catfights, painful dental procedures, hospitalization, copycats, delusions of grandeur, and the “axcent” to deal with.  And on last night’s Cycle 6 season finale, the long-awaited event finally happened – Jade was sent home packing.  Oh, and also Danielle wins. 

As we’ve come to expect on ANTM, season finale consisted of the Cover Girl commercial and photo shoot elimination challenge, and the final runway walk-off between two lucky (and fierce) finalists.  For their Cover Girl commercials, the girls were each asked to memorize a different set of lines promoting Cover Girl Lash Exact Mascara.  Danielle struggled with the commercial, trying to remember the lines and simultaneously deliver them without her southern accent showing through.  Joanie, meanwhile, breezed through and made it all look beautiful and effortless.  Jade, who was looking for the chance to redeem herself after her last disastrous CG commercial, assumed that she would be able to “improvise” as she did last time.  Though advised by shoot director Jay Manuel to learn the lines word for word, Jade still ends up with interesting lines and even more interesting ways to put the 3 little words “lash exact mascara” together.  Finally, in desperation, Jay has cue cards held up for Jade, who still wasn’t able to deliver the lines, even with the words right in front of her nose.  Eventually, after many, many tries, Jade gets through those lines, and the blood vessel in my forehead finally bursts.

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At judging, though all the photos from the CG photo shoot turn out well – Danielle and Joanie’s are particularly gorgeous – none of the three commercials are without weaknesses.  Jade tries to defend her commercial by saying that it’s her first (uh, no, it’s not – we still remember the last drag-queen-at-a-party commercial she did) and she hasn’t had the benefit of professional help by an acting coach.  The judges finally lose patience with Jade’s never-ending blame game, and send her home. 

In the final runway walk-off between Danielle and Joanie, the two must traverse a long, long walkway that is essentially a series of bridges linked by different temples, all in the middle of a lake.  In addition, the runway is scattered with flower petals, making it incredibly slippery, particularly in 4-inch model heels.  Each girl takes two passes down the runway.  Joanie, in her first pass, looks a little like she’s walking in the mall (Tyra’s words, though that’s exactly what I thought when I was watching too), but on her second pass brings out all the fierceness and attitude the judges could want.  Danielle, on both her passes, is elegant and very strong.  In final deliberation, the judges declare that this is the hardest decision that has ever faced the panel, and that the finalists’ portfolios of pictures have never been this good before.  Joanie is strong because she is a chameleon, always bringing variety to her photo shoots and in her poses, but the judges still feel that she lacks presence in person.  Danielle had the stronger runway performance and always takes great photos, but often gives the same pose, and is further burdened by an “axcent”.  In the end, Danielle takes the crown, and Joanie graciously concedes “the best girl has won”.

(America’s Next Top Model episode "The Girl Who Walked Through The Ancient City" recap written by Shihrah: Princess of Powertubing.)

YOUR TURN :: If you have any questions to ask Jade or Joanie, please leave a comment below.  We’ll try to have them answered for you at tonight’s press conference.

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  • me

    If Joanie was TALLER she would have won hands down..her pics are gorgeous…Danielle is alright.

  • U No It K!

    Joanie should have won hands down. Tyra knows it too, she is just annoyed that Joanie takes better pictures than she does!

  • daniellefan

    My prayers have been answered! Finally my fave wins!

  • vanessa

    ugh we all know the girl with the prettiest teeth shouldve won this one…

  • ladybug

    it was a toss up for me, but i think danielle is just prettier. next to all of the models at the shoot i thought joanie looked very average. she posed well, but even on the elephant her face couldn’t compete with her body

  • ErinMarie79

    I do agree the best girl won. I always liked Danielle, right from the start. She’s so gorgeous, but seems very girl next door sweet.

  • samtah

    What was up with jades HAIR!? she looked like she had gotten a swirley! i guess the undiscovered supermodel is still..undiscovered. I love Joanie, and Danielle. I thought joanie would take it, but they chose a white girl last year. and during final elimination did you notice how beautiful danielle looked? while joanie kinda looked like a child dressed up in grandmas clothes?! the stylist and make up artist can do some damage

  • dumness

    The show is so blatantly racist. I mean every "expert" they bring in that doesn’t actually need any qualifications is black. Every single one. Then then consistently hand off the prizes to the black girls and the rest get widdled down.Now the girl with the tooth gap and retard accent wins? She’ll have no career. He’s too thick and sounds like a trailer park.Tyra banks needs to set Oprah’s agenda aside and be a little more honest with this show.

  • Ariel

    Jade is the Jay Z video of Change Cloth. She comes out almost towards the end of the video check it out and correct me if im wrong.

  • ur dumb

    to dumness: ur dumb. have you ever watched the show? i’m pretty sure, out of all SIX cycles of this show, only one of the winners was black and that was Eva. all the other winners were white, with the exception of Naima who is a whole mix of crap or something…..last cycle’s winner was a skinny white chick….get your facts straight

  • Lala

    How the hell can you say this show is racist? Hello, have you seen some of the past winners? They were white! Joanie lost because she was too old, too short, and chubby. Pictures of Past Winners:

  • Lala

    Getty ImagesTyra Banks with new Top Model winner Danielle Evans and past winners Nicole Linkletter and Yoanna House.

  • favfan

    i say, congrats to Danielle! and Joanie should immediately look for work in Europe (Twiggy was right!! she’s a classic beauty!).

  • favfan

    both girls were my favorite this season. i say, congrats to Danielle! and Joanie should immediately look for work in Europe (Twiggy was right!! she’s a classic beauty!).

  • abc

    Dumness…do you even know what blatantly racist means? Seriously, before you start making these absurd accusations, why don’t you get your facts straight and learn the definitions of words. Sounds more like you are the racist one.

  • Kristine

    I still think Jade should have won… :(

  • LeeDC

    # 12 | Lala | May 18, 2006 05:29 PM that third pic? Danielle is workin’ it!I’m happy she won. She’s got lots of potential.

  • Meow

    I love Jade, and if u can really ask her a question I’d like 2 know if she’s going to consider pursuing a modeling career in Thailand (cause she’s got what they want, the "asian, but not completely asian" look).

  • Pani

    Post# 9 ariel – if that was Jade she would have been name dropping during the whole show. She never did anything special except in her mind.

  • Dee

    First, Danielle was truly the putting it down all season long! She was very consistent in all of her photo’s, not to discredit Joanie, because she held it down also. I honestly thought Joanie was going to win after I saw her killer walk the second time around! Kudos to Danielle…do ya’ thang gurrrlll!

  • krista

    am I the only one who thinks this show is pure cheese… models don’t even do shoots like that


    Re: #8 DUMBNESS. WOW YOUR REALLY DUMB. As I reckon last season that white busted chick one.Then before her it was Eva then before Eva was another white chick so i guess ur the racist here


    Jade sucks seriously she was too full of herself and thought she knew it all. It was obvious to me she was getting canned. She looks like a man and has a terrible personality.

  • Gina

    dumness, you have got to be the DUMBEST person to ever use a keyboard! The panel has Twiggy & Nigel, the guest judges towards the end were all Thai and the only 2 black judges with any merit were Tyra & Ms. Jay!! Not to mention the fact that 4 of the 6 winners have been black. Joanie & Danielle both have their +s and their -s but in the end, Danielle won. Get over it!! There was no racist agenda involved. And regarding Oprah — did you know that most black people don’t like her?? Everyone I know thinks she caters to white people. In the infamous words of Rodney King, "can’t we all just get along?"

  • Charm

    I know the best person won..I like Joanie but she has a man face. Her pictures were okay.. a few were beautiful but she was not as consistent as Danielle. Whoever said that this show is racist is an idiot and should stop hating. Besides even Joanie gracefully said that the best person won. I think both of them are going to be great models and are stunning. Danielle’s pictures were all amazing and she deserves to be congratulated.

  • g

    Were we watching the same show. Danielle beautiful? She was average at best. Most of the contestants had better looking faces and her body was thin and unimpressive. Both Jade and Joanie were better looking and had better bodies. Jade’sproblem was she was a acting like a diva with a waitress’ resume. Joanie’s misfortune was she was two inches shorter and was a good looking tall blond, there are a few of those in the modelling world. But she could speak coherently and has some curves. A travesty.

  • KevinRiley

    I usually don’t watch TV, but started watching ANTM the first season because Kesse Wallace was one of the choir member from my church. I fell in love with the show and I admire Tyra for the opportunity that she has afforded all of the young ladies. I have watched all six cycles without missing an episode. Danielle and Joanie were my absolute favorite in cycle 6. Jade got on my nerves, but I thought that her photos were excellent and that she might win. I couldn’t decide on who I wanted to win more between Danielle and Joanie. I LOVE Joanie’s personality and her look. I wish that there could have been 2 winners. I’m from Little Rock, so naturally I was pulling for Danielle from that aspect. But I admired the fierceness of Danielle’s photos along with her humility and strength. For a young woman to endure a broken toe, sacrifiing her signature gap and pushing through dehydration and maintain her humble attitude – she is definitely a role model that young ladies should follow. And she didn’t even cry when Tyra flat out told her that she didn’t like her commercial. Danielle is STRONG in personality and beauty. This was a tough one for sure – Danielle and Joanie are definitely TOP MODELS…by the way…I would like to see a top model competition to where they take the last 2 to 3 that were elminiated to compete against each other.

  • Deborah

    I believe JADE is the most qualified to become the winner of the new Top Supermodel. Ms. Evans seemed to be as expressive as any young woman attempting to acquire a coventant position as the new covergirl. Certaintly, having her become the winner is most exacting in order to build esteem. JADE is not in any need of assistance from in any competion. Hopefully, she will continue to be inspired and apply her skills and talents to future venues.Sincerly, a watchful viewer.Good Luck JADE!

  • Bruno

    Season 1 – WhiteSeason 2 – WhiteSeason 3 – BlackSeason 4 – Mixed Race (Not Black)Season 5 – White with big teeth and a habit of biting her tongue in pics. WTG Danielle. She has the chance to actually do well. Also, the only Top Model contestants that have gone on to do very well are Eva and Toccarra.

  • almatha farrow

    Listen, let’s not fuss over this anymore it’s over. "the best person won" like Joanie said. She said that because Danielle is a beautiful person inside and out. We really fell in loved with Joanie but realised that Danielle was a better person to hold the Covergirl title. We beleive this cycle was judged very fairly. Oh if we can only have you guys to put aside all person feelings and truly see the real, real beauty of Danielle. She’s just special, it’s hard to explain. When upn do the rerun of this particular cycle watch her closely. Pay close attention to her character she’s a very, very strong young lady. Oh how I wish that we could get you guys to view her the way we see her. Once realised you will all be washed away in tears especially watching her come down the runway in Thailand. It was like and angel with an amazing strength was moving I can just picture it as I write. Clearly, Ms Twiggy had realised what we had seen and she begun to tear up it’s the most beautiful and most memorable side of her we’ve seen so far. Our song for Danille today is the "The strength of a woman" by Shaggy, it’s a funky song and the words are true and powerful.

  • danielle #1 fan

    well to all tha haters hatein on danielle need to stop dont hate cuz jade didnt win she need to go home from the get i wish good luck to danielle and i know she will go far with her carree. so if anyone have anything to say good or bad email me at cuz i got my gurl danielle at all times holla :)

  • Stephanie Lacroix

    Danielle deserved to win. She is a pretty woman. Congratulations to her.

  • BRITni

    to ariel….yes u right right..i always right atnm..i its not not a racist show….eva was the only black winner besides danielle..and naima is mixed…he is dumc 2 me..he need 2 it right b4 he say something.

  • Victoria

    I congratulate Ms. Banks on a wonderful ANTM this cycle. I couldn’t wait until for the next episode. Ms. Danielle Evans, you go on gurl! Every photo was just better then the last. I especially want to praise you for your wonderful attitude in the end. I liked Joanie, however when she started downing the other participates that was unbecoming. I thank you Danielle for not falling into that discussion when Joanie was talking about Sara. I was very impressed with the stance you took with that situation. Staying focused on what was at hand and the Lord is what kept you. There were some times when I wasn’t sure if you were going to win. Not because of your talent but because (from what was shown) Ms. Banks harped on your accent. I also thought your bathing suit photo was beautiful, however, it would have been better, (Ms. Tyra) if you had of been told about the posing rules before doing that particular shoot. Danielle take care of yourself and God bless you in all you do. Thank you for being a new role model.

  • PAULandrewP.babia

    From the beginning, Joanie rocked the competition all throughout undoubtedly! She was undeniably robbed with no exact and specific reason. It was pervert and sexist for choosing Danielle. Joanie had all the potential in the world: modelesque, gorgeous face, body, bone structure, tall, greatest portfolio in ANTM history, fresh personality, and has a fab strut! Basing at the last episode, Joanie outshined Jade and Joanie-duh! The Covergirl contract should’ve been for her-a spokesmodel like Danielle’s accent i so BOO! And she did own the runway finale-she had the aura and fierceness-WORK IT! Joanie is America’s Next Top Model Cycle 6! And plus, recalling back the past episodes, Joanie was often called first almost every episode being the best out of the bunch and was never been in the bottom two. Others stabbing her name are just insecure-JOANIE, ‘simply d best!’

  • jessica

    hello my name is jessica i am 16 years old. I dont know if this is how i can get started but i wanted to be a model since i was 10 years old, and now i am old enough to take it upon myself and try to full-fill my dream. i am about 5’5 , skinny, baby blue eyes, long brown hair with highlights, and very long legs. thias is my dream and i would do anythig to have this come true. it comes naturally to me when i see a camera automatically im posing like its nothing i kon q i can do it and this is my chance to shine, if you could just email me back with some information that would be soo amazing, and tyra oh my god let me teel you shes is such a good role model to me shes soo inspriating. =) any how thnk you so much and have a great day =)

    jessica =)

    thank you

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