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Munich DVD Giveaway

Munich DVD Giveaway

Munich is Steven Spielberg‘s 2005 political thriller about Israel’s covert retaliation for the murder of its 11 athletes at the 1972 Olympics in Munich. While audiences didn’t flock to see Munich in theaters (I did!), the gripping film appears to have scored big with DVD sales, topping national DVD sales and rental charts during the week ending May 14. Munich is a solid production and stars one of my favorite actors, Eric Bana, 37, who does a mighty fine job playing Avner, the assasination team leader.  Munich was nominated for a best-picture Oscar and also stars Daniel Craig (Casino Royale).  Prodctuion stills and DVD caps in the gallery!

HOW TO WIN A FREE COPY ::  To win a Munich DVD, simply leave a comment in this entry with a valid email address (not published) by May 19 @ 7PM EST and a winner will be chosen at random.  Good luck!

UPDATE :: Congratulations, P.A.!  Your Munich DVD is being shipped off!  Thanks to everyone else who entered!!

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  • Ken N

    I heard this movie is really good and Eric bana is one of my fav actor!

  • daniel

    i loved this movie. i like how they took the actual news footage of the events unfolding live on television and incorporated them into the film..

  • fatboy

    if i sat on eric bana, his sides would split and his guts would spill out all over the place. mmm, bana(na) splits.

  • Ryan

    My friend swears I would love this movie. Hm.

  • mark

    Awesome movie. I hope this is the 2 DVD special edition!

  • AC

    Great movie. Even better with Eric in it! Thanks JJ.

  • J-Mo

    such a great movie!

  • Brett

    How could you NOT love this movie?!

  • AussieAndrea

    Love some Eric Bana, it’s weird to think he was an ordinary "comedian" type here in Aust before his current Hollywood sucesses…

  • katie

    I have yet to see this movie, but i’m really looking forward to it. I heard that it was great, and you can’t go wrong with Eric Bana!

  • Justina


  • Amanda

    Is this movie good? I’ll see it someday…soon. :)

  • LeeDC

    "Munich" is such an incredible film. It’s the kind of movie that makes you stay up all night reading about the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its repercussions in our world today. Yeah! It’s that powerful. So please give me a copy! ;)

  • Robb

    great movie!

  • jjoy

    i love this movie and Eric Bana is a very good actor and good looking. All the actors in this movie are all good…the story….the scenes…man…i don’t know why Bana is not nominated…i don’t have anything against the Oscar winners but at least Oscar should also included Bana and some of the actors in this movie like the bomb maker…i didn’t watch the good night and good luck so i can’t compare but from what i heard it is a boring movie….thus in my opinion, bana deserves to be nominated as oscar’s best actor!

  • P.A.

    Munich was an awesome movie!!!

  • oriana

    i really want to see this movie!!

  • april

    This movie is so intense. I love Eric Bana.

  • d.

    Most intense movie ever. Eric Bana was made for the role.

  • karen

    Looking forward to seeing Munich – especially if I win it.

  • gigi

    This movie is SO good!

  • tams

    Would like to see this…

  • Lia

    Interesting….wanted to see it but it never came to my town…

  • Ally

    Should have won best picture of the year :).

  • Graham Myers

    This looks like a very politically charched film.

  • AB

    Always great to see Hollywood do thoughtful political films.

  • Mrs. Vartan

    I heard that this was a good movie…and its an unbelievable cast

  • Jaci

    Eric Bana is soo hott! I totally loved this movie and i’m soo glad that i saw it in theaters. Another plus is the cast. I never really liked Daniel Craig (other than in "Layer Cake") but surprisingly i liked him in this movie.

  • r

    i’ve always been really intereted in the whole munich debacle. i can’t wait to watch the movie!

  • Saudie

    OMG!! I loved this movie. Thanks for having this giveaway…

  • lalalalala

    Here’s my chance to see it! Hope to win it…

  • Chris Widyastanto


  • Dulce

    In my personal opinion… this movie deserve to win the oscar for best movie!! And eric bana performance was brillant!! So this is one of my favorite movies!!

  • Gary

    Munich…? Where?

  • rob

    yea pick me man. Spielberg and Jared rock!

  • Nadia

    I never had a chance to see it, since it came out in the middle of grueling exams. So this is a fine oppurtunity.

  • neenee

    I want the Munich DVD!!!!!!!! It rocks!!!!!!! Pick me!!!!!!

  • pp

    Hey JJ!We mention Eric Bana on another thread … and here he is!!! You always deliver!!!Thanks!

  • Fann

    I want to see it. Yay for Eric.

  • Vic

    I think Eric Bana is one of the most underrated actor in movies right now. He is an awesome actor and I’m really looking forward to seeing this movie.

  • Fae


  • Tim

    It’s gotta be better than The Hulk!

  • greg

    count me in

  • Ramiro

    I would so love to win this.

  • lostinnyc

    This movie was exciting and Eric Bana was wonderful in it – the whole cast was great.

  • jmt

    I haven’t seen "Munich," so I am really looking forward to winning! I, too, enjoy Eric Bana’s work. He gave a solid performance in "Troy," that sad movie that trivialized "The Iliad."

  • Sue

    This movie rocks! Speilberg is truly a master especially with the historical pieces! Eric Bana is amazing as well as the rest of the cast.

  • chanelconspiracy

    A difficult, but great movie. You’ll be really drained after watching. Eric Bana was great in it, and is of course, the Hotness. Ciaran Hinds was also really great and I think he definitely should have been nominated for a Best Supporting Oscar. Afterall, I have to support my famous father – he’s not really my father, he just has such an uncanny resemblance to my own father that whenever me and my friends see him in movies/TV we all joke about how great it is that my dad can find the time to act while working full-time as an engineer.

  • ang

    I loved this movie….it was bold, engaging, and well-acted. Eric Bana was incredible….I think it is his best role so far.

  • stripped428

    God…Eric Bana is hot.