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Aishwarya Rai Pictures

Aishwarya Rai Pictures

Also on offer from the Indian camp is Jagmohan Mundhra’s Aishwarya Rai starrer, Provoked (also co-stars Lost‘s Naveen Andrews) based on the real-life story of a battered Indian woman who ended up killing her abusive husband in Britain a few years ago. Aishwarya, a Cannes regular by virtue of being one of the brand ambassadors of French cosmetics giant L’Oreal, has already registered her presence here. She sashayed up the red carpet in an off-the-shoulder gown, with Hollywood actress Andie MacDowell for company, on the opening night. She is scheduled to stay on for the special market screening festival of Provoked later in the festival.

Bollywood bombshell Aishwarya Rai, 32, is also set to star in two upcoming films in English — Singular (2006) alongside Brendan Fresar and Chaos (2007) alongside Meryl Streep. Pictured left to right :: Provoked photocall,  Paris, Je T’aime premiere, and Cannes opening ceremony dinner.  Many more pictures in the gallery!

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  • oh lord!

    OH No! I have to see her here too. Ugh. sorry, i’m indian and yeah she is pretty but if you only knew her manipulative ways and pr stunts as alot indians do. no more rants, i just had to get my disgust about this two-face "innocent" woman.

  • Really?

    oh lord, what kind of pr stunts does she pull?

  • Shut-UP

    She reminds me of Angelina. She’s got that proud mysteries look to her not to mention drop dead natural gorgeousity going for her. She’s got this beautiful grey/green eyes.

  • Shut-UP

    O.K. I’ll bite give over tell all the dirt about her. Don’t really know much about her I say pride and Prejudice and I thought she was really beautifull and o.k actress. O.k. dish the dirt…………..

  • sara

    She’s awesome. She’s definitly ONE of the biggest stars in India and in Asia.Please, lets not bring that immature, "…omg, she so fake, two face" comments that go on in all bollywood forums here now….lets just learn to respect… do you know she’s two faced? Do you know her? Lets not turn this into another bollywood forum.

  • Rica

    I think that she is absolutely beautiful…always have. If her PR stunts don’t top Tom Cruise, then I’m cool.

  • ugh

    okay I’ve seen her pics before. When she was natural she was pretty, but this girl got surgery and tries to be angelina jolie. I’ve seen all these pics of her trying to be angelina, the poses, the looks. Her eyes and hair styles are also done like angelina jolie. If you look at her old pics her eyes and cheeks were rounded. Now it looks like she GOT A FACELIFT, she’s got high cheekbones and slender eyes. I admit she is pretty but i just wish she could be more natural and not trying to be someone else. Sorry if i offend anyone that is a fan of hers. But i hope Just jared doesn’t post pics of her here.

  • audreu

    she is indeed very beautiful!

  • SandiJ

    Oh…my…word! Was she in the PEOPLE’s 50/100 most beautiful people list? A MAJOR oversite if not. She’s absolutely, positively, stunningly drop dead gorgeously amazingy beautiful…and then some. WOW. She does look like Angelina doesn’t she.

  • to sara

    Hey, i can say what i want.First she can’t act. Then since you know about her, you know she uses her boyfriends (which she refuses to recognize them as her boyfriends) to further her career. The woman is more image and less talent. And she is smart at using her image too. About the boyfriends, She dated salman,dumped him when his career started to go down, then Vivek, who was starting out well and started to suck, dumped him, and now Abishiek. You know he wasn’t doing well for a long time and now all of sudden that he is doing well, we all start to here she dating him. She never wastes anytime. She claimed in a 60 minute interview she didn’t want to do kissing scenes cause she tries to protray this "pure" woman and the next thing you know, her next few movies have her doing kissing scenes, bedroom scenes. She can do whatever she wants, just don’t be hypocritical about it. And if all those bollywood forums say the same thing, then i’m not the only who thinks that.She has such fakeness to her. I have yet to see her truly act with the likes of Madhuri Dixit or Rani. Why do you think she has come this far? I’ll admit it as an Indian, Indians usually go for beauty over talent. When we see a woman with fair skin, light-green eyes we drop to her feet. She is beautiful no doubt, but certainly overrated when she keeps being called the "most beautiful woman in the world".

  • me

    no she doesn’t look a lot like angelina, but there is someone who does: lisa ray. She is drop dead gorgeous!Check out this link to see picture.

  • sara

    to #10, you sound like a crazy salman fanatic. look, you are entitled to your opinion! You do know what you just wrote is your OPINION..this is hwo you foresee things. Me and you don’t know that it is fact or not. Only she and salman would know this. I admire her for professional life, not her personal. I am not one of those crazed fans who worship their favorite stars. Grow up! A million and one things can be said about salman khan too…but you know what, i don’t know him personally, so i won’t judge. And again, how do you know again she’s fake???This is soo immature. Grow up. seriously…..

  • sara

    to #10, you sound like a crazy salman fanatic. look, you are entitled to your opinion! You do know what you just wrote is your OPINION..this is how you see things. Me and you don’t know that it is fact or not. Only she and salman would know this. And please, people date and break up all time. Get real. btw, you are right about the "the most beautiful woman in the world"….beauty lies in the eye of the beholder…if you think Rani or Madhuri are prettier, good for you. Its your choice. Nobody’s forcing you to. I admire her for professional life, not her personal. I am not one of those crazed fans who worship their favorite stars. Grow up! A million and one things can be said about salman khan too ( and btw, in her opinion and statement she made to the press, she had very very valid reasons to break up with that monster-again, what you believe is up to you and w hat i believe is up to me)…but you know what, i don’t know him personally, so i won’t judge. And again, how do you know again she’s fake???This is soo immature. Grow up. seriously…..

  • sara h

    This woman acts solely with her eyelashes. It’s a good thing she’s pretty because she certainly can’t act.

  • to sara

    how do i sound like a salman fanatic. I said she dated him and dumped him, just like the rest of her boyfriends. Did i say anything else besides that? I don’t worship any movie stars either, and i know how to look at them realisticily. I think she is smart and beautiful, but also manipulative no doubt.You think she was professional when she said that Shahrukh and Sanjay Bhansali need to learn how to be better human beings and also dropped out of Mangal Pandey cause she didn’t think she was being paid enough and didn’t have enough of a big part. Please.In one interview she said salman beat her, next she said it was big misunderstanding. And then had Viviek do that whole stupid press conference about the phone calls. I don’t know her personally, but her actions speak way louder than her words.

  • found this

    The Ash SyndromeIn Bollywood perception is all. Image scores over reality. Box office hits do not really matter. Take for example, Aishwarya Rai. Everybody, especially the media, considers Ash to be in their list of the current top three Hindi actresses. Yet, in her resume of 30-odd films, how many hits has she delivered?Just two. Hum Dil Deke Chuke Sanam(1999) and Devdas(2002). Taal (1999) was not a hit in India though it worked very well abroad. And those who think her special appearance in Mohabatein made it a box office success need to have their head examined. Some would go on to say that even her two hits were largely because of the brilliance of Sanjay Leela Bhansali (why hasn’t Ash delivered a solo hit with any other director?) but let us overrule such objections. A hit is a hit. Today Ash does not have dates for almost a year if you want to make a film with her. She gets paid between one-two crore for an Indian film. All because of the public, media and industry’s perception of her.So what makes Ash so hot? Not her box office record. Not her acting prowess—Rani Mukherji and Preity Zinta are better at histrionics. Ash is simply the most beautiful of them. Women who are beautiful and can also act a bit are always in great demand. That is why Katrina Kaif has a rosy future.Perception rules Bollywood. And Ash has understood this better than most. Brand managers and corporates should learn from her on how to build terrific brand equity for a moderate product.The chasm between perception and reality is all the more glaring when you consider what actors perceive themselves to be. Sunny Deol perceives himself to be an action hero and he feels people will reject him if he does any other kind of role. But is he the action hero who you want to see on the screen now? When a Bruce Willis can do Unbreakable or Sixth Sense why can’t Sunny try roles which depict him as a quiet, restrained chap? Ajay Devgan rediscovered himself by doing such roles in Company and Bhoot. When I mentioned this to someone who knew the Deols he said, “Don’t be silly. Sunny will never play a negative character. He thinks it will damage his image.” Hello? Isn’t he an actor? Or is he just an image—of what he thinks the public thinks of him? Let’s take another example of image over reality. If you have seen Aashiq Banaya Apne and Mixed Doubles—both of them performed dismally at the box office– you would have no doubt who the better director is. Yet Rajat Kapoor has to struggle his ass off to make a film whereas Aditya Dutt has three films up his sleeve. The truth is you don’t have to be a good director to make more films. You need to be perceived as a hot director. Like Satish Kaushik. The image versus reality phenomenon is most obvious in the film promos/and trailer business. Earlier people thought that if promos are good and entertaining, the film will be too. Alas, that hardly happens now—most of the time the promos are better than the film. But if you deliver in the theatre what you promised in the promos, audiences will go home satisfied. Yash Raj Films has mastered this art. Look at their promos and you expect good songs and dances, lots of family melodrama, wonderful locations, nice looking men and women. And that’s exactly what you get, except in the case of Neal ‘N Nikki. More recently when the Rang De Basanti promos were aired first it promised to be a youth-centric, fun Dil-Chahta Hai-kind of film. It was that. And much more.Incidentally, Rang De Basanti is also an interesting example of how the initial perception of the project did not, thankfully, match the reality of the finished film. While the film was being cast it was supposed to be big banner cast with Aamir Khan being joined by Hritik Roshan playing Karan Singhania’s role and Shah Rukh Khan coming in a guest appearance as Flight Lieutenant Ajay Rathod. Both Shah Rukh and Hritik declined the offer.Imagine what would have happened if RDB had Aamir, Hritik and Shah Rukh! I am willing to bet that it would not have been as successful as it is now. Why? For the simple reason that Sidharth and Madhavan did not stir up any image or expectation in the cinemagoer’s mind. In the film they looked real as their characters.

  • sara

    Thanks for the above article. I also think she’s a so-so actress only if she has the right director. I seriously think Rani and Priety are the BEST actresses in India. But ash is gorgeous and has a public image that almost everyone loves. And i like her too. I think she’s awesome……..her personal relationships, etc. are none of our business…..and who knows whats true and whats not.

  • ummmm….

    ummmm…….. okay she is very pretty, but umm why does one her eyebrows look like it is being pulled up so much…………. and her nose looks kinda of beak like…….. but still pretty.

  • Lola

    How tall is Aishwarya?

  • piyutra

    Sharuhk Khan and Rani Mukherji are my favorite Bollywood stars! Anyway, one of Sharuhk’s interview last year, he said Angelina Jolie is the most beautiful woman in the world! ;D

  • angelah

    the first time i saw her was on E’s 100 sexiest episode and boy she is definitely one of my top beautiful/sexiest list of stars.

  • yuck!

    not her again. i thought if i came to a predominately hollywood based blog, i wouldn’t have to see her again. thanks alot jared! Just kidding :)But seriously, wayyyyyyy overated.Piyutra: I love rani too. She is petite but is a powerhouse of an actress. I lover her smile too. Quick question: what are some of your favorite bollywood movies? and other favorite actors?

  • lol

    lol… * i love her smile* not lover

  • piyutra

    # 22 | yuck!this is my top 5 :D1 Chalte Chalte2 Davdas3 K3G4 Kal Ho Na Ho5 Kuch Kuch Hota hai

  • you

    # 24 | piyutra |ok, judging by that list, i can tell how much you love Shahrukh. ;)I did’t like K3G much, but i really like Kuch kuch hota hai. My favorite person is Devdas was Madz and her maar dala song. It was so beautiful to look at.

  • piyutra

    # 25 | you HAHA, You are wise :POh! And Madz is great! I really love her dance.Rani and Ash are good dancer too.

  • WTF?

    Biggest star in India and Asia?DUUUUUH?Hellow!!I’m Asian!Who the hell is she?lolShe’s star only in india!!!tell the truth!!!!!lol

  • carrie

    I actually think Bipasha Basu is alot more beautiful. I need to assert that i am not an indian so i do not know about any of the stories that you guys are asserting.

  • Really?

    She sounds like she might be the Paris Hilton of Bollywood.

  • Geneva Hilton

    jealous much? the woman is stunning. that’s undeniable. as for all the gossip and BS that surrounds her, I guess it comes with the territory of being a gorgeous woman. all you haters should just diet and try to make yourself prettier rather than hating on people.

  • yup.

    bipasha is gorgeous, but not as gorgeous as her boyfriend John A. – That man is too hot for words.I also think Priyanka and Sushmita Sen are pretty.

  • Mira

    Okay, I only read the top few posts. I don’t mind the criticisms of Aishwarya. It’s probably a good thing. It’s a sign of good luck to come her way. And I think she is absolutely fabulous… as far as her looks go. I saw her interview on Oprah last year (or was it longer than that?), actually I read parts of it on Oprah’s website cause I missed it on tv, and I thought she was a little embarassing. I do not think she had any surgery. I’ve been watching her for YEARS and I never thought she was "the most beautiful" even though she won that world beauty queen contest(s). I just think she is opening doors for alot of Indians/South Asians who want to be in the American entertainment industry, as well as sweet ole’ (ahem, cough) Naveen Andrews (who I use to hate when seeing him in Brit movies, but now I like him… especially since he won an award). But I think there needs to be more Indian/Indian-American actresses in American films. It’s sad growing up and not seeing women or men like you. I had to grow up familiarizing myself more with black/latina/asian actresses. And let me tell you, there are some gorgeous looking Indian/Indian-American women out there. But these talent agents are just not looking. I’m atleast a little grateful that JustJared gives some graciousness to us.

  • nasha

    When I first watched Ash on the screen many years ago, I thought she was wooden. I have to say over the years she has improved and to me is a good actress. I do think while beauty has been her advantage, it has been her disadvantage too. She is so beautiful, people presumed she can’t act or won’t give her due credit when she does a good job. It is almost if she is that beautiful, she has to be perfect.As for her boyfriends, I disagree that she just dumped Salman, looking at his track record, there is enough reasons to dump him. He drove drunk and over people sleeping on the pave road and many more things. As for Abhishek, neither camp has confirmed their involvement. Since we believe media like gospel, we are quick to assumed. In the end, we really no nothing about her personal lives except just make speculation. Although regarding Salman brush with law, that is definitely on record. I applaud for finally putting her foot down to that man.I think with all the controversy and gossips surrounding Ash, she has carried herself well and placed a niche for herself. Pretty good I say. And yes she has made the Indians more viable and seen. The lady is gorgeous, to me she can act and has a great body. She may looked plump at one time because by her own admission the never exercise till recently.Jared, I for one would like to see more of her.

  • Lohan

    Nice dress…

  • ******FRENCHY****

    She looks exactly like this African American actress named LisaRaye in the first picture. The second, she looks like a bird. The third picture makes her look like LA Lakers Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa Bryant.Yeah everyone around the world knows about Aishwarya Rai and her beauty, but the more I see her and hear her speak, the more ordinary she seems. There are prettier Indian women around. I think her personality is what’s keeping her from really hitting it big in the West (if that’s what she want). Something a little off about her. She is pretty though. Meanwhile other Indian and Middle Eastern acresses are getting plum roles in primetime US dramas and films.

  • Monica

    She is beauty with a tiny bit of talent, that’s all. I think the reason why she’s not hitting it off in Hollywood is because of her infatuation to look perfect all the time. You can tell by the way she is always running her hand through her hair every two seconds, especially during an interview. I get really embarrassed when she does certain things. During the Cannes red carpet walk, Ande MacDowell and Kerri Washington were all happy and just smiling for the camera. They both looked beautiful. Aishwarya looked gorgeous too, but she’s always flipping her hair, posing for the camera. And that’s it. Posing for the camera is the one thing she’s extremely good at, as well as manipulating people with her beauty and squeaky voice. Maybe she should take certain criticisms seriously. E.g. "is there a wishier, washier, wimpier actor anywhere in the known universe?" regarding Ash’s performance in Mistress of Spices. Her devoted fans need to realize that she is not perfect and never will be!

  • Posh Fan

    Oh my lord! Here we go again with all the Ash bashing. Dont we get enough in the bollywood forums? I been an Ash fan for about 12 years now and seen her grow into the star that she is today. I’ve met her twice and nothing of her seemed fake to me at all…..she was the sweetest person ever with the nicest manners. She was gorgeous as hell in real life then her pics shows. And as her acting? Oh believe me she can act much much much better then some people who claim to be actresses and Monica, if she had so much little talent, she wouldn’t be Bollywood’s biggest actress today and dont tell me she isnt cause you bet she is along with Rani and Preity. You dont get into the top for just looking beautiful or we would have had other beautiful people being the best actress in Bollywood who have no talent. As for her "cunning" ways? Is that coming from some Salman fans? LMAO that explains it all.

  • Voracious

    What are the things she does that are embarrassing? I thouht that celebs were SUPPOED to pose for photos. Not trying to argue here, I am just very curious.:)

  • Leni

    How can anyone who is NOT LEGALLY BLIND WRACKED WITH LOW SELF ESTEEM AND A WHOLE HEAP OF JEALOUSY have ANYTHING negative to say about Aishwarya Rai !she is absolutely beautiful and super stunning!she was after all Miss World 1994 and the Hello! voted her The Most Beautiful Woman In The World with her vote count waaay ahead of kiera knightly and cindy crewford!people in Bollyowood and India simply cannot tolerate her because she is now MUCH MORE than an Indian heroine SHE IS AN INTERNATIONAL SUPERSTARshah rukh-the king khan and the big may be bigger stars in bollywood but their major draw is the asian population & NRI abroad!but all the people even the so called "whites" find Ash absolutely gorgeous!just go to her homepage and see the guest book..there are comments and huge compliments to her from literally allover the worldfrom Denmark to Sri Lanka to Thailand to the States!so there no question about her fame and success and esp her popularity!and without a question she is one of the biggest and most beautiful in Bollywodand those who say she can’t act should see Devdas as the achingly lovely Paro …woooW!!and what is this comment about "a Cannes regular by virtue of being one of the brand ambassadors of French cosmetics giant L’Oreal,"that was very ignorant and foolish of you Jared..I never expected You to say thatAsh is a Cannes regular first and foremost because she is a versatile actressher film Devdas was shown here and I belive the very next year she was invited to be a jury memeber in their prestigious panelhow many can claim such an honour like that!!!and I find the Indian community’s disdain and hatred and the obvious jealousy for Ash just very very annoyingyou should be very proud of hershe brings honour and fame to your countrywho else has done that…in terms of the bollywood stars who dance and prance around the tressI am from Canada and am German but I still have great respect for herafter all this is the woman Julia Roberts the Pretty Woman called" the most beautful woman in the world."Now who would want to argue with her???but personally I think the most beautiful woman in the whole wide world is the Ash look-a-like SNEHA ULLAL."ASH’S blue eyed white skinned twin"check her out in LUCKY-NO TIME she makes the puffy fish lipped Angelina Jolie look like a pathetic heap of burnt charcoal!!!!

  • RF

    Aishwarya is extremely beautifullllyou know i think the problem is with some indians.they cant stand watch aish making it in hollywood unlike other indian actors…and then they get all hattered…and telling all this lies about surgeries..hahha soms ppl are really lowww

  • Leni

    Excuse Me SARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!she ABSOLUTELY DID NOT HAVE A SUBSTANTIAL PART IN The Rising-The Ballad Of Mangal Panday!!!her character was not the one portrayed by Rani Mukergee , her’s was the one that was later played by Amisha Patel!!!did you see the film??Amisha did not act for more than 10 minutes topsand in the film Rani was the main DOMINANT actress as the dancing prostituteso why shouldn’t Ash objectshe is much more beautiful, a much MUCH better dancer than that morose bull dog RaniI mean Rani ruined that "Mai Vari Mai Vari" songit had the potentila to be another "Mara Dala" like Madhuri Dixit’s in Devdasbut that squat stiff short Rani ruined itand until Black cme out she was a miserable acress!!!!and regarding that commentAbout the boyfriends, She dated salman,dumped him when his career started to go down, "EXCUSE MEshe dumped him because he physically assaulted her!!!if you think that IS all roses and candy then you should have an appt with Dr Phil aout domestic violence and vilolence on womanSalman may be a chocolate box hero with cookie cutter looks but he is a volatile bastard!!!he abused Ash and she was very vocal about it thank Godafter all why should she just limp away to lick her wounds in privateI am so glad that she spoke about it,..she is an inspiration to all the other Indian woman who suffer in silence in that Patriachal society abt abuse and violence!!!and Salman also abused Somi Ali…remember her ..his live-in-lover of many many years!!!!there was talk in CineBlitz of how he grabbed her by the hair and yanked her down the appt stairs…their so called love nestlove nest indeed!!!!!!!my footso miss sara or whatver you are DOUBLE OR MAYBE TRIPLE check your facts before you type them!!!!!!!!or else you may be putting out a very dangerous message that it is better to stay in a physically absusive relationship rather than dump the asshole!!!!!!!!!!!my top 10 listBLACKKHAMOSHILAGAANDEVDASLUCKY-NO TIME FOR LOVEKAL HO NA HO VEER -ZAARA!DHARHUM APKE HAIN KAUNDHAMINI

  • Justme

    okay, i didn’t know what to say when i first saw her pics and i didn’t want to offend anybody who is a fan of hers, but i found this comment on another site (Jared ur still the Best!) and i agree with the comments. I’m not jealous of her looks, infact she is beautiful and because of her, alot of people know more about bollywood movies, but i still agree with the comments below:"She is pretty. Classical beauty that is. But not stunning. I think it’s her personality. She’s empty and is obsessed with her looks, I feel like she’s always posing. I feel the same thing with Catherine Zeta-Jones. She is always posing in her roles, trying to enhance her beauty. But if I was a man I would never kiss her or fall in love with her. She has no spirit, she’s like a doll. She’s one of those women that is very insecure in herself but in love with herself at the same time. IMO opinion that means she can never be emotional, tempremental, expressive, artistic, or sexy."P.S. – i don’t think she is empty headed or she would not have gotten where she was, but do i think her looks helped her? Absolutely. Especially since beauty, as much as any person can deny it , does have an effect on how people percieve others. She isn’t the worst actress, but one of the best? Not by a long shot. She is a great model, but acting wise; like somesaid before, she is wishy-washy.but thanks for still posting the pics, jared.

  • Stop

    # 41 | Leni |If you want to praise Ash, go right ahead, but please don’t call other people dogs. "but that squat stiff short Rani ruined it"and just cause she is short, does not mean she is bad, that’s like dissing every person out there because they are short. That’s very superficial of you to say that because Ash is more beautiful, she deserves a bigger part.

  • Leni

    I neved said that " because Ash is more beautiful, she deserves a bigger part."what I meant was that since Aishwarya is as superior an actress as Rani is in Bollywood(Ash has TWO FilmFare awards for best actress!!!) with the same star clout, power and credentials she souldn’t play the second fiddle to Rani in any film!!!!!!!!WHY SHOULD SHE????????Ash has more rank and rule than Rani by a mileso why should she play the minor character when Rani is obviously the main caracter??????and as for Rani being short…have you seen the dance video of Rani in Mai Vari Vari?????she looks stunted and squeezed and oddly shaped in that hot pink outfitmaybe there is something wrong with the screen but she lokks disproportianate!!!!!anyone who has seen that would not argue with my claim!!!there is NOTHING graceful or artistic in her movementsshe just looks stunted and awkward and a pathetic dancer!!!!check out the dvd and then you’ll see what I am talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!even in her own film BUNTI AUR BABLI she needed THE SUPER ASH with her amazing drop dead gorgeous Kajra Re to transform it in to a blockbuster hit!!!everyone knows BUNTY …bacame a hit because of Ash’s hip swivelling dance talent!!!!!!!!!

  • carrie

    you guys check this out. Bipasha is absolutely stunning and is the real bombshell

  • endah

    jared, are you rasialist?

  • FunMe

    I live in Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world.Let me tell you. I first came across Aishwarya Rai in the movie DEVDAS. After that I was hooked!This woman is beautiful! She is a Miss World. And she is college educated!All those haters who criticize her miss one important point about her as a beautiful actress: she is smart!I am so glad she is so close to finally making her crossover to over here in Hollywood. With her many fans all over the world due to her Bollywood filmes, Hollywood will want to see more and more of her.She’s in her early 30s, but with a world wide fan base, Hollywood with its emphasis in show BUSINESS will love what she can bring.Ash … can’t wait for you to move to Los Angeles aka Hollywood.The "success’ of Catherine Zeta-Jones from WALES will not mirror the success that awaits you.LOVE YOU ASH!

  • nevermind

    # 44 | Leni |i would try to reason with you but i think ur rose colored glasses would block any oppossing viewpoints, so nevermind.If you think she is SUPER! then good for you.i’ll leave at that.just to remind you rani also has two filmfares, one for hum tum, and one for black.

  • i agree

    carrie – yeah bipasha is just wow!actually, if people would notice, alot of bollywood actors are former beauty queens and male models, so there is plenty of eye candy to look

  • Jillian

    Why did she date a man who everybody knew was abusive?