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Britney Spears Crying

Britney Spears Crying

On Thursday, Britney was leaving the Ritz Carlton Hotel in New York. As she maneuvered through the crowd of onlookers, holding a glass in one hand and her baby in the other, she tripped. Sean‘s hat flew off, his head snapped back and a bodyguard made the precious save. After the incident, Britney went to FAO Schwartz with Sean, shopped around and then went to a nearby restaurant where she sat with Sean in hand. She was all smiles with the waitress and she and an unidentified woman ordered. Then, suddenly, Britney broke down and began crying. She tried to mask the emotion by using her baby to shield her face. Britney then took Sean to the bathroom where we’re told she reapplied her makeup and then left.

Poor Brit, Brit!!!  More pictures in the gallery…

WATCH :: Britney’s Crying Breakdown [video]

(Right) Britney Spears left baby Sean P. back at their room in
the Ritz Carlton to stop for a quick check-up at the
Children’s Hospital of New York – Presbyterian.
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  • go

    spf is my favorite celeb kid. good for mother & child. he is soooooooooo cute.

  • wildviolette

    WTF is that girl wearing?

  • MarieMJS

    I cant believe, I dont think shes a really good mother but Im so ashamed, its actually FRENCH paparazzi that you hear in the background, SHAME ON YOU, leave that girl alone, they sound like vampires waiting for the most awful moment to be taken in picture, BOOH!!!

  • Fametastic

    If you look very very closely at the first half dozen pictures, you might be able to see a little tiny bit of her bra peeking out from under her blouse. Just a little tiny bit.Mmm, classy.

  • Kellie

    This is getting out of control! She needs some help!!! SPF is going to get hurt badly and soon if someone doesn’t do something and teach her how to take care of a child FAST!!! All her bullshit talk about how she thinks a "really good mother" stays home with her children instead of working…damn…maybe she should work and stay away from her kid!!! Maybe then he’d be ok!!!

  • Erin

    Jesus christ, every mother makes mistakes. If someone followed 95 percent of mothers around, capturing their every move on camera, I guarantee some questionable pictures would arise. Give the poor woman a break- her son seems to be developing normally, and appears to be loved and well taken care of.

  • lookwhaticando

    First off she is married to one of the biggest losers and users in hollywood, and now all the drama with the baby. This woman needs help in so many ways

  • Lisa

    Who would go out in public with her bra hanging out like that and that slutty shirt? Especially being pregnant! And why does she have to be from my state? She is making all of us from Louisiana look bad!! She is total trailer trash!

  • bitbit

    Poor Britney. Those pictures broke my heart. I wonder how the rest of you parents would fare under the same pressure? Imagine people hoping and praying you screw up so they can make a buck off you and give all you losers something to gossip about. Shame on you!

  • Murphys law

    The baby is to cute. I just wish she wore a shirt with that bra or do I have that backwards. Oh well lots of luck.. I would hate someone taking my picture every move that I made too..

  • karon

    Britney honey, I feel for you girl. Don’t let what others say about you get you down. You seem to be a really good mom, and accidents do happen. Little Sean Preston is adorable and I can see that you love him and he loves you. Keep you head up. Alot of people care about you, so don’t let the critics bother you.

  • halfclothed

    #4 Fametastic – LOLI’m pretty sure Ritz Carlton rooms still have mirrors. I think it’s possible Britney Spears has forgotten how to use them…

  • Kelli

    Reading some of your comments make me ashamed to visit a site like this.She broke down crying, because of all the people judging her and watching her every move. And all you care about is what she wears.You shouldn’t judge people you know nothing about, that’s what i think. You can tell she really loves her baby boy..

  • karon

    What kind of sick world do we live in anymore. I can’t understand how there are so many heartless people out there. I looked at those pics of Britney and her baby and all I see is a mother who loves her baby very much. God forbid that she make a mistake for the whole world to see. I’m an excellent mother and I’ve made plenty of mistakes, but you learn from them. I’m just hoping that the paparazzi will let this poor girl alone. I give her so much credit because she seems to be a hands-on mom and not just another hollywood celebrity with their nannies. God Bless you Britney and your handsome little man. Hang in there girl!~

  • KAS

    GIVE THE GIRL A BREAK! That baby is adorable! Everyone makes mistakes! We just don’t have stupid paps 3 feet from us clicking away at our every move! LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE ALREADY!


    Maybe this is why emotionallly unstable, slightly retarded 23 /24 year olds shouldn’t have kids… Her outfit is absolutely horrible and she should be ashamed! Especially considering the fact that she is 5 months pregnant with another poor little kid… Brit, get help asap.

  • Betsy

    Do we all just go out of the house dressed in a black bra with a doily covering, jeans three sizes too small and our thong showing? Save tater tot.

  • Maniston

    I feel bad for her. Yes, she’s a dumbass for driving with SPF on her lap but this time the girl just tripped. Nothing more nothing less.

  • jeannified

    Man, she is a total mess! Her problem is that she’s short and trying to look taller by wearing very high wedge heels, pants that are too long, to the point where she walks on the hem. That look is supposed to elongate your legs, but she shouldn’t be worrying about that when she’s carrying a baby! On top of that, she’s carrying a high ball glass! Not good! On the totally catty part, her weave is showing, her brad is way too much, and so is that trashy thong. She seriously needs to get it together and dump K-Fed, and concentrate on SPF!

  • HUH??

    To all you defenders of Brit.. you want her watching your baby? Didn’t think so. How many mistakes until she really hurts the baby. Notice that she does not SPILL HER DRINK THOUGH!!! Yeah GREAT mother!!! Don’t remember seeing Reese, Jenifer G, Michele Williams or any young Celeb mom making 1 out of Brits 6 mistakes this week! Stop seeing just the CELEB and look at the GORGEOUS KID!! I swear I am worried about him!!!! Sheis really in a bad place, WHERE IS HER MOTHER??? She needs so real family and not yes men around her!!

  • anon

    I feel so bad for Britney but more for the baby and baby to come. It’s obvious that she’s mentally unstable. Did anyone see her on David Letterman? I haven’t seen gum snapping like that in over 20 years. Her panties and complete bra are showing. Why would you dress like that? She’s on the cover of the New York newspapers of her almost dropping her baby.The sad thing is that there is a subculture of American women who are exactly like her and think she’s really "kewl". She is no role model for anyone one. She just seems to get worse and worse and she gets older.

  • lamama

    Brit needs HER mom to step up, take control and help her out. She seems such a sweet person really and very loving mom. She tripped…BFD! Maybe it was the flash from the 50 cameras aimed at her at all time that blinded her and made her trip. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Sue those blood sucking idiots Brit! Oh, while you’re at it dump K-Fed and get a real man who will love you cause you are a sweet person.

  • kempeke

    I know this is a random question, but I LOVE her jeans. Anybody have a clue what kind they are?

  • claire

    I feel bad for her, too. I think the main problem of the whole mess is from the former backup dancer, underemployeed, hollywood star user husband she married. Who the hell will leave your pregnant wife with 10 month old baby alone on the crowded street, only with bodygurad (mind you they are not nanny)? And where is the wannabe rapper?Anyway, I think Britney will be much better off him — for the sake of both career and image. Anyone agree?

  • kempeke

    I figured it out. They’re Elvis jeans.

  • Sphh18

    I feel sorry for Brit to be in the spotlight with her first baby, every single thing that she does is tape, must be dificult for her, also her second baby now and the tart of K-fed!And there’s always some mistakes that we had when we have the first baby, she take scare off Sean but she forgets sometimes to have an eye on him every single minute and she is not that aware of security for his baby, but as I said could happend to anyone.

  • Dell

    At least she’s wearing a bra now. Is it just me or does little Sean P not own any shoes??? What’s up with him going out wearing only socks?

  • Murphys law

    Sean is adorable however if she is pregnant again I just feel sorry for her because so far you never really see her husband with her at all. I did see the picture of her holding her precious son on her lap while she drove away in her car. That is something that I personally would never do. But like everybody says on this thread to each him/her own.

  • Sonia

    I feel so sorry for her… Maybe she shouldn’t go outside with her baby ALL THE TIME. I mean, we know him, he is a very cute little boy, we don’t need to see him everytime she goes somewhere. She needs time for her…And as someone said, she really needs help from her family, especially her mom. That’s the first role of a grandmother (isn’t it ?); I remember how my mother helped me with my baby, and she still helps me. I recognize she has more experience than me…So sad, her husband’s such a stupid guy (and I’m polite !)

  • poppo

    Good grief, my kids always had at least socks on…why put shoes on a baby that can’t walk yet?She tripped, so has most everyone else even carrying a baby that can happen, even in flat shoes. And she has people sticking cameras in her face 24/7. However, use a stroller, especially when your pregnant carrying another baby–your balance is not the best while pregnant. 2ndly where the heck is her husband…my husband barely would let me carry anything over 5 pounds when I was just a few weeks pregnant. KF should be there to help her. (oh wait a minute he did, this is his what number child???)

  • Erin Leigh

    Does anyone know what kind of jeans Britney’s wearing? I really like them.

  • STOP

    STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR THE WOMAN!!!If you think that just because she’s a mother and not every mother has paps following them 24/7 makes it acceptable for her to be a gigantic DUMBASS…you people need to get your head checked…maybe she dropped you too???Because she KNOWS she’s been followed 24/7 there should be some sense into her that maybe she should LEARN how to be a better mother…you either carry your baby or carry your f***ing drink…NOT BOTH! and for the ones that say that mother can do that and more…well THOSE MOTHERS don’t have the paps around…THE WOMAN NEEDS HELP AND FAST…SOME COMMON SENSE TOO…I agree the husband is a sleaze…BUT SHE’S THE ONE THAT MARRIED HIM!!! I’m sick of all the stupid girls that still think she’s "cool"…what has this piece of trash done…she’s better off FORGOTTEN!!!

  • Sim0ne

    wtf is she wearing ?

  • Sim0ne

    wtf is she wearing ?

  • Murphys law

    # 32 Sound like you could use a cber Hug heres one going at you.Sounds like you need a cyber hug here comes one…Either that or Prozac. I don’t think white trash is called for.She is a person that makes mistakes just like all of us do.There is nobody who is perfect in this world..

  • d.c.

    The lifetime troubles which people are most particularly charged with here is idolatry, publicly forsaking the true God, their own God, for other false gods., as a defense in action. As she had herself and the child blessed in a different worship than the one she was raised in, things have gone terribly wrong and she wants help and truth.. Now it should be told, I. That this was ungrateful to God, who had been so kind to her., she had fame, money, and a healthy career. You dumped the Madonna religion..? Be wise. Take back your christian spirit. Get that child christened in Christ.. and forget the other stuff you are doing that is bringing a sorrow upon you to notice your True Father and rightly pray to HIM.

  • MamaBella

    My God Britney… used to be so hot. I’d be crying if I was you also.

  • STOP

    # 32 Sound like you could use a cber Hug heres one going at you.Sounds like you need a cyber hug here comes one…Either that or Prozac. I don’t think white trash is called for.She is a person that makes mistakes just like all of us do.There is nobody who is perfect in this world.. # 35 | Murphys law ———————————I don’t remember saying "white" trash…that’s obviously offensive to many people…but you gotta call it what it is…the woman is TRASH…and trash doesn’t need colors…TRASH IS JUST TRASH!I’m sorry I can’t fix your reading problems with a hug…..

  • agree


  • adrianne

    i feel sorry for britney. sean is so adorable, is one of the cuttest babies i have ever seen. i think she made a mistake and she regret it, everyone makes mistakes, lets give her a chance.

  • Murphys law

    # 38 The women is trash to you not everybody feels that way. As far as saying white trash or trash what is the difference? To me it’s the same meaning. You are correct you cannot fix my “reading problems” because I don’t have one I may have a WRITING problem because I made a mistake, it appears that you never make mistakes. Sorry my fault.

  • STOP

    # 38 The women is trash to you not everybody feels that way. As far as saying white trash or trash what is the difference? To me it’s the same meaning. You are correct you cannot fix my “reading problems” because I don’t have one I may have a WRITING problem because I made a mistake, it appears that you never make mistakes. Sorry my fault. # 41 | Murphys law——————————-If you wanna make racists comments..that’s your problem…I never said white and trash go together but obviously you believe they should…I’m sorry for you that you can’t see anything beyond the color of the skin….apology accepted tho.

  • PoorBrit

    Brit – - I hope you realize that for every 1 person who attacks you for what they see in the press, there are MILLIONS who don’t pay attention to that! ANy mom knows that slip ups happen, that no one mom is perfect – so don’t you for ONE second assume that you have to be! Heck, I just had to rush my screaming kid out of a bookstore this afternoon, and I his "perfect mom" had NO IDEA how to soothe him. HE was hysterical for no reason. The thought of having 12 camera men in my face during that ordeal horrifies me. Remember no matter what happens, you will always have Sean and he will ALWAYS love his mom. No one else matters. FInd strength in your family, and ignore the rest of the world. You will always be in the spotlight, but don’t let it make you question your ability to be a GREAT mom to Sean! Keep your chin up. This will all pass. Wait until BAby Brangelina is born….suddenly you won’t be the centre of all the media hoopla any more. Embarassing pictures happen to all of us – unfortunately you chose a career in the spotlight which means those pictures get published….but THATS OK….those pics don’t represent who you are, and most of us are smart enough to realize that. I wish I could somehow reach out to you, and help you realize you are a NORMAL MOM….not one of us is perfect…but your baby seems to be – so you are blessed! TAKE care of yourself!

  • Nic

    Poor Brit. I’ve had my fair share of baby mishaps. All mothers have them. Don’t cry.

  • Anonymous

    No wonder she tripped… she’s pregnant (balance is off) she’s holding probably a 20lb baby, she’s holding a drink in her hand-which by the way doesn’t spill while her kid’s head is snapping back, and her f-ing too tight jeans are falling over her high heels! I agree we all make mistakes as parents, but come on… car seat un-safety is not a mistake and everyone trips, but drop the damn drink and hold your kid’s head!

  • Murphys law

    # 42 You are really amusing with twisting my comment to fit your needs. I am defiantly not a racist I was not raised that way nor will I raise my children that way either. To me color of your skin means nothing what matter is what’s inside that person and sorry to say you appear pretty ugly to me with all your nasty remarks…

  • Alex

    Is good that JJ post this. I don’t like her but I can see now that she’s only a young woman and she needs help. Her family should be with her. This picture breaks my heart.

  • That Girl

    I think many comments on here are very uncalled for. Would like everybody giving their opinion of any of you? I don’t think so you would take offense to it. I’ve never been a Britney Spears fan but I must say I feel awful for her. It is the profession she picked but when any of you go to school, work etc. your teacher, manager (I Hope) isn’t allowed to speak or say the things some of youare saying. Stop being so judgemental. Last time I checked all of us are human and we definitely arent the true judge. I don’t think that deity needs any of your assistance either. She is not harming any of you so why are you offended by her behaivor? Worry about living your life the right way (however that is) and let Britney live hers.

  • Nancy

    everyone should give her a break.

  • huh?

    All you defenders of Brit… why did she not even spill her glass of water? Almost her baby but not the water? PLEASE… .. look at the TMZ footage, no one was in her way, she tripped herself. Than she clams to need a gun? For what? Whoreing your kid out? Put him in a stroller, cover him like Michele Williams, Reese, Jennifer G. Brit is a media whore and it shows she is still way to immature to have a kid(s). She needs to get over herself and take care of that little CUTIE PIE!!! He is going to suffer, not Brit or even K-fed!! This is a mother talking!!! We all make mistakes, these are not mistakes, they are disreguards for her childs SAFTEY!! Bring on the hate comments…. who wants her to watch their infant???? This kid is in danger, if not from Brit herself, than from her lack of AWARENESS!!!!