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Jake Gyllenhaal Sunglasses

Jake Gyllenhaal Sunglasses

Beverly Hills, CA :: A scruffy Jake Gyllenhaal takes a sunny day in stride after stopping by Sprinkles Cupcakes (they were featured on Oprah!) located 9635 S Santa Monica Blvd, 90291.  The 25-year-old actor has one upcoming film, Zodiac, which co-stars Robert Downey Jr, Mark Ruffalo and Anthony Edwards.   Zodaic opens November 22nd. More pictures in the gallery!

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  • moonbeams

    STOP CALLING HIM TOOTHY TILE! I hate Ted Casablanca. He’s a total ass! Jakey is delicious! He’s hot and he can be my cupcake anytime! I think your best days are the days you feature Jakey pictures. He is totally adorable. Totally.

  • jeannified

    I had guessed from Ted Casablanca’s "Blind Vices" that Jake Gyllenhall was "Toothy Tile" before it came out. Yea!!!

  • gerdi

    Jake looks so cool and sporty. thanks "just jared" for the pics! bye

  • Jules

    didnt he shave that beard off?

  • LoriDukes31

    He’s so freaking hot!

  • LoriDukes31

    He’s so freaking hot!

  • lostinnyc

    The most adorable boy in the world.

  • not toothy

    I have never believed he’s toothy tile. Known of my gay friends do either. I think Ted C. loves toying with everyone.

  • not toothy

    None not Known. Sorry.

  • curious

    what does toothy tile mean?

  • Nancy


  • gigi

    yeah — i dont think he’s toothy tile either. i mean, after brokeback, if he STILL hasn’t come out, there’s nothing to say. its rubbish.

  • FunMe

    Sean Hayes from Will&Grace never came out.Does that mean he’s straight?

  • Julie X

    I can’t belive how anyone finds this guy hot??!!!he is just an average Joe at best.

  • CL McGhee

    90291 is Venice not BH

  • AC

    We are seeing him a lot enjoying life. Shouldn’t he be shooting a movie?

  • TBN

    He looks the same everytime I see him.

  • # 10

    # 10 curious- toothy tile is a term to describe someone who is gay, in this case Jake.He is so hot but still think he is a toothy tile.

  • Rachel

    my gosh! he’s finally smiling. glad he lost the bicycle pants.

  • Pierre-Yves.

    Well, at least i’ll have leaned a new word, " toothy-tile ", ( I’m French, sorry all ! ). So, does it mean gay, or cute / hot ?I saw Brokeback mountain, which was expected as ‘ THE " gay cow-boy story of the century… It was nice, ok, but I wasn’t bewitched LOL ! The thing is, this guy is the one I would choose for a boyfriend. I’m gay as well. I know, I accumulate the flaws, French, Gay, I’m a hopeless piece of shit… Still, He’s my living fantasy. And what a smile ! And a bod ! … If you ask me, no one that gorgeous can be str8.

  • TD

    Pierre-Yves, Toothy Tiles means his front teeth are like tiles. Ted Casablanca did not want to reveal the name of the young actor that he think was gay. Peope thought it was Jake. He is my favorite actor too after Brokeback Mountain, very sweet, very adorable.

  • EyesWideShut

    Jake’s a MANSICLE!!! So hot he’ll melt himself!

  • Pierre-Yves.

    TD, thanx for filling my vocabulary gap. But who the hell is Ted Casablanca ? The point is, who cares what Jake does in bed. As long as he’s a good actor, which he is. What is it with putting people in boxes, anyway !

  • moonbeams

    Actually "Toothy Tile" is a stupid name Ted Casablanca gave to a character in a blind item in his internet column and not a "gay term" As a gay person, I’m offended at anyone stupid enuf to think that.. The very gay Ted Casablanca seems to have a ‘thing’ about Jakey. Obsessive, mean-spirited and vile. Teddy C. is a big jerk. There was/is no basis for his nasty rumor-mongering. The term "toothy tile" means absolutely nothing except in Teddy C’s overheated imagination. And …surprise…Toothy Tile is not Jake.

  • k.

    i think jake is toothy, i don’t see who else it could be. all the clues do appear to lead up to him. jake is clearly the person ted intended to be toothy tile, but whether any of what ted c is true or not is another matter. i just looooove jakey! he is too adorable. and yes to an above question, he did shave the beard but now it’s making an appearance again. apparently he can’t let go of it.

  • lemonfruit

    I don’t understand that…who’s this Ted Casashit? Okay I know now, he’s a gay man and he’s stupid anyway, but what gives him the right to say Jake’s gay`?! Thats the greatest shit I ever heard…..These peoples who think when an actor plays a gay cowboy he’s one in real life too, they’re just stupid by them self, I’m sorry..whats going on??I like Jake with beard, this 3-days-beard’s really sexy but he’s soooooooooo cute without any hair on his face……..

  • Maxx

    What kind of sunglasses is he wearing?

  • Sam

    First of all the post doesn’t say Jake is toothy tile, it merely refers to jake’s smile, even if it does so in an implicit way.Ted Casablanca is not an awful human being, he’s probably one of the more classy and kind gossip writers on the net. Ted has never claimed Jake or anyone else is toothy tile and he probably never will tell us who toothy tile is, unless toothe tile reveals himself, which willnever happen also.Now is J.G gay or bi, NO ONE KNOWS and who cares, i suspect he’s straightiiiiish. For those of you say he’s straight, how do you guys know for sure. They are and will always be gay actors in Hollywood and they will always be closeted so we’ll never know who they are, unless they die of aids and then the mainstream media is qiuck to announce loudly their gay, anyone remember the actor who played the father on the Brady Bunch (my point exactly).All i’m saying if Clay Aiken, Sean Hayes and even Liberace at one point can deny their gay, then its possible that any of these straight actors could be in the closet so as to protect their image.

  • TT