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Charlize Theron & Stuart Townsend Pictures

Charlize Theron & Stuart Townsend Pictures

Kanye West sings about them; Charlize Theron rallies against them; Leonardo DiCaprio will star in a movie about them. They’re called blood or conflict diamonds.

And how can you be sure you don’t own one?

Thousands of brides will walk down the aisle this summer knowing next to nothing about one of the most emotionally charged items they will ever possess — their diamond rings. But a new technology is now under way to make sure next year’s batch of brides know their rock’s pedigree.

So perhaps Charlize Theron can finally relax about her diamonds and gems, knowing they are conflict free. Theron is one of Hollywood’s leading ladies who oppose conflict diamonds — diamonds that have been traded for guns, extracted from regions controlled by military forces in rebellion. The cavil is that profits from smuggled diamonds fuel political conflict and violence.

Wow.  Hollywood really fights for all sorts of causes!  Above are pictures of Charlize Theron, 30, and longtime boyfriend Stuart Townsend, 33, geting cozy on the beach yesterday afternoon. I love how Charlize‘s dog, Tucker, is sniffing Stuart‘s buttocks!  Something’s gotta be smellin’ down there… More pictures in the gallery!

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  • vickgallagher

    hehehe…the dog smelling stuart butt…awesomei don’t like stuart

  • lee

    awesome stance. make sure where your gold’s from too!

  • irina

    Jared, your last comment (Tucker-Stuart)is gross. The pics were so great and you ruined all with that commentary

  • rima


  • kasie

    OMG!!! I just LOVE these two!!! They are soo great together. Both are gorgeous people!

  • leslie

    i miss my charlize so much!! i hope it’s true she’s the most beautiful the most talented actresse in the universe !! i love her more and more!!!

  • mimi

    i love her body her face her eyes her smile her hair her glasses her man the many causes that she defends her movies her talent the second clip of christian dior parfume" j’adore" she was so sexy and classy!! wel i love youuuuuuu golden angel!! and i will do anythink for you!!!

  • marianne

    what i like on charlize is her courage ! of course she’s beautiful but she’s not only that after all she has gone through in her life ! seeing your father dead behind your eyes ……i think if it was me i will go crasy i’ll lost my mind…for me she’s a survivor she was not rich her parents were not famous and rich like some outrageous bitches in hollywood who ignore what it’s mean"JOB"she came from a firm lost in south africa she was fighting for her mother and her self to keep the food on the table ! she’s so brave ! and she got all my respect for that! she is an inspration for me i had some problemes with family too …..and i always take her as an example and a model of courage to follow…for me it’s what it’s makes her unique

  • rima

    oops..!! i thought she’s gonna play on that movie…i did’nt read carefuly….whatever she is against the conflit diamonds who has been trated for guns and i just want to say WOW!!! go girl!!

  • lisa

    These are great pics of a very talented couple who i love dearly wish everyone would just leave them alone they are in love and just want to get on with their lives together while they can and that dog is not one of theirs its a friends and some people are so rude and the comments they make they would not like it if it was about them .You don’t know either of them so keep quite.

  • Daniela

    Omg they are sooooooo cute!!! Charlize i love you babe so much!!! i wish one day to meet you and tell you that you have lots of great people who love you as an actress and as a human being, and i’m one of them too! also she fights for really good causes!!! i wish all couples in hollywood were like you! and i support 100% your decision about marriege!! it’s not a big thing or the most important thing! :) love you Charlize!! keep living your life like you want girl!!! and also i will mention how beautiful,talented and gorgeous you are!!! is it legal to be that beautiful!? it’s crazy! :) :)

  • Mira

    "I love how Charlize’s dog, Tucker, is sniffing Stuart’s buttocks! Something’s gotta be smellin’ down there…"LOLOL….ew

  • kate

    Charlize is from South Africa and they have a HUGE problem with diamond trading there which is probably why she is active in this charity. I think it’s a fabulous idea.

  • kate

    Charlize is from South Africa and they have a HUGE problem with diamond trading there which is probably why she is active in this charity. I think it’s a fabulous idea.

  • Rachel

    love the dogs. hate stuart’s cancer sticks.

  • movie fan

    The dog isn’t smelling Stuart’s buttocks, he was just snapped at the wrong time if you look at subsequent pics. He was just coming up behind them, probably looking for food to beg for, like any dog at a barbecue! They seem so comfortable together, I just love it. I was hoping Stuart wasn’t breaking up with her for her being more famous, but it seems these two are so grounded fame means nothing to them. LOVE IT!!I saw Stuart in About Adam and he was great. Rent it — it also has Kate Hudson in one of her very first roles.