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David Beckham Shirtless

David Beckham Shirtless

David Beckham showed off his perfectly-honed body as he danced bare-chested during the England team’s Portuguese break. He stood like a Greek god, his glistening, perfectly-even tan highlighting his rippling muscles – it’s no wonder he’s the world’s No.1 pin-up. He was also sporting his latest "half-sleeve" tattoo, from his shoulder to his elbow, as revealed by us last week. He bopped to the music as he and wife Victoria relaxed in the sun before flying back to host tonight’s Beckingham Palace pre-World Cup party. 

Yowzas!  Seemingly naked David Beckham dancing on rooftops! One onlooker said, "David looked amazing – he’s so toned, muscular and in perfect shape, he looked like he could have walked straight off a TV commercial. He was dancing while Victoria lay sunbathing. They seemed very happy and at ease."  More pictures in the gallery!

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42 Responses to “David Beckham Shirtless”

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  1. 1
    pm Says:

    he’s so hot!

  2. 2
    Beebee Says:

    I can’t stand him or his wife. I wish they would just disappear. They have absolutely NOTHING to offer.

  3. 3
    oh Says:

    Is he dancing? He’s cute.

  4. 4
    Meg Says:

    I totally agree with you beebee, they are so anoying…

  5. 5
    #4 Says:


  6. 6
    Sarah Says:

    I absoloutly love the Beckhams.So justjared thanks for this post.I adore them they are the only couple that seem to have a marriage strong enough to survive all this scrutiny and tabloids speculation.They are such a hot couple and look so good together!And dont get me started tallking about their clothes they are always fabolously dressed and look like they just stepped out of Vogues editorial!Of course they"re hot they are not American but British with style and not style sense of Britney or her husband and other trashy celebs!And according to those pictuers David has some good moves, yeah work it!

  7. 7
    Dina Says:

    Oh please, Beebee, at least the Beckhams became famous individually first due to real global success and not by some rubbish reality show, inheritance cheque or in association with someone more famous. They have been married for 7 years, have 3 gorgeous children, look great, do charity work and don’t do drugs, they don’t party every week getting drunk and falling out of limos. They have over-come a lot of tabloid scrutiny and allegations that most other couples would wilt under. Long may they reign in Europe and farther.

  8. 8
    cookbookmad Says:

    AN ODE TO POSH’Flamboyant’ by Pet Shop BoysYou live in a world of excesswhere more is moreand less is much lessA day without fameis a wasteand a question of needis a question of tasteYou’re so flamboyantthe way you lookIt gets you so much attention Your sole employmentis getting moreYou want police interventionYou’re so flamboyantthe way you liveYou really care that they stareAnd the press deploymentis always thereIt’s what you do for enjoymentYou live in a time of decaywhen the worth of a manis how much he can playEvery dayall the public must knowwhere you are, what you do’cause your life is a show andYou’re so flamboyantthe way you liveand it’s not even demeaningYou’re so flamboyantIt’s like a drugyou use to give your life meaning You’re so flamboyantThe way you lookIt gets you so much attentionYour sole employmentIs getting moreYou want police interventionEvery actor needsan audienceEvery action isa performanceIt all takes courageYou know itJust crossing the streetwell, it’s almost heroicYou’re so flamboyantThere you are at another previewIn a posethe artist and youTo look so loudmay be considered tackyCollectors wear black clothes by Issey MiyakeYou’re so flamboyantthe way you lookIt gets you so much attention Your sole employmentis getting moreYou want police interventionYou’re so flamboyantThe way you liveYou really care that they stareAnd the press deploymentis always thereIt’s what you do for enjoymentYou’re so flamboyantYou’re so flamboyant

  9. 9
    Sarah Says:

    Dina well said!I agree with your comment but you know some people prefer Reality stars and other who got their fame for doing nothing!David and Victoria are together 10 years now!Cookcbookmad i think you must be a very sad person you know with having so much time on your hands for writing trivials thing like that!SAD!

  10. 10
    movie fan Says:

    I agree Dina and Sarah!! I like him better than her, but for them both to stay together and to focus on the kids so much while being the biggest celebs in the WORLD is difficult. They continue to find ways to work, too, rather than just bask in fame’s glow. I like them. And Beckham is astonishingly good-looking, even with all those horrible tattoos!!

  11. 11
    Sarah Says:

    Yeah they really must have a real love for eachother to come stronger then ever despite all the things that people accuse them off!I love the fact that they are still together specially after from the day they married tabloids were writing that they are getting divorced(still do every week)!But they always prove them wrong!I mean we had Posh&Becks and Demi&Bruce,Nicole&Tom and they got divorced but the Beckhams are still here.Then there was a round two of the so called Golden Couples Brad&Jennifer,Britney&Justin,Paul&Heather,Jennifer&P.Diddy.And their marriage survived all of them too.Now they are in the next round with Brad&Angleina,Ashton&Demi,Tom&Katie.etc!What are the chances that they will outlive them too?I love that they are not afraid to be so decadent and glamorous i dont think there ever was a couple so outlandish as they are but despite all those mansions,diamods,cars,clothes.etc they seem like they are really loving and enjoing their wealth.They have three children and they are both in their 30s and i just read an interview were Victoria said that they wont another child in next three years and possibly five in total later in life.How cool is that no one can say that their life was just for show,glitz,partys and money they love family and children and they are having a lot of them.Specially after there are people like Mariah Carey,Jennifer Lopez,Jennifer Aniston who are in their late 30 and without a child.I think that the Beckhams prove that you can have it all in reasnoble measures a lot of children and wealth and still have fun with it all!

  12. 12
    pagebetty Says:

    ========I DON’T like HIs hair here, but the rest of him is not bad!

  13. 13
    Mango Pie Says:

    You guys who love Posh and Beck are hilarious. I am neither American or English and still can’t stand them (just like I can’t stand American trash celebrities either). Becks LOOKS hot but he opens his mouth and that stupid voice comes out and it’s like okay, shut up and just look good. And he’s a philanderer. His wife is a starved, pig-nosed, former so called singer…what else does she do? Design clothes? whatever…cheap **** jeans is all….don’t try to give me that charity bullshit…what do they do for charity? lots of hardworking people do real charity – volunteer their time and energy to organizations. This couple you admire so much just makes a lot of money and is famous. Big deal….you idolize them so such it just shows what lack of judgement you have.

  14. 14
    Sarah Says:

    Mango pie i think people like you are disguasting!!!Simply revolting!!!I can totally understand that you dont like them but do you need to write that **** about peoples nose and stuff.Seriuosly get your **** right before you write a comment.Victorias jeans are number one in europe and Us and for your information its really expensive!They just had a charity party and they raised moret han 3 million pounds for disabled children!They work with a lot of charity organisations so dont write something without any knowledge about the **** your writing!How do you know David is a philanderer oh let me guess you read it in tabloids!!!And you have the decency to talk about judgment!

  15. 15
    Beebee Says:

    Mango Pie – I so agree with your comments. After the Spice Girls ended she should have just concentrated on being a wife and mother. But noooo, we had to endure her several attempts at a solo career which flopped spectacularly and then after Davids "alleged" indescretion we had to witness her draped over him and clinging on for all she worth. All the while shes getting thinner and thinner and looking sicker and sicker. I wish she would p!ss off – you know maybe discover the joy of food and take her straggley weave off her head. Urghhhhhh! As for him I think he’s days are numbered as a footballer and he is losing his looks which less face it is all that makes him interesting.

  16. 16
    Mango Pie Says:

    I cant write whatever I want to about people’s noses. I am not alone in thinking this. Why do you take it so personally what I think about your darling duo? You are way too involved, therefore proving my point that you and other Post-and-Becks freaks are hilarious!! I know exactly what I am writing about. Thanks for your misguided point of view though!

  17. 17
    Mango Pie Says:

    Typing too fast – my bad. I meant, of course, to write that I "can" write whatever I want to, not "cant."

  18. 18
    Mango Pie Says:

    Right on Beebee. I remember when I first heard him talk and I laughed so hard. Plus with a voice like that and his lack of grey matter, whatever came out of his mouth was dumb but entertaining nonetheless. She’s a sick puppy. She certainly needs to eat but I don’t care if she or doesn’t. Anywho, I have to go shopping in Europe now to pick me up some posh jeans…NOT!

  19. 19
    sexymf Says:

    Damn! he’s so ******* HOT!! I could less about the wifey. I LOVE BECKS!!

  20. 20
    Sarah Says:

    Of course you can write what you want but it just shows how your parents raised you and other pathetic people who write all sort of **** about celebrites so they fell bettre about themself.You dont matter any of you,Victoria and David are living their life and dont give a **** about your stupid comments you are not importnant neither am i!And they will be here for a very long time because they are the most fabolous couple in showbiz.I am not obssesed with them like you accused me i like them and many other celebs and dont find my pleasure in tallking how ugly and thin other are even if they are famous!Oh and thanks for calling me a freak wich just proves my point and shows your manners!

  21. 21
    Mango Pie Says:

    Don’t get your knickers in a knot Sarah. My manners are just fine. My parents are superb people who raised me wonderfully. You don’t know them. So leave them out of this. I have been commenting on you as a fan of Becks and Posh, not you personally so take it easy. Seems like all you can do is childish, highschool nerny nerny comebacks at me…I can take whatever you dish. But my parents are off limits. I wouldn’t dream of attacking your parents. I bet they are great people. I bet you are even a nice person. You are just too hot under the collar about what? The fact that I think B and P are idiots and their fans/freaks are idiots too? Like I said before, why do you take it so personally?

  22. 22
    Sarah Says:

    Listen its not about The Beckhams at all i just think that people like you and beebbee need to learn the true value of the words ugly,freak,idiot and other that you overuse.I guess that you call people ugly and other names so much that you dont know what those words actually mean.I was raised to respect all human beings no matter how they look or act so i find it difficult to understand you and others who attack celebs with most ludacris comments and names!And when i mentioned your parents i didnt want to offend you.I can resepct others opinions.You can write that you dont like Beckhams fine but dont write about things you know nothing about and call people who like them names,seriously why so much hate i dont like many celebs either but i wont go and write useless **** about them.But i guess we are very different people and our comments show that beautifuly!

  23. 23
    cookbookmad Says:

    Sarah, calm down, I cut and pasted the lyrics by Pet Shop Boys. Took all of 5 seconds to post. Still describes Posh to a T.

  24. 24
    Mango Pie Says:

    Go back and read my posts. I know what words I used and only two are on your list. You certainly are in no position to educate me or beebee or anyone else on words and usage. That’s funny. You can’t even paint what we write as attacks. They are merely public opinion. Posh and Becks are obssessed with the spotlight and when you love it as they do, you get public opinion – deal with it or get out of the spotlight, but they can’t cos IN MY OPINION, they are media whores. And don’t try to make yourself sound better than people here–your last sentence was so sanctimonious. But that’t no surprise. LOL.

  25. 25
    SilverHawk Says:

    Gawd. he’s so hot. As long as he doesn’t speak in that Mickey Mouse voice of his, he’s one fine specimen to look at.

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