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Brad Pitt's Bike Ride

Brad Pitt's Bike Ride

Brad Pitt was unable to make it this morning’s screening of his film Babel at the Cannes Film Festival. Babel is directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu and also stars Cate Blanchett and Gael Garcia Bernal. Brad, 42, sent his regards via email: "With the imminent arrival of the newest addition to our family, I am unable to join Alejandro, Cate, Gael and the rest of the cast and crew introducing the film. I am tremendously proud of Babel and want to congratulate everyone involved for this great achievement." Brad‘s family — pregnant (?) Angelina Jolie, 30, son Maddox Jolie-Pitt, 4, and daughter Zahara Jolie-Pitt, 1 — are still with him on vacation in Namibia. More pictures added to this entry’s gallery from Brad‘s Biking Adventure with Maddox and Zahara!

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935 Responses to “Brad Pitt's Bike Ride”

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  1. 1
    trullesand Says:

    i love that he is not at all vain.

  2. 2
    Yikes Says:

    why is this better than Britney’s baby bloopers. Shouldn’t Zarhara be wearing a helmet if she’s strapped on like that>

  3. 3
    trullesand Says:

    i mean he doesn´t look heroesque in these pics….besides of course that he might be a hero as a father. :-)

  4. 4
    Bike Safety Says:

    trullesand – he’s vain enough to believe he’s invincible and that he’s not going to take a tumble on that bike and injure the little girl.

  5. 5
    tita Says:

    stop it with the helmet thing. It could be that since they are in some remote resort town, there was no shop that sold helmets as small as her head. Besides, do you think Brad is a small child who doesn’t know how to handle a bike? He could trip walking with the kid in his arms so spare me the concern for the little child when we all know it’s just a dig to put the man down on his parenting skills.Zahara is safer with him because he cares about her and Angie would kill him if she gets hurt. So there! As an afterthought, poor Agnieska. Her proof just went poof!!

  6. 6
    trullesand Says:

    hey bike savety, i think they drive very slowly, so if he fell…but actually i want to say that i find it hard to believe that stars are better people than you and me. everybody make mistakes so don´t judge everybody who´s famous for making one. i don´t want to sound as serious as i do right now. just let´s have some fun! where are the girls who LOVE brad, i want to hear them giggle und fell unconscious because he´s is SO CUTE, damnit.

  7. 7
    tabitha Says:

    They look great. I think this settles the debate about whether these are fake or real photos. They are real IMO.

  8. 8
    Alexanderina Says:

    # 13 | tabitha – ITA with you Tabitha

  9. 9
    briseis Says:

    # 7 | Bike Safety | May 23, 2006 04:55 PM Sheesh, you’ve made your point already. You don’t have to keep on repeating it. It gets pretty tiresome.Besides, I’m pretty sure that a man who tears around Malibu in a Ducati can control a bicycle that’s going very slowly (obviously since he’s watching out for Maddox too) so I think a helmet would be a little on the overkill side. Besides, I don’t think there’s a helmet small enough for Z.Finally, I’m glad that those "photoshopped" pictures are finally laid to rest. Thanks, Jared!!! You rock.

  10. 10
    stef Says:

    ha! i told you i dont supply with dodge photos! thanks jared for getting new ones! right im going to watch Walk The Line now.

  11. 11
    k Says:

    I MISS ANGIE!!!!I miss her on the red carpet on interviews and and and and …sigh…

  12. 12
    : ) Says:

    I knew these pics were real. The baby is strapped into the baby backpack. He would have to pass out and fall on his back for her to get hurt.

  13. 13
    : ) Says:

    I knew these pics were real. The baby is strapped into the baby backpack. He would have to pass out and fall on his back for her to get hurt.

  14. 14
    Estelle Says:

    I wrote a comment but for some reason is not posted….any how, YAHOOO….thank you JJ, you have solve the fake/real pic… all we have to deal with is the helmet/no helmet thing…*sigh*…can we just enjoy the pic…

  15. 15
    julia Says:

    I have just died and gone to heaven.. I love Brad and I love you too Jared. cheers..

  16. 16
    julia Says:

    I’ve just died and gone to heaven.. I love Brad and I love you too Jared.. cheers!

  17. 17
    Frenchy Says:

    ***********JJ DOES IT AGAIN**********Well I guess this puts all those "fake photo" advocates out of business. They have to find something new to make up.Fun Pictures. I think Zahara knows when there are photographers around. She looks like she’s on the look out for her daddy! LOL!!!

  18. 18
    Alexanderina Says:

    # 5 | tita – I know, she was just going on and on, I wonder what she is going to say now

  19. 19
    African Girl Says:

    A’ight what happened to my post? It’s not funny… I lost my train of thought. Something about getting Bike Safety’s point and there’s no need to keep repeating it. Oh man! It doesn’t sound as effective anymore. Oh well.Thanks Jared, you are truly the best…..Cindy2 is in charge of getting you a li’l some’in some’in. All I have are apples…..

  20. 20
    Passing Through Says:

    OH MY GOD….MORE FAKES!!!! That was just for Agniezska’s lame ass….

  21. 21
    Be sane Says:

    Judging from the fact Brad has to go pretty slow to accompany Maddox on trainer wheels, he isn’t riding very fast at all. Anyway his haters and critics will rate anything he does from how he is holding his chopsticks, so I’d say ignore the bike helmet thing…

  22. 22
    Maniston Says:

    Brad makes my loins quiver. Sorry but I had to go there. Hot dayumn!

  23. 23
    marla Says:

    beautiful.. wonderful. thank you Jared..

  24. 24
    Alexanderina Says:

    # 20 | Passing Through – You know she will have something to say right, she probably will stick to her theory that the pictures are fake, poor girl lol

  25. 25
    me Says:

    I’m just as big of a fan of this family as anyone else here, but the whole have a Brangelina day is just stupid, and when this kind of stuff gets out there, it makes me cringe. It’s just gives people another reason to make fun of the family, even if it is a rumor. I just wish the people of Namibia woud be nice and courteous, but good God, stop going overboard with these kind of insane ideas.

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