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Brad Pitt's Bike Ride

Brad Pitt's Bike Ride

Brad Pitt was unable to make it this morning’s screening of his film Babel at the Cannes Film Festival. Babel is directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu and also stars Cate Blanchett and Gael Garcia Bernal. Brad, 42, sent his regards via email: "With the imminent arrival of the newest addition to our family, I am unable to join Alejandro, Cate, Gael and the rest of the cast and crew introducing the film. I am tremendously proud of Babel and want to congratulate everyone involved for this great achievement." Brad‘s family — pregnant (?) Angelina Jolie, 30, son Maddox Jolie-Pitt, 4, and daughter Zahara Jolie-Pitt, 1 — are still with him on vacation in Namibia. More pictures added to this entry’s gallery from Brad‘s Biking Adventure with Maddox and Zahara!

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  • trullesand

    i love that he is not at all vain.

  • Yikes

    why is this better than Britney’s baby bloopers. Shouldn’t Zarhara be wearing a helmet if she’s strapped on like that>

  • trullesand

    i mean he doesn´t look heroesque in these pics….besides of course that he might be a hero as a father. :-)

  • Bike Safety

    trullesand – he’s vain enough to believe he’s invincible and that he’s not going to take a tumble on that bike and injure the little girl.

  • tita

    stop it with the helmet thing. It could be that since they are in some remote resort town, there was no shop that sold helmets as small as her head. Besides, do you think Brad is a small child who doesn’t know how to handle a bike? He could trip walking with the kid in his arms so spare me the concern for the little child when we all know it’s just a dig to put the man down on his parenting skills.Zahara is safer with him because he cares about her and Angie would kill him if she gets hurt. So there! As an afterthought, poor Agnieska. Her proof just went poof!!

  • trullesand

    hey bike savety, i think they drive very slowly, so if he fell…but actually i want to say that i find it hard to believe that stars are better people than you and me. everybody make mistakes so don´t judge everybody who´s famous for making one. i don´t want to sound as serious as i do right now. just let´s have some fun! where are the girls who LOVE brad, i want to hear them giggle und fell unconscious because he´s is SO CUTE, damnit.

  • tabitha

    They look great. I think this settles the debate about whether these are fake or real photos. They are real IMO.

  • Alexanderina

    # 13 | tabitha – ITA with you Tabitha

  • briseis

    # 7 | Bike Safety | May 23, 2006 04:55 PM Sheesh, you’ve made your point already. You don’t have to keep on repeating it. It gets pretty tiresome.Besides, I’m pretty sure that a man who tears around Malibu in a Ducati can control a bicycle that’s going very slowly (obviously since he’s watching out for Maddox too) so I think a helmet would be a little on the overkill side. Besides, I don’t think there’s a helmet small enough for Z.Finally, I’m glad that those "photoshopped" pictures are finally laid to rest. Thanks, Jared!!! You rock.

  • stef

    ha! i told you i dont supply with dodge photos! thanks jared for getting new ones! right im going to watch Walk The Line now.

  • k

    I MISS ANGIE!!!!I miss her on the red carpet on interviews and and and and …sigh…

  • : )

    I knew these pics were real. The baby is strapped into the baby backpack. He would have to pass out and fall on his back for her to get hurt.

  • : )

    I knew these pics were real. The baby is strapped into the baby backpack. He would have to pass out and fall on his back for her to get hurt.

  • Estelle

    I wrote a comment but for some reason is not posted….any how, YAHOOO….thank you JJ, you have solve the fake/real pic… all we have to deal with is the helmet/no helmet thing…*sigh*…can we just enjoy the pic…

  • julia

    I have just died and gone to heaven.. I love Brad and I love you too Jared. cheers..

  • julia

    I’ve just died and gone to heaven.. I love Brad and I love you too Jared.. cheers!

  • Frenchy

    ***********JJ DOES IT AGAIN**********Well I guess this puts all those "fake photo" advocates out of business. They have to find something new to make up.Fun Pictures. I think Zahara knows when there are photographers around. She looks like she’s on the look out for her daddy! LOL!!!

  • Alexanderina

    # 5 | tita – I know, she was just going on and on, I wonder what she is going to say now

  • African Girl

    A’ight what happened to my post? It’s not funny… I lost my train of thought. Something about getting Bike Safety’s point and there’s no need to keep repeating it. Oh man! It doesn’t sound as effective anymore. Oh well.Thanks Jared, you are truly the best…..Cindy2 is in charge of getting you a li’l some’in some’in. All I have are apples…..

  • Passing Through

    OH MY GOD….MORE FAKES!!!! That was just for Agniezska’s lame ass….

  • Be sane

    Judging from the fact Brad has to go pretty slow to accompany Maddox on trainer wheels, he isn’t riding very fast at all. Anyway his haters and critics will rate anything he does from how he is holding his chopsticks, so I’d say ignore the bike helmet thing…

  • Maniston

    Brad makes my loins quiver. Sorry but I had to go there. Hot dayumn!

  • marla

    beautiful.. wonderful. thank you Jared..

  • Alexanderina

    # 20 | Passing Through – You know she will have something to say right, she probably will stick to her theory that the pictures are fake, poor girl lol

  • me

    I’m just as big of a fan of this family as anyone else here, but the whole have a Brangelina day is just stupid, and when this kind of stuff gets out there, it makes me cringe. It’s just gives people another reason to make fun of the family, even if it is a rumor. I just wish the people of Namibia woud be nice and courteous, but good God, stop going overboard with these kind of insane ideas.

  • Press Man

    More good news for Babel. Take note of the fourth paragraph.21 Grams director takes Babel, tale of global miscommunication, to CannesCANNES, France (AP) – The characters in Babel speak English, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese and sign language. They are illegal immigrants, uneasy travellers and people who feel like strangers in their own homes.For director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (21 Grams), the theme of being an outsider is personal. Babel, with Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett and a strong ensemble cast, is inspired by his own experiences as a Mexican living in the United States for five years."You are suddenly outside your little ranch, your little comfort zone, where you are somebody," he said Tuesday. "To be an immigrant makes you more aggressive and more observant and more excited and more vulnerable. That’s good … I think it’s a very interesting process, not easy, but you enrich yourself."Halfway through the Cannes Film Festival, the moving Babel is arguably the strongest film so far in the main competition. Like 21 Grams and Amores Perros, Inarritu’s first film, Babel weaves together stories about people whose lives are changed by a shared crisis.In Babel, scheduled for U.S. release Oct. 6, the starting point is a rifle shot in the Moroccan desert that pierces the roof of a tourist bus and brings aftershocks in California, Mexico and Japan. It’s an intimate tale of globalization, about the difficulties of communicating pain whether you’re at home or far away.Blanchett and Pitt play a couple fleeing a personal tragedy by taking a trip to faraway North Africa. But their star power does not overshadow the rest of the cast, and every story line has equal weight.A California nanny (Adriana Barraza in a heart-wrenching performance) goes to great lengths to cross into Mexico for her son’s wedding, putting her young charges into danger.A deaf schoolgirl in Tokyo (Rinko Kikuchi) acts out in grief after her mother’s suicide by trying to seduce every man she meets. Veteran Japanese actor Koji Yakusho (Memoirs of a Geisha) plays her father.Inarritu says weaving together several story lines comes naturally to him."When I’m in the car, I see someone pass, and I say, that guy was more interesting than anything in my mind," he said. "So I want to talk about that guy."The reality we have is so limited. I want to explore what is happening outside, and how that will affect me though I don’t know about it," he said in a pool-side interview after his movie’s first Cannes screening.Cannes has a special meaning for 42-year-old Inarritu. Amores Perros showed here six years ago in a smaller competition in the festival, Critics Week, and won. That success ultimately brought him to Los Angeles. Unusually for a third-time director in Hollywood, Inarritu had total control over Babel and its final cut."In the end, I think the director becomes the (pilot) of the plane," he said. "So when somebody jumps in and says, ‘I’ll fly with you,’ he better trust you. If two guys want to be the captain in the middle of the flight, that’s dangerous."In just a few films, Inarritu has worked with some of Hollywood’s most respected actors. 21 Grams brought Academy Award nominations for Naomi Watts and Benicio Del Toro, and it also starred Sean Penn.Blanchett said Inarritu’s passion and vision convinced her to take on her role as a mother far from her children."As he spoke about Babel, I felt ‘you have to make this film,"’ she told the AP. "You very rarely feel that with a director … You really felt with Alejandro that this was incredibly important to him."Inarritu spent about a year away from home to make the movie, much of it on location in Japan and Morocco, where he cast non-actors found through an announcement in a mosque and by videotaping hundreds of villagers. He worked with dialogue coaches to direct scenes in languages he does not speak.But Inarritu says making a global movie was less intimidating than it might seem."I feel that on some level you can, just with your eyes or with gestures, explain what you need from actors," Inarritu said. "There’s a moment when language is not a barrier anymore.

  • me

    sorry, wrong thread, but feel free to respond.

  • guli

    # 14 | Estelle |- I’m glad I’m not the only one, five of my messages went into thin air.OK, I guess I’ll repeat.I am an avid bicycler and have had three kids, we always took them on weekends either on our backs like BP, or a seat attachment. Keeping a helmet on a toddler is a nightmare. They eventually take it off and you have stop and retrieve it. Now when I go on my 10 mile rides wiht friends I take my speed bike (trust me that is not what BP is riding), with the kids we took our mountain bikes and went very slow. My kids are all grown now and we never ever had a problem. The issue is not the safety, X fans at this point are grasping at straws. The latest news re Babel vs TBU must be killing them :)))) And the mean side of me just loves it!!!

  • JC

    Thanks Jared – now those who kept on saying that these photos were ‘fake’ were will have to shut up. How cute is this family? Brad’s probably giving angie some peace and quiet time before the big day arrives. He’s such an adorable dad, and he looks totally comfortable in his new role.

  • Alexanderina

    Intouch Weekly reporting this, what a bunch of crap. I don’t believeIn Touch has learned that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have given the right to name their baby to the governor of the Erongo region of Namibia, where they are currently living and plan to give birth.. The governor, Samuel Nuuyoma, has gotten close to the couple since their arrival seven weeks ago, and is expected to give a press conference on Friday to brief the media further."It’s true. This is a great honor for Namibia and everyone is very excited," a government official for Namibia told In Touch .It is not known what name the governor plans on giving the baby or whether it will be a traditional Namibian one.Nuuyoma has said that when Angelina goes into labor, any day now, he will go there and name the baby.In the time Brad and Angelina have been in Namibia, Nuuyoma has dined with the couple, who are interested in helping out in the area. I personally think that the Governor needs to keep his mouth shut


    The guy that claimed that these pics were fake, based on his photoshop experience, must feel soooo stupid….wow… baby Z’s got a nice sun tan.. Don’t like that kid, always looks mad and boring..Brad has no control in pic 4. Poor mad, trying to catch up.Brad has realized his mistake. Only hangin around to see his child.Oh well.

  • African Girl

    To MeYou know, I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s an insane gesture. It is a nice thing to do but I’m also afraid of what their (AJ & BP) critics will say. We know they didn’t request this but some people won’t see it that way. The attention on them is getting just a little bit scary.On the hand, this could also be a joke….from what I read, it was a radio station that came up with the idea. so who knows, maybe it’s one of those things DJ’s do to get more people to listen to their show….."Should Namibia get a national holiday on the birth of Baby Jolie Pitt? Call in and voice your opinions" type of thing.You should also keep in mind that Namibia is not a big country….it is the size of a state in the US. This can also play a part in why this story is a bigger deal than it is meant to be.


    Ooops, someone just deleted the pic Im talking about!!

  • Alexanderina

    # 31 | TMOTO – I am going to say this I really did not want to but here is it, TMOTO, please go fuck yourself

  • schae

    Love these pictures, i’m so happy for this family.It must just kill x and her fans that this is the real deal and nothing they do or say can change that fact. The more they look for things to pick pick pick at, this beautiful family keeps getting shoved down their throats. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT.

  • Michelle

    The baby is coming sooon!!! yoooohoooo!!!

  • tita

    Maybe Madd just wanted to ride his bike and Brad had to keep up while taking care of Z. He just can’t run alongside the little tyke’s bike so he rents a bike so he could keep a better eye on his boy. Whatever, I am sure he is very cautious with they way he is handling the bike while Z is strapped on to him and while keeping a good eye on Maddox. They’re doing this activity where there is no danger of having cars speed by and where the road is a freaking packed with sand, not cement or asphalt. How fast could Maddox go on his bike? Brad is not having a race with the kid! Let them enjoy their outing, for heaven’s sake!If they’d gone on a boat, people will say what if it leaked??? We all grew up riding bikes without helmets and yet here we all are! Sometimes the more careful you are, the more you get hurt. You lose sight of what you’re doing because of your fear of getting into an accident. Lastly, when Maddox and Brad are out and about, there’s always this: Where’s the little girl? How come it’s just them? He doesn’t care about Z only Madd. Jeez, the guy can’t win for losing!

  • The real lou

    #34 Alexanderina,please look over TMOTO.Dilalog with this person is a waste of time.Just ignore her.

  • me

    # 32 | African Girl |i’m sure that BAMZ+1 fans would think of this as a nice gesture or some kind of stupid joke by the radio station, but many people don’t know the whole story and don’t bother to find out the truth. They just scan these kinds of stories and take at face value and start with their jokes. I was at and they posted the story about this and after seeing the stupid responses it just made me mad. They also posted a story about the baby pics being sold for $ 5 million but they did not bother to include that the money would go to a charity. So there are alot of rumours out there that only state half of the story.

  • anon

    Great pics! Hopefully we won’t have any more arguing over fake pics. I think these pics of them biking are so great to see. I see a lovely family..absent mom, who will soon be adding an addtion. I am so happy for all of them.BTW, I go biking with my kids including my baby and none of us wear helmets. It is not a law where I live and we only bike in areas that there is not traffic. Z looks extremely safe, as someone pointed out, Brad seems to be riding slowly. Accidents can happen just walking down the street.

  • Alexanderina

    # 38 | The real lou – I just promise myself I will not ever respond to that imbecile again

  • Estelle

    # 28 | guli -I know what you mean, my cousin 18 months old daughter, Grace, refuses to have anything on her head or feet…if you put a hat on her…within second is on the ground…she would take of her socks and shoes…last winter, my cousin lives in Orlando, Florida, we all went to Epcot center, the weather was cold enough that you needed a sweater….my cousin’s husband was pushing the stroller…as we were waiting in line for one of the ride, we did not notice that Grace had took off her shoes and socks, one of the lady in line, speaking really loud with the intention to let my cousin heard her:" some people are so irresponsible…in this cold weather and the child doesnt even have a decent sock…." only then we realized that Grace has suceeded taken off her shoes and socks again…

  • ms liberia

    zahara has gotten darker. her skin looks choclatey and beautiful. and her hair has grown. i love how alert and interested in her surroundings she is. love the photos.

  • : )

    # 25 | meI think the whole "brangelina day" thing was a joke poll made by a radio station. they weren’t being serious…at least I hope not. They put so much pressure on the baby already.

  • malibumom

    okay I told you I have an old fashion grandmother so here it is-Does anyone have a copy of the Farmer’s Almanac-Pregnancy is based on Lunar months-That is why a woman can actually be pregnant for up to10 months (40 weeks) babies usually come at 36-40 weeks. Changes in the moon’s phases affect this-Please don’t laugh but grandma says when the moon empties, women go into labor-I will try to get a pic and show you-I know this is crazy, but this is a woman that can build an outside toilet with tin foil and who can keep canned food (stored in glasses) from bursting in the winter by packing cotton seeds around them!

  • Iron Velvet

    Well.. I’m not going to say I told you soo but… glad to have proof to put to bed this "fake, not fake "debate.#37 Tita.. You are so right. Someone will criticize no matter what. I am trying to just ignore these posts. If I were to see either Brad or Angie doing something that looked dangerous as far as the kids go, yeah I would say.. but I have yet to see anything that shows them being anything other than loving, responsible parents.And how anyone can compare Zahara being safely secured on brad’s back, as he slowly pedals on a bike in a private area to Britney Spears driving fast on a highway teeming with traffic..with her baby in her lap, is beyond me!

  • : )

    # 30 | Alexanderina I hope this is not true. The kid is going to have a name that no one can pronounce. It would be better if the middle name was namabian.

  • African Girl

    #39 / MeOh believe me, I know. You’re preaching to the choir….that’s what my worry is all about but I figure it’s only an idiot that’ll call this a type of stunt on BP & AJ’s part. If this story happens to be true….I mean if the govt. gives the go ahead for that….it shows how well like BP & AJ are.Of course some part…..a very big part of me is hoping it’s all nonsense. I mean eventhough they are stars and have lots of fans…..they are just another family and that’s a lot of…..jeez, I can’t think of the word I want….emphasis?..okay, emphasis on a family on vacation in a country as they wait for the birth of their child.Honestly, I hope all that makes sense….I seem to be having a hard time expressing my feelings on this matter.

  • Original Curious

    # 37 | tita Thanks for saying that! I feel the same way….know what? I’m THRILLED that he got out with his children, that it looks like they had a fun time out, that they are obviously well loved and cared for. The rest is just getting tiring. By the time I read all the posts [half of which are CR*P] I have no desire to post.#28 Guli – Thanks for adding your EXPERIENCE with toddlers and helmets. I sometimes fear that today’s kids will be afraid to go out of their houses, they are so wrapped in cotton wool by their parents and the law. We taught our daughter to ride on the tow path by the Erie Canal. She didn’t have to wear a helmet there. Of course, I spent all our time making sure I was on the water side! lol Do you remember how S-L-O-W little kids ride?

  • The real lou

    #47,Intouch is full of crap.This is a magazine that ran a story 2 months ago saying they were adopting 2 babies before Angelina gave birth.Nothing they print is ever true.

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