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Christian Bale Gets Parking Ticket

Christian Bale Gets Parking Ticket

Hollywood golden couple Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams have both joined the high profile cast of Bob Dylan biopic ‘I’m Not There‘. ‘Brokeback Mountain‘ star Ledger replaces Colin Farrell as one of six actors to play Dylan in the film, which is due to start shooting in Montreal in July. He joins Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Richard Gere and Ben Wishaw in the lead role, with one more Dylan yet to be cast. Todd Haynes (‘Velvet Goldmine‘, ‘Far From Heaven‘) is directing the $25 million ‘ferocious musical romp’, while Michael Stipe, Jack White and PJ Harvey will provide the soundtrack.

Santa Monica, CA:: Actor Christian Bale, 32, left the Casa Del Mar hotel late last week to find a parking ticket on the windshield of his car.  Christian Bale married Sibi Blazic (the personal assistant of Winona Ryder, who introduced them) on January 29, 2000. Their baby daughter is 14 months old (name yet to be released to the public).  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • anna

    he is just straight up hot. why oh why are you taken?

  • maria

    he is so hot, one of my favorite actors, i love him!!

  • angelah

    ah love him in american psycho even though he was the bad guy..lmao

  • Jude

    He’s amazingly hot. And the fact that he’s not as famous and well-known as so many less hot actors is just proof of the injustice of the universe.Although it’s fun to keep him as a sort of secret hottie. Not everyone knows who he is by name, so it’s sort of exciting and fun when you find out someone else also likes him and knows who he is.

  • moi

    Well hello.So fine, wish he were mine! :-P

  • vicky

    OMG, thanks so much for the pics!!! He is so fine. Loved him ever since I saw ‘Empire of the sun’ as a kid:D There aren’t many pics of him since he’s rather low-pofile. On the other side, bet he’s glad to have no paparazzis tailing him.

  • John McBallsucker

    I’d lick his balls and I’m a straight guy…

  • Rachel

    he’s amazingly low-profile that the paparazzi don’t even know his kid’s name! now that is what i call special.

  • Baily

    Hum min nah, hum min nah! He is incredibly delicious! Best wishes to him and his wonderful family!

  • Angelique

    OMG!!! I just love this man! OH MAN! Look at that arm when he reashes for the ticket :O … VERY strong!… I have loved this man on and off since I first saw "Little Women", then when I saw "Batman Begins" in the cinema, here in Sweden (where I come from), I was totally hooked! REAL bad! I don´t care if he´s low-profiled actor…I think it´s good…good for him and his family. I just wish other actors/actresses should learn from him. I admire him for that. His privacy. Good for him! He still amases me for what he has achieved this far and I´m sure in the future too…. ;) I just love him for who he is and stands for. LOVE him! Now I´m blabbering…hehePeace and LOVE!!! / Angie

  • nanny

    Hey I guess I’m not the only one who’s been a fan of his since his Empire Of The Sun days Vicky! It’s good to see that there are fans out there like us. Heck the guy is like a normal guy. I’m actually glad that he’s not high profiled. Just makes me love him even more. LOL. At least he’s not a media whore like some people. Can’t wait to see his next movie. He’s still a hottie to me.

  • Batgirl

    He is the hottest guy on the planet! And a brilliant actor. Love the fact he’s kept a low profile. However, would like to see him hit the big time at some point soon. He played Batman perfectly! Love you Mr. Bale!

  • +greenpeace+

    i totally love Empire of the SUn and when i first watched it, i DID NOT know that was him!

  • LT

    Oh my lord, is he the finest thing you’ve ever seen!!!! I’ve always thought he was great, bu then when I saw him in Batman, my admiration rose to an even bigger level. My friends and my husband make fun of me because of it, but damn, I just can’t help it. I hope he remains the elusive enigma that he is, and never turns into a Brad Pitt/ George Clooney type. I think the whole mysterious vibe that surrounds him is what makes him so freakin’ hot (that and his incredible body and gorgeous bone structure.) anyway, enough of that…can’t wait until 2008 when the next Batman movie comes out! See you guys in the theatre!

  • TRacy

    The Hottest Welsh man ever created!!!

  • Christian is HOT

    Jared please keep the CB posts rolling! KUDOS

  • Paula


  • http://N/A donna

    Well…his and Sibi’s (his wife) daughter name is Emmaline and she’ll be three this coming March..I’ve seen a pic of her and she’s adorable!

    I have YET to see a pic of Bale’s mom tho…I’m sure she is pretty-Christian inherited some good genes! Oh yeah…and his step-mom is non other than feminist Gloria Steinheim-but unfortunately, his dad passed away back in 2003…

    And I’ve seen Bale in person last month when they had the Bale “movie marathon” in Santa Monica and he made an appearence to talk about his films-and he’s much more GORGEOUS in person!!!


    OMG!!!!!! I LOVE HIM!
    He is so cute!
    Once i heard that he was playing Batman in Batman Begins! I just had to watch it.
    I can’t wait for the Dark Knight to come out!
    Why the hell do you have to be married!!!!!!:(:(:(:(:(:(


  • http://serafin Starmaker

    I ve seen him when he’s just 15 and he never had a licence in the R.Stevenson Story.

    TREASURE ISLAND is Awesome!
    In Loving Memory. Gone! But not forgotten.

    RIP Olaf

  • Lucy

    Absolutley HOT!!!!

  • Lucy

    Absolutely HOT!

  • http://serafin Starmaker

    A Star

  • http://serafin Starmaker

    I met willem dafoe once Victory premiere. Amother star of American Psycho. This is the coolest site without sounds.

  • http://serafin Starmaker

    Another star

  • http://serafin BVallII

    Christian Bale with clothes on! What a suprise.

  • http://serafin BVallII


  • http://serafin BVallII


  • http://serafin BVallII

    My daughter is Astra

  • Astra

    kku kuu ga wa gwa (I’ve seen Batman Begins!)

  • Liszt anticon records

  • BvaIIII

    Tomb Raider TRAILER is GREAT!

  • Bitch

    Ewan McGregor is so fucking beautiful man in the Velvet Goldmine On the Roof

  • Freak

    Spiderman & Batman R Rock!

    Spiderman has much agility and intensity but Batman has a closely more provocative and thoughtful character being . The sleekness of Spiderman mean his bright colours suit his moves (away from the darkness) onto smooth and grooved surfaces so his climb is superb and his swing is snappy.

    Batman hovers from edges into shadows and skies of darkness. His eyes are his brightness and his fight is armoured and winged. So no weapon can beat him in action, and no scene can catch him.

  • Rainbow hair

    Shit I can’t believe the comments this man has, Well done to Christian. You are unbelievable!