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Gavin Henson Shirtless

Gavin Henson Shirtless

CELLULOTTE CHURCH :: What a bummer! Bikini babe Charlotte Church is hit by the curse of cellulite on holiday in Spain. The sexy singer lapped up the sun with rugby hunk boyfriend Gavin Henson last week. And although she looked fab in her swimsuit, there was no hiding her dreaded orange peel thighs. Charlotte recently admitted putting on weight but reckons it’s due to hunger pangs after ditching the cigs. "I just gave up," she said. "I did it by willpower alone." Wales star Gavin is delighted with the new healthier Charl

20-year-old Welsh singer Charlotte Church and 24-year-old rugby star Gavin Henson took a weekend break tanning in Spain over the weekend.  Charlotte made sure to give Gavin a good suntan oil rub-down before baking in the sun.

Gavin and Charlotte celebrate the sexiest of seasons as they
show off their beach bodies while on vacation in Spain.
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  • Jen

    What a chubster! Jeez she looks awful

  • Betsy

    And although she looked fab in her swimsuit, there was no hiding her dreaded orange peel thighs**************^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Did you write this Jared? I hope not. God the girl looks all of a size 10.

  • jess

    shes not a stick but shes one of the few people who can pull of such a cute soft figure.

  • j4r3d

    Of course not. Those UK tabloids are ruthless!

  • mark

    Holy crap she’s HUGE.That’s nasty. She should waddle her fat ass into a gym.

  • Betsy

    I didn’t think so but that is ruthless :)

  • ErinMarie79

    I don’t consider her fat. Overweight, yes, fat no. Come on everyone posting mean comments. . . .How about you post some pics of yourself in a bikini so we can make fun of you too?

  • whatever

    ^How can you be overweight yet not fat?I am genuinely curious there.

  • Paula

    He is too hot for her….

  • Beth

    She is over weight but fat, NO……..there is a difference.She isn’t rolling yet. Give the girl a chance. She doesn’t have nasty rolls or a pot belly. Just a bit of extra flesh that is all.

  • nazreal

    oh my goodness, she’s not skeletal, doesnt look like she’s going to keel over from a gust of wind and guess what? she genuinely looks really happy and NORMAL in almost all her pics! so please…lay off the with really mean pics unless what you consider beautiful is a skinny beanpole who’s in and out of rehab, probably on drugs, has pyschological issues and is as miserable as hell!

  • nazreal

    (2nd paragraph should read *posts not *pics- sorry!)

  • JC

    She looks normal to me, it’s better to be curvy than anorexic. I think she shows that you can be young and still look pretty without having to weigh half a stone.

  • neenee

    Geez, people…. she looks just fine. Her boyfriend surely prefers someone who is normal looking.

  • whatever

    #11 As if the only options are being anorexic or being flabby as hell. She looks like she never run a mile her whole life and is on cheeseburger perfusion. Is that being normal?Well I am glad I am abnormal (size UK 10-12, my belly not hanging out of my jeans, doing a bit a sport, 3 meals a day thank you very much)

  • ErinMarie79

    # 8. Ok. Let me explain this for you in a way that you will be able to understand. I weigh 120lbs. My weight should not go over 140lbs. So, if I go up to 150lbs, I can be considered ‘overweight’. If I go up to 180lbs, that would be considered ‘fat’. Make sense now?

  • well

    I Don’t forget she came from Opera, and there are bigger women in opera.

  • sara

    sooo fat!!!

  • scamps

    Heaven forbid someone has a curvy figure. Not all bodies are meant to be thin.

  • blah

    she’s super-sensually-softy-sexy. i’d hit it.

  • Jay

    I think she is absolutely wonderful. Soft, feminine, real. Not that fake madison ave. image that I am so sick of. UGH.. more women on t.v. and in mags NEED to eat a freakin cheese burger!You go charlotte!

  • Huxley

    Yeah, she has a big arse and has put some weight on, but i would still love to have that figure -and shes got a fantastically flat stomach!

  • Kim

    I think she looks fantastic. The orange skinned skeletons are getting REALLY boring. You know, people, this is how a woman is SUPPOSED to look.

  • Nika

    She’s a 20 year old too big girl. The older she gets, the heavier she will be if she continues to eat too much and the harder it will be to loose the weight. She could loose about 15-20 pounds before she will end up like Aretha Franklin.

  • Wow

    I love how people hate when a man is with a truly feminine shaped woman. Everyone doesn’t like skinny trannies.

  • hf

    i think she looks fine. i never thought her face was particularly attractive, but her body is alright here. sure, a few leg lifts and crunches wouldn’t hurt, but some of you people make it sound like she’s jabba the hutt. i’d much rather see this kind of a body than someone who looks like a human washboard.and jeez, lay off her, nika! she just quit cigs! most people gain a bit when they quit smoking, and they eventually even out and plateau at a lower weight.

  • d

    Hey, you all need to quiet down about her "fatness." If she looks good enough to get the hottest freaking guy on the planet, I don’t think any of you couch potato dudes have any room to talk.We see hot chicks with fat, ugly husbands on TV all the time. It’s a double standard. One girl who is a little overweight (after just quitting smoking — by the way, any doctor will tell you that the extra 10-20 lbs. is far better for you than the smoking) lands a ridiculously hot dude, and everyone seems to be freaking out about it.I say good for him for being man enough to date a girl with a real-life figure instead of just looking for the best arm candy he can find.

  • Brittany

    to the people calling her fat, look at your boyfriend or girlfriend and then look at gavin (who is even more gorgeous in person). jealous much?

  • Christian

    My God, she looks like a STRANDED WHALE! A big wobbly blob with sweaty fat rolls and thunder thighs, YUCK!Does she wear a black bikini because black is known for its ‘slimmering effect’? LMAO!

  • Go Charlotte!

    That fine ass man of hers likes every roll of it.Suckas! Isn’t she an opera singer a little weight is needed.

  • LM

    Charlotte isn’t fat but their’s alot of fat heads who think she is!

  • MelodySoul

    I think she looks good. Sure maybe she could tone up a bit but she has a very nice curvy figure.

  • dave

    I’d still give her one, Lotte is a hottie!!!!!!

  • dave

    its about time people in the entainment bussiness realise .we are fed up whith over thin stick like woaman .thay all look like walking skellotens .give me charlotte anyday

  • Busy Bee

    Ok I was suprised to see the Welsh popsterel looking a little rotund on her holls as she had previously lost her jelly belly and I thought she would have kept it off. The problem is that she carries a lot of her weight in the dreaded problem area for girls with her lifestyle, a flabby belly as you can see on the photos she has a couple of spare tyres and this is what is called a toxic tummy and can be dangerous, but also good on her for the quittin smoking as this also damages stomach muscles and therefore this wouldnt have helped her plump midriff- good on ya Char if youve got it flaunt it

  • charley

    people like you guys accusing her of being fat and posting this mean shit make me sick.well done for those of you defending her.
    she isnt fat, not atall.shes curvy and she looks a damn site healthier than those following the size 0 craze.but girls need reassurance, not bitchiness! it’s easy enough to feel paranoid about ourselves without people being mean and making us feel worse.

    charlotte looks about a size 12 here, so what, does that mean all size 12 people are too big? its lame.

    girls need to be confident in their own bodies, and they should have the right to do so!!! i say go healthy eating and being sexy, healthy and confident! and an absolute definite goodbye to mean-ness and people not being happy with their bodies.there should be a hell of a lot more support out there for women in particular with eating problems or issues with their weight and personal image.
    its such a shame the media have done this to people.

  • Evie

    Im a absolutely disgusted by some of the comments people are leaving. I’m 14 years old and i have very low self esteem when it comes to my body. I was looking for pictures of bigger women looking good in bikinis to try and convince myself not to be so self conscious. I come across comments like these and to be quite honest, i’m not suprised there’s people becoming anorexic with big headed ****holes like you pressurising people to be thin. I used to be 9 stone 7pounds when i was eleven now i am 8 stone 8pounds which is now a healty weight. Charlotte is a healthy weight.



  • cindy

    i think that charlotte is a beautiful women. its not what u look like outside, but what u have in your heart, and i know shes a beautiful women. she is my insperation. i have been singing like her for about 3 yrs now. and charlotte hold your head high hunny! your better then they are.

  • DANI


  • Erin

    To posters named “well” and “Go Charlotte!”-

    Charlotte Church was not, is not and never shall be an “opera singer.” Just because a girl records her renditions of famed opera arias from ages 13-15 does not make her an opera singer. There are no 15-year-old opera singers. True opera singing requires years of serious classical training and post-secondary education, apprenticeship programs and maybe actually singing in an opera. Listen to the likes of Renée Fleming, Placido Domingo and Cecilia Bartoli for real opera singers.

    Additionally, your gross stereotype of opera singers, especially female singers is extremely outdated and not true. I suggest you type these names into Google Images-
    Anna Netrebko
    Diana Damrau
    Juan Diego Florez
    Dmitri Hvorotovsky

    These are all extremely attractive people, and lo and behold they are four of the classical world’s most prominent singers! Imagine that! No Viking horns or breastplates in site. Visit their personal websites to view their insane workload and credentials.

  • JOhn Stephenson

    Well, you can say whatever you want…trying to deny being fat or that others are fat. But FAT is FAT…. if you’re not thin and healthy, then you ARE FAT. There is no argument there.

    Please learn the difference between there, their, and they’re. Also, between theirs and there’s. Thank you.

  • antonio

    hola bueno charlotte esla mejor no importa como esta en su fisico pero ella canta como un angel espero algun dia poder cantar con ella en español saludos desde la tierra del banano machala ecuador

  • Aradia Trynt

    looks mean nothing, look past your dislikes or jealousy or whatever and at her aura or into her soul…i don’t see her about talking shyt about other people’s faults…one should enjoy their life and not worry about how everyone else chooses to live theirs!

  • Han

    I cant actually believe people are calling her fat it is ridiculous, she is not fat and is pregnant if you were pregnant then I am sure you would have a little bit of a tummy, remember beauty isn’t skin deep!

  • kimberlee

    she way to fat.