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Noah Baumbach Movie

Noah Baumbach Movie

City Island, NY :: Actress Nicole Kidman, 38, and director Noah Baumbach, 37, put their khaki-colored hats (is it better than the pink one we’re always seeing?) to good use, keeping their skin safe from the sun. Noah gives Nicole some acting direction (pictured left) for his still-untitled dramedy, which is set for a November 2007 release.  More pictures in the gallery including Nicole shooting more scenes with co-star Zane Pais.

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  • Sarah

    I love Nicole simply love her.I think she is the best actress that we have!But Nicole has been doing some really awful movies lately!She turned down The Aviator for Stepford Wives and she was supposed to be in Emmas War based from that incredible book but backed out to do Bewitched.Tallk about misjudgment!Then she decided not to do American Darlings wich sounded like a cool story but co-sttaring Jennifer Lopez so maybe that was not a mistake!And now she decided to make this movie instead of WKWs Lady From Shangai i think that is the biggest mistake of them all!Nicole darling fire your fucking agent.All that said i am looking forward to her movie Fur about great Diane Arbus!I hope Nicole makes bettre film decisions in future because its sad to see her waist her talent on Hollywood shit!Nicole snap out of it!

  • danielle

    I hardly think being in a Noah Baumback film is shit. Squid and the Whale was an oscar nominated film. I think Nicole likes to challenge herself, which is why she did those blockbuster comedies. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have great comedic timing, but you can’t fault the woman for trying.

  • Tiny Dancer

    In my humble opinion, Nicole is one of our most talented actresses, but she does seem to pick some odd vehicles to showcase her talent at times. If I remember correctly, someone talked her into doing Stepford Wives and she said she knew it was a mistake almost from the beginning. She did Bewitched because she loved the series–it was one of her favorite TV shows. She does better in indies and smaller, more thought provoking productions. Hopefully this Baumback film will be good. I too am looking forward to Fur. Haven’t heard too much about it since it has wrapped up!

  • lflf

    did she finally give up red?!?! even if this is a wig or just for a movie it made me so happy. she sure looks a lot better without that awful blonde.

  • Amy

    Sarah, honey, you must not know that she was waitng to do Lady from Shanghi but mr. WKW still hasn’t finished a script.She’s still set to star in it when WKW finishes his current film. Learn your facts please. :)

  • Sarah

    Amy honey your the one who needs to get her shit right!WKW was ready to start filming but Nicole decided to take a break after filming so hard.And so he pushed the movie to 2007 and even do its still reported that Nicole will star in it.I dont think she will!Wkws is doing another movie instead of Lady from Shangai and who ever knows anything about this extrodinary director knows that he never finishes his scripts and even Nicole said she agreed to do the movie with knowlegde of that.So she never saw the script just the idea.So you cant talk to me about facts can you hun!I dont know what is the big deal, the truth is Nicole has done quite some crapy films!And she was not forced to do the Stepford Wives.This is Nicole Kidman we are tallking about she can do whathever movie she wants!And now its announced that she will do a movie called Head Hunters wich sounds like another flop,of course we will have to wait and see!Oh i am excited about Baz L. project!That sounds interesanting!Tiny dancer i saw some great stills from the Fur and i cant wait for that movie to come out!

  • Ellie

    Sarah, since when did Nicole say she knew he would never do the movie. Nicole would never sign up to a movie knowing she would never make it. She may be tired but she ate live worms to be in her first movie and now she’s being offered roles left and right i don’t think she’d do that. You know if you’re a true fan don’t read the headlines. besides Nicole said herself on an INTERVIEW that I saw so you can not say this is not true, she said she doesn’t think of the outcome of films, she doesn’t think of what the film will do to her reputation she just cares that she has a good time making it and that she meets new people, of course she loves having films that make it big but that doesn’t rule her life. Try joining a forum so you can get YOUR facts straight besides Amy told you nicely you were wrong, no need to be such a bitch and say all you did. Anyway i think i’m done, if you ever want to know if something about Nicole is factual or not watch interviews or join a fansite! But anyway, i can’t wait for this movie to come out, let alone Fur and The Visiting. WAHOO NICOLE MOVIES!

  • Sarah

    Ellie learn how to read,bitch!Where the fuck did i wrote that she said she knew she could never do the movie?WTF!I wrote that she knew about the script thing!READ IT AGAIN!Oh and i am a fan but that dosent mean i will write only good things about her.She did some bad movies in the past and thats it!I guess and according to your comment i am dissing a 7 year old and a serious Nicole fan but i dont give a shit.I just say it as it is!Oh and the Visiting i think is going to fucking suck another movie i forgot to mention!Who will wanna see that,we alredy saw it!Its just another Stepford/Bewithched flop!

  • Ellie

    How do i know about Lady from Shangai?Well i saw interview of WKWs from Cannes and he said that it was really dissapointing that Nicole couldnt do the movie!Yes i read her fansites but i also watch tv and read newspapres because they actually report all stuff unlike her fansites who only write about good nice shit.And if you would get your head out of the fucking fansites you would know more and from different sources too.So dont tell me to get my facts straight when you cant even be objective!

  • Sarah

    Ok that is my post i wrote your name by mistake in it.By the way i love it its a good name!So i had to let you know its mine in case you didnt alredy know!!

  • bunni

    What happened to that Diane Arbus movie she made?

  • Paul

    bunni, the Diane Arbus biopic, Fur, comes out in November. :)But besides Fur, this movie is next in line for her movies I want to see. Noah Baumbach is a genius at writing awful and painful truths about family life while still making it hilarious. So glad to see Nicole back on track working with great directors and promising projects.


    Paul,Actually its not entirely biopic its only based on true events and its not a typical Hollywood biopic it focuses on certain part of Dians life and not her whole life like other biopics.From what i read it sounds great totally new way for a bio!Cant wait!I also think Baumbachs project will is going to be good and i never said its shit i was tallking about her other movies!

  • please

    i just pray that at least one of nicole’s upcoming films is a good one and that it includes a good performance from her that can get her back into the realm of critical credibility she once owned so entirely. she’s so talented in everything but picking projects.

  • Julie

    Here’s the deal…Nicole is a prissy, stuck up snob, not to mention a horrible mother. She never sees her kids and is always holed up in Nashville with Keith, not even in the vicinity of her children. She needs to eat and she needs a tan. Can’t stand her. Needs to get the broomstick out of her butt.

  • ella

    i don’t see how she can look in the mirror and not realize how much better she looks with darker hair. i think she might be color blind and since she’s so famous, everyone is afraid to say something to her. if keith really loves her, he should step in.

  • Sarah

    Julie i think you are not at the right blog darling.Take your fucking shit to dlisted or other fucked up blog where youll find your soulmates.How on earth do you now she is a bad mother!Just fuck off ,and go read tabloid shit!

  • sarah f

    nicole is a great person and i think that she is a great mom. you all need to stop with the "oh she’s so famouse she’s stuck up and only cares about herself" thing. honestly people!!!

  • Dancer

    Julie, first Nicole has always said that she burns and doesn’t tan and one of the reasons she is an actress is that when all her friends were at the beach, she was reading–she couldn’t go without getting a severe burn even with sun screen. Secondly, she is not a horrible mother. In some interview a year or so ago, the kids wanted to stay in one place, Nicole has a home near the kids. Unlike Tom she doesn’t parade her involvement in their activities. She is fiercely protective of them and you will rarely see her photographed with the kids because unlike Tom she doesn’t let the paps know when she is going to be with them.And she can hardly be holed up in Nashville if she has been filming in NYC. According to everyone who has worked with her–she is a delight to work with–sweet, funny, and totally professional unlike many of the young stars–she shows up on time, she has her lines learned and she doesn’t complain, bitch or moan about the work load. She is a genuinely caring person with many friends who back that up.You Julie, as someone else said, need to go to DListed or something so you can spew there.

  • JaeK

    Yay. I agree whole heartedly with Dancer and glad to see someone has their facts straight. I love Nicole and am a great fan all the way from BMX Bandits (yep I’m an aussie). I really hate the way people assume that she is a bad parent, cos she is not into whoring out her children for the perfect photo op. I can’t wait to see her latest movie. And boo to all that bad mouth someone they don’t know. It is so school yard bullying that should have been left there. Grow up.

  • Duude

    Ellie, Sarah cool it. There’s enough arguing around here with the Angelina vs Jen crap!As for not dragging her kids around in public everywhere, that is exactly what makes her a decent parent. Tom pimps his kids, they’re PR tools to him. When the two are with her they’re at the beach etc doing regular things. With him they’re on his PR tour for MI3 or learning about aliens via scientology!As for not being tanned. It’s not natural for her to be tanned and I appreciate the rare naturalists in hollywood. She looks far better than the burnt orange Paris & Hohan!Nicole’s a great talent. Not one of my favorites but pretty damn good.

  • lamb

    "rare naturalists in hollywood"She’s 38 and not one little wrinkle is visable. Real natural. Hey didn’t Saint Nicole marry Tom before the ink was dry on the divorce papers from his first marriage. Wonder how she explained making the movie Birth to her son.

  • Sarah

    Lamb so what if she had botox what is wrong with that.It is not visible in her movies while she is acting so i dont care!Boo hoo thats all you could find about her!As for Birth i loved that movie and it shows how great an actress she is!So if her son wont be like you he will understand!Duuude read the my posts!

  • Get A Grip

    Lordy chill peeps, take a lesson from yer Ice queen!! She ain’t been in Nashville fer months. Nor has she been with her kids for months. Get over it

  • Mire

    Look at the timeline of pics the kids have been with Tom since 3/05 Nic is busy trapping Keith it takes time to brainwash a man! LOL She as been trying everything to get SOMEONE AYNONE to marry her, Nic is old used and over botoxed nobody wants her !!!! Poor Keith when did he get desperate???

  • Jessica

    I absoulutely love Nicole kidman. So what nicole does bad movie sometimes. It’s her choices , sonner or lately everyone bout to choose somfing that result to being unsuccessful.I think what counts is that your doing something you wanna do and that’s what nicole is doing. I just can’t wait to see her next movie weather it’s bad or good. Also on her website said that she didnt have botox. So please people dont rely on every source you read. Oh and also, nicole is a great mother,it’s probably you dont see her with her kids is cuz Tom is taking them away into a "scientology" world . Good luck to nicole kidman. Hope i see you in a movie premiere in Sydney. (thats right im australian and live in Sydney)

  • bunni

    Im really mad at Nicole because her name on a project used to mean that it was good. I even liked BIRTH. But I guess it started with INTERPRETER which sucked and then those comedies. I feel like Im being held up and robbed by Nic at the boxoffice. But the real thief is Kiki.

  • Mire


  • Millie

    Oh Jessica please Nic will never say she’s had botox honesty is not her thing it’s just not in her!!! And I live in Nashville and it works like a very small town everyone knows everything about everyone she has lived here starting in Aug. 05 and Tom’s Kids the girl and boy HAVE NEVER BEEN HERE!!!!!!!!! Good mother Nic would not know what that was LOL LOL LOL Keith needs to run – someone slap him and wake him up- or call his Mum.

  • mrsly

    Millie, Honesty is definitely not your thing. Look like you are MouthMonkey in disguise.

  • Ellie

    Sarah lol we sound like babies. Sorry if you took my previous post the wrong way i wasn’t getting at you! I expressed my oppinions so strongly on the matter because i know someone who knows Nicole, i know that’s kind of distant but it means i get inside info. Duude, Jessica i love your commments. I don’t want this to sound like i’m getting at you again Sarah but just for the record Nicole hasn’t had botox. She has never had surgery in any way and never will, she is very against changing the way God made her. I can tell you people that Nicole gets their kids for siz weeks and then Tom gets their kids for siz weeks! They spend as much time with their mum as they do they do their dad and i have plenty of pictures of Nicole with her kids taken in 06! She is extremely close to them and Conner and Bella both approve very highly of Keith! Bunni, The Interpreter actually made pretty big sales and great critic comments, personally i loved it because i am into that sort of movie. Sarah, i don’t only read the nice stuff about Nicole because i can say that i really didn’t like SW and on the forums we have people that love for example Bewitched and people that hate it! All the best Niccy :)

  • Ellie

    OMG i’m so stupid lol. NIcole gets the kids for SIX weeks!

  • Miller

    Never had botox? Never had plastic surgery? Thats the funniest thing I’ve ever heard!!! She’s so botoxed out she can’t even make a facial expression. And look at photos of her years back. Her cheeks are different, her jaw is different even her skin color is different! The only thing not touched up on this woman are her hands!! If she could act I’d give her half a chance but she sux big time there too. Keith needs to get out as soon as he can!

  • Miller

    OH!! And the one of her smiling? Look at that top lip! Collagan injections! EWww she’s creepy!!

  • Mire

    Poor Keith the longer this goes on the dumber he looks! I had idea he was so hard up- I guess Niki dumping him was very hard on him. But gross a$$ Nic poor poor Keith is he doing drugs again???

  • Ellie

    Miller and Mire, do you honestly think you know more than me? I practically know the lady, she has NOT had Botox but drinks 3 litres of water a day. Leave the woman alone, check her out in Birth, no woman with Botox could do that. I’m sorry Miller but i’ve seen plenty of photos of her when she was A BABY and she has the same face. Leave the woman alone, she made her dream and just because she’s an actress does not mean she’s had botox. Why be so judgemental of people you don’t even know?