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Brad & Angelina: Water Fountain

Brad & Angelina: Water Fountain

Photogs’ appetites whetted: ‘Most anticipated baby since Jesus

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have an entire government on their side in the latest celebrity vs. paparazzi skirmish as they await the birth of their child in seclusion at a resort in Namibia.

The Namibian Embassy in Pretoria tells journalists seeking visas for Namibia to cover the birth of the eagerly awaited celebrity baby that they must have permission from Pitt and Jolie in writing before they will be allowed into the country.

The government, which has seen its profile as a tourist destination increased by the celebrity visit, has arrested photographers, confiscated film, set up large green barriers on the beach to shield the couple and their children Zahara and Maddox, ringed the hotel with heavy security and threatened to expel any journalist trying to cover the birth without the parents’ permission.

"This lady is expecting," Namibian Prime Minister Nahas Angula was quoted as telling South Africa’s Sunday Times last month. "You guys are harassing her. Why don’t you allow her some privacy? Harassment is not allowed in Namibia."

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Interest has heightened in recent weeks as photographers anticipated the due date was near. It escalated Tuesday when an e-mail Pitt sent to the Cannes Film Festival and read to reporters there said he was unable to attend because of the baby’s "imminent arrival."

Darryn Lyons, the chairman of Big Pictures, which runs Mr., said in London that the two stars are certain to gain more attention by taking up residence in a poor corner of Africa then they would in the United States.

"I don’t think they could have given the people more of an appetite to see the new creature," said Lyons, referring to the decision to hole up in Namibia. "It is the most anticipated baby since Jesus Christ."

"They would have been more discreet sitting in Malibu," he said. "I don’t know why they’re going to all this ridiculous trouble."

Before Pitt and Jolie took up residence at a luxury hotel on the Namibian coast, the government never required that journalists get permission from private citizens — foreign or otherwise — to obtain a visa.

John Liebengerg, a South African magazine photographer, was arrested Wednesday for a second time in less than a week for trying to take pictures of the couple at a restaurant.

The arrest was condemned by the South African National Editors Forum.

"The forum believes citizens have a right to privacy, however journalists also have a right to be able to do their jobs without unfair hindrance or intimidation," the forum said in a statement.

South Africa’s Sunday Times said last month its own photographer and three French photographers were ordered to leave Namibia or face arrest.

Lyons said he has a team in place in Namibia, but that none of his photographers have been arrested. He added someone — perhaps even the midwife — with a small camera or one built into their mobile phone stood to make a lot of money.

"You could probably buy Namibia with that picture," he said, estimating the first picture of Pitt and Jolie‘s baby would be worth $5 million.

Namibia, a country half the size of Alaska, is rich in diamonds and strategic metals, but most of its 1.8 million people are poor. – AP

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  • Le sigh i’m first

    oh these are old. I was hoping for some new pics.

  • Alexanderina

    "They would have been more discreet sitting in Malibu," he said. "I don’t know why they’re going to all this ridiculous trouble."He is kidding, they would’ve be swamped in Malibu, they are all the way in Namibia and the paps are all over them. And am not sure I believe that the paps need Angie and Brad permission to enter Namibia, that another tabs story to make them(BP & AJ) look bad

  • Alexanderina

    # 1 | Le sigh i’m first – Yes it is but I least it gives us a new Thread to post while we wait for the baby news or any news from Namibia.Thanks JJ, I was getting tired of looking at all the X Threads

  • j4r3d

    Does anyone know where and when he pictures are from? I assume a TV show since they look like screen captures.

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    # 3 | Alexanderina I agree. I think that’s why we got a new thread. the other was getting too big.


    | #1 |Yes, they’re old.OFF TOPIC:, Lets see;Gwenyth.Brooke.Katie. Maybe Gwen now? Come on ANGIE!!!!KEEP ON ROCKIN BAMZ!REALLY, WAITING INPATIENTLY, PLUS ONE!

  • me

    when they were in malibu earlier, there were pics of them everyday. From namibia, i have seen maybe three or four new pics, mostly taken from far away. That guy who said they would be more discreet in Namibia has got it wrong.

  • lorie p

    hi jared!new pics please!were gonna bother in the weekends anyhow…lolz.

  • Jinx

    Where and when are these pics from?, it can’t be Davos , Brads hair was differentTruth is most people already know the latest news available. The only next ‘new news’ , I anticipate will be of the birth itselfI hope it all goes well for +1

  • lorie p

    hi jared!new pics please!were gonna bother you in the weekends anyhow…lolz.

  • think positive!

    Why i can not see this thread in the main page? I’m cliking to the" just commented" to find it.

  • Alexanderina

    # 4 | j4r3d – They look like there are from the set of MAMS, don’t know just assuming

  • me

    Jared i think the pics are from the movie set, during a break from filming. I saw these pics in a magazine once, but it was a long time ago.

  • ell

    yes this pics are from MAMs set

  • think positive!

    I found it!! I was comfused because jared didn’t post it in the top of the page.Anyway.Yes they are from the set of MAMS.GOD BLESS BAMZ+1!

  • Estell

    Thanks JJ…I don’t think I can handle another X’s thread on the main page. These pic. are from the MAMS set, they are taken a break from the restaurant scene, notice AJ was wearing BP dinner jacket?…;)

  • briseis

    Jared, you are wonderful!Thanks to listening to our whining, but I personally was getting tired of lurking (and posting) at the X’s thread. That was where most of the BAMZ’ers were going; however, it got boring after a while. Thanks for giving us our own sandbox to play in again.These look like pics taken during a break in the M&MS shooting.

  • Alexanderina

    # 16 | Estell – notice AJ was wearing BP dinner jacketHow sweet, did not noticed that before, thanks Estelle

  • Estelle

    I can’t even spell my name today…blame Rica…;)…that was hot hot hot…I have to read it again…

  • Estelle

    # 18 | Alexanderina -actually someone point that out to me as well…I know…so cute.

  • Estelle

    oops..actually the house fight scene…now I remembered, not the restaurant.

  • you

    my mom had me in a 3rd world country, no epidurals, just some nurses and doctors. No doctors were flown in from america like angelina has. my mom is fine, i’m fine, my sister is fine, and the whole damn population that gives birth in my country is fine. some people are too ignorant like thos stupid doctors.

  • The real lou

    Well Gwen had her baby,she had a boy.She had a c-section.

  • fan

    Please stay away fom X’s thread and the tiresome postings. The many postings of X are boring and with they are with same theme ( hair and legs). There are more important things going on. Someone is posting Brangelina’s news that are not flattering to cause a firestorm. Please pray from Angelina and her baby. Thanks.,

  • angelah

    Just got back from the theatre. catching up with all the buzz and fic.# 23 | The real lou She did already? can you pls provide a link.

  • think positive!

    #23 |The real lou|-That’s good news!Congragulations to the new mother.Now is Angies turn.Be patient guys!

  • Alexanderina

    # 23 | The real lou – Thanks. I am happy for her. I like her

  • The real lou

    #25 Angelah,I saw a headline from the US Weekly website.

  • angelah

    Deng it for opening several window boxes. Accidently posted on the X thread.Anyway, i wrote: NVM I just read CHM’s post regarding Gwen’s hollaback baby boy. LOL. THANKS CHM.

  • angelah

    thanks the real


    Yes, pics are from MAMS.It’s going to be a fuckin circus when they come back home. OFF TOPIC: Hilary Swank/Chad Lowe divorcing.I have a strange feeling, major holiday weekend, something is going down…..KEEP ON ROCKIN BAMZ!REALLY WAITING INPATIENTLY, PLUS ONE!

  • stardust

    Congrats to Gwen and Gavin. Is Angelina the only mother left to give birth or are there more? So many pregnant celebs!

  • African Girl

    Hey Everyone,I almost missed this thread. Thanks Jared.EstelleGood catch with the Jacket. That’s just the sweetest.#22Thank you. I was just about to say the same thing. Honestly, how many woman have had babies and they are all doing fine? This is just another way to pick on AJ & BP.

  • Alexanderina

    # 32 | stardust – Well I think she is the only important one left, don’t mean to put down any other pregnant celebrities out there, but its the true :)

  • stardust

    # 31 | COLD HARD MATH |what do u think is going to happen? Are you talking about the baby? tell.

  • rose

    I actually think the girl in thge pic is Angelina’s double. It doens’t look like her

  • The real lou

    I thought Gwen was having a girl.This just shows 99% of these magazines make sh#t up.Remember they all said Katie was having a boy as well.

  • Alexanderina

    $36, that is Angelina


    | #35 stardust |I just have a feeling………..And of course, I’m probably wrong! LOL. LOL. LOL!Since Gwen has had her baby boy, they are thinking about naming it KINGSTON, HOW QUICK WILL WE KNOW WHEN ANGIE HAS BABY JOLIE PITT?KEEP ON ROCKIN BAMZ!REALLY WAITING INPATIENTLY, PLUS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • me

    rose – You’ve put a suspicion in my head. lol. Huh. You know what? Angelina’s smile is different than this person’s smile. Look what you have done. I’m going to stare at the pictures for a while now. i’m not crazy just suspicious person.

  • alero

    Gwen annouces her pregancy after Angie but having the baby before Angie. No Fair . I hope the new pics we get of BAMZ are of the whole family with the new baby.

  • think positive!

    #36 |rose|-No.This is Angelina.I think the pictures are taken from a phone camera.That’s why they are a little shaken..

  • ummm…

    kingston…. kinda like aniston…uh oh

  • angelah

    That’s what I thought too, Real Lou. Congrats to Gwen and Gavin! She was preggers when I saw her concert–no wonder her short shorts was too high, concealing her Can’t wait for little jolie-pitt. CHM, r you implying what stardust & I think? oh man, I’m going kuko jk.

  • Renee

    Thanks Jared for putting up something with our favorite family. I have worn myself out arguing with JenJen and her fans. They are truly an exhausting bunch.. Anyways, now to put our beautiful minds to use, do you remember a ‘water cooler’ scene? I don’t remember but it is a good excuse to watch it again(lol) I wonder if its in the new dvd?

  • Jinx

    I love the names Maddox and Zahara. Somehow they’ve accomplished choosing very ‘cool’ sounding ethnic names , that are beautiful and not overly contrived or ridiculous sounding – like Bluebell Madonna, or Suri perhapsI’m sure that whichever sex the baby will be, he/she will have an equally great unique name

  • hehe

    # 45 | Renee |i salute you for even trying to reason with them. LOL. As soon as i go there, i run out of there even faster.

  • think positive!

    #41 |alero|-An African article was saying that when she will have the baby they will make an official appearance from Namibia with the new baby.I hope it’s true. Please guys don’t start again with the "fake or not pics" debate!LOL!

  • pm

    so are we going back to guessing the BABY(ies) NAMES? LOL. BAMZ+ = ooh lalalalala.

  • ZenMaster

    Of course the papparazi will say anything about BA since they can’t make money off selling those "lost" pictures. The papz have pratically paid off and bride everyone around in the hospital and places BA frequent. Now that they are in Nambia .. it’s impossible for anyone to try to bride any staff . This article shows that the papz are desperate .. they know that they can’t get the visa to Nambia, the birth is imminent .. so they are all going crazy and drooling for a cut into this pie.AJ said long ago that she was due in Summer . So when does summer officially begins ? Jun 21st right ? If that the case, she is still weeks awayIt would not suprise me that JA might not even birth in Nambia…. let the papz waste their money getting into Africa (but at least it bring in $$ for the Africa economy ) and BA slip away to birth somewhere else