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Jennifer Aniston: Sexy Legs

Jennifer Aniston: Sexy Legs

Here are pictures from Jennifer Aniston‘s appearance on Good Morning America, where she met and posed with members of the Marine Corp.  During Aniston‘s interview, she described the five-band ring she wears on her left middle finger — one band for each of her five best friends (she wore only four before one broke). Below is the video of The Late Show with David Letterman (broken into two parts), where Aniston‘s sexy legs caused quite the commotion.  During one of her stories, Aniston tells of one member of the press that asked, "What was your worst Break-Up?"  Kkeakeka. More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Ouch!

    Ex-Sitcom Writer’s One-Acts Shed Light on TV ComedyMay 26, 09:05 AM Column by Chad Jones LET it be known that Alex Bernstein doesn’t think too highly of Jennifer Aniston. That’s OK, because she probably doesn’t know who he is, even though he worked as a writers’ assistant on "Friends" for seven months. According to San Mateo native Bernstein, Aniston and fellow "friend" Lisa Kudrow are "the most horrible human beings in the world." Apparently the two actresses would call the writers frequently with "ideas that were idiotic."

  • so what?

    Whispers have been everywhere from the medical community to the average fan about Angelina Jolie and her ideas of having a baby in the third world. And now a published report claims that American doctors are openly questioning the Angelina Jolie birth strategy. My baby doctor shook her head and gave a healthy pfft when asked. So one can’t be surprised when Ted Casablanca reports that he had dinner with a bunch of American medical people and they had the same reaction. I guess it’s easy to criticize Ted for having dinner with the docs in the first place – unless of course they picked up the tab. *** Calling it a "Pitt snit" the report reads: Meanwhile, in real-life scrubs-land, some very fancy-schmancy physicians who get paid outrageous sums of money to deliver movie stars’ kiddos (think freako Wacko Jackson, if you want to know how well-known) are raising their voices and eyebrows over Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. […] "That they’re having the baby in Namibia," seethed one famous doc who specializes in the baby stuff, is outrageous. They’re taking a complete chance should anything go wrong, anything out of the ordinary." *** Ted then notes that he mentioned that certainly Namibia doesn’t exactly have leftover gynecological equipment circa 1802, and besides, with Brad’s jet-setting ways, that dude has shipped over what ever is necessary to insure the health of the newborn. "Even still," added another famous deliverer of celebrated offspring, "it’s taking a considerable chance; I just don’t understand it." *** It’s a pretty easy case to make that Angelina Jolie’s arrogance is why the pair are preparing for birth in Africa.

  • tandem

    Die hard BAMZ lover here, but I gotta give credit where it’s due…the girl has a great body – healthy and fit. She looks fantastic in those short. All the best, Jen.Not too long before the arrival of little brangelina!!!

  • Sara

    What does that Angelina Jolie article has to do with this post? But reading that article shows you how ignorant people can be when it comes to third world country and you would think the population in Namibia must like at zero. On Topic. Cute pics.

  • anonymous……

    hmm can anyone tell me if this is Jennifer Aniston selling her body (i.e.: her bare legs lately)? what’s up with that.. i get the feeling she’s using her sexy legs to do marketing for the ‘the break up’.. well, let’s see if it’ll work.. .. tsk tsk..

  • lessor of 2

    I would prefer that a writer’s assistant MAYBE express an opinion that I talked too much, than be guilty of squashing free speech & press:Angelina Jolie and her brother are very close as they proved when they provided an incestuous kiss for all to see on live TV at the Oscars a few years back. Now she and Brad Pitt reportedly will bring in the brother for the birth of the golden child. A report is claiming that the brother James Haven has joined the Jolie-Pitt family at the Burning Shore Lodge where the family has been staying. *** A source told the UK Sun: “Angelina has always been very close to Jamie. She desperately wanted him to be with her during the birth so he could share such an incredible experience with her.” Close – I guess so. She once spoke of being "in love" with him. Jolie and Pitt are coming under increasing criticism for their behavior towards reporters and photographers as now it appears one must have permission to photograph the stars when they are in public. *** But unfortunately for Brad he was snapped taking the kids for a spin on bicycles and pulled a Britney Spears by allowing Baby Zahara on the back of his bike without a helmet. Apparently that snapper snuck through the tight efforts to secure the couple. Fortunately – Pitt didn’t take a spill and injure the infant. *** It should draw considerable interest if the pair ever returns to the Unites States and if the UN couple will attempt to squash speech here as well. ON TOPIC: JEN LOOKS REALLY CUTE. (ALTHO I BET BIG $ THAT BRANGELINA WILL APPEAR IN THIS THREAD OVER AND OVER AGAIN)

  • agree Lof@

    sometimes the best defense is an immediate OFFENSE. LMAO.JA does look cute

  • genggeng

    # 5 | anonymous…… | May 26, 2006 02:05 PM Seems like it, doesn’t it? I believe she’s parading her legs (and she does have great legs) so that people will get intrigued and go and watch TBU. I have to give her props, she’s using everything in her power to promote her movie. I have to give her A for effort. I so hope it makes it, just because I am so tired of seeing her face on every talk and entertainment show and yet she has nothing very much to say except mention the divorce yet again. Sheesh, I’ve been divorced too but I moved on — I can’t be moping about the ex for so long. It becomes so boring and crippling after a while.Anyway, Jen, I do hope TBU makes a ton of money for you and Vince; and then I hope you GO AWAY for awhile.

  • Great Legs

    Jen has GREAT legs–why shouldn’t she show them off? Plus those shorts are IN STYLE. Read a few fashion mags instead of just tabloids.

  • seasonal

    whassup with the criticism about Jen’s shorts? It’s fashionable. It’s summer. And she’s got the perfect legs for wearing what’s right for this season.Anybody who says otherwise is obviously looking to find fault.

  • A

    She proved she wasn’t too bright when she was standing in the middle of the Marines and said she was going to join the Army. This has to be a tough time for her with the baby coming but she brought it on herself. Now all she has is her "slammin" body.

  • KD

    awww… she looks fantastic!

  • Catherine

    So cute. But I don’t think she "talks" too much about her divorce..I think reporters and the media are constantly bringing it up…what else is she supposed to do? She’s been as classy as anyone could be..And her legs ROCK! Hope I’m as adorable when I’m her age…

  • bellebee

    #11 – subtle humor is over your head, huh?Jen Aniston looks cute here. I still mention my past relationshps in passing too. And certainly if somebody asks me a question about soemthing.Sheesh. Stop acting like she can’s even say Brad’s name–he was her husband ya know and she didn’t drag him to the altar.

  • susieQ

    #11 – oh yeah, she DOES have a slammin’ body doesn’t she? No need to pad that butt for a role in some raider flick.

  • hoot

    Jen is not capable of completing a sentence, let alone make a solid speach of anything with depth. Instead she squints, makes snide remarks and shows off her legs and hair. She knows her limitations and the talk show hosts are asked to do most of the talking: ie David Letterman, Jay Leno, Conan Obrien, and Diane Sawyer. I was really blown away by how limited and unintelligent she is and shocked to see why she is where and who she is – Friends and Brad Pitt… FYI, her acting is the SAME where ever she goes – what a hoot of waste – give the roles and the money to someone with REAL TALENT!!!!

  • HAH

    "At the time Bernstein was on the "Friends" staff, Aniston was dating Brad Pitt, and Pitt’s movie "Fight Club" was released. Some of the writing staff was invited to the premiere and reported that at the after party, Aniston came up to the writers and said, "Guys, seriously, we need to do more stuff like this."The writers said something to the effect of, "Yeah, but this is a gritty, edgy, violent thriller. We write a half-hour comedy for network TV."Bernstein recalls that from then on, whenever Aniston would call with ideas or complaints, the writers would hang up and one of them would say, "What we need to do is stuff like ‘Fight Club.’""That was a running joke all year," Bernstein says. "That made me laugh. thanks for the article, ouch.

  • brandie

    Oh she’s adorable! Love all her recent photos and she looks so happy all the time.

  • Kevin

    Her legs are the only thing she can use cause her face is FUG REALLY REALLY FUG .

  • Jen Fan 3Evah

    David Letterman clearly likes her. And not just because of her legs.

  • Ef

    Damn! Jen looks hot! She looks so happy and healthy, im so happy for her and i think its sweet that she isnt being too public with her relationship with Vince, she never actually denied it did she? Go Jen you kick ass girl!

  • amoreandmore

    Her face is very interesting–certainly not the standard classic face considered–but very unique and appealing. And her body is smokin’ !

  • yah

    adorable ,cute and sexy. she has it all

  • Beebee

    I find it strange that she was prepared to talk about her break-up from Brad, but became all coy on the subject of Vince.

  • Kevin

    Please you all wish this dogs face looked good , she just plain FUG !!! And you can`t change that FUG face with all the plastic surgery in the world !!! Just too MANLY .

  • Alias

    WTF is that…. O_o—That’s a man baby!!!She fits right in with those sailors, and how I love a man in uniform.The strong jaw and chiseled looks—yes it is meant to be: She is a Traniston!

  • Tealeaf

    All this woman does is be self-absorbed, so what she workout and toned her legs.Why doesn’t she do something about her face,A transexual on stage can have "sexy legs". Alot of celebs have "great legs". I think model Giselle, and Stacey Keibler have much better legs. Also what is up with the overdone orange tan. Why does Jennifer look more manly in the face then those Marines. She looks uncomfortable and fake, yes she denied the Vince romance, she must of forgotten ,she was photograph dry humping him on a balconey. Last nite Halle Berry was on Letterman, Halle was MUCH more Beautiful and she didn’t have on short shorts. I honestly don’t care if Jennifer is dating Vince or not, cause they are both boring and ugly.

  • Yeah I said it

    Her legs ain’t all that compared to alot of other female and male celebs.It looks like wrinkles and celluite on those knock knees. She is boring as usual, and her Vince have as much chemistry as two dead bodies. I think Vince will be glad when the movie is over, so he can drop Aniston and go back to partying. I can’t believe the media is hyping up this chick average " I workout legs" especially in LA were most people look 10x better then Chinnifer.

  • Tealeaf

    All this woman does is be self-absorbed, so what she workout and toned her legs.Why doesn’t she do something about her face,A transexual on stage can have "sexy legs". Alot of celebs have "great legs". I think model Giselle, and Stacey Keibler have much better legs. Also what is up with the overdone orange tan. Why does Jennifer look more manly in the face then those Marines. She looks uncomfortable and fake, yes she denied the Vince romance, she must of forgotten ,she was photograph dry humping him on a balconey. Last nite Halle Berry was on Letterman, Halle was MUCH more Beautiful and she didn’t have on short shorts. I honestly don’t care if Jennifer is dating Vince or not, cause they are both boring and ugly.


    I’m a die hard BAMZ fan, but she does look nice here. Let’s just hope that EVERYONE has moved on including:Brad.Jen.THEIR FANS!Silly me; Brad has MOVED on!

  • Susan

    "Guys, seriously, we need to do more stuff like this."That sounds like she just meant we should all do things like hang out together and party…perhaps writers can be every bit as self absorbed as actors…having people scrutinize every word and every breath has got to be exhausting. Like being maried to a nagging spouse. I think of all the things at work that I’ve heard twisted into little more than the personal opinions of people who weren’t even present . Don’t you almost have to go with personal experience when you read all the articles? I’ve yet to see a lot of truth in journalistic pieces about celebrities. Still the pictures are rather nice to see.

  • Apelilae

    She is very pretty with very nice legs, but she looks so frigid with those marines.

  • Hmmmm

    I read the article and I gotta say this I AM DONE WITH JENJEN. Did I read it right? She has five bends on her wrist that represent her five best friends…oh my bad, that represents her fives bestesr fwiends in the whole wides world. Her best fwiends fuh-evah! And Ya’all say this woman is 37yrs old? Nah, maybe she just increased her age when she was trying to break into acting. Maybe she’s really 10 but you know they aren’t gonna hire no 10 yrs old so they increased the age, hey don’t aske me how, it is Hollyweird after all. Now that I’m certain that JenJen is a child I’m not gonna mess with her anymore. Look people, I’ve got a 9 yrs old sis at home and I’m not gonna like it it if people picked on her too. So nah…count me out of this JenJen bashing coz it’n not right to pick on the weak, even God said so.No wonder the chick didn’t want to have a child, she just a child herself. See people, we must not promote Children having children, it’s not right. Can you imagine if JenJen had a child? Whowhee! That’ll be something, this poor child will not know what to do with the child. Nah, let’s just leave JenJen the way she is. You go little girl, with your bad self.So what is with the articles on Angelina having her baby in Africa? Ya’all are too funny. Of course what are the American doctors gonna say? Please by going to Africa, Angelina just dissed them right there. How many African have their babies in the same hospitals everyday? Are they not as good as the "American Child"? Ya’all need to think before you do something. I’m gonna leave you with you little girl. It ain’t worth my time anymore but be rest assured, I’m gonna be checking up on JenJen. Now we know that she’s a little girl, she’s gonna need people watching over her. We don’t want her falling in with the wrong crowd..Lindsey Lohan anyone. Yes, I know Lindsey is 12yrs older than JenJen but we gotta start somewhere if we don’t want her to end up like Lindsey. It takes a Village to raise a child. Ya’all remember that.

  • lollipop

    #13 Cahterine – thank you, thank you, thank you….I’ve been saying that for so long. I too think it’s the reporters and tabloids. She has been very classy about it cause I can tell you right now, if it her my husband that had done what he did, and YES I believe it was going on during the filming of M&MS……I’d be talking cash sh!t about the two timing b@stard. I’d want everyone to know what a jerkface terd he was and what an a-moral b!tch she was.On another subject I’ve been wanting to say that I think it is the biggest bunch of BS that AJ wants to have her child in Africa so he/she can have ties between it’s adoptive siblings. Yeah okay, my nience was born in Germany while my brother was in the Army and yeah, she’s so German. Despite all her reteric about poor, starving people around the world, I don’t find her to be all that intelligent acting. Her interview made her appear like a giggling, immature little girl and them spending months hold up in a luxury hotel is just "in your face" look how rich I am. Yeah I give you some money but look at me waste mine on frivolous crap to gain attention." Sorry to those that SEE THE LOOOOOOOOVE, but BP looks bored out unfocused to me. I’ve really tried to "see" the love but haven’t since day one. He never smiles n or does she. And those poor kids sequestered in a deserted hotel with no real life interaction, not right in my opinion.

  • teacher

    #33: "Did I read it right?" no you didn’t, try again or retake 4th grade

  • dave

    Jen is funny! She looks a little uncomfortable in this ABC media circus set! I hope she will find the real love of her life soon….. then everyone can relax !

  • Breaking news!!

    Brad Pitt is an unfit father. CPS came to his hut and checked on little Z. Seems there are pictures that had him bike riding with her without a helmet. NOT SO SAFE HUH?? Doesn’t seem like he is that AWARE OF THE RULES HUH??? WTF???? When AJ found out she kicked his ass and made him suck her blood. Than he had to french kiss her brother and cut himself 10 times. WOW… what a happy little family. Yeah and you say Jen is messed up? You BAMZ fans are NUTS!! If the whole AJBP thing happened to your friend you would all be on JA side. GROW UP AND see past the beauty of these people!!!!!

  • teacherspet

    You comment makes less sense than his/hers. And I happen to agree with their opinion

  • Betsy.

    She is a beautiful and very talented woman. I hope she gets some great parts in the future that do her talent justice.

  • dude

    She looks relaxed….nice….

  • rainbow

    #37…I know you are being sarcastic but I do find it interesting that the tabs didn’t crucify him like they did Britney. Just because he wasn’t going very fast doesn’t mean he couldn’t have taken a spill and banged her head.

  • just too tired

    I used to enjoy this site, but I have to exit now because there is just too much craziness. Jen is fug angie is whore, brad is whipped-No matter what is posted there is still going to be some dumb post about these ppl-It’s so tiresome-

  • teacher

    teacherpet: #33: "Did I read it right? She has five bends on her wrist".????? WTF DOES THAT MEAN ?! Is it so FUCKING DIFFICULT to scroll up and read the article again: " the five-band ring she wears on her left middle finger". Your agreement with #33 indicates your intelligence or your mutal inability to scroll.

  • The real lou

    #37 Breaking News,stop reading tabloids and take your medication!What the hell are you talking about?Angelina made Brad suck her blood and french kiss her brother.Take your meds now!

  • aaa..

    #37-#41 Oh yeah! And that is why you have no brain.I bet when your mama was riding a bike she didn’t put you a helmet on.Now i undrerstand why you have brain problems.BAD BAD mama..

  • Excuse me?

    Wow, you BAMZ fans are DUMB HUH?? I was obviously kidding about AJ kicking his ass and the rest but my point was… why the hell was BP not held to the same RIDICULE Brit got? Why are these two UNTOUCHABLE from the media glare? What he did WAS SO WRONG!!! Many adults have DIED after falling and hittingtheir heads. Jesus… BP is like a god to you people. I am going to rip him like you would BRIT!! I hope CPS sees these pictures and questions him!! He is just as STUPID as Brit was, why will no one admit it? I think you need to take meds. How do you validate that one is wrong and the other is not? You make no sense.. I guess you lack common sense as well huh?

  • teacherspet

    Ooops, my bad, saw the numbers differntly thought you were dissing post 34…….whom I do agree with, however I agree with you about the wrist band thing….HUH?

  • teacher

    #50: ok, you graduated 5th Grade. Congratulations.

  • AJ media junky this on MSNBC as well. The shallow person is the one who craves so much media attention that they go to lengths to plan a media frenzy. I’m talking about Angelina Jolie.

  • #48=FAT&FUG

    Ryan Phillipe was just photographed on a bike w/ Deacon wearing no helmet – and they were in the street where cars are and pedestrian traffic. Brad was surrounded by sand on private property with no one else around — face it…you jealous fat fugs are just lying in wait to attack this beautiful family for any perecived transgression in your twisted haite filled jealous tiny minds, because your as ugly inside as you are on the outside…you need to be on the warpath about TRANISTON & FRED ‘VINCEVAUGHN’ FLINTSONE driving drunk and swerving all over the road — they could have mowed down several babies, kids, and adults — where were you then…GREAT parents those losers would make, if he weren’t GAY and she weren’t a TRANNY.