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Jude Law and Sienna Miller Back On

Jude Law and Sienna Miller Back On

On/off couple Sienna Miller and Jude Law have confirmed rumors they are giving their relationship a third attempt. The pair ended their seven-month engagement in July 2005 after the Road to Perdition hunk admitted he had slept with his children’s’ former nanny, Daisy Wright, the previous March. The Alfie co-stars reconciled in October, but split again in January. Miller has since been seen with her Factory Girl co-star Hayden Christensen and Argentine model Nico Malleville, while Law was linked to Australian singer/actress Sophie Monk. When asked by the Associated Press if she had reconciled with Law, Miller says, "Well, it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? We’re working things out."

A shirtless Jude and bikini-clad Sienna spent last weekend together at the Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara, Calif.  Jude Law, 33, and Sienna Miller, 24, spent plenty of poolside time together and shopped around the area.   More pictures in the gallery!

Jude followed Sienna back to their parked car, toting around a
Madison shopping bag and drink in hand.  Cute shorts, Sienna!
Here’s shoe info…golden sphere pointed flat shoes from Chloe.

Recent shots of Jude Law jogging in a pair of awful flowery shorts
and smoking outside of Nobu restaurant after dining with Sienna.
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  • ErinMarie79

    Dear Sienna and Jude,Stop with the on again, off again dating. It’s getting ridiculous. Jude looks bloated and gross. Sienna actually looks kind of cute.

  • Anna

    It so obvious these two are only together for the publicity. Jude wants an Oscar nomination and is trying to combat the negative image he created from the nanny incident. Most people feel he is a terrible father after what happened. It doesn’t help that he always looks like he has a hangover. Sienna is desparately trying to become a "star" and is trying to market herself as a "fashion icon". She is failing miserably with the hideous outfits she wears such as the one in these pictures. I am sure by the end of this year they will officially be over for good.

  • velvett1

    They are both loser and fugly as hell!

  • Sandbitch

    Jude must have a tall mans ego to wear those clothes. Obviously the new nanny doesn’t do ironing or shoelaces either eh? He’s Sienna’s grovel-dog. A guy with a guilty conscience can come in handy when cleaner people are busy.

  • trullesand

    porsche. i lose all my respect for them.

  • SilverHawk

    He’s also wearing the fugly shorts at the beach resort shots as well. I’ve been procrastinatingly studying that all day.Jude, hon. Love you tons but … you can only use that laundry day excuse for so long.

  • sultrydame

    Oh puh-leeze. Jude is a such loser. Sienna’s not so pretty and is gonna be a has-been pretty soon. Jude will be too.They’re not going to work it out…..if they did then I’m going to be complete surprised.

  • michelle

    Still LOVE Jude…..can’t help myself……but the gal he’s smoking with is NOT Sienna. Wish I was a cigarette…………………….

  • cb

    I used to think Jude was too gorgeous for words but then he got over-exposed (essentially Chris Rock said what I felt at the Oscars). Now he just leaves me cold. Both he and who the hell is Sienna Miller? just seem like publicity whores.

  • just_pissed

    At least nobody in the world says that they dont deserve each other its because they hideously really do!. Soo thick faces, they should get out of hollywood!!!

  • feeling_cranky

    Jude Law loses already his credibility & his supposed A1 status as a hollywood actor since he hooked with Sienna, she was like a disease that when you get infected by her, you’ll get rotten… But nevertheless, as they say "birds of the same feather flock together."

  • Charles

    I can’t believe Sienna is giving Jude another chance. This guy is a creep for cheatin’ on her. She’s too beautiful and talented to end up with this guy. Sienna needs to find someone that can be faithful to her. I just don’t get these two people. They know better but they don’t act it.

  • Niles


  • astrude

    Factly stated, the only thing that Sienna Miller is FAMOUSLY TALENTED for is banging or not banging Jude Law and if its not Jude, she must find someone to hook up for and that’s asap. I can’t even remember any movie she’s been in. I wonder if she could be really popular in a positive way due to her hideous attitude.Who really cares?

  • oh_please

    As Victoria Beckham apparently said about Sienna that both of them are vieing for as the MOST HATED WOMAN IN U.K. I could undeniably much agree to that…

  • spice_fan

    Well at least Victoria Beckham initially got really famous due to her own merit, remember the Spice Girls… While Sienna, well… aaahhh… mmmhhh… oh my God, I cant think of anything but just Jude Law! Need to elaborate more… Dont think so…

  • movie fan

    Calling people who are minding their own business who are constantly shot by the paparrazzi is ridiculous! Standing on a red carpet at every party and shopping mall opening posing like Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan is being a publicity whore.Who says he is a terrible father? What does being a bad boyfriend have to do with being a bad father? If there is one thing that it seems EVERYONE agrees on, including his ex-wife, it’s that Jude Law is a GREAT father, and it was his ex-wife who was considered the bad parent. Jude picked up the slack a LOT. Yes, unfortunately, he made several movies over 2-3 years that suddenly all came out at once, but that’s not his fault. He’s a talented actor, and even though his private life is a shambles, it doesn’t negate his ability as an actor.Those who act so shocked over a guy cheating on a young girl who he is away from more than he is around need to get a grip on reality. Most relationships have some kind of infidelity. This isn’t the 1940′s where we can all pretend this doesn’t happen and we are shocked. At least he’s trying to make it work. Sienna Miller has made a lot of small, English-made movies, and then has had bigger roles in movies that didn’t do well. Right now, her career is paralleling that of Heath Ledger, with whom she co-starred in Casanova. Another respected actor from a different country, Heath was making a lot of movies where he was noted for doing a good job, but the movie bombed, until Brokeback Mountain. Sooner or later, Sienna Miller will have her "Brokeback Mountain", and all the Americans who are wondering why she is a star will understand. But yeah, if anyone loves the publicity they get, it’s Sienna. She comes across as someone who LOVES being a star, and that is more important to her than acting, which is a shame, because she could be very good if she hadn’t let fame go to her head.

  • Dolores

    i love the way all of these negative comments come from saintly people who live pure lives and never made a mistake ever. jude and sienna’s personal lives is just that…..personal. they don’t look at your worts and all and criticise you over the internet..what small and narrow minds like to tear people apart they don’t even know. jude law is a tremendously talented acxtor…that’s what he does…what he wears or who he chooses to go out with is his business not yours. he wouldn’t disect your absolutely slate clean lives. if jude wasn’t the beautiful actor that he is and was just a mediocre looking actor none of you would give him any attention…maybe there’s some jealousy here.

  • Daphne

    Right on Dolores. You speak my mind. Yeah, people who spend all day dissing on internet gossip sites are so virtuous. That’s because they can’t even give away their virtues for free.

  • Rachel

    jude looked seriously down and out.

  • Charles

    Hey, Sienna didn’t asked to be photograph okay? The paparrazi just stalk her wherever she go. The reason why she’s in the States now is because in London, Sienna can’t go anywhere without being followed. Its creepy. So don’t keep on writing her off as an attention getter. She was the first to admit that the paparazzi are out of control, following her around all day and not giving her space or privacy at all.

  • Star-child

    Who cares about Sienna Miller? She became known because she was Jude Law’s girl, then she became more known as Jude’s cheated-on fiancee. On her own she’s a nobody. The tabloids write about her because she is with Jude. They don’t care about her without him. Why doesn’t he come to his senses and ditch her. He’s got so much talent. She’s a smear on him. I’ll be glad if I never hear about her again.

  • Star-child

    Jude’s a beautiful man but those shorts are hideous.

  • missy

    These two are a bunch of clowns. I think Sienna is desperate and won’t give up on Jude. Every time he breaks up with her she seems to try to get attention by hanging with another male actor. Anyway the girl sucks as an actress. How could we call her that anyway what has she been in? Layer Cake she had altogether 10 minutes of scenes, Alfie 20. Factory Girl…..we’ll hear about how she screws this one up. They should of never let her have played Edie Sedgwick! She does not resemble her at all. Just like Lou Reed said they’re all a bunch of whores. He was disgusted how the script was written. Will probably be thumbs down

  • Emmy

    She is really stylish and beautiful