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Sean Preston Federline Pictures

Sean Preston Federline Pictures

24-year-old singer Britney Spears and 8-month-old son Sean Preston spent the day out in the Malibu sun this past Saturday.  Sean P. chewed on some green thing (hopefully harmless) to aid in the teething process.  Loving the nose picking in the bottom center picture!  Mmmm, boogies.  More pictures in the gallery!

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sean preston federline04
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  • Brashgirl

    She looks good….however, minor observation…Sean might need a hat on…ok, last nit pick…but britney looks good this pregnancy, happier…hopfefully it’s because she’s slowly kicking kevin to the curb, (if the him-sleeping-in-the-basement-rumors are true). Good job britney, you look great.

  • Good for her

    I am happy for Britney.. she looks like she is FINALLY in a happy place. Hopefully she will stay there. Before you rip her a part.. where the hell is SURI CRUSIE? This fake baby. Britney has made some BIG mistakes and ERROR in judgement! She looks like a single mother trying to get herself back on track! Wayto go Britney you have a new fan. Never liked her until I saw the HUMAN crying in those pictures in NYC. I just feel for her and everything she does is never good enough for some. That is hard to live with. She looks good.

  • ErinMarie79

    Britney looks nice, but she needs to throw away whatever lipstick she is wearing. It’s awful. Sean looks adorable.

  • kellirc

    Love the lipstick!

  • Xenu’s daughter

    I just hope he has sun block on! Otherwise she looks good/happy for a change. May Kfed is dead or something happy like that. RE: the fake baby Suri….they probably still have not purchased her.

  • Good for her

    Off point but… I am dying for Just Jared to post the new pictures of Katie and Shrimp man Crusie at a park over the weekend. I agree about K-Fed… no sighting is a good sighting!!

  • Sarine

    Spears’ baby is soo adorable! If she needs a nanny, she can call me ANYTIME. :D

  • Tony

    Sean is super cute and britney is dressing so much better on this pregnancy than last one.. She is awsome..

  • Jessica

    Mmm paper. I know babies put everything in their mouthes, but paper? If you look closely you can see the writing, i am not bashing but that isn’t very clean at all. Atleast their toys you know where they have been and you can clean them.Anyway, she is dressing a bit more appropropiate, opposed to that mess she was wearing when almost dropping her child. The lipstick, a no go. I think it is going to take her awhile to get back to what she use to be, she is just trailer trash-esque right now.

  • Lala

    What I’m curiious to know is – where is her darn baby carriage? She is carrying him around in every picture I see of her. That’s how she almost dropped him that one time. Does only the nanny push him in a stroller? I’m sure he’s pretty heavy – what is she trying to prove, that she’s a good mom?

  • Laurene

    Aww she has one of the cutest babies on the world. Sean P is so freaking adorable.And she looks great this time, she is lookin better during this pregnancy.

  • chris

    lala some babies dont like carriages and what not. Why is it so wrong for her to be carrying her son but i have never once seen angelina have a kid of her in a stroller or carrier. Brits looking happy. And I really think thats a teether toy. I dont think shed let him eat paper.

  • Agnieszka

    Isnt there a bump on his forehead- in the middle? Picture 13 shows it best.I agree Sean is adorable. He appears to be deep in tought.. Funny looking.

  • Briana

    Britney has the best "legs". Her baby is adorableand I admire how she stands by her "man".

  • Charles

    Sean P. is freakin’ adorable. His cheeks are so cute.

  • Wow!

    WOW. You trip one time and get pictures taken of you crying holding your child and the whole world becomes sympathetic to you. They forget Brtitney "stole" K-fag from Shar Jackson, who was pregnant with K-fags second child. They forget the number of times she has endangered her child’s life. They forget how she tried to portray her self as virginal all the while wearing barely no clothes on stage. They forget she is still married to that loser and still is with him. They forget she used to gift expensive cars and motocycles and still pays for him. WOW!!! What some tears can do for somone. Now it’s poor Brittney and leave Brittney alone, she is young. "Stop hounding her".The power of tears.

  • caligirl1201

    Glad to see Britney looking happy and dressed decently. There’s nothing wrong with her carrying her baby around. He seems to like it and she seems to love him alot despite what the media says. He is so cute with those chubby cheeks and baby fat rolls.

  • Jessica

    Nope. Picture #4 look closely, it’s most definitely paper. And I agree #16 "Wow", everyone is saying "Brittney is such a great mom, leave her alone" Sorry but my 21 year old friend also has a 9month old and she has yet to even come close to almost dropping him or roll off of something. One thing that is supposed to come with parenting is caution. She displays more maturity than Britney and she is extremely wary when it comes to the smallest things. It’s happened one too many times and we shouldn’t feel sorry for Brit. She is a celebrity, she chose to be in the public eye so of course when you do something wrong, everyone will know. I use to love her, she was gorgeous but now she is justy very trailer trash. I am sorry but I even feel this way with non-celebrities, walking around with your baby in just a diaper is trashy and tastless. They make shorts or even little bloomers for a reason. Sorry but she is just not a good mom in my book.

  • Stephanie

    She looks so good!! It seems the less you see her with K-Fag, the better she looks. GO BRIT BRIT!! We all want you and Tator Tot and Small Fry to have happy lives, and find someone to love you and your children the RIGHT way, and not try to capatalize on the stardom that your hard work has produced over the years……we’ve all dated or married a loser at least once in our lives……as long as you come to your senses….

  • oh fck

    Oh my goodness will you guys ever stop!! Babies will chew on everything and anything, I once saw some child picking crap off the floor! And maybe she likes carrying him, she isn’t a bad mother for wanting to hold her child you assholes. She looks beautiful. Sean is too cute!

  • kjadh

    it is definently NOT paper, it looks hard, and man is he cute! :)