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Tom & Katie Play Soccer

Tom & Katie Play Soccer

1-month-old daughter Suri Cruise stayed home while new parents Katie Holmes and fiancé Tom Cruise got some fresh air and exercise in a Malibu park this past Sunday. Looks like they’re playing soccer… with a pomelo!  Recently, it was reported that Katie has turned to Victoria Beckham for tips on how to lose her post-baby bulge.  This is in top of Katie recruiting the company ‘Buff Brides’ to help her get in shape for her wedding to Tom. A source revealed,  "Victoria and Katie are really good friends, and Posh knows just how to get back in shape after having a baby. She got her figure back within weeks of giving birth to Cruz. So Katie thought Victoria was the perfect person to ask about shifting her baby weight."  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • pomelos

    that’s funny how they had to go to a park in Malibu to play soccer instead of staying in the compound… surely there are some lawns there, and no papparazzi.

  • sue

    She looks great. Beautiful and sinere in such a natural way.

  • whatheF

    Are you people kidding me? Baby Suri stayed home.. how about there is no baby SURI!! TINY TOM is such a media whore that you know he would be pimping his new kid on us. I guess he is waiting until AJBP post their pictures so he can. Or perhaps the baby is not born yet. WTF?? SOMETHING IS SOOOO off with this couple. Look at the blank look in her eyes. Not one shot of the baby to the dr’s.. not one shot of them covering the baby? Give me a break, what new Mom would be out playing while her little one was home? I guess one that got paid to do this we see here!!! Oh and HOW GROSS IS TOM CRUISE IN THESE PICTURES? He looks like alittle girl skipping what a GAYGUY!!! COME OUT COME OUT TOMO TOM!!!

  • Funny

    In the tenth pic he looks like a little boy.

  • Funny

    Katie is probably depressed. Scientology cures depressions with exercise and vitamins. Probably why Tom has her running around playing soccer.

  • Xenu’s daughter

    BAby Suri is real…a real invention! They are waiting for the actual birth mother to finish breast feeding her, potty training her, and then they will show her…should be about 3-4 years tops!

  • whattheF

    Funny.. you just grossed me out with Tom looking like a little boy. YUCK!!! If Katie is depressed wouldn’t it be better ifhe ran her like a dog at home? Please this is another PR stuntto show how cute and fun loving they are. Loving… without the new born. Yeah real loving!!! ALSO.. TOM might want to get a real lactating women for some believeable advice.. ummm if she is breastfeeding than running around with lactating breasts HURTS!! Even if she just pumped. THIS IS BS GUYS!!!

  • rex

    Well whatheF…I went out and played with my husband, without my son, a month after he was born and never thought that would make me a bad mother. After spending several days inside with diaper, bottles, ect. – it was great to get out and enjoy the fresh air. (Although frisbee was our activity of choice)

  • whattheF

    Sorry for the spelling mistakes. As you can probably tell… I can’t STAND TOM CRUISE!!!

  • no one of interes

    His hips are for birthing more than hers! what a big one.

  • whattheF

    Rex, I as well went out without my daughter the first few months.. but NEVER TO BE OUT WITH YOUR CHILD? I live in San Diego and the climate is great for a kid to be outside. Why not play in his Compund like someone said before. This is all PR BS!!! I am sure you did not need to get picture of your stomach or your nursing bra to prove to your family you had a baby though.


    What is Dlisted? Are you a SCIENCULTER as well?You MAKE ME SICK!!! Who TF are you to tell me what I can and can not say? Blah blah.. face it, no one likes TC.. his movie BLEW because he could not SHUT HIS LITTLE mouth. What he made in two weeks with his lame ass movie X-men made on opening.. SAYS SOMETHING NO????

  • cb

    The very first thing I thought, before reading the posts, is why are they playing soccer in the park? It looked like a stunt to me. Before Katie, and Suri, we NEVER saw TC doing "normal" things. I never saw pictures of him at his kids’ soccer/softball games. This really smacks of meida whoredom. Btw, I do think there is something a little off that NO picture has been released of Suri given the amount of sought for publicity regarding her conception and birth. Even Brooke Shields has released a picture of Greer, the same with Gweneth’s Moses. Both of whom are the same age. Just saying it’s a little bit odd.

  • Rox

    They look happy and pretty relaxed… must have been quite a fun day. I’m sure they’re there with Tom’s kids, who also deserve some fun time with their parents. And this whole discussion about leaving a newborn for a couple of hours at home… c’mon’… just because everything looks quite fine with TomKat, people get desperate to blow out things of proportion once again and make a big deal out of nothing.

  • ann

    Just to be fair they’re plenty of pics of Tom with his kids at park before the TomKat era. So to say ‘there were never pics of him doing stuff like this before’ is pretty ridiculous and a desperate argument.Pics of Tom at parks with his kids:

  • rex

    cb, maybe his kids didn’t play organized sports until recently, but I do remember a set of pictures at his daughters basketball game. I also recall several pictures of Tom just playing around with them in a park… some included Penelope Cruz.

  • Huh??

    What are you talking about #15. A big deal about nothing? Anytime TOMKAT did anything before the baby they made it a big deal.. now that his first bio child is born. nothing? YEAH RIGHT!! He canpimp his other kids out. Something is way off here. Plus Katie looks dirty and greasy!! you all make fun of Brit but WTF is up with Katie? Only owns one pair of jeans? Or is Tom wearing her other ones?

  • whirled_peas

    she has empty eyes.

  • wait a minute

    I am confused.. isn’t VB (Posh) a Scientologist? How does she get all that plastic surgery without using medications or pain killers? Something is very screwy in Denmark guys? Plus, I think Tom should be picking better friends for Katie no? VB looks like the UK version on Nicole Richie. Tom is a nut job!!!

  • Yeah Right!!!

    Baby or no baby,These pictures are definitly a PR Stunt. What is it with this man? Why is constantly seeking attention. 2 years ago he would have never done the crap he’s been pulling the past year. Privacy was his middle name. And a poster made a point. Every chance he got, he flaunted that girl’s pregnancy as though it was a trophy of some kind. Dragging her around, pointing at and feeling her belly like we wouldn’t be able to see it otherwise. He made a production out Katie and her "pregnancy" now nothing? When you talk about baby Suri all you hear are crikets chirping. Everyone aproaches child rearing differently and Tom and Katie are entitled to do what they want but: IT IS STILL STRANGE!!!

  • Tomkat is FAKE

    This is obviously staged. What is she doing playing softball with a fancy white lace top !!? And why haven’t they played in tom’s backyard which I’m sure is HUGE. Because Tom wanted to give the appearance of "normality". Sorry but I don’t buy it. In fact, I just don’t understand how can anybody with some experience and a brain can buy this farce. This is all so obvious. Or maybe the tomkat friendly poster"s" above are(is) just one fan…

  • cb

    Ann, perhaps I indulged in some hyperbole in stating one "never" saw pictures of Tom with his kids – however, the amount of pictures this past year with Tom, Katie and the kids has increased exponentially. Yes, when he and Nicole adopted the public knew about it, but it was NOT the circus it is now. As for sports, I recently read an article in People (where I see most of my pictures of celebs, except here) where he discussed how long his kids have been playing sports.I have plenty of issues with TC (more about his ignorance about psychotherapy not his relationship with Ms. Holmes) but to me, a fairly casual voyeur of this public relationship, he has gone out of his way to insert his older children into this media circus – not in the way he did with his previous relationships – and yet there seems to be an absolute silence regarding the baby now that she is here. It just strikes me as odd that we see the two of them ALOT (and at the kids’ sporting events) since the birth of Suri, but NO SURI.

  • You are right!

    #22 you are right!! I think the scientologist troll these boards to keep an eye on what is being said about their very IMPORTANT $$ member. Katie looks like a ghost. Her eyes look way beyond a mother who is up all night with a new born. This white lace crap to… trying to revirgin her? He puts her in white to make her pale skin look tanner because he locks her up in the attic when he isnot home. However she is starting to look gray. Why no pictures of Katie shopping alone like she did when she was about to pop? Why no pictures of the hospital KH had the baby at? Jesus we havea picture of the hospital AJ had her daughter in on a HOLIDAY WEEKEND in Africa!!!! ! COME ON GUYS!! This guy is trying to run his life like a movie. All this to cover up that he is gay!! Jesus.. just bend over and release it TOM!! You will feel so much better!! Nobody cares if you are gay.. You are doing this to yourself. Why ruin everything you spent all your adult life building , and HIDING?? What is happening in your little head TOM? All this from some Gay porn start who claims he slept with TC. He must have some really good stuffon TC. 15 million to pay KH to be your beard WOW!!!

  • JD

    If I just had a kid the last thing I’d want to do with my husband, oh, excuse me, "partner",on an afternoon without the infant, would be playing soccer with a baseball in the park. Is this just a Scientology level she needs to get through? I thought they were weird in the beginning of their relationship but I hopefully chalked it up to that first love feeling. But the strangeness still remains. There is just something not right. All we can do is stay tuned and find out.

  • dave

    Why would she had any inclination and/or energy to play softball just weeks after giving birth?? Katie is a Stepford wife and has obey. She dressed up for pics, she left her baby (or is there’s a baby…?) and went to a Malibu park with her "man" to be sure to have witnesses for their "family time". How pathetic !! She is so spineless !!

  • Betsy

    WTF—where is this baby? I am beginning to think Suri doesn’t exist.

  • tom is a tool

    the world knows that tc is full of it and can’t act to save his life – scientologists haven’t caught onso where is this baby? he put pictures in a mag (Vanity) of the last few days of her pregnancy – why not of the baby.and seriously – the man has a multi-million dollar estate in LA – he has plenty of land to kick the ball around – is the scientology way to breast feed? when you do you can’t be gone from your child that come no pics of katie smiling? or any sense of make up or hair brush. she is able to go to the park but not brush her hair?even travolta released his scientology baby pics immediately – there is no child – i bet someone uncovers no registration of the child in the next few months

  • noway#27

    I agree something is really wrong here.. however TC would steal a baby before he let the fact out that there was no kid!! Wow, talk about isolation than!! I think TC would rather die than anyone know the "REAL" him. It is so sad.. I see it with my cousin. They are misreable because they just can’t be themselves.. hence why he has that FAKE grin all the time!! How gross Katie looks huh?That is some white trash in the making… cold sores and nasty hair. Rip on me guys.. you all say Brit looks a mess, WTF about Katie huh? Why is no one ripping a MULTIMILLION dollar lady… who is never with her kid….apart butyou all do BRIT??? Well here goes Katie your shirt is to short, hair gross, face gray, jeans dirty and the same AGAIN.. and your skin LOOKS awful!!!!… Katie run away… we can see you are SICK WITH GUILT ABOUT SOMETHING!!! That is not a happy I just had my first baby women!!

  • velvett1

    What happened to that shit eating grin Kate…ehad glued to her face pre-Suri?

  • Peoplegrowup

    I actually feel sorry for Tom and Katie because it is the Media who has made them to be some physco couple. No matter what they do everyone is critizing them. If that was anyone else we would not be discussing this. It is the Media who always ask him the questions and he answers them as best he can. I am not a big Tom Cruise fan but doesn’t mean I should go around bashing him.

  • joliepittme

    It’s not the media, its Tom himself, he made himself look like a pyscho and went and got that poor girl pregnant just to promote his two stupid movies war of the worlds, and MI3. THERE IS NO BABY SURI!!

  • Oh Sarah…

    oh Sarah..did Scientology class let out again? Michael Jackson is a HUGE SUCCESS OVER SEAS AS WELL DUMBA#$ what is your point. Would you like to take Europes choice and have MJ watch your kids? Didn’t think so! Sarah DUMBA$%… for the two fans left of TC.. there are about 2 million that can’t stand him. Please feel free to try to defend TC. If you think I post under so many names you better watch out.. I bet about 50 more posts willbe against him. IF YOU CAN EVEN GET 50 MORE PEOPLE INTERESTED IN HIS GAY ASS.Look at the AJBP thread like 2000 comments. TC gets about 5 people who are just like WTF ever he is a gay shrimp… not worth our time posting!! YOU CAN POST UNDER 50 NAMES HOWEVER.. HOW MUCH DO YOU GET PER COMMENT FROM TC? Hopefully you will make out as well as his C lister beard!!! Bring it Sarah… can’t wait to have a debate with a 10 year old!!!

  • xenu

    Who the hell plays lawn games past 12 years old?I am just appalled… how long does this monster and his zombie think we are going to be fooled?

  • whattheF

    Oh DUMBA#$ Sarah I was posting under #33… did that confuse you again? I thought I would explain myself so your little head did not hurt. Look too… while I was commenting there was another Anti Tom comment. Wow I am multi tasking now huh?

  • whatheF

    Wow Sarah another Anti TC blogger.. what the hell is going on here.Oh I am going to have fun with you dumbA$%. Good one Xenu… lawn games? Whatthe hell with the pants too?He looks like a little queer skipping along!!!

  • andy

    That baby is too big to show in public, that’s the problem. So they’re trying to pretend they’re normal with these pics. Too bad just the opposite shines through.

  • pacey

    she is totally lobotomised. it just makes me sad looking at these pictures of Katie…even though she brought this on herself, I don’t think she had any comprehension of what she was getting into.

  • Sarah

    Oh my god you are so pathetic!!!Its just to easy you make it so easy with your stupid comments.I am really sad for you.You must lead a very sad,sad sad life.I mean why obsses so much about Tom fucking Cruise.I wrote that shit because i thought your comment was to pyscho!!I like his movies but i am not a fan!You need to step away from the computer stop being celeb obssesd and reading tabloids like they are a bible!Clearly your perception on what is real and made up is fucked up.Go out have friends(if its possible).Why are you so cynical and full of hate over someone you dont even know.And who dosent give a shit about what you or i say about him?I honestly dont hate anyone or any celeb so much to go at them like you do!I come to this site for fun and dont take any of it so fucking seriously!I dont want to offend you or anything i really dont but get a life or a different cause to be so passionate about!I wouls recomend dlisted again its down your alley!Sad just so SAD!


    Xenu akka Whattfe iplaying on the lawn is weird to you.You people must lead a very sad fucking lifes don you!Well us "normal people play soccer and other activites with our familys past 12".I cant imagine what your life is like to find a lawn games weird?

  • Rossy40

    1st time here… and last. I’m indifferent to TC. Die-hard Brad Pitt fan! Just wanted to say that Scientologists believe that seperating newborns from their parents for the 1st month after birth strengthens them for life as adults… YUCK!Regardless of what is rumor or fact re: the beliefs of Scientologists TommyBoy made a HUGE PR mistake… By hiding baby Suri from the world it allowed Brad and Angie to bring forth Shiloh[Hebrew for 'peace'] Nouvel Jolie-Pitt into the world where the media frenzy has exploded and the 1st ever pics of newborn has "sold" for 5 MILLION DOLLARS!!!! **ALL OF WHICH WILL BE DONATED TO UNICEF!!!**NO WAY IN HELL CAN TOMMYBOY COMPETE WITH THAT!!! And now he’s in a park with Katie taking out his frustrations on her AND the soccer ball. ROFLMAOWhat do you think?

  • WTF??!!

    What kind of mom leaves her infant to go play fucking softball in the park?

  • whatheF

    Rossy40 so true. TC hates being upstaged by anyone.. bet he will say Suri has a twin. Sarah… yeah right you don’t hate anyone.. look at your language. Can’t make a point without using the F word. You are a SAD SAD, person. Go take you Xanax and rest dumba#$. I could not even read through your comment it was so STUPID!!! Lawn games… YEAH WITH KIDS!!!! You at 45 just grab your beard after having a baby and run around playing soccer in a PUBLIC PLACE?? WOW Sarah you are very DUMB!! Or as I believe on TC payroll. Sorry not Xenu or any other poster. jokes on you DUMBA$%.. you look like an IDIOT making fun of me posting under different names…which are actually different people. DDUUUUHHHHH. Is your litle head hurting again? Sarah is a DUMBA$%… SARAH IS A DUMBA$%.

  • dave again

    If you’ve ever seen TC property (compound really) you would know he basically has a "park" in his backyard. Why go to a public place to play softball when you can do it in your own backyard? And no, I’m not saying they shouldn’t leave their property but why go to a public park?



  • Sarah

    Like i said you must be a very sad person.Very sad inded!!!

  • TomKat=FREAKS

    It looks like a boy (tom) took his dog (kate) out to the park to play fetch.

  • sick of the farse

    Is obvious,…this is a photo op to show everyone how happy they both are after the most recent reports that Katie had gone to Ohio againts TC wishes and sans TC, she will get tired of this BS …is just a matter of time, she already knows the "real" Tom.

  • KPU

    who would go to play some outside games in that outfit ? Can these two ever be seen in public without looking like dipshits…not normal.

  • sick of the farse

    Oh, one more thing, she is NOT breast feedinglike Tom claims, no way she could be running like that without getting a milk surge …is such bullsh*t …just ridiculous

  • there is NO Suri

    THE WHITE LACE TOP TO PLAY SOFTBALL !!! THESE PICS ARE STAGED ! Like Tom and his people are trying to show the world that Katie is happy/nondepressed.