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Wentworth Miller Picking Up Mail

Wentworth Miller Picking Up Mail

West Hollywood, CA :: Prison Break actor Wentworth Miller, 33, was all smiles as he recently picked up his mail (he reads US Weekly!) from the Miracle Mile Finance Station post office on Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles.  Prison Break resumes filming in the Dallas area in nearly two weeks — June 15!  More pictures in the gallery!

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wentworth miller picking up mail01
wentworth miller picking up mail02
wentworth miller picking up mail03
wentworth miller picking up mail04
wentworth miller picking up mail05
wentworth miller picking up mail06
wentworth miller picking up mail07
wentworth miller picking up mail08
wentworth miller picking up mail09

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  • TLC1980

    Oooooh, thank you Jared! This makes coming back to work after a long weekend a little more bearable.

  • Perez K.

    Good looking guy, too bad he’s gay

  • Thislittlepiggy

    Yipppeeeeee-Wentworth sightings!!!!! He has ginormous toes – teeheee – but he is still hotter than ever :o) Thanks Jared!

  • ILWM

    He couldn’t be any more beautiful and the fact that he drives a Toyota Corolla makes him that much more lovable.

  • DLinds

    I just love him!…I drive a Toyota Corolla too!!!!…Looks so cute in casual clothes

  • Jenn

    I’m surprised these weren’t posted sooner. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous, no matter what he’s doing or wearing.

  • ErinMarie79

    He looks amazing, fit and well rested. I like his outfit, and his bum is oh so lovely. ;)

  • PrimulaBlue

    I think it’s incredibly inappropriate to publish where Went gets his personal mail! I can’t believe you would do that!!

  • ally

    he is not gay!!!!

  • AlphaMichelle

    THANK YOU JARED!!! Needed my daily Wentworth fix. Man, I’m in love. It’s sad. I feel all teeny booper when it comes to Went. He seems… PERFECT.

  • ILWM

    PrimulBlue…Chill out. Why are you so dense? It’s not that serious and besides Jared wasn’t the one to get these pics because I had already seen these same pics a couple days ago on another site. But Goddamn he’s hot.

  • Veronica

    He’s so gorgeous, and can we let the gay stuff go already? Geez! I’m with you by the way, ally.

  • Glamour Diva

    1. Thanks Jared for all you do; especially for us Wentiphiles!2. I don’t think he’s gay and even if he were it wouldn’t stop me from lusting after him because he’s hot! I said H…O…T!3. The place he picks up his mail is essentially a post office, which means it’s a public place, which means it ain’t a secret so relax, relate and release!4. Yay for fresh pics of Wentworth!

  • M8

    Word GD, Word!!!

  • Becca

    I’m trading in my Volvo for a Toyota Corolla! He is too cute. Can’t wait for them to start filming in a couple of weeks, because that can only mean more pics! Thank you Jared.

  • Lauren


  • Betsy

    Good lord he is fine.

  • SAH

    for the individuals who had already seen these pics at another site, could you please refer me to that website please? Thanks. He looks hot!!

  • sophie xx

    went is hot xxx

  • Steph

    Went goes to my post office. I actually have seen him a couple of times when i’ve gone to pick up my mail. He is amazingly beatuiful in person and incredibly nice and grounded. Mostof the time he goes unnotice by some of the folks there, but of course not by me.


    HOT!!! VERY HOT!!!

  • Veronica

    That’s really cool, Steph!

  • Amber Hays

    Wow! he is gorgeous and we have the same exact car. hehe! That makes me very happy.

  • Jenn

    SAH – I found these originally on, but I don’t know which site had them first. But that’s where I got them.STEPH-You’re damn lucky! I wish famous people went to my post office.

  • ana1980

    I really think he’s hot, but he doesn’t have any hair on his body, on his arms, it’s weird, like he’s sick or something.

  • Veronica

    Not really. I mean, Went DID say in an interview that he’s naturally pretty hairless. I like that his arms are smooth, though. LOL

  • jeez

    He has cute toes!

  • kira

    he’s half-black. a lot of black guys have very little hair on their arms….

  • Veronica

    Yeah, you’re definitely right about that. Plus, Went mentioned it in an interview once that he’s naturally pretty hairless.

  • Wentfan0602

    I can relate to that…I’m a black female in her early 30′s & I’ve never shaved my legs a day in my life (my girlfriends don’t believe me). My legs and arms are hairless except for my outer arms that have a very fine fine layer, you can barely see it.

  • kira

    neither have i, wentfan. i’m black too and i’ve never shaved my legs even once. and truth be told, my legs are smooth as silk (not bragging, just being real). people seem to forget that despite went appearing "white" on the surface, he is half black. you can see his heritage in a lot of his features, including that gorgeous ass of his—just enough, not too much! yummy! lol

  • Lizard

    He’s not half black, his dad’s half black.

  • Missy

    Thankyou for the gorgeous pics, he looks… so good. Keep up the good work :D

  • caligirl1201

    Thanks Jared for the pics of Mr. Gorgeous Wentworth Miller. This is why I love your site best over the other blogs. He is too sexy even when he’s being casual. I like the fact that more celebs are buying gas friendly cars instead of those huge, polluting, gas guzzlers that were so popular in the early 2000′s

  • kira

    his dad is not half-black. his dad is black. went has never said his dad is biracial, just black with a mixed background like the majority of black people in this country. bottom line i’m black yet i could say i’ve got irish, french, jewish and german ancestry. it’s all in my background but that doesn’t mean i’m biracial. both of my parents are black with some of that background mixed up in there.

  • Went Love!

    OMG! ppl went is not GAY! so get over it…ppl who say his gay are lik so gay! and thankx Jared for the pics….

  • stelvill

    Everytime there are new photos of Went especially if it’s candid, my heart really jumps at it always makes my day…thanks so much jared and thumbs up to your site! The best! ADVANCE HAPPY B-DAY WENTY THIS COMING JUNE 2….

  • misslucy

    this is why i love your site jared =)

  • little me

    Gorgeous!And casual! Steph , Have you ever talked to him? He has a sexy voice! Pictures don’t do him justice right? Oh, lucky you, meeting him! Wentworth is too beautiful!!

  • Lizard

    Kira, actually my dad went to school with his dad. One of his parents was white, one was black. Dad says that his dad could actually be biracial as well, he was very ligh skinned.

  • Lizard

    That wasn’t clear. I meant Went’s granddad could have been biracial as well. That’s why he looks so "white", he is mostly "white".

  • louveciennes

    He doesn’t have any hair on his upper body because of that fake tattoo, duh.Also, can I just say how fucking sick I am of all this WENT IS GAY malarkey? Do you really think we’re so shallow and bigoted and petty that we’d stop liking him if he was?? Grow the hell up, or at least get the hell off this site, because no one here gives a rat’s ass.

  • kira

    lizard, your dad went to school with went’s dad? i’m curious where this was ’cause i know someone who knew his dad from years ago and says that went’s father is NOT biracial. if went’s grandfather AND father were biracial, went’s father would have been 1/4 black and went 1/8. if that were the case, went would not have any of the black features that he has which are really noticeable if u know what to look for. i’m not trying to get into a back and forth thing with you but i’m from a VERY light-skinned family so i know what i’m talking about. if you were to see some of my cousins, u would swear that one of their parents (my uncle) was white. he isn’t. people are always assuming that my cousins are biracial and they aren’t. from what i heard, went’s father is not biracial.

  • Lizard

    Yeah, he did. And my father is also biracial, and they discussed it, so I’m 100% sure. Unless there’s another man named Wentworth Miller that went to Oxford. Also, my sister’s kids are all white excpet for my grandfather and one of them has a lot more "black" features than Went. People see her with my sister and her husband and assume she’s adopted. She’s the spitting image of my grandpa.

  • Kyana

    Lizard you said wentworth looks white because he is mostly white. That’s not the case. Look at Mariah Carey. Would you think she was half Black without her saying it? My 8 yr old sister is half black and half Purtoe Rican with brown curly hair and eyes that change color….She is a white version of me. You wanna know something funny. I knew wentworth was biracial before he even said it. I googled is wentworth miller biracial and found my answer. It it so obvious with his features. Gay ppl have gaydar and black ppl can always identify there own while white people will sometimes think a biracial person is Puerto Rican. I cosign with Kira when she says most black people are mixed. try to find a black person who doesn’t have a mixed background. Wentworth said himself my father is black my mom is white. Case closed leave it like that

  • kira

    well, i don’t know, lizard. the person i spoke to knew went’s father when he was young and said he knows for a fact that went’s dad is not biracial. now if he told your dad out of his own mouth that he was biracial, i don’t know what to say because we’re getting conflicting information here. my source says one thing and your dad says something else. i know one thing, however. a lot of times people will assume someone is white or biracial and they’re not. one of my aunt’s looks totally white and she isn’t and people are always assuming she is white and in an interracial relationship when she isn’t. kyana, thanks for co-signing what i’m saying. i agree so much with what you’re saying that black people can always tell other black people, no matter how light or white looking. i know families where went would be considered the dark one. and these are black people who are not biracial, just people who have been real light for generation upon generation. anyhow, not trying to turn this board into a debate because that becomes annoying. we’ll just have to disagree on this one…

  • Spike

    He also says that he calls his dad black because he looks black, not because of his race. I’ve also heard that his dad is mixed. I think Wentworth uses this race thing for attention. Look at how much time we are devoting discussing this issue.

  • Lizard

    I’m a quarter black and nobody, white or black, can tell.

  • Lizard

    Okay, you know families where Went would be considered the dark one? That is so weird, I’ve NEVER seen that. This is coming for someone in a town that’s mosly black, going to mostly black schools and having black extended famiily. I think saying that is a hyperbole.

  • kira

    now i’m really beginning to doubt your story. you claim your father is biracial (i’m assuming your black when you say you’ve gone to mostly black schools and have black extended family) and what i just said surprises you? either you’re white and making all of this up or honestly, i can’t really think of any other possibility. because no one that is black and has lived around black people would be surprised at what i just said. and as far as you being a quarter-black (if you are) my mother guessed wentworth was part-black the first time she saw him. i have never known her yet not to be able to tell. i doubt very much that she wouldn’t be able to see your mixed ancestry either, if you are what you’re claiming to be. and i’m having my doubts….