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Angelina Jolie on the Beach

Angelina Jolie on the Beach

Angelina Jolie pulled her loved ones closer and took advantage of a break in the weather in Namibia. Angelina, Maddox and a friend took a walk on the beach near their resort on May 6 (three weeks before Shiloh was born).  Said an observer: "They looked like any normal happy family."  In the backdrop is the "Oyster Bar" that the whole Pitt family ate at the weekend before last. Send bigger and better InTouch and Star scans this way!  Yesterday, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt released a statement saying,  “We would like to deeply thank the staff of the Cottage Medi-Clinic Hospital for all their kindness and commitment in assuring the successful birth of our daughter.” The couple’s obstetrician Jason Rothbart, M.D., was assisted by the local staff of the Cottage Medi-Clinic Hospital. "Angelina underwent a scheduled cesarean due to breech presentation," Dr. Rothbart said. "The baby was a healthy 7 lbs. Brad was with Angelina in the operating room the entire time and cut the umbilical cord of his daughter. The surgery and birth went flawlessly. The staff, nurses and doctors I worked with at the Cottage Medi-Clinic Hospital were amazing, it was a team effort."

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  • Get Real

    Congrats to Brad & Angie!!!

  • Alicia

    go Angie, we love you!!! ^_^

  • April

    ‘The three were discussing Coco Arquette, and how lovely she is. Then Regis asks Jen if she ever babysits while David and Courtney go out to dinner and she practically shouted ‘NO!’ as if it is the last thing on earth she would be doing. When they pointed out that she is the godmother, she snapped back, ‘I’m the godmother, not a babysitter!’ What a bitch.’

  • Alicia

    LOL, I read that on Lainey too :)

  • Alexanderina

    Good Morning BAMZS Fans and JJ, thanks for the new Thread and picture JJ

  • Frenchy

    Picture Perfect! I hope they get a big family reunion when they go back to Europe or the US.

  • Alexanderina

    I am still on cloud nine about baby Shiloh, wishing them all the best and can’t wait for new pictures.I guess Z was with her Daddy, because its only Angie, Madd and I think Holly in this picture

  • Alexanderina

    # 6 | Frenchy | – I heard that Brad’s family is going to show them in Paris, don’t know how true that is but I guess we will have to wait and see

  • April

    "She even went as far as to call her experience on Friends baggage. When speaking about the director of her new film Friends With Money, Aniston told Hotdog magazine, "Fortunately, we have directors like Nicole in the world who don’t give a s**t! That baggage didn’t stop her seeing me as an actor." Ouch.

  • African Girl

    Good Morning All.Thanks Jared. Glad….Really glad to have you back.

  • Alexanderina

    10 | African Girl | – Morning AG

  • Medulla

    Good Morning BAMZS fans.Thanks JJ for the pic.Congratulations to proud parents BRAD and ANGIE and best wishes for the whole family and friends.This morning on GMA Diane Swayer had the news of baby SHILOH when 3 Namibian Ladies from Washington DC were talking about the exitement over the birth and referred to baby SHILOh as the near future President of Namibia to which Diane responded to be very good news for the little Afraican nation.BAMZS we love ya.

  • April

    A dig at Brad?"So, was Aniston interested in any global issues? How about the war in Iraq or global warming? “No,” Aniston replied. “I’m not interested in any of that. I like to just focus on me and my tabloid career.” Her deadpan answer, dripping with sarcasm, scored plenty of laughs. "


    MORNING ALL!Brad cutting the umbilical cord, just warms my heart! Can he get any more sexier?! He and Angie have found true happiness!CONGRATS TO BRAD, ANGIE, MADDOX AND ZAHARA! SEE YA SOON SHILOH!

  • Leila

    Hi to all the BAMZS lovers! Good morning and have a good day.

  • Alexanderina

    # 14 | COLD HARD MATH | – ITA, but I can also see him being a little nervous when he was cutting the cord , making sure that everything go okay, I fall little more in love with this man everyday lol

  • Alexanderina

    Off-Topic here for a second, I read on that the release date for AOJJ is now in the Winter of 2007, do you guys know anything about this?

  • tsktsk

    PUH-LEASE….why is it that specifis about the baby were less forthcoming than the precise dollar amount that was "contributed" to the regular hospital, that was, oh by the way, not good enough for their infant’s birth. Just there way of deflecting the fact that they are snobs who pose as do-gooders but aren’t willing to live like the regular folks.

  • African Girl

    #11 / AlexanderinaHey….how are you this fine morning? I’m at the Shiloh Thread. Some silly persoson was trying to be clever with Cindy2 last night but she whipped her so hard, their head was probably spinning.

  • Alexanderina

    # 19 | African Girl | – I am good just getting ready to go to work, when I get to work I will check out Shiloh Thread, go Cindy2 lol

  • remember da truth

    #18 tsktskBecause some things are private, and they did NOT announce the gift. The excited recipients did, and my guess is that they donated before the birth. You sound awfully jealous. What makes them seem like snobs to you — that they didn’t tell you personally about the details of their baby? They only made the announcement that the baby was born because so many wanted to know and now maybe they can get some peace and so can the hospital. But just as my brother and sister-in-law didn’t announce details of what my nephews look like, so didn’t Angie or Brad. I guess my brother and sister-in-law are snobs, also. They didn’t tell YOU their private business.

  • Passing Through

    # 3 | April |With a Godmother like that I sincerely hope poor CoCo never needs to rely on X for anything. As weird as David Arquette’s family is, at least there are plenty of them and Coco will never have to live with X!

  • Passing Through

    # 8 | Alexanderina Well, his brother Doug is already in Paris. The reports that he e-mail the Springfield newspaper to give a statement quoted them as saying he was in Paris and would see his brother et. al. in "a while". Whatever "a while" is these days.

  • stardust

    # 18 | tsktsk | It’s not worth it to respond to you but i’ll have a go at it anyways. All celebrities who donate do not live like normal people. They are not treated like normal people with the media stalking them and they do not lead normal lives, so why expect them to live a like "regular folks". Bill Gates’ home is huge yet he donates money generously and the same goes for Oprah. Use your brain before you start to single out people to hate on.

  • Iremember

    #21 Why do you people like you always assume someone is jealous because they are unimpressed by this couple? They seem like snobs because the regular hospital was not good enough for them…..THAT is a fact. Perception means something too and that is the perception to many, maybe not you because you are enamered but to many it is. Has nothing to do with no details on the yet-anouther-put-the-cart-before-the-horse-out-of-wedlock-hollywood birth. The "gift" was an apeasment.

  • Mimi

    Every time we look around she is stating that she is starting a family that never happenes who she think she is fooling?Angelina Jolie Inspired: Jennifer Aniston Pregnant by Christmas? ——————————————————————————–By Cyndi JamesMay 31, 2006 Jennifer Aniston said in an interview earlier this year that she wanted to start a family this year. The American beauty backed off that statement earlier this month – realizing that the practicality of the math would make it impossible.Angelina Jolie Inspired Pregnancy? She said that was a ‘misquote’ and called herself a realist in realizing that she would not start a family in 2006.But she still has time to conceive this year and inspired by the Angelina Jolie birth of her ex hubby Brad Pitt’s baby – the beautiful actress plans on being pregnant by Christmas, Life & Style will report in this week’s issue.***The mag cites an insider that claims that Brangelina’s baby news has put Jen’s already ticking biological clock into overdrive.After ‘The Break Up’ Jen has cleared her calendar of all commitments through the end of the year. “She’s planning to conceive by Christmas, come hell or high water,” says an insider. “This is the first summer in years that Jen hasn’t made a movie,” shares the insider, “and she’s seeing it as the perfect opportunity to work on something better than a film — having Vince’s baby.”***Team Aniston certainly seems to be pulling for the Vince and Jennifer relationship, and a baby added into the mix would make her fans very happy.Will it really happen – only time and the strength of their union can determine that.–Cyndi James

  • Rica

    PUH-LEASE….why is it that specifis about the baby were less forthcoming than the precise dollar amount that was "contributed" to the regular hospital,# 18 | tsktsk Because one is a bit more private than the other…I’ll let you in all your glorious unbiased "wisdom", figure out wich one. the regular hospital, that was, oh by the way, not good enough for their infant’s birth. Just there way of deflecting the fact that they are snobs who pose as do-gooders but aren’t willing to live like the regular folks.Brad and Angelina LIKE YOU have the right to have their child wherevere they choose. A private facility means just that "PRIVATE" not public. Would you be happy if she had squatted in a field somewhere, or how about flown to LA and had her child in the "Celebrity" birthing loft, that is used by half of Hollywood? You amaze me…tell you what when you give 300,000.00 dollars as a donation to any charity then you can criticize Brad and Angelina about their donations all you want, but unless you are about to hand the needy people of Namibia or any other 3rd world country a little aid you might wanna keep your preconceived notions down to a minimum.

  • Lianna

    Brad ,Angie ,Maddox,Zahara and Shiloh, we love you so much!

  • African Girl

    # 18 / Tsk TskOh my heavens……you guys are truly something. Okay here’s something you should consider.1) Details of their baby – Private, they can CHOOSE to divulge or not. No other person has the right to be forthcoming about that.Donation – Private/Public…can be done in private on their part but they have no control over how the recepiants handle it. The donation was a good thing, why would the hospital that received want to be quite about it? Look I understand how you’d like to believe everything under the sun is controlled by this two but come one, Haven’t you ever given someone something in private and the next thing you know, someone else knows about it? See where I grew up, when someone gives you something, you tell others about it….so they can also thank that person on your behalf… is the one of the things you do to SHOW APPRECIATION. Often times, the giver is embarassed by such show of appreciation but hey….it’s there’s nothing he can do about that. I guess I just took it for granted that it was just a natural thing but with the number of people seeming to have a problem with this….it may be just a cultural thing.

  • velvett1

    #18 and #25The only reason they even had the baby in any hospital was becauseshe need a c section since the baby was breech. They actually had planned on having a home birth. Go to the Jen thread and rah rah there and leave the happy people here alone.

  • Passing Through

    # 19 | African Girl |Hey AG…when I went to bed at about 1:30am Central the infamous Sam was back in her many guises. I posted a couple of things busting her ass as a fraud…but unfortunately she was back as Super Sam (or something dumb like that) and still whining when I had to go to bed. The Rudedog really needs to come out of cage at night more often. There’s plenty of people after 10pm who could use a good bite in the butt!

  • A Nanny?

    Question to #7 Alexanderina: Who exactly is Holly? … Is any one else able to confirm who this person in the picture is?

  • ashley

    hey maybe Brad and Angie bought that villa a while back and Doug and or all of the Pitt Family are comimg there to meet them. i mean if Doug is in Paris I’ll bet he is staying at the Pitt Place.

  • Passing Through

    # 25 | Iremember Are you just being willfully ignorant or is this the norm for you? They didn’t use the public hospital because…HELLO!!! PUBLIC!!! They couldn’t control the comings and goings of the media at the public hospital they way they can at a private hospital. Did you not read the reports that they were people trying to sneak into the private hospital so they could take a pictures to sell for a large amount of money? How would you like it if everybody and their dog tried to take pictures of YOU in labor or shoved a camera in YOUR NEWBORN’S face? Why is it you non-fans (notice I didn’t call you a "hater") can never put yourselves in the position that B/A are in? Have you ever heard of "empathy"? Go find yourself a dictionary, look it up, digest the meaning and learn to practice it.

  • remember da truth

    #25Because if you were REALLY unimpressed, you wouldn’t go to a blog, find their pictures, adn then post. And you wouldn’t be saying they thought a regular hospital wasn’t good enough when they gave birth in a regular hospital. And you might have researched a bit and found that they made a gift specifically to a birth center, not just because that’s what people do is give a gift close to their hearts, but because Namibia has a relatively high infant mortality rate. And when you call people snobs who are universally acclaimed, from shop clerks to fans who get autographs to people who work with them to their employees to even people who have just run across them socially, to being the OPPOSITE of snobby, you sound jealous. Your own words make you out to be peevish that they get to do something other people don’t get to — that’s jealousy.And the "many" you are referring to might be frustrated paps, tabs, adn reporters, perhaps? Because the only people who have had anything negative to say are those who were not granted access, while anyone who has had anything to do with either of them, not just in Namibia, but anywhere, has only good things to say.

  • elle

    I really don’t understand why people contstantly critisize and nitpick Angelina and Brad. Every little thing they do. From their donations to where they decided to give birth. To even stooping low enough to make fun of their kids. How does it affect your life personally? It’s childish and pathetic. I personally find it refreshing to see celebrities doing charity work and making a difference rather than seeing photos of Nicole Richie or Paris Hilton leaving a store after a shopping spree.

  • Dancer

    Tsktsk and IrememberIt would be nice if you would do your homework before you started spewing. Why do you even read the postings if you dislike BAMZS so much?Read Notes from My Travels by Jolie and you will see she deeply cares about the refugees, children and others that are poor, ill and dying due to poverty, AIDS, war and other human caused conditions|! And don’t worry, all profits from the book go to the UN High Commission on Refugees, so you won’t be putting money in her pocket. She and Brad have both donated money and time consistently-she over the last six years and I’m not sure what his timeframe is. How much time and money have you haters donated to helping a cause whether it is people, animals or the environment? Maybe you don’t like them, maybe you hate them, but they have made a difference. Angelina especially. She rescued two children. Zahara most likely would have died if left in the orphanage in Ethiopia. She also has given generously and pledged a third of her yearly earnings to charity. It is a real shame you dislikers/haters/non-fans begrudge the beneficiaries of her money and her time the benefits she brings them. It is a shame that you all begrudge the poor, struggling country of Namibia the donations to the hospital and school that they gave them, the free publicity they generated for the country. Do you know over the last few years only 8,000 Americans/200,000 total tourists have traveled to Namibia? If they push that number up to 20,000/500,000 do you know what that extra income means to a country who’s people have so little? Who’s people make less than $3/day?Maybe you should think before you open your mouths. Of course you both could be shining examples of the phrase: Constipation of the brain, diarrhea of the mouth.

  • African Girl

    #31 / Passing ThroughPT, do you know what I thought when I read Super Sam’s post and her denials that she wasn’t Sam? I was thinking "Oh God, is this girl for real, if she isn’t Sam then she is more of an idiot….it would have looked better to admit that she was Sam and Super Sam, instead of a random person who read Sam’s sensless rants and thought it was a work of art…..I Mean how stupid can a person be for Sam’s post to make sense to them?

  • UGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!

    # 25 | Iremember If you are so "unimpressed" by this couple, then why are you here and commenting about THIS COUPLE! GOD YOU POSTERS WHO CLAIM YOU’RE NOT JEALOUS OR THAT YOU ARE NOT JEN SUPPORTERS DO A LOT OF HURTFUL AND SENSLESS POSTING!!!HERE’S A THOUGHT, IF YOU DON’T LIKE THEM, DON’T COME HERE! GO SOMEWHERE THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY…OR DOES IT MAKE YOU HAPPY TO CONSTANTLY SPEW HATE ABOUT A COUPLE WHO HASN’T DONE A DAMN THING TO YOU? IS YOUR DAY JUST INCOMPLETE IF YOU DON’T BARK AT LEAST ONE HATEFUL WORD AGAINST THIS FAMILY? I don’t like Jennifer Aniston and guess what? I don’t visit her damn threads either, nor do I visit any site that is devoted to her! I don’t like Tom Cruise and guess what? I don’t wast my time posting hateful crap about him either. See how simple that is???I’m SICK AND TIRED of posters whinning about how much they hate these two and how these two are fake…yadda…yadda…yadda. Take your whine buy some cheese and head over to the sites full of other whiners…(have a whine contest) that cater to your brand of BS.Bye!!!!!

  • stef

    hey guys, this is a lovely post i think, still we have a little trouble! some people are so persistant, at being so wrong! for instance, miss fake boobs last night! they can not take it whe they are wrong, god help anyone who happens to have a perfect pair, cos its rare obviously! what a laugh!anyway how is everyone today?remember the truth, you practicing truff stomping? lol or how to wave at the queen, you must get it right or it might be (in a posh toff accent) "off with her head!"

  • my take

    Cindy 2 was the one who got whupped last night in the other thread. Just an opinion from a lurker who rarely feels the need to post.

  • Murphys law

    Cheers.. I wish Brad, Angie and the rest of the family health and happiness.I am very happy to hear that the baby is healthy and all is well. They both are defiantly great parents and they both deserve happiness.

  • a little fairness

    # 26 | Mimi – why do people like you persist in believing unidentified sources in tablois and THEN using that unreliable shit to criticize Jen Aniston–or any other celeb for that matter.Sheesh. How about you engage your brain a little more often before you type? I don’t come hear much anymore because all you all do is regurgitate the tabs and call it truth. If I want to read unreliable info I’ll go straight to the grocery store check-out line.

  • a little fairness

    yes I know about the typos in my post –tabloids, here, etc. Don’t resort to that childish tit for tat shit because that won’t impress me much either.

  • angelah

    thanks for the pic j@red!! completely in love w/ bamzs!! ha

  • Phi

    You know what guys..Stop throwing Brad and Angie’s achievements and pedigree at these ‘people’. Nothing you say means anything to them. they are not interested in factual truths. They are only interested in tabloid truth. I believe we may actually be doing BAMZS a discredit defending as much as we do. Why? Because Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt did not become humanitarians to impress anyone, least of all those who hate them or hold a grudge against them for really no apparent reason. They give of their time, their money and their iconic status selflessly, inorder to help those in need and to bring their plight for survival to the World’s attention. Posters who are either unimpressed, petty or hateful are entitled to their opinion, however these same people should realize, that no matter what they say, Brad and Angelina have helped, are helping and will continue to help despite your petty thoughts and insults. And that is a published, recorded and publicly viewed fact.

  • Murphys law

    # 42 Kayleen OFUYou are a really sick person go seek help.A baby is a gift from GOD. I can tell you do not have any children because if you did you would NEVER talk that way..

  • Alexanderina

    # 32 | A Nanny? | – Holly is Angie’s friend/assistantHey PT, AG & the rest of the Gangs, am I right about Holly

  • remember da truth

    #42 KayleenThis is obviously a deranged person. Please don’t respond to this post. I have reported it to be removed for its offensive content.

  • stef

    alexanderina…yeah you are right, would angie really have been maid of honour for her nanny? holly is her assistant, has been since the first tomb raider film, thats where they met.

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