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Factory Girl Stills

Factory Girl Stills

New stills from the upcoming Factory Girl, in which Guy Pearce plays iconoclast Andy Warhol opposite Sienna Miller as doomed model Edie Sedgwick and Hayden Christensen as singer/songwriter Billy Quinn (Bob Dylan).  Factory Girl is directed by  George Hickenlooper and opens September 2006.  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Natalie

    Let’s hope Sienna’s fifteen minutes of fame are over after this movie bombs at the box office.

  • jaylee

    Hayden Christensen sucks. He’s THE worst actor in the history of Hollywood. TRULY HORRIFIC

  • angelina mmm

    that is simply not true he is a great actor

  • jo momma

    to jaylee: who cares about his acting he’s just so damn good to look at!!!

  • jack

    It’s a bit pathetic to judge someone’s acting abilities on Star Wars where even Portman, McGregor and Jackson were crap. Hayden has been great in his other roles and early set reports say that particularly Sienna, Guy and Hayden gave great perfomances. We’ll see how true that is once the movie hits theaters.It definitely looks as if it has potential.

  • Celine

    Wow Hayden , Sienna and Guys look fantastic! I think that FACTORY GIRL will be a good movie. About ability acting of hayden, I’m so tired to read the stupid comment by frustated man, that envy his beauty, his fame and his talent. Hayden is a great actor: especially in LIFE AS A HOUSE, SHATTERED GLASS and REVEGE OF THE SITH. And FACTORY GIRL will confirm his talent.

  • Sarah

    Icant wait for this movie simply cant wait.And i hope Sienna will prove everyone that she is more than a girlfriend and fashion icon!!Cant wait!

  • Charles

    I can’t wait till this movie comes out. Sienna Miller will prove to everyone that she can act. She’s so beautiful. Jude Law is one lucky guy. He better not mess up this time.

  • Hannah

    This film must really be good for me towatch it coz the female lead star already sucks! But I could still give it a second thought becoz of Hayden…

  • caligirl1201

    Wow, Hollywood must love losing money. First "Posiden" now this crap. No one wants to see a movie about Andy Warhol because if he was alive today everyone would just think he was some weird gay guy. Despite what Hollywood thinks, most of America is conservative and probably won’t want to see the life of Edie Sedgewick and Andy Warhol on the screen. I might have had hope if they had gotten are real actress to play the role of Edie, but Sienna, only famous for dating and getting cheated on by Jude Law, Miller is a joke. I hope I never have to see her or her fugly, trying to copy Kate Moss, ass again after this movie bombs. Oh and Hollywood would be better off making $100,000 movies and casting unknowns, at least then there would be a profit.

  • Lou

    Hope that this movie would turn out good just for the sake of Hayden coz if not he will get screwed up again (the 1st one by letting himself caught up by Hienna’ claws – good thing that he already returned to his sanity) by accepting this kind of movie…

  • just_pissed

    Someone says here that somehow, that Sienna woman is a talented actress and a fashion icon…??? Really? How so? As everybody knows, that woman has just made a career ONLY by hooking up or not not hooking up Jude Law. An if Jude’s not available, she will hook up with someone else…

  • Rebecca

    I don’t think anyone can judge until they have seen the movie-it may surprise you all. Guy Pearce is great in anything he is in, so I want to see it just for his performance, adn Hayden can act – just go watch Shattered Glass – he perfectly captures the snivelling quality of the journalist he portrays.

  • Sarah

    Just_pissed i guess i am not surprised that you hate Sienna Miller too!Sienna Miller is a fashion icon!I guess you dont know a lot about fashion!Other wise you would know that!She is aknoweldged by fashion world and people a long time ago she is a fashion icon!I guess your name summes it up pretty good!You really are a pissed person!

  • FC

    Hayden looks gorgeous as ever.

  • brit_gal

    Do some people really dont know how to have good taste?! Sienna’s NOT fashion icon and will never be coz she always looks like a drag queen who dresses like fruit cake. Speaking of a real epitome of disgrace!!!

  • Sarah

    Sienna Miller is a fashion icon and there is nothing you can do about it!NOTHING!I dont think your opinion is more respected than of the best designers and people in fashion!They recognized her as the fashion icon a long time ago!I guess they dont have a good taste either!According to you!!!

  • Annie

    Can’t wait to see this movie!

  • gemma


  • sonia

    i can’t wait to see this movie TOO!!! i think that it will be a great movie cause there’s the greatest actor"Hayden Christensen"and he’s so godd acting especially in "LIFE AS A HOUSE" and "REVENGH OF SITHS"and he’s so pretty, hott, and i think that FACTORY GIRL will confirme it. so about SIENNA MILLER i think that i can’t judge her befor seeing this movie so i wait for it impatiently…..i love hayden

  • Jen

    I am at odds with this movie, on one hand it is a cool idea making a movie about edie and andy, but on the other it is foolish because the cast sucks. Why are they casting people like mary-kate olsen, lindsay lohan and sienna miller as such amazingly iconic figures of pop culture past? It’s a total let down to the spirit of edie and the factory. I acctually listen to the velvet underground, have some books on warhol and own some of his art this movie is not close to representing any of these things accuratly. I think they should have made a film about edie instead of a hollywood movie. It needs to be less about fashion and more about the lives that were lived. Lou Reed of the Velvet Underground,who knew edie and was managed by andy, said that he had read the script and thought it was one of the most disgusting, foul things he’d seen by any illiterate retard in a long time. There’s no limit to how low some people will go to write something to make money….I’ll have to agree with him–I mean he was honestly there and lived this–you can’t say the same for the writers, actors, or production crew of this two-bit excuse of a biop.

  • Nicole

    No one’s acting was bad in star wars. All the actors did an excellent job. As for Hayden he’s a great actor and he’s great to look at.

  • Missy

    I think that we should look at this movie and learn about the character. Edie Sedgwick had the ultimate but sad life. Yes I agree I don’t think they should of chose Sienna Miller. Even her new style resembles Edie which is fake. It seems that she thinks she is Edie. I’m not going to see this movie because the story about this girl (Edie) is have said to be a lie. Ciao Manhattan was great. Did anyone see what Lou Reed said about this movie? He called them a bunch of whores (i think that’s how he quoted). What does that tell you? He knew Edie and he is said the movie was a bunch of bull. So what we go see a movie protraying a movie that is bullshit about a girl’s life that isn’t true? Why would he get so angry? I think he knows what he’s talking about. This movie is obviously bull and untrue so the producers and directors of this movie protray a girl’s life that isn’t true. And she’s dead and can’t defend herself. So the movie will probably bomb!