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Jennifer Lopez: Pregnant!!

Jennifer Lopez: Pregnant!!

More and more sources are turning up saying our girl from da Bronx is indeed knocked up. Though Jennifer Lopez‘s people still are ducking it, music industry sources — plus a former J. Lo biz associate — confirm the superstar is "about three months" pregnant with her first child — fathered by hubby Marc Anthony.  More pictures in the gallery of Jennifer Lopez shopping yesterday with girlfriend Leah Remini at Fred Segal and Madison located on Robertson Blvd!

*Also expecting is Oscar winner Sofia Coppola — pregnant with her first baby with boyfriend Thomas Mars, lead singer of the French band Phoenix. Coppola‘s rep confirms the director of ‘‘Lost in Translation” and the upcoming ”Marie Antoinette” is three months along.

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  • bella

    she doesn’t look preggo to me

  • abc

    she doesn’t look pregnant to me either.

  • some chick

    she just looks wide to me

  • sheila

    i can’t stand her. What a whore. She and her sick looking husband married each other as soon as Marc gave a divorce to his then wife. Hate them.

  • saram23

    I wonder if it will come out with bat wings because she’s mating with that creepy vampire

  • confused

    #4 – that’s funny – that’s pretty much what Brad and Angelina did – the only difference is that Jen and Marc waited more than a year to have a baby…

  • to #6 confused

    Yes, that AND J-Lo and Marc were committed enough to each other to get married before having children together!! LOL

  • fifi

    # 7 | to #6 confused | May 31, 2006 10:25 AMOh, NOW you’re praising JLo when before she was the HO who dumped Cris Judd for Ben Affleck? And Marc Anthony quickly dumped his wife (with whom he exchanged vows again) to marry JLo, what, a day later? My, how subjective the MORAL VALUES can be when applied to SOME people.



  • J Lo’s Fetus

    She is sooo pretty but Chirst those fucking leggings.

  • patti

    Defitely pregnant, and I agree with obout 3 months.

  • sheila

    # 6 | confused |I’m trying to show the hypocrisy of the haters. They pounce on Brad and Angelina and barely 9 comments about this couple. Why not spread the hate to all cheating couples in hollywood. Why single one couple out. So i’m just spread some of the hate.

  • fifi

    # 12 | sheila | May 31, 2006 10:57 AM |"I’m trying to show the hypocrisy of the haters. They pounce on Brad and Angelina and barely 9 comments about this couple. Why not spread the hate to all cheating couples in hollywood. Why single one couple out. So i’m just spread some of the hate."Maybe because this couple is not as interesting to other people as the other one?

  • fifi

    # 12 | sheila | May 31, 2006 10:57 AM |"I’m trying to show the hypocrisy of the haters. They pounce on Brad and Angelina and barely 9 comments about this couple. Why not spread the hate to all cheating couples in hollywood. Why single one couple out. So i’m just spread some of the hate."Maybe because this couple is not as interesting to other people as the other one?

  • LMAO.

    Yeah they had the decency to wait a year to get pregnant but not the decency to wait to get married. They married DAYS after Marc Anthony’s divorce. LMAO. Yeah, what a decent and moral couple. How many men has she slept with?

  • sheila

    # 14 | fifi |i agree. the other couple is in the limelight more, so that’s why they bear the brunt of moralistic hypocrites who fail to see just as many other people who cheat and leave their spouses. I mean Jerry Sienfield met his wife while she was on her honeymoon with her first husband. And no big hoopla!

  • fifi

    # 16 | sheila | May 31, 2006 11:07 AMI forgot about Jerry Seinfeld and his wife Jessica Sklar (sp?) Seinfeld. She WAS on her honeymoon when she met Seinfeld and left her husband to marry him. And no one of the so-called moralists even called them up on it, even though Seinfeld was very popular. Is it because not too many people knew who her 1st husband was, or for that matter who SHE was?

  • sheila

    # 17 | fifi | Both. They didn’t and still don’t know the wife nor do they know the previous husband. So funny how some people have selective memory when it comes to judging certain celebrities.



  • movie fan

    What is the big deal about waiting a long time after a divorce to get married? Michael Douglas also married as soon as he was divorced, so did Julia Roberts as soon as Danny Moder was divorced.Usually by the time someone files for divorce, the marriage has been OVER between the two people for a long time and they just finally made it official. You mean to tell me that none of these judgemental people are familiar with divorce? You mean you all stay married and pretend to the world that everything is just normal — because 50% of marriages fail, you know. And it takes months, sometimes years, for a divorce to be final, so if in the meantime they found someone else, and they marry as soon as the legal technicalities are gone, who cares?Sheesh, You would think this was 1865 and you are required to wear black and be in mourning for a prescribed period of time before moving on with your life!

  • Movie fan fan

    Yeah!!! Well said movie fan! i say, fair play to them all and they are at least being true to themselves and enjoying their lives, while other people have very little else to do but diss all around them… I say, live and let live… try it… it works.

  • justwondering

    # 20 | movie fan |so the live and let live rule applies to brad and angelina too?

  • movie fan fan

    sure… why not… if JA can let it go (if she’s allowed to by the media), why can’t we… think it is genuine love (lust, whatever) at this stage, so yeah… think they’re entitled to finding each other like that and enjoying it… they’re clearly both a bit off the wall, but now they’ve a baby and i think it’s great for them… hope it lasts… but that’s another conversation altogether…

  • fifi

    # 19 | MRSMANSON | May 31, 2006 11:25 AMSheesh, calm down! I have as much right to post here as you have. I have three posts (four if you count the double posting, which was due to a slow computer) — so what? This is a free blog so you have no right to tell me what to do.

  • confused

    wow – you guys are so much more civil than the people in the AJ blogs – with a few exceptions we can freely make comments without getting our heads chopped off by blind fanatics!

  • movie fan fan

    fifi, absolutely, post away… not telling you what to do… just posting my own opinion that i think fair play to these couples who are such a hot subject of debate… their happy… they have their own lives… my suggestion. i found it works for me too and i am sure if people looked at a dodge picture or story of me and my fella, they could tear it to shreds too … anyway, fifi, post away and vent all that anger… take it out on the keyboard, girl!

  • oops…

    fifi… sorry!! didn’t read your post properly… i thought you were talking to me… hehe… oo the hot heads in this forum… my oh my…

  • maria

    yeah she looks pregnant … you won’t notice it by looking at her belly but her ASS.

  • Betsy

    Good for J-Lo…maybe she can work next on getting her man to eat something so he doesn’t look so gaunt

  • cool

    Marc Anthony went to the Dominican Republic to get a quickie divorce so that he could marry J Lo the next day. Lmao He also made his ex wife sign papers so she couldn’t talk about what happened. Whatever! I think Jlo is pregnant. I hope the baby looks like her.

  • rhetoric

    Still think they are cheaters and whores. Jho is a homewrecker. I wish ill will on their baby and hope that when they are on a plane to somewhere, they crash and burn. And Jho has STD’S.This is the basic rhetoric that is spouted against Brad and Angelina. Right? Just spreading the hate. ;)

  • fifi

    # 31 | rhetoric – LMAO. I totally agree. We have to be an equal opportunity hater. LOL.

  • neenee

    i hope she is pregnant. she’s been wanting to be one.

  • X

    Nice tits!

  • Amanda

    Just to clearify: Dayanara Torres and Marc Anthony were separated way before Jennifer ended her relationship with Affleck. So, no Jennifer didnt break any marriage, that marriage was a rocky one from the start. Dayanara filed for divorce first ( January 2004) the rumors of Marc fathering a child with a cuban waiter in Miami and 3 Negative DNA test later werent enough for Dayanara to "forgive Marc unfaithful ways", then she agreed and signed the papers for the quickie divorce by the end of May 04. 4 days after the Divorce was final Marc Married Jennifer. Marc is also under the "tight lips" agreement.. Marc cant talk about Dayanara same way Dayanara can’t talk about Marc. In a few days Marc and Jen will be celebrating their second aniversary.. Who would have thought they will last this long??? VERY FEW.. ( I won several bets last year and cant wait for June 5th to celebrate again LOLOL..Now about the JLO baby rumors.. I think she is preggers, but wont believe it till she confirms it.. rumors or nameless "sources" dont cut it for me.

  • BeLiNdA

    why are people posting about brangelina on a jlo thread? does the world revolve around them? are they the sun? shit! i wish i had that much power!

  • J!NX

    everyone should just stop bitching. they are celebrities, granted, but they are still human. i hate jennfier aniston but i won’t bitch about her home life b/c like 99.99% of you, you won’t know what’s going on with them… slags are just jealous. let them be rich, unhappy and get divorced, and remarry… that’s what they do. and thats what you LOVE to read about.

  • may sun

    She looks chubbier but not pregnant. Damn, her legs are white. Hail the puerto rican godddess. I love you Jen! (i’m not puerto rican). And belinda, you call being a prostiute "power". Nah. Nope.

  • Ann

    What is up with her cheekbones?? She gets chubbier but her cheekbones get higher? I’ve been noticin with a few lady celebs her age. Plastic surgery.

  • Rani

    I still don’t get this hate thing for Jen Aniston. She did nothing wrong! That’s childish.

  • Marisol

    Jen shoulda snatched Ben Affleck by getting pregnant with him. Their baby would’ve been good looking. But Jen and marc? Ah, no. Marc’s okay, but he’s the total opposite of Ben. Jen could easily snatch a hottie like Halle Berry, but she didn’t. Can you imagine? Marc and Jen’s kids would come out looking like dwarfs.

  • haley

    Ignore #31. Another obsessive Brangelina crack head on the loose! They fight dirty and aren’t sane.

  • huh?

    Jennifer Lopez married Marc Anthony Actress-singer diva Jennifer Lopez has married her current boyfriend, salsa singer Marc Anthony, barely five months after breaking her much-publicized engagement to actor Ben Affleck, Us Weekly reported on Saturday. The magazine said Lopez, 33, married Latin music star Anthony, 34, who was divorced less than a week ago, at her home in Los Angeles on Saturday in front of about 40 guests. Us Weekly said it had pictures of a giant tent assembled on the estate and of guests coming and going among tables covered in white table cloths and flower centerpieces. "It was a lovely low-key intimate affair for the closest friends and family, " Us reported a friend as saying. "She didn’t hardly tell anyone. Everyone was surprised," another unidentified friend told the magazine. Representatives for Lopez and Anthony could not immediately be reached for comment. The reported marriage comes less than a week after Anthony was granted a quickie divorce in the Dominican Republic from his wife of four years, Dayanara Torres, a former Miss Universe. It would be the third marriage for Lopez, the sultry star whose previous trips down the aisle have both lasted a little over a year. Tabloid news reports have linked Anthony and Lopez for weeks (see our Related Articles below). They noted that Lopez had recently returned the giant pink diamond engagement ring she was given by Affleck during the stormy "Bennifer" affair that rose to a fever pitch last September when the couple called off their wedding at short notice, citing excessive media intrusion. Affleck and Lopez officially broke their engagement in January and both have maintained a low profile since then. But by May, Lopez was seen wearing another diamond, reportedly given to her by Anthony. June 7, 2004———————————-Don’t linke brangelina but Jlo did cheat with Marc. Don’t be so naive to not believe that she wasn’t sleeping with him while he was legally married. They did cheat.

  • huh?

    i meant i don’t like brangelina

  • madeline7

    Amanda, I completely agree with you… It is dishonest and sad to stay together in a paper marriage between people who are incompatible and "pretending". They only teach their children to distrust their own thoughts and feelings. Marc and Jen were meant to be together. Btw, it’s not unusual for couples to wait a bit before announcing a pregnancy. Women don’t usually look pregnant during the first three months because the weight isn’t going to change much, unless morning sickness is severe or they’re overeating. By the fifth month, the baby has grown more and the "bump" extends up into the abdominal area. So if Jen and Marc are really expecting a baby, it should be pretty easy to tell by the end of summer.

  • wtf??

    What are all you people about anyway…. The moral judgement brigade? Who cares about paperwork. Since when does "paperwork"interfere with people falling in love and expressing it? These are not on night stands girls. These are relationships and marriages and families. And who is calling Angelina Jolie or JLO a whore. Do you all live in the dark ages with black gowns and veils on? Theydon’t sell them selves for sex. And who cares how many people they sleep with before they were married. They’re not Catholics. Maybe you all are but in the world of people……there are not sexual hang ups and inhibitions like most of you poor inhibited westerners do. Europeans, Asians, Africans, Canadians all have a much freer and healthier outlook on sex. You should try and free your own selves up instead of bashing movie stars you talk non factual BS on anyway. You all sound like you need to get laid.Free yourselves up and feel some love. Damn.


    SORRY, I posted at the wrong thread.

  • in their defense

    Well, at least Marc Anthony is talented, great voice, beautiful writing, great taste in salsa music. I’m not a fan of Jen but I respect her for building her career from the ground up being born a poor Puerto Rican in NYC. I think the talent in the AJ and BP side is lacking, all they got going for them is looks. AJ’s taste in movies is pathetic (Tomb Raider, Bone Collector, jeez) and BP is only in movies in which his abs are showing (great abs but not much else). No hate, just my humble opinion…

  • wtf2

    what the hell was up with Hannah’s post? What are these people talking about in the other thread?? my goodness, weird….

  • manny

    Where’s Leah Remini? I was hoping to see a picture of her, not so much J-Lo.What’s interesting is that if she was hanging with J-Lo, I wondered how Leah explained her desire NOT to have any J-Lo music played at her wedding when she married her husband Angelo. Mmmmm….