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K-Fed: Source of Leaks About Britney

K-Fed: Source of Leaks About Britney

Britney Spears has yet another reason to be miffed at her hubby. Kevin Federline shelled out $300,000 for a wristwatch without telling his wife first, according to Us. Perhaps it’s no co-incidence that that’s the exact amount the aspiring rap star reportedly was paid to record an album and tour in Japan. “All he does is work on his music and try to find ways to get out,” a source told the mag. “That is all he cares about. It has taken a big toll on their marriage because he’s not always there for her and he used to be.”

What’s more, Spears suspects that K-Fed is responsible for some of the leaks to the tabloids about the couple’s private lives. “Britney knows Kevin tells his friends information, knowing they will leak it to tabloids,” a source close to Spears told Us. She has taken to not telling her hubby certain things — including that she was going to announce her pregnancy on David Letterman — for fear the info would be leaked to his buddies. “They sell stories for money. … She is sick of him using her for them to profit.”

Malibu, CA :: Britney carried Sean P. yesterday afternoon while walking alongside Perry, the bodyguard (doubling as the nanny!).  The 24-year-old singer has also been  recently spotted buying a book: Getting The Love You Want…. a self-help manual for abandoned young women!  Poor Britney! More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Nick

    WOW! The manny is buff!

  • true

    well it shows you, lie down w/ dogs….. blah blah blah. Poor kid

  • mathy

    i’m sure k-fed would never offer to carry her sunglasses for her :(

  • Laurene

    aww sean is so cute!!! he want’s mommy’s sunglasses. lolShe is looking much better during this pregnancy.and about Kevin… who knows.

  • MamaBella

    I only feel sort of sorry fro Brittney, she knew what she got herself into. Shoould of taken those pills after giving birth huh?? She should get with the sexy manny.

  • MamaBella

    I only feel sort of sorry fro Brittney, she knew what she got herself into. Shoould of taken those pills after giving birth huh?? She should get with the sexy manny.

  • Ryan

    I love how we all want Britney to ditch KFed and hook up with the Manny.

  • lynaya

    i still can’t believe she let K-Fed knock her up again .. but he that’s what he does for a livin’s so u can’t blame him… hate her shoe’s tho

  • lety

    Britney looks great but I imagine this pregnancy shoud be considered high risk. I thought you are not suppose to get pregnant again so soon afer deliverin by C-section, thats what my doctor told me. The wound takes at least a full year to heal from the inside. HOPE SHE TAKES GOOD CARE OF HERSELF. she needs to stop carrying that heavy baby of hers.

  • brashgirl

    wow, her manny spends more time with them then her damn husband. Britney, find happiness….leave kevin and get a good lawyer. You look radiant, maybe it’s because you’re slowly kicking kevin to the curb….

  • brashgirl

    wow, her manny spends more time with them then her damn husband. Britney, find happiness….leave kevin and get a good lawyer. You look radiant, maybe it’s because you’re slowly kicking kevin to the curb….

  • Mimi

    I cant she wearing her ring? Hope not.I wouldnt mind her getting with the Manny…he has a job! ha! And he looks clean HA HA!

  • Susan

    Can someone please tell me what exactly it is about Kevin Federline that has put the blinders over Britneys eye’s?? Shoot, we know nothing about the manny and she already seems better off with him.

  • Rebecca

    Why have sex with this man if she doesn’t trust himand the marriage is on the rocks? I certainly couldnt bring myself to sleep with someone who i thought was selling stories on me, was cheating on me with other women and had proved to be a less than reliable husband. She must either be really gullible, or rea;;y love this man to get knocked up by him again..yuk.

  • Rachel

    perfect example of the need for birth control.

  • Megan

    I don’t really care for Britney, but in looking at these photos, you can tell how much she loves her son. There is that open stroller, but instead she is carrying him and letting him play with her glasses..I think that is really sweet.On the otherhand.. Kevin isn’t even that good looking..What did she really expect when he left his then pregnant girlfriend for her? Did she think he was going to magically not be a dog? Many women (though terrible) get pregnant when their marriage is on the rocks because they think it will keep their significant other from leaving. It seems that Kevin is just using her for her money. Think about it… She is the one who proposed to him… Isn’t that a little strange? I would NEVER marry a man who didn’t propose to me..If he didn’t propose, you better believe my hiney wouldn’t be walking down that aisle. Sean is a cutie, and I hope her next one is cute as well..But I think many are also hoping that those kiddos don’t look like daddy when they get older… Kevin’s "rap album" will bring in little to no money, and I’m guessing it was Britney’s $300,000 that he spent on the watch? Cut that little sucker loose, don’t give him access to ANY money but what he earns, and let’s see how many watches he’ll be spending… And about leaking info. on their private lives for money…GIVE ME A BREAK…Have some class, Kev, and start acting like a man, not a two timing loser who takes his wifes money and leaks personal info to the media.

  • Megan (again)

    I meant to say let’s see how many watches he’ll be "buying" not "spending"… My mistake.. :(

  • mary

    I never like Britney and I never will. It’s her own stupid fault for letting that trucker hat wearing dirty guy knock her up TWICE., come on now she knew what she was doing. She needs to go to some parenting classes before she gives birth.

  • Ann

    Britney IS stupid!! How dumb can she be? A K-Fed is doing nothing but spending her money. And I want to add, that Britney’s MOM is stupider for suggesting Britney had a c-section on PURPOSE. How fake is that, Brit didn’t even have a labor. How lame..

  • Tonette

    I AGREE, BRITNEY IS STUPID!! SHE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT LABOR IS. THAT’S WHY SHE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARE OF HER SON PROPERLY. Let’s see Brit., How many times can you drop your kid before he’s one??

  • Cindy

    I feel sorry for Britney. Her husband is never around. Is that even his kid?

  • nancy

    Brittany needs to have this 2nd., baby then concintrate on getting her life back w/out kevin, she has to much going for her w/out a looser leatched to her. come on Brittany he is just useing u ,thats why he cries he won’t get a divorce , he needs your money

  • christine

    what kind of a Mother could sit back & do nothing ,watching daughter go through hell w/ so called husband. she gives Brittany bad advise -like having a c-section to avoid the pain – let the girl have the same experiance as any other women unless a c-section is nessasary. Brittany needs to ghet out of this marriage now -it’s only going to happen in the future, why wait ,do it now while u are still young & beautiful, she surely has the means to take care of 2 children w/out that piece of sh–.godd luck Brittany -you’ll need it

  • nicole

    Britney what goes around comes around!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nicole

    Britney what goes around comes around!!!!!!!!!!!!