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Taylor Hicks' High School Pictures

Taylor Hicks' High School Pictures

As the weeks passed until the May 24 American Idol finale, Taylor Hicks‘ gray-haired, dorky-dancing image became as much a part of his appeal as his fantastic, soul-shouting vocals.  However, his newfound fans might be surprised to learn that Hicks, 29, was a hunky, basketball-playing ladies’ man at his Hoover, Ala., high school!

Taylor Hicks will release his first single, "Do I Make You Proud" on June 13th. "Takin’ It To The Streets" is also on the CD’s track listing.  You can pre-order it from AmazonTaylor‘s self-produced album, "Under The Radar" is also selling well. Taylor also performed "Do I Make You Proud" on Regis and Kelly yesterday morning; check out the video below!  More pictures of Taylor Hicks’ high school pictures in the gallery!


Taylor Hicks’ Prom Pictures

The CD cover for Taylor Hicks‘ "Do I Make You Proud"
and Taylor in his H.S. basketball uniform back in 1994.

Taylor Hicks performing on Regis & Kelly.

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  • ladeet

    Looks like someone recently beat him with the ugly stick

  • Puleeeeeese

    WOOO HOOOO Second row middle pic.ok i take it back! DYE YOUR HAIR TAYLOR!!!!!

  • Adrianne

    He looks like a 50 year old man. I cant believe hes only 29!!

  • anon

    He’s got that George Clooney thing happening. Clooney’s hair went completely white by 30 also.

  • Samantha Jones

    I can’t stand this geek anymore!!!

  • Jackie

    Taylor is so incredible, I actually never realized just how handsome he is. Whoever said he has this George Clooney thinggoing on, your absoultely right. I have a feeling Taylor Hicks is the next big thing!!! # 1 Fan!!!!Whoooooohooooo!!!

  • Pat

    Looking good in ’95.

  • angelina mmm

    George Clooney lookalike

  • bellaluna

    I don’t really find taylor sexy but the middle pic in the second row, he’s lookin mighty fine. Yowza!

  • Iolee

    Taylor, can’t wait for your album. Sure wish you could loose a few pounds but your talent, entertaining ways will compensate for that. I can’t wait for the full album to come out . I"m just really happy for you! You are my American Idol! BTW, I have a co-worker at work who looks like you and a very sweet and nice guy. I’m lucky to have that around at work. Can’t wait to see you on your own concert. Keep on keep on Soul Patrol!!!!

  • Nic

    you have a grandpa for an American Idol?! is that the trend there now? anyhow he looks like Dermot Mulroney (in a granpaish way).

  • Breanne

    i cant stand him !

  • Hooverite

    That’s what coke will do to you!

  • Brandelyn

    Two words: Yum-mee. (C:b And I haven’t even watched one episode of American Idol ever!!!

  • Becky

    When looking at Taylor’s pictures, one word comes to mind…SEXY!!!!!! Love those goreous eyes and sexy smile!!!!!!

  • Lohan Roberto

    I was so done with this show like a year ago!

  • Jess

    He needs to lose at least 20 pounds and dye his hair almost black or all black and he would look younger. Although, I can’t stand him cause he is arrogant.

  • AC

    He looks ok…..10 years ago.

  • Boom

    what a piece of shit

  • Em

    Taylor’s great and not too bad looking either. He looks pretty cool in those black and white pictures.

  • MShep-NJ

    I saw Taylor Hicks yesterday live in NYC. He’s not fat or even overweight. He looks incredibly handsome in person. I think the TV cameras really do add weight. I suppose he could work out with a trainer, but otherwise I hope he doesn’t change a thing. Yowsa!

  • supercat

    this idiot has no talent. its a shame that people in this nation are so mindless as to buy into this engineered, contrived route to stardom. there are millions of amazing musicians in the world, and this joker isn’t evn worthy of wiping their asses

  • Emily

    Soulful Voice and Handsome, We couldnt have picked a better American Idol. I Luv You TAYLOR, with ur HANDSOME self.

  • Susan

    I don’t think he needs to lose any weight and I so hope he leaves his hair the way it is. It makes him just that more unique. Good for you Taylor! You deserve this.

  • Mary Anne

    Right on with the Dermot Mulroney comment!

  • Summer

    I like him more and more each time he opens his mouth…he is humble, he is appriciative.

  • Rachel

    he looks a little like jake g in the first pic with the moustache and hair.

  • m

    Him and Katherine should get it on. they look good together

  • KillyMcMurderson

    Taylor is so sexy! I love the grey hair and dark eyes…and I love his passion for music. The man is HOT!

  • Hicks Got UGLY

    WHAT HAPPENED?? He use to be cute! What the frick-a-dick?! Man, STOP with the goofy weird facial looks!

  • haha

    Oh my goodness, American Idol is such a joke, what losers actually think they are going to make it on that show Kelly Clarkson is a fluke and this loser is ugly and old, who wants him to be a star?

  • Terri

    Ummmm….your 15 minutes are up.


    For those of you who are Taylor skeptics, you should really know the facts before you bad mouth Mr. Hicks. He is an amazingly talented songwriter, musician, and singer. He’s performed on the Gulf Coast (where I’m from) for many years. He’s soulful and passionate about music. AI didn’t give him the opprotunity to showcase all of his amazing talent. He is so much more than just a singer with some crazy dance moves. America has become so saturated by bubble gum, pop music that real music and real talent have lost their appeal. I feel sorry for you guys! Taylor is truly one of the greatest artists of our time, so what if he used AI to get his voice heard. Every artist breaks into the biz somehow. He’s paid his dues for over ten years & its about time that someone brings back great music to the mainstream. Soul Patrol!!!

  • boomersmommy

    Wonder if his beard still grows in black. And by the way, if he were on coke, hooverite, he’d be skin and bones. Dimwit.

  • Hooverite

    I was talking about his aging. And when it’s coupled with a good amount of alcohol abuse, weight gain can occur. It’s pretty well known in the Birmingham scene…but I’m sure you don’t really KNOW the boy.

  • goodfeke

    taylor you are an amazing and HOT musician/singer. I hope you don’t read the crap from these dimwits who wouldnt know good music if it bit them in the,..

  • nkj767

    He has the appeal of an Elvis–some similarity in looks also. Am I the only one to see this?

  • Anna from Canada

    I love those pictures. Taylor is the most charismatic, mesmerizing artist to ever grace an AI stage. Besides his obvious talent, he’s one sexy man, and I love his looks. His personality is gracious and lovable. What more could we want? He’s hoootttt!!!

  • kristy

    Taylor Hicks was awesome then and he’s definitly awesome now!!! His BIG WIN was much deserved!!! Long live the soul patrol!!!

  • Lisa

    I think Taylor is very sexy. So what if he has gray hair at an early age. He seems like a true gentleman. I don’t think the person that posted he looks good with Katherine knows what they are talking about. He is too good for that already ritzy, wealthy spoiled brat. She’s too much of a daddy’s girl and she is nothing to look at. He can very well do much better. She acts like she is too good for anyone.

  • Hoover QT

    Hooverite, you may think you’re slick but ya can’t slide on barbwire. Who do you think you’re fooling with that screenname?

  • Allison

    Taylor is soo gorgeous, whoever he starts dating is one lucky girl!! He is beautiful!

  • hmm

    I wonder what color his pubes are. he should really lose weight, bulk up, and dye his hair a little bit. he should aslo have some work done in his face and he would look great. well he probably will in a few years (cough* clay aiken*cough)

  • Michelle


  • Nikki


  • Kyle Segarra

    Well, from a musicians aspect, I think Taylor Hicks is probably one of the best singers that I have ever heard. He is up there with John Mayer, Martin Sexton, Keith Urban, the lead singer from rascal flatts, and any other top voice in the music industry. He is also one hell of a songwriter as well. I have been performing music for a long time, playing guitar, singing, song writing, alto sax, tenor sax, piano, drums, and bass guitar, so I know a good musician when I hear one. Taylor Hicks had this thing locked from his first audition. By the way, you can check out my websites for my band if you want, or I am the tough looking guy with the glasses…….all of the songs on these sites were written and performed by my lead guitar player, Evan Hamley, and myself.

  • fightingunder

    Well, From a musicians stand point, I believe Taylor Hicks is one of the best vocalist in the music industry. He is right up there with John Mayer or any other great vocalist. I have been involved in music since i can remember. I am a guitar player, Singer/songwriter, alto sax player, drummer, bassist, pianist, tenor sax player, and saprono sax player, so I know true musicianship when I see or hear it. And Taylor Hicks has everything he needs to become the best ever. By the way, you can check out my bands websites if you want,,, email me and let me know what you think, or you can just post the feedback on here, thanks.

  • Lori

    Taylor is beautiful; inside and out.

  • nikki

    i am 27 and have blonde hair and i would date him no matter what he looks like. i voted 30 times in one night

  • Jinafer M. Sharp

    Taylor Hicks is the Best thing that ever happen to American Idol