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Tom & Katie Visit Jim Carrey's House

Tom & Katie Visit Jim Carrey's House

New daddy Tom Cruise, wearing a New York Yankees cap, took fiancée Katie Holmes to fellow actor Jim Carrey‘s house for a Memorial Day party sans baby Suri Cruise (almost two months). On Saturday, Golden Globe-winning actor Jim Carrey, 44, will receive the MTV Generation Award for his memorable movie performances — The Mask, The Truman Show and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, to name a few. Tom Cruise, 43, was the first recipient of the MTV Generation Award during last year’s Movie Awards show.  The 2006 MTV Movie Awards will air next Thursday, June 8 on MTV. More pictures in the gallery!

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100 Responses to “Tom & Katie Visit Jim Carrey's House”

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  1. 1
    candice Says:

    Strange how for a couple that wanted this child SO BAD that they never take her out of the house. I’m not a mother but I would think Kate’s maternal instincts would not let her leave the house this often without her child.

  2. 2
    SAEllie Says:

    looks like she aged 10 years after having the baby…

  3. 3
    sultrydame Says:

    I agree with #1 comment above. Why are your heads drooping? Sick of the media already?

  4. 4
    suzanne Says:

    For those critics who don’t have children: Newborns sleep for 15-18 hours a day. A new mother needs to get out or she can easily become bored or resentful (I know). But this doesn’t mean, she doesn’t love her child. In fact, a woman that is emotionally healthy will recognize that she needs to take care of herself, so she can better take care of her baby. So try not to pass judgement on something you know nothing about.

  5. 5
    velvett1 Says:

    Her head is probably drooping cause she caught up in a big lie. What’s with all the funky white tops? She looks like someone who is way trapped and no credible way out!

  6. 6
    candice Says:

    #4. I’m not suggesting that Kate is a bad mother I am simply suggesting that it is strange we have never seen a picture of her pushing a carriage around the block or standing in their "compound" holding anything that resembles a child. I would think Jim Carrey’s birthday party would be a child friendly event. Tom & Kate are the most followed couple in the world next to BAMZS, and we haven’t even seen a soother sticking out of anyone’s pocket. Where’s the baby?

  7. 7
    Rox Says:

    We would have to live/follow TomKat 24hours/7days week to know if they ever take Suri out or not. We can’t say that. Just another pointless speculation. Besides… she’s still one month old… and with one amazing yard right at home…. why would they need to take her out? They haven’t been working and they can have doctor appointment at home.

  8. 8
    tandem Says:

    to tell you the truth…I’m pregnant and when I think ofthe media frenzy that would surround Kate taking Suri out the first time or any time makes me cringe. She probably just wants to go to the party, leave her very young baby in safe hands and rush back to take care of her and get some sleep herself. I think this couple is loopy too, but as a mom-to-be, I can understand this action.

  9. 9

    You’re kidding me right? how is jim carrey’s party. a child friendly event for a newborn? And #3 is right, all suri is doing is sleeping. And just because we havent seen a picture of suri doesnt mean they arent with her. yes tomkat is the most followed couple in the world sans brangelina but I havent seen them recently anywhere that is decent for a newborn.Gave them a break, I’m sure pictures will follow soon for the bashes to start.

  10. 10
    shirls Says:

    hey maybe they just don’t want their baby growing up in the press, so they’re protecting her from the paps nd the press.

  11. 11
    bored Says:

    I think Tom’s outfit is ugly. He doesn’t look good with that hat on.

  12. 12
    patti Says:

    I am very surprised to see her in maternity wear and seemingly gaining weight. Usually after a first birth, especially if they are nursing, they lose weight fairly rapidly. Also, she didn’t have a c-section, so there was no 6-week wait time before exercising. Al this and her demeanor makes me suspect she is depressed.

  13. 13
    Dancer Says:

    Shelooks like a Stepford Wife. She used to be animated and have some expression to her face. Now she looks like she is frozen and always has her head down. I don’t think, regarding the baby, a lot of people care anymore if they see it or not. It seems like most folks are sick of Tom and worried about Katie’s demeanor (well, maybe worried is too strong of a word). The BAMZS coverage has been much more extensive and frenzied. Maybe Tom thinks he is building suspense by the wait? Hard to say with him.

  14. 14
    Theresa Says:

    Hmm not sure, I would say 50/50. When suri was born, I saw that crap all over my screen. Granted the anticipation is probably higher for shiloh here in the US then suri but worldwide I would say suri, mainly cause Tom is a bigger star then Pitt.And I really dont care what their reasons are anymore, I’m glad they arent taking her everywhere with the photogs falling all over themselves to get to that little child. As a newborn, it makes me want to cringe myself.

  15. 15
    Theresa Says:

    That is supposed to say as a new mom, it makes me want to cringe myself not newborn lol.

  16. 16
    thereisnosuri Says:

    are the scientologist appologists kiddingfirst – newborns feed every 3 hours; so how is this nursing mom so far away from her kid for such long stretchs – sure she can pump – but then she is just a cowsecond – as for wanting privacy – maybe that would be the case if tom didn’t broadcast sonogram pictures – they make everything a frickin’ photo op, including his adopted kids but not this?third – how come no other person (i.e. a friend or another scientologist – john travolta, kristie alley) said "i just saw her and she looks fantastic" -she doesn’t exisit

  17. 17
    Juno Says:

    I disagree that TC is a bigger star than BP. You can tell by #s of post. NO comparison.I think that TC is waiting for bucko mulah offer for a picture shoot of Suri – which is NOT happening.As far as Katie’s deameanor, yeah, I agree Stefford wife is not far from it. Every pics seems to show her too submissive and seemed to have lost her identity due to wierd TC and his scientology. I think TC is too intense and controlling…. too bad for Katie. SNAP OUT OF IT GIRL!!!

  18. 18
    Juno Says:

    And lastly, it is indeed pretty STRANGE that they have not provided a picture of their daughter or take her out. Most new and not new parents are generally proud of their newborns and show off. Honestly, has their been any other celebrity that did not show off pic or brought out their kid for show, especially if this duo are supposedly in the A-Listers of HW?!? Too wierd.

  19. 19
    cb Says:

    Aside from the speculation that the baby doesn’t exist (why make up such an "unusual" name, otherwise?), I think thereisnosuri/#16 speaks a lot of truth.First, my experience with newborns was we took him/her with us when we were going to be out of the house for any prolonged period – not because of childcare issues but because of natural issues – even with pumping, leakage occurs. Other issues, such as continued bonding also come to mind.Also, TC has made this whole "courtship", gestation, and birth such a huge photo-op circus that it is disingenuos on his part to now seem to not want anyone to view/see the baby.In response to the person who posted that we don’t really know if they are with Suri because we would have to watch them 24/7 – that’s what the paps and stalkeratzi are doing. That’s why we have the "normal" family pictures of attending Connor’s soccer match, or Katie and Tom playing at the park (which btw I think was probally the same day as this party).Finally, as I said on another day, if TC wants to end all the speculation, stalking, etc. just release of photograph. While it won’t deter the most determined of the lot, it would dry up the market for the first/second/third picture. I think he is trying to compete with BAMZS – so while people think that JA is the one not getting over it, it’s actually TC who can’t handle the competition.Dear Tom, we’re just not that into you.

  20. 20
    lala_land Says:

    #12/patti, most mothers I know (myself included) wore maternity clothes for 3-4 months after birth. Also, even if Katie did have a natural childbirth, there *is* still a 6 week wait to let things heal, which could explain why she’s still got a bit of pregnancy weight on her.Finally, while breastfeeding *can* help you lose weight, it can just as easily cause you to gain weight, because your body needs extra calories to create milk. If you’re not eating as healthy as you should (and most new mothers don’t), it doesn’t take much at all to keep/gain the weight.Just because some celeb moms are in their size 1′s two weeks after birth doesn’t mean everyone is. :D I personally think she looks great for having given birth just a couple of months ago. My youngest is 18 months and I’m STILL trying to lose the baby weight!

  21. 21
    Mirabella Says:

    This may sound stupid but I went across a poll on eonline and I think it gives an idea how people are not that much interested about seeing Suri, except of course to have a proof that she at least exists, whether or not she is adopted or a turkey *******."Whose baby picture are you most excited to see?"Suri Cruise 16,8 %Shiloh Jolie-Pitt 83,2 %

  22. 22
    Mirabella Says:

    And why is she keeping her head bowed in that subservient pose as he leads her ???! Is she ashamed of something ? Couldn’t she walk by herself ? What a zombie !

  23. 23
    whatheF Says:

    This is all so fake. If any of you have a newborn.. than you know something is up with Katie and or this kid. Gay Tom is a media *****.. Katie is holding her head down because tiny Tom yelled at her. That last few pictures her face tells a different story, she looks like crap, her smile is fake, her eyes are vacant.. and Tom can’t get her to do a better acting job so he told her to keep her face down. Maybe he should have picked a B actress instead of a C actress… oh wait.. they all went RUNNING!!!! Tom is getting pissed because he is not getting his money’s worth, and people are maing fun of him HARD CORE!!! Don’t hate me people, Tiny Tom did this all to himself. Because what you wish for in life!!!! He wanted so badly to be popular and in the public again.. well he is, as a the laughing stock. By the way… people only started really caring or following him when he made that RUDE comment to Matt Lauer so.. those years with Penelpoe Cruz he was hardly ever seen.

  24. 24
    patti Says:

    lala I certainly don’t expect her to be a sze 1, 2 or even 8, however, most new Mothers are so sick of their maternity clothes they will wear almost anything else. Call me crazy, but I think she looks very down…by her demeanor, her unchanging dress, her general lack of grooming. Britney didn’t lose alot of weight, but she certainly didn’t look pregnant 2 months later. If I was KH’s Mom, I wouold be very concerned about her state of mind and emotional well being.

  25. 25
    whirled_peas Says:

    where is suri?

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