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Tom & Katie Visit Jim Carrey's House

Tom & Katie Visit Jim Carrey's House

New daddy Tom Cruise, wearing a New York Yankees cap, took fiancée Katie Holmes to fellow actor Jim Carrey‘s house for a Memorial Day party sans baby Suri Cruise (almost two months). On Saturday, Golden Globe-winning actor Jim Carrey, 44, will receive the MTV Generation Award for his memorable movie performances — The Mask, The Truman Show and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, to name a few. Tom Cruise, 43, was the first recipient of the MTV Generation Award during last year’s Movie Awards show.  The 2006 MTV Movie Awards will air next Thursday, June 8 on MTV. More pictures in the gallery!

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  • candice

    Strange how for a couple that wanted this child SO BAD that they never take her out of the house. I’m not a mother but I would think Kate’s maternal instincts would not let her leave the house this often without her child.

  • SAEllie

    looks like she aged 10 years after having the baby…

  • sultrydame

    I agree with #1 comment above. Why are your heads drooping? Sick of the media already?

  • suzanne

    For those critics who don’t have children: Newborns sleep for 15-18 hours a day. A new mother needs to get out or she can easily become bored or resentful (I know). But this doesn’t mean, she doesn’t love her child. In fact, a woman that is emotionally healthy will recognize that she needs to take care of herself, so she can better take care of her baby. So try not to pass judgement on something you know nothing about.

  • velvett1

    Her head is probably drooping cause she caught up in a big lie. What’s with all the funky white tops? She looks like someone who is way trapped and no credible way out!

  • candice

    #4. I’m not suggesting that Kate is a bad mother I am simply suggesting that it is strange we have never seen a picture of her pushing a carriage around the block or standing in their "compound" holding anything that resembles a child. I would think Jim Carrey’s birthday party would be a child friendly event. Tom & Kate are the most followed couple in the world next to BAMZS, and we haven’t even seen a soother sticking out of anyone’s pocket. Where’s the baby?

  • Rox

    We would have to live/follow TomKat 24hours/7days week to know if they ever take Suri out or not. We can’t say that. Just another pointless speculation. Besides… she’s still one month old… and with one amazing yard right at home…. why would they need to take her out? They haven’t been working and they can have doctor appointment at home.

  • tandem

    to tell you the truth…I’m pregnant and when I think ofthe media frenzy that would surround Kate taking Suri out the first time or any time makes me cringe. She probably just wants to go to the party, leave her very young baby in safe hands and rush back to take care of her and get some sleep herself. I think this couple is loopy too, but as a mom-to-be, I can understand this action.


    You’re kidding me right? how is jim carrey’s party. a child friendly event for a newborn? And #3 is right, all suri is doing is sleeping. And just because we havent seen a picture of suri doesnt mean they arent with her. yes tomkat is the most followed couple in the world sans brangelina but I havent seen them recently anywhere that is decent for a newborn.Gave them a break, I’m sure pictures will follow soon for the bashes to start.

  • shirls

    hey maybe they just don’t want their baby growing up in the press, so they’re protecting her from the paps nd the press.

  • bored

    I think Tom’s outfit is ugly. He doesn’t look good with that hat on.

  • patti

    I am very surprised to see her in maternity wear and seemingly gaining weight. Usually after a first birth, especially if they are nursing, they lose weight fairly rapidly. Also, she didn’t have a c-section, so there was no 6-week wait time before exercising. Al this and her demeanor makes me suspect she is depressed.

  • Dancer

    Shelooks like a Stepford Wife. She used to be animated and have some expression to her face. Now she looks like she is frozen and always has her head down. I don’t think, regarding the baby, a lot of people care anymore if they see it or not. It seems like most folks are sick of Tom and worried about Katie’s demeanor (well, maybe worried is too strong of a word). The BAMZS coverage has been much more extensive and frenzied. Maybe Tom thinks he is building suspense by the wait? Hard to say with him.

  • Theresa

    Hmm not sure, I would say 50/50. When suri was born, I saw that crap all over my screen. Granted the anticipation is probably higher for shiloh here in the US then suri but worldwide I would say suri, mainly cause Tom is a bigger star then Pitt.And I really dont care what their reasons are anymore, I’m glad they arent taking her everywhere with the photogs falling all over themselves to get to that little child. As a newborn, it makes me want to cringe myself.

  • Theresa

    That is supposed to say as a new mom, it makes me want to cringe myself not newborn lol.

  • thereisnosuri

    are the scientologist appologists kiddingfirst – newborns feed every 3 hours; so how is this nursing mom so far away from her kid for such long stretchs – sure she can pump – but then she is just a cowsecond – as for wanting privacy – maybe that would be the case if tom didn’t broadcast sonogram pictures – they make everything a frickin’ photo op, including his adopted kids but not this?third – how come no other person (i.e. a friend or another scientologist – john travolta, kristie alley) said "i just saw her and she looks fantastic" -she doesn’t exisit

  • Juno

    I disagree that TC is a bigger star than BP. You can tell by #s of post. NO comparison.I think that TC is waiting for bucko mulah offer for a picture shoot of Suri – which is NOT happening.As far as Katie’s deameanor, yeah, I agree Stefford wife is not far from it. Every pics seems to show her too submissive and seemed to have lost her identity due to wierd TC and his scientology. I think TC is too intense and controlling…. too bad for Katie. SNAP OUT OF IT GIRL!!!

  • Juno

    And lastly, it is indeed pretty STRANGE that they have not provided a picture of their daughter or take her out. Most new and not new parents are generally proud of their newborns and show off. Honestly, has their been any other celebrity that did not show off pic or brought out their kid for show, especially if this duo are supposedly in the A-Listers of HW?!? Too wierd.

  • cb

    Aside from the speculation that the baby doesn’t exist (why make up such an "unusual" name, otherwise?), I think thereisnosuri/#16 speaks a lot of truth.First, my experience with newborns was we took him/her with us when we were going to be out of the house for any prolonged period – not because of childcare issues but because of natural issues – even with pumping, leakage occurs. Other issues, such as continued bonding also come to mind.Also, TC has made this whole "courtship", gestation, and birth such a huge photo-op circus that it is disingenuos on his part to now seem to not want anyone to view/see the baby.In response to the person who posted that we don’t really know if they are with Suri because we would have to watch them 24/7 – that’s what the paps and stalkeratzi are doing. That’s why we have the "normal" family pictures of attending Connor’s soccer match, or Katie and Tom playing at the park (which btw I think was probally the same day as this party).Finally, as I said on another day, if TC wants to end all the speculation, stalking, etc. just release of photograph. While it won’t deter the most determined of the lot, it would dry up the market for the first/second/third picture. I think he is trying to compete with BAMZS – so while people think that JA is the one not getting over it, it’s actually TC who can’t handle the competition.Dear Tom, we’re just not that into you.

  • lala_land

    #12/patti, most mothers I know (myself included) wore maternity clothes for 3-4 months after birth. Also, even if Katie did have a natural childbirth, there *is* still a 6 week wait to let things heal, which could explain why she’s still got a bit of pregnancy weight on her.Finally, while breastfeeding *can* help you lose weight, it can just as easily cause you to gain weight, because your body needs extra calories to create milk. If you’re not eating as healthy as you should (and most new mothers don’t), it doesn’t take much at all to keep/gain the weight.Just because some celeb moms are in their size 1′s two weeks after birth doesn’t mean everyone is. :D I personally think she looks great for having given birth just a couple of months ago. My youngest is 18 months and I’m STILL trying to lose the baby weight!

  • Mirabella

    This may sound stupid but I went across a poll on eonline and I think it gives an idea how people are not that much interested about seeing Suri, except of course to have a proof that she at least exists, whether or not she is adopted or a turkey bastard."Whose baby picture are you most excited to see?"Suri Cruise 16,8 %Shiloh Jolie-Pitt 83,2 %

  • Mirabella

    And why is she keeping her head bowed in that subservient pose as he leads her ???! Is she ashamed of something ? Couldn’t she walk by herself ? What a zombie !

  • whatheF

    This is all so fake. If any of you have a newborn.. than you know something is up with Katie and or this kid. Gay Tom is a media whore.. Katie is holding her head down because tiny Tom yelled at her. That last few pictures her face tells a different story, she looks like crap, her smile is fake, her eyes are vacant.. and Tom can’t get her to do a better acting job so he told her to keep her face down. Maybe he should have picked a B actress instead of a C actress… oh wait.. they all went RUNNING!!!! Tom is getting pissed because he is not getting his money’s worth, and people are maing fun of him HARD CORE!!! Don’t hate me people, Tiny Tom did this all to himself. Because what you wish for in life!!!! He wanted so badly to be popular and in the public again.. well he is, as a the laughing stock. By the way… people only started really caring or following him when he made that RUDE comment to Matt Lauer so.. those years with Penelpoe Cruz he was hardly ever seen.

  • patti

    lala I certainly don’t expect her to be a sze 1, 2 or even 8, however, most new Mothers are so sick of their maternity clothes they will wear almost anything else. Call me crazy, but I think she looks very down…by her demeanor, her unchanging dress, her general lack of grooming. Britney didn’t lose alot of weight, but she certainly didn’t look pregnant 2 months later. If I was KH’s Mom, I wouold be very concerned about her state of mind and emotional well being.

  • whirled_peas

    where is suri?

  • whattheF

    Sorry .. meant to write Penolpe..making fun

  • rossy40

    Hi there peeps! I’m NO fan of Tommyboy or Katie for that matter, but I did post a little brainfart on the "TC & KH soccer" thread. I know I’m somewhere on the 1st page [started as #41] but with comments being removed and all, who knows what number I am since I haven’t been back to it since.In brief, I said that he was holding back pics of Suri for HUGE $$$$ only to discover that little Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt’s pics are worth $5 MILLION DOLLARS!… CNN reported it [they check their facts before airing any news] so it’s gotta be true. And there’s NO WAY that Tom’s getting ANYWHERE near that much for little Suri. Too bad, cause ALL babies are BEAUTIFUL no matter what their parents look like.Anyway, back to this thread… I was at, of all places, a book store about 2 weeks ago & the wierdest thing happened… a group of TC/KH lovers were going up against some BP/AJ lovers as to who’s baby would be the most celebrated in the world . I swear, the tension was so thick and tempers so frayed, I was surprised there wasn’t a brawl… just lots of snarls and low-voiced comments back and forth, & only a few were guys. ROMALOL As puzzling & sad as that was to see valid points were made that got me thinking about what was said & I want to know what YOU GUYS think–1) Who is more sought after in the press and among fans: Tom or Brad? **Study pics & video [like ET, etc.] of both guys attending red carpet events & private time UNBIASEDLY, & see who’s more… idolized: Tom or Brad. I THINK IT’S NO CONTEST– BRAD is! More paps & fans surround him then they do Tom [most paps & fans being fellow Scientologists, LOL]. 2) If, as a lot of people think, poor Suri isn’t real, does that mean KH went out in public for 9 months wearing a pregnancy belly thing… Is it possible that "stories" leaked out re: Scientologists’ beliefs that separating baby from parents is character building nothing but a hoax? Maybe TC is using that excuse to "shop" around for a baby girl of right age to secretly adopt [Scientology shrouded in such secrecy] from his "friends"… What do you think?3) Maybe KH IS suffering PPD, lots of women do, which leads me to wonder if TC is manic-depressive? It would be ironic if that’s the case, huh, since his "religion" doesn’t allow use of anything but vitamins & exercise to heal the mind & body. I’M NO SHRINK OR MD… BUT HE SURE SHOWS SIGNS OF IT.Comments, anyone?

  • sad but true

    The interest in tomkat is more because they are a frakshow. The same kind of morbid curiosity that the public has about Micheal Jackson. Of course, there will always be fanbots who are buying his scam to hide his homosexuality. those fanbots DESPERATELY DO NOT WANT TOM TO BE GAY.It’s nothing to compare the public fascination about BAMZ+1. Women are jealous of Angelina, but they just laugh at katie.

  • libraesque

    I have three theories. One is that the baby was actually born in January (she was photographed right before that ridiculous beach ball stomach thing with a totally flat stomach in January) and they can’t show the baby till enough time goes by and they can announce WOW isn’t our 6 month old (who will actually be 10 months old) a BIG baby!!! OR, a more horrifying thought, the baby was actually deformed because Tom had too many ultrasounds done, and that’s why she looks so whacked out depressed and medicated, or Rosemary’s Baby style , they took the L.Ron H spawn and it’s living at some Scientology compound , she was told the baby died and they keep her drugged 24/7

  • Lisa

    You people are insane. WHO has time to analyze pictures? She was walking into a party…..Why should she be torn apart by you people?? Not even a celebrity deserves that. Are you all going to tell me that you have NEVER had bad shots of yourself?????? You all need to get a life.

  • libraesque

    Another weird thing, the stalkaratzi is camped out at their house night and day, isn’t it strange that no pictures of them taking the baby to the doctor, no pics of people, ANYONE doctors , parents, etc coming and going from the house during all this time. Brooke Shields has already been photographed a few times taking baby Grier out and about

  • delicious_dysfunktion

    Man,she looks a little more dead eachtime everyone sees her.Thats the face of a woman who knows she messed up BIG time.I dont know why most you of you use the new mother angle with Katie Holmes,the baby isnt bought out into public because we all know that isnt Tom’s and theyre trying to save face.

  • libraesque

    Rossy40, I think the freak factor of TC makes people interested, but the only reason I can see that people would want to see their baby is to see if it exists, no one cares other than that. B & A are a real couple, people LOVE them, and they’re NORMAL, I’d say hands down, people are foaming at the mouth to see what the most gorgeous Hollywood couples baby looks like

  • here we go again

    naaahhh, while baby Suri was anticipated, Brad and Angelina have been stalked all over the globe, I think that baby Shiloh was definitely the most anticipated birth this year.

  • ?????

    The last poll for the baby most wanted to see wasShiloh 87%Suri 13%I think that tells it all. Outlandish Freak factor versus Extreme Private/ beauty factor. You decide. LOL!!!

  • mommyva

    You know what’s strange too; during the winter there were a few weeks where no one seemed to know where Katie was, but not many people said anything about it (I think like three or four weeks went by and no sign of Katie). And how come there has be absolutely NO comments from her family/friends about the birth or anything for that matter. Very strange. Something is definately going on.

  • brass unicorn

    I think the main reason Tom freaks me out is because he seems like he could be prone to violent, tempermental outbursts. Every time I see his photograph that’s the vibe I get: this guy is scary. You know, like the nice guy who snaps when he’s home with his family? That sort of thing.

  • Ariel

    #3 Lucky woman when your baby sleeps 15 hours a day. When do you feed your child – children need 5 – 8 meals each day (and night). Something looks very fishy with the baby. Or it was taken away from Katie and will be raised by another person.

  • Monica

    #16 and #29 raise very good points….Also, who in the world believes a baby sleeps 15 hours in a stretch? If they did, mothers would not be so sleep deprived!Obviously they are waiting for the aliens to deliver their child to them, be patient people.

  • Mary Anne

    I’m not a fan of either of these but it seems to me that she might look so tired and wigged out because the press are constantly in her face and it’s exhausting. She led a pretty low key lifestyle before this whole freakshow began.

  • sad but true

    She’s being paid 5 000 000 $ to be Tom’s faghag(and she’s not event a convincing beard). That’s what she had to expect, to have the press constantly in her face. Isn’t that what she’s paid for and why she faked a pregnancy?

  • Julie

    People! There is no baby! It’s all a hoax!!!! Sheesh!

  • Aisling

    #4, that may be how you felt when you had kids, but ‘getting bored and resentful’ isn’t necessarily how every mother feels, especially a first-time mother. I am a first-time mom of TRIPLET boys and I, not once, felt the urge to go out even while they slept. Granted, I’m not a celeb who is trying to avoid the stalkarazzi taking pics of my new babies, but still. It is puzzling that Katie would WANT to spend that much time away from Suri, whether she is sleeping or not. I believe those of us who are curious by Suri’s absence from Katie just think it’s not Katie’s choice.

  • malibumom

    I think Katie is cute-But she really needs a make over and spa day-She looks tired, depressed, and uninterested-Here’s my opinion:Tom and Kate’s parents are at odds with each other-They were in Florida when the baby was born-Tom told all employees NOT to call or say anything until he says so-The parents missed the birth-They talked to Katie and her mom was crying her eyes out-The dad is totally disgusted. Katie loves Tom and wants everything to be wonderful again, but it can’t be because when there are issues with families, there will always be a great void-I didn’t take my babies out until they had their first immunizations (2 months)-I didn’t like ppl breathing and touching all over them because they were NEW to the world-Babies develop rashes and problems because most adults(esp. women)wear perfume and make up. I hate it when ppl wanted to pull my kids close to their faces and kiss all over them-Call me overprotective, but my kids remain very healthy-I made everyone wash their hands when picking up my babies and I gave them a burp cloth to put over them (moreso for my kid’s sake than their clothes)-Anyway-Internal family issues bring more stress than ppd-I saw Tom’s mom driving away from the house, but not Kate’s. I hope I NEVER experience anything like I think her parents have-We should pray for her instead of criticize her-

  • New Mom

    As a new mom myself, I can tell you wild horses couldn’t drag me away from my baby. Not for a fake game of baseball in the park with my husband, or a movie night out, or even Jim Carrey’s birthday party. Forget it. Their baby is supposedly only less than 2 months old! Besides, I don’t know what some people are talking about, but when my son was less than 2 months, he nursed every 1.5-2 hours during the day. Anything more than two and I was terribly uncomfortable and "messy." It wasn’t until he was closer to 3 months that the feedings could stretch to closer to 2.5 to 3 hours. By 4 months, he was at 3.5, and only then could he sleep through the night. My point is that for someone that really could stay home and nurse and be with her baby, meaning she doesn’t have to "go back to work," clearly Katie isn’t. That I will never understand. Not for all the money in the world. I know all moms need to get out, but most new moms don’t even want to for the first few months.

  • anononon


  • yepyep

    She looks gawd-awful…I have the sneaking suspicion that she probably has" HELP ME!!! " written on her eyelids and is just waiting for an opportune time to show it to someone. (ie: when mr. midget isn’t constantly lurking around her, dragging her to everyplace imaginable.How are those vitamins and exercise working for ya Katie?

  • nicole

    Malibumom, I have to agree with you that there’s a family issue bewteen Tom and Katie, BUT Tom has to realize that he CANNOT cut off her familylike he wants to, Katie has to stop been so stupidly submisive to this freak TC, and stand up for all the good values her dear parents installed in her and for her own child well being. I blame all this on Katie, she is a weak woman, she needs to step up now and clean her own freaking mess.

  • Jessie Williams

    IMO, the freaky scientologists believe that a baby or child is really a small adult, that there is no need for bonding. I believe that tiny Tom is demanding that Katie be by his side in public events to make him look "normal", and that Katie is in tears because she wants to stay with her baby instead of literally being dragged along with him. However, tiny Tom is so controlling and demanding because he thinks that only he has all the answers and knows the correct thing to do, that he is ‘pulling rank" as the older partner and the father of the baby, to raise Suri as only he sees fit. Katie is depressed, missing her baby, and is being sleep-deprived due to the scientologists trying to finish brainwashing her into a compliant robot. All of this inner turmoil shows on Katie’s face, and that’s why he hollers at her to always keep her face down in public, as well as wanting her to slouch down to make him appear to be the same height as she is. Poor girl—when you’ve been brainwashed and told that everyone else is the enemy, and that only your abuser loves you and knows what is best for you–it’s no wonder that Katie has lost her own self-identity and sense of self-worth. Her own personal power has been stripped away, to be replaced by a compliant robot who can be controlled and made to perform in public as her abuser wishes. Yes, I am calling tiny Tom an abuser.

  • where’s Suri?