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Angelina Jolie Beach Pictures

Angelina Jolie Beach Pictures

More pictures of then-pregnant Angelina Jolie and son Maddox walking one of the sandy beaches in Namibia with Brad‘s brother, Doug Pitt (as captioned in Star Magazine). MIA were Brad Pitt and baby Zahara.  And if you didn’t know, Angelina had her legal team secure the following internet domain names soon after baby Shiloh was born last Saturday –

And it would seem that and were snatched up by some other folk. Wonder what’ll turn up on those sites soon enough… And some early reviews of Angelina in her upcoming espionage drama The Good Shepherd (Release Date :: December 22, 2006) have turned up on AICN thanks to Frenchy!

Angelina Jolie and William Hurt are pretty much the next two leads – with Hurt doing what Hurt does (all I can say) and Jolie proving once again that she is full of surprises. She’s flirty in this, cynical — and even naive which I don’t think is something we’ve seen in her arsenal before. I never think of Jolie as wounded or vulnerable and I think this performance will show people just how big her range is. Its a part that gets to build througout and then e-x-p-l-o-d-e. AGAIN – JOLIE‘S NEXT OSCAR NOD.

UPDATE :: "All About Baby!" US Weekly scans added.

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  • angelah


  • AddictedtoBAMZS

    COLD HARD MATH… Glad it was you. You are so loyal! Doesn’t she look beautiful? I think I read that was Doug, Brad’s brother with her…

  • Info Only

    STAR magazine (where those pics are from) says that’s Brad’s brother Doug Pitt.


    I’m sure she is sleeping with all of her bodyguards.I mean, isn’t she the one who could only put up with "having sex with a man in a hotelroom for a few days"?



  • dan

    The good luck is on there side. Everythink is going to be great. They are smart .


    So another pic another fight………..hey lets pic a fight……………..GOOOOOOOOO

  • Frenchy

    **************SO BEAUTIFUL*********Thanks JJ!!!! MWAH!!!!!*****EARLY REVIEWS OF THE GOOD SHEPARD DRIPS OUT*****These 2 reviews are of the rough cut of the film. It’s not edited yet. Decent reviews for lady Angelina:Jolie and Hurt are pretty much the next two leads – with Hurt doing what Hurt does (all I can say) and Jolie proving once again that she is full of surprises. She’s flirty in this, cynical — and even naive which I don’t think is something we’ve seen in her arsenal before. I never think of Jolie as wounded or vulnerable and I think this performance will show people just how big her range is. Its a part that gets to build througout and then e-x-p-l-o-d-e. AGAIN – JOLIE’S NEXT OSCAR NOD. Link to complete reviews:

  • Desert

    #5 TMOTO – I believe it was Thumper quoting mom in the cartoon Bambi who said "if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say nothing at all." Incidentally, I came across this on an Aussie news site: sure how true it is though. But if it is, what a complete bitch. And oh, Angie looks very nice in white. :)

  • The real lou

    #10 ,I am by no means a TMOTO fan,but your comment was just wrong.Yes TMOTO is annoying but I won’t wish that on my worst enemy.

  • me

    I know it’s bad. I know the stupid papz who stalk them are taking this pics. I know i am contributing to the madness. But Damn! I love seeing them. I get so happy. It’s sad really. But whatcha you gonna do. Lol. Love the pictures. Thanks Jared. You da man! :)

  • African Girl

    Morning All,First Jared….Apples, Oranges, Sugur Plums….anything you want….you shall get.Now, is that really DP…? Awww, that is so sweet, playing with his nephew.#9 / FrencyWho IS the Actress now….huh?

  • TMOTO is illogical

    Goint by TMOTO’s wierd logic, I am sure X is sleeping with every man in her life. I mean isn’t she the one slept with someone on the first date and dated her friend’s ex. Something to ponder for the idiot that is TMOTO.

  • TMOTO is illogica

    *going by….

  • veeno1

    #10 don’t bother with people like TMOTO, they just want to start aurgments… they’re stupid. So Doug Pitt was there to visit them how nice is that! I wonder if the rest of Brad’s family visited too or will be visiting soon before they come back to US. Would be nice, they’d have peace, can sit and play outside without paps intrusions…. Thanks JJ for the pics

  • Alexanderina

    Good Morning BAMZS Fans and JJ, Thanks JJ for the new Thread, beautiful pictures, I just pruchased the Star and Life&Style Magazines on my way into work(I broke down and get em lol), I just looked through Intouch, OK and US Weekly on the Newstand, People I get at my house.

  • Desert

    #11 The Real Lou – Are you sure you meant #10 and not someone else? Although, I think Jared might have removed that post as I don’t see it here anymore. I know the one you’re referring to.

  • lookwhaticando

    That does not really look like Brad is that her brother I wonder

  • stardust

    me posted this at the Brad NYC thread. I thought I would share on her/his behalf.**********************************Link to Jon "Jerkface" Voight on Rita Cosby last night. It shows a little clip about him talking about the baby. I couldn’t watch it. Damn computer is to slow. ——————————————–,e149bc00-d32f-4b55-94d0-d79f51468fba,dba12fa0-cf79-490a-9504-a9d534888395,9a36e953-548c-41ff-b1ca-f32b29b7c62a&t=s5&f=06/64&p=hotvideo_viralvideos————————————————–Also if you notice, the video for the Latest Buzz for the "Brangelina Baby" is under most watched. So much for not people not caring. What hypocrites. Even the haters want to know.*********************************Saw the video. He is nice Brad,Angie, and baby "Shi" as he calls her. Never refers to Maddox or Zahara. Rita Cosby also keeps talking like this is the first time he is a grandfather. And he talks like it is.Love the pics. You rock Jared! Aww Maddox wiping his hands on Doug’s shirt. lol. =)


    It’s DOUG. DOUG PEOPLE! Awwwww….I think that’s so sweet that Brad’s brother and Angie are taking time to get to know one another – and bond. Sooooo very cool. Sounds like Julie already loves her brother’s baby mama, as she was buying baby girl clothes MONTHS ago. :-D

  • remember da truth

    I am so happy that Doug Pitt is getting to be an uncle to Brad’s kids out there and spending time with Angie, getting to know his sister-in-law better! I love the whole happy family thing. I don’t remember ever hearing so much about Doug Pitt when his brother was married to the X. Brad seems to be able to have his family with him a lot more now, doesn’t it?

  • The real lou

    #19 Desert,He did remove a post,I didn’t use the name only the post number.The name was to offensive.

  • angelah

    hmm i think that dude is their bodyguard.

  • Original jpf

    # 20 | lookwhaticando in the caption beneath the pic’s above Jared writes that it is Doug Pitt with Angelina and Maddox.Thanks JJ!jpf

  • Maniston

    I really don’t think that’s Doug. Star Magazine is the only piece of trash out there that claims Doug was in Namibia. Besides that doesn’t look like Doug.

  • angelah

    # 26 | Original jpf # 22 | CLINIQUA |THANKS

  • Jiminy

    Uhhhh, guys, sorry to burst your collective bubble, but that ISN’T Doug Pitt. Jared, STAR mag is wrong. Change the caption.

  • Desert

    I never gave any clarification or indication when I posted the link in #10, but its about Jennifer’s ALLEGED reaction on hearing that Angie had given birth. I haven’t read it on any other sites as yet, so I’m really hesitant to believe it. but at the same time, I can picture her saying such a thing.

  • Original jpf

    # 22 | CLINIQUA I’m so glad you finally came over here! You remember our lil talks about why I had to jump ship, and I told you’d be a whole lot happier here. Welcome! jpf , and I’m

  • angelah

    ok nvm I’m indifferent lol

  • me

    "I never think of Jolie as wounded or vulnerable"Interesting. Maybe that’s why people think she is cold. I think she just doesn’t show her pain or suffering to anyone. She puts up a wall, so people assume things. People make fun of her for cutting herself. They never think that she was in depression or say she was vulnerable. I don’t that’s Angie. Maybe that’s why people throw all this crap at her. They think she can handle it. Notice that as people started to BS too much about Brittney, people came to her rescue and defend her. It’s because Brittney looks weak and defenseless, like maybe she would break down and cry and let everyone see her tears. Wait. That did happen. No wonder people are more lenient with her. People never see that AJ got left by her father or was taunted at school and they never see the pain that must have caused her. So it’s perfectly fine to be mean to her. I think it has to do with the fact that she doesn’t run to magz every time she feels depressed and doesn’t feel sorry enough for herself to tell her sob story just for the sake of it. Huh. Don’t know why but I just started thinking of a letter in the alphabet. Hmmmm.

  • tracy

    Why the hell is jon voight acting like he’s involved in angelina’s life.That interview was ridiculous, I hate him for dismissing maddox and zahara the way he did.if angie lets him back into her life i will lose so much respect for her.the man does not care about her two oldest children.what a disgrace to grandfathers everywhere

  • Jiminy

    "Brad seems to be able to have his family with him a lot more now, doesn’t it?"No. There isn’t a single photo of Brangelina with Pitt’s family (that isn’t Doug. I have no idea why anyone thinks it is). All we know of is one visit to Springfield in the last year and a half.

  • gucci

    I don’t think that was Doug. Pitt, He was not that tall, Dough was shorter than Brad. this guy look tall, could be the body guardor friend.

  • wom

    What’s in the infatuation? I like them and all but I have my own life to worry about.

  • QQQQ

    # 33 | me | ITA, and it must have been devasting for her when her marriage to BBT broke up, just after she adopted Madd, but she never hosted any pity parties, she just focused on Madd (which helped her to heal), because she knew life goes on and it wasn’t the end of world. Being around the refugees, i guess also showed her that there were many others who were going thru worst situations than she was.

  • Original jpf

    I’m 95% sure it’s Doug Pit. Before I read the caption I said to myself "that looks like Brad’s brother." I can’t get my hands on the site that shows a better pic of the guy, but he is heavier than Brad, and Brad is 6ft to Angelina’s 5/7 and so the guy in the pic could still be shorter than Brad. I really think it’s D. Pitt.jpf

  • QQQQ

    # 37 | wom | Good 4 u….

  • Medulla

    Thanks JJ this are the pictures I asked you for yesterday.Beautiful family, beautiful beach very exotic, ANGIE looks hot, BRAD and MAD adorable.

  • cj

    love the pics!I’M SO EXCITED FOR THAT MOVIE TO COME OUT!…I’M SURE IT’S A MUST SEE!!!…anyway…i’m not convinced that the guy in the pic is Doug Pitt…i think it’s just a bodyguard or something.

  • Original jpf

    # 35 | Jiminy Why is it bothering you so much that some think it’s a Pitt family member with AJ & Madd? Chill ok. Yeah, I DO think it’s him, but if it’s not so what? that doesn’t mean anything other than "it’s not Doug Pitt." It’s not saying there’s good, and regular communication between all involved.jpf

  • Mannifer Maniston

    QUOTE: I’m 95% sure it’s Doug Pit.Well I’m 100% sure it isn’t him.

  • Jiminy

    @ Original jpf, sorry didn’t mean to sound rude. Was just letting you all know it isn’t Doug, for anyone that was interested.

  • AddictedtoBAMZS

    wom, #37 @ 12:16… We wonder the same thing sometimes. It is a subject that has been discussed by many die-hard fans, and we all agree we love them, all agree we seldom have cared about "celebrities" like this in the past, and in some cases, only started caring when the two got together. Personally, I think it is the romance of it all, combined with extreme beauty, and this other, bigger thing–the humanitarian involvement. It really takes things to another level. That, and Brad is just a hunk. What can I say?

  • Original jpf

    # 43 | Original jpf make that…. "It’s not saying there’s ISN’T good, and regular communication between all involved.jpf

  • calgirl1201

    I love these pics, she looks so calm and happy in that pretty white dress. I bet Brad was home feeding and taking care of Zahara because he’s become such a DILF and everyone knows little girls wrap their daddies around their little fingers, and now he has 2 baby daughters, so those little girls will be getting royally spoiled. He can save the cool male-bonding stuff for Maddox. It’s possible that Angie and Brad will be nomintate for Oscars next year because he’s in "Babel" and it also did well at Cannes. I would love a double nomination/win for them, and the stalkarrazzi would go crazy if they showed up with all 3 of their children.

  • exactly

    glad the preliminary review is good! i can’t wait to see the good shepherd.if doug was really there, let them eat their hearts out playing up the Pitt-folks-hate-AJ card. i just abhor running across national ledger and their writers who obviously prefer JA at the expense of Angie after all these years…

  • Leonie

    She looks HUGE in these pics, no wonder Shiloh was born the next day!!!!!!love BAMZS

  • African Girl

    #35 / Jiminy"All we Know is one visit to springfield a year and half ago"ALL WE KNOW being the operative words there…..right? Leaving room that there were visits WE DON’T KNOW…..