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Project Runway 3

Project Runway 3

New York, NY :: Supermodel Heidi Klum, 33, and singer husband Seal, 43, took their two children out for a walk SoHo yesterday afternoon — daughter Leni, 2, and son Henry, 9 months. Heidi and Seal celebrated their first-anniversary last month at the beachfront bar Cocodrilla in Costa Careyes, Mexico, where the couple tied the knot last year. Bravo confirmed yesterday that Heidi (even though it was leaked ages ago) will return to the small screen to host Project Runway 3, premiering Wednesday, July 12 at 10PM ET/PT. A one-hour Project Runway 3 casting special will air an hour before that.  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Hey

    This is such a cute family. Seal is an upstanding guy, and it’s good to see them so happy together.

  • go

    so cute

  • pp

    Love this family!

  • oh my

    OH MY,,,NO COMMENT…….!@#$#@!

  • Chris

    I bet he`s a good daddy !

  • Chris

    # 4 | Keep yur stupid bigot comment to your self racist ! Ignorant`s is bliss .

  • g

    whatever, those kids are adorable.

  • fry

    dont you think that if you are famous u can get super model wife reguardless ur color, ugliness, and age….time to get rich..

  • Elle

    No comment on the kids but they are a loving family!!!

  • ErinMarie79

    They are such a beautiful family! And wow. The ignorance from some people astounds me. Get. A. Life.



  • calgirl1201

    Some people are still going to be bigots and racist idiots no matter what. Seal and Heidi make a great couple and they seem to love both their kids. In the year 2050 there won’t be anymore "white" people, so what will bigots do, if they researched themselves half of them come from one of the races that they claim to hate. I’m taking Anthropology and we were discussing the fact that 45% of American children under age 5 are mixed or belong to a minority group. Also a survey found that 98% of high school students would date/marry someone outside their race if they were in love. Case in point the world has changed from the "Hitler image" to a multicultural society, so Seal and Heidi’s kids will be the norm.

  • Tealeaf

    I like seeing pics of this family, Heidi has a nice figure considering she had 2 kids, Leni is a cutie with her little ponytails. Looking forward to seeing Project Runway 3!

  • black

    Leni is really as sweet as candy… I mean it,cute lil girl.And their son Henry is really light colored……I thought he would be darker.

  • oh my

    I AM NOT RACIST………go to the Jennifer Aniston.they say shes ugly?…….lol..hes ugly black or white,I dont care what color he is……..the features r ugly

  • oh my is stupid

    oh my …go to the herpes holie . Stick it bitch! They love each other and SHOW it that’s more than I can say about your stupid idols Brangelina who never even touch!

  • Celest

    Golly…Oh My is Stupid sure hit the head on the nail.Oh My #15 sounds very racist. She also sounds jealous by dragging Jennifer Aniston into this and calling her ugly. Stop already with throwing yourself on the floor wailing and making a fool out of yourself. Actually… now that I think about it don’t.. your great cheap entertainment.

  • Sandbitch

    I wouldn’t mind having Klum’s monthly child support payments from that ugly pot bellied italian millionaire. I could support my entire frigging street. I wonder how much Seal will have to pay her when she leaves him? If she leaves the baby boy behind as well, not much at all. My crystal bitch ball has spoken.

  • Kels

    I love seeing pictures of Seal and Leni, it looks like he could hold her in his palm shes so tiny and hes so big. Its seriously one of the cutest things. They’re an adorable family.

  • beechi

    I think Seal is a beautiful man. Beauty is all about perception. I also think that Jen Aniston is beautiful. Beautiful for me is not about having the perfect features (you soon grow tired of a pretty face) but about the personality, the inner aura. And there is something about Seal…sigh! Some people on these message boards really need to grow up. Please stop throwing around words like ugly and hate…we already have too much negativity in the world. If you don’t have something nice to say about someone, then don’t say it. And if you do have an opinion, then it better be valid and rational – constructive criticism please! Jared you really need to do something about all these haters on your site. I love your site but some of these posters are horrible, especially the ones in LOVE with Brangelina!

  • Mira

    Who cares if people are racists or biggots? it’s 2006. Get over it. People will ALWAYS be RACISTS! No matter what race you are! I’ve been terrorized so much because of the color of my skin and my culture that I don’t care anymore. I care about me! That’s it. I’m successful in life because I IGNORE what others say. THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO THEIR OPINION! But I take the high road and laugh at them because i know I’m above them both beautifully, mentally and financially. You can’t let such biggots bring you down. That’s what they want. You can’t be a fool and succumb to it. You be the adult. Let them waste their energy on you. You’re saving your strength for the high road. Tht’s the difference between Winners and Failures.

  • wow

    Kenya your probably fat and haven’t had a date in years, get a life and stop talking about infants, it makes you uglier than you really are.

  • Breanne

    aww the families so cute. also talk about the people who are in this topic which is Seal and Heidi please.


    Did you guys know that Seal has a child from his long time relationship with Tatiana Patitz…?He has also dated Tyra.He is a serial model-dater! I’m sure he gets all cheesy and sings for them.

  • jd

    hmm, is it just me. why is the baby boy look nothing like his parents?

  • mommaaaaaaa

    i love that he treats Leni as his own…it shows how her biological father isn’t her real dad…Seal is.

  • jodz

    Aint all about look stupid cow! He looks a great dad when Leni isnt his!!! they are both so happy on this day!

  • jodz

    Aint all about look stupid cow! He looks a great dad when Leni isnt his!!! they are both so happy on this day!

  • Cynthia

    i think they are such a cute family! seal seems like such a nice guy, i cant wait to see their next baby!

  • Nic

    I love Seal…He looks like a great dad and and a wonderful husband.He treats the child that Heidi as his own..which makes so much sense -since he practically raised her-feeds and clothes her.Something her real bio ligical dad could not do.Who famously Dumped Heidi -when he found out she was pregnant…Seal is the kind of guy all women want…Strong ,Loyal,sexy and able to provide a stable and happy life for himself and his family…